Dooley Noted: Big question — Do the Gators have an SEC quarterback?


Pat takes a closer look at the Gators during spring practice, their likely wins in the next football season and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.


  1. Great breakdown of the schedule, Pat. I’m with you, a 7-8 win season would be a good start for Mullen. As for QB, not sure we want or need an SEC QB. The conference isn’t exactly known for outstanding QB play. We just need one that is coachable and can see and play the entire field. Fingers crossed that either Jones or Franks fits the bill, just not sold on either one yet.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Pat.

  2. You hear that knock on SEC QB’s all the time, but look around. The NY giants, Miami dolphins, Detriot lions, Dallas cowboys and Carolina panthers. All have former SEC QB’s. Then there are several teams with backup QB’s form the SEC

  3. Good show Pat….Cheeze appeared “picked on” by the refs, gutting our team for no regular offense in the final 13 minutes. Agreed B season or good enough. White’s players will now have to step up.

  4. I hope our expectations as fans don’t get over the top. We will all have our moments when a QB throws a pick or the offense doesn’t move the ball . My goal is to keep that moment from going beyond my back yard or living room. I think one of the improvements we will see this year is a head coach who is actually engaged in reaching and coaching, especially with the QB’s. I did not see that from Mac last year. Maybe he was already checked out . Looked like he was in a coma on the sidelines during games too.As for SEC QB play , all the more reason for us to have top notch QB play: it puts us ahead of the curve if the league has gotten by without it.We have dominated when we have had great QB’s at Florida.We were still ok without them.

  5. We’re not known for top notch QBs in the SEC?? BETTER go study your history…and to say 7 or 8 wins is good enough?? When have started lowering the expectation here? The talent level here is still high but it’s the coaching and other small things ( having a effective workout program) that plays a huge part…I think the Gators has not only SEC caliber QBs but QBs who could be NFL bound because they have all the tools now it’s just seeing them excute an offense…I think Trask is our man but Mullen will need evolve the offense around him.