Dooley Noted: For Florida football, summer’s all about staying out of trouble


Pat looks at football expectations in the SEC and at baseball, softball, gymnastics and the NFL Draft.

Podcast breakdown:
01:45 Insignificance of spring game attendance [and performance]
03:40 Knoxville’s new sheriff in town
07:30 Summer rules
11:30 LSU negativity and SEC expectations
17:50 Baseball and softball
21:35 Lacrosse and gymnastics
24:35 Three Things
26:40 NFL draft


  1. Dooley Podcast: I didn’t hear you recognize the Lacrosse Team and their conference championship. Congrats Gators! I wasn’t going to say anything but I must. As an adult, you can’t support the use of marijuana even if you attempt to qualify you support with, ”just so long as you don’t get caught or words to that effect.” They’re probably going to be caught, especially as an athlete with all the test they go through. Pat, it’s against the law. People’s lives are ruined by this behavior. Would you really tell your own children to smoke so long as they don’t get caught? I hope not and I really doubt that you would. You don’t change anti-social behaviors by endorsing miscoduct that is illegal. Go Gators!

  2. ”The Gator Football players admit that their confidence was shaken toward the end of the 2017 season. Franks called it ‘one of my lowest times.’ After squeaking by Vanderbilt at home, the team crumbled, losing six of its last seven games to finish 4-7. The way Coach McElwain left, with unsubstantiated accusations of death threats against him and his family, only made matters worse. Gator wideout Freddie Swain said, ‘We were trying to keep everything together, and then it was a snowball effect. One thing went wrong and then after that everything went wrong.’ ” -Alex Scarborough’s story for ESPN.COM
    To enumerate Scarborough’s point, Florida lost to Georgia and Mizzou (back to back) by a combined score of 87-23. And that SHOULD BE the Gator Football team’s summer motivation during the ”talking season”. Because if you forget your past, you’re doomed to repeat it. So, ”Go Gators! Just do it!”