New pro football league intrigues Spurrier

Former Florida head football coach Steve Spurrier talks about coaching again. [Cyndi Chambers/Correspondent]

Steve Spurrier still has the itch to coach.

And we could see the Head Ball Coach on the sidelines soon.

Spurrier had been in discussions with the new Alliance of American Football, a spring league that will begin in February of 2019.

“It is intriguing,” Spurrier said Wednesday. “I’ve had some conversations with those guys, especially if they have a team in Orlando, which I think they will.

“If Orlando has a team, I think (Tim) Tebow is a guy they’d like to be over there. But there is nothing in stone.”

The new league would likely have a territorial draft like the old USFL did. Spurrier coached the Tampa Bay Bandits in that league.

“It’s like a four or five-month job,” he said. “No recruiting. All this league is about is coaching. They want to make the games shorter, like 2½ hours.

“There are tons of players around and I think people would watch a spring league. But it’s still just talk right now.”

Spurrier said he didn’t think he would have to relinquish his role as an ambassador and consultant at Florida.

“Maybe a leave of absence,” he said.


      • Not so much, MattUF. I’ll go back and read a few Dooley articles out of fairness, but I for one really enjoy Pat’s style. Just a difference of opinion I guess, but he reminds me of some of the greats of yesteryear.

        • Gator-6–your comment that my (and MattUF’s) dislike of Dooley’s writing style was merely a matter of opinion reminded me my student days at UF when I was working as a waiter across from campus on the Gold Coast. One day, I told the restaurant owner that milk shakes made with milk shake base were not as good as those made with ice cream. He replied that I couldn’t tell the difference. Unbeknownst to me, he then made two milk shakes of the same flavor, one with milk shake base and one with ice cream and poured them into eight classes, each into four. He called me over and told me what he had just done, then asked me to taste the eight samples and call out what each was as I sampled them. I got all eight correct with no hesitation. He then said, “I don’t care. It still doesn’t make any difference.” That was truly an astonishing comment, since I had just demonstrated that there was a discermible difference.

  1. The Washington Redskins were a bunch of prima donnas and Coach Spurrier was handcuffed by their owner, Dan Snyder. Even Joe Gibbs couldn’t deal with the type of players on the Redskins.
    The Tampa Bay Bandits were sooooo much fun. Coach Spurrier would excel with the Florida region players. Looking forward to it!