Dooley Noted: Gator fans are energized


Pat looks back on the spring game, talks baseball, softball and golf, and interviews Gator great Chris Doering.

Breakdown of the podcast:

00:50 Gator fans are energized
03:59 Thoughts on the spring game itself
08:20 Mullen inherited a better situation than McElwain
11:35 Spectacular weekend for baseball, softball
16:40 Chris Doering
26:00 Three things


  1. coach mac’s new boss, jim harbaugh just turned over some info on threats he has been getting to the police.
    I was surprised that the florida ad fired mac when he said he had been threatened, it didn’t seem that unusual to me. I know its all over but looking back this really was strange, especially with the millions of dollars involved. I guess its just me.

  2. mveal2006. Harbaugh was warned by the police, not the other way around. And the threat was from an ex player who just left the UM program under Harbaugh. McElwain provided no proof of threats and did not report the threats first to his superiors or to the police. Big problem if you are the HC of a major program. Harbaugh was told about the threat and was protected. Big difference. But McElwain is up there learning from Harbaugh, so he says. So maybe he learned something about threats that will allow him to keep his job, if he ever gets a HC job again, next time.

  3. Stricklin pulled the plug on Mac after watching him continually alienate himself from UF admin, not show any progress against what he was hired for (“offense guru”, “QB Whisperer”), incompetent game day decisions and just being a crappy head coach not worthy of the Gator HBC job. His nonsensical whining about death threats with no information to back it up when called out by UF admin was just the last straw. Mac getting whacked was already in the cards – rocket scientist Mac just made it happen sooner. We are all MUCH better off now.

    • It’s fashionable now to bash McElwain and blame him for anything and everything. That’s to be expected. He is gone and can’t very well defend himself not to mention that his buyout conveniently forbids him from saying anything negative about the administration. Although I’m not sure it’s even in his genes to defend himself with his oft self deprecating style of humor.

      Dooley is right-on about McElwain inheriting a bad hand especially at QB and OL. AND YET, he found ways to win. In each of his first two years, he exceeded expectations, at least in terms of wins and winning the Division albeit not in terms of offensive production. His offensive production had major set backs from the suspensions of Will Grier and the knucklehead nine, not to mention the injuries to Del Rio and hurricane interruptions. He had a slow start in recruiting because recruits and the people in their ears aren’t familiar with him in this region. By the time he was fired, recruiting was humming on all cylinders. He is not as bad a coach as many jaded Gators fan like to believe.

      He probably did alienate himself from the administration. It’s been opined that he didn’t understand the UF culture, wasn’t a team player, wasn’t a good fit and this, that, and the other. I think that Stricklin’s decision to change the facility plans by delaying construction of the football all-in-one facility by a few years in favor of constructing a brand new baseball stadium first had something to do with it. McElwain probably felt betrayed after he had sold recruits on the commitment of the administration to football facilities. It’s also probably the same reason Chip Kelly backed out of his decision to coach UF after it was reported a done deal by multiple sources and the flight to New Hampshire certainly looked like it was a done deal. You don’t think Chip Kelly called McElwain to get the scoop before putting ink to paper?

      I don’t believe McElwain was fired because of wins and losses, the death threats, the lack of offensive production, nor recruiting. He was fired because his relationship with the administration had soured to the point of irreparable damage and they conveniently used the death threats as an excuse to part ways. I’m not saying Mullen is a bad hire or that we are not better off now with him. I just don’t believe in the popular narrative about McElwain.