Dooley Noted: What to look for in Gators’ spring game


Pat shares his thoughts on Dan Mullen’s first spring game as Florida’s head football coach.

Here’s the podcast breakdown:

00:15 – Spring Game;

03:25 – Mullen’s player-based planning;

06:30 – Big plans for podcast and golf tournament;

08:20 – What Pat wants to see in the spring game;

18:00 – What Pat doesn’t want to see in the game;

20:00 – Mullen is all in;

22:45 – Beer sales at college stadiums;

25:50 – Shea Patterson transfer as it relates to Van Jefferson;

27:50 – Armon Gates;

29:54 – Three things.


      • That’s all and well Arnold but obviously you have quite a few old school readers that want it in print, myself included. The breakdown is welcome for those who care to listen it makes it a lot more useful, thank you for that but a transcript would be nice as well.

    • Vulcan, the Gainesville Sun is a newspaper. This is a website. If it were a newspaper, you wouldn’t be able to complain in a post. You’d have to type or write a letter, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and mail it to the editor. You and all the others protesting the podcast have already proven your willingness and ability to use electronic technology for your own convenience simply by posting on this site. Having established that fact, it now becomes a matter of how much technology you’re willing to utilize. If you don’t want to listen, you can find most of Pat’s opinions in his written articles. A podcast is handy for those of us who like to listen while doing other things like working or driving (which happens to be work for some, like Pensacolagator below). Reading is great, but you can’t, or at least you shouldn’t, do it while you’re driving. If you prefer to read, that’s fine, but don’t begrudge the rest of us our opportunity to listen.

  1. You guys are ridiculous! It is obvious you haven’t tried to “watch” the podcast because a podcast is an audio file, not a visual. Not sure if ya’ll are just old and crotchety or what. I would like a print version as well but ya’ll are being petty. There are plenty of pay sites with a lot of Gator info that you can READ. Keep up the podcast Pat, it’s a refreshing break from all of the print sites!

    • Jeez, Brad…..not ridiculous, not ridiculous…..just old and crotchety, that’s all. I already said I don’t expect it, what more do you want from me, you young whippersnapper? (insert smiling face here)

      Go Gators!