Dooley Noted: Gators basketball season a success no matter what happens next


Pat delves into upcoming spring football practice and the SEC men’s basketball tournament.


  1. I won’t consider it a success unless the team continues to play as they should. No standing around stalling, no come down and shoot a three immediately, just play the sport as it is intended and I bet as coach wants. Play good defense, share the ball. Then whatever results are I am fine with.

  2. Anything short of a Sweet 16 and this season is a failure. That’s the minimum expectation if you’re a preseason top 10 team and consider yourself an elite program. Dooley’s apology tour never ends.

    • Great White Buffalo. That preseason ranking was based on Florida having Egbunu, Stokes, and Johnson right now. They do not have any of them for the tourney. But Florida making it to the Sweet 16 would be mighty sweet, but not doing so would hardly be considered failure for this team. Failure would be losing in round one to a far lesser team, which a cold shooting Florida team without much of an inside game could certainly do. But they, if they continue hot from the field and continue to play excellent defense, could make it to the Sweet 16 and beyond. So, I disagree with your view of this team. Mike White has simply done an excellent job coaching up this flawed basketball team. They are flawed because they do not have the three players mentioned earlier. Florida would have both a terrific inside and outside game if they had those three players. With them, I would have said anything less than a final four trip would have been considered failure.

  3. So many of you Gator fans have such short memories, don’t you remember how well they played after the Egbunu injury last season? Egbunu was never an offensive threat, I doubt he would have made much of a difference this season. To say the season is a success prior to the tournament is to say you’re just happy to make the tournament, if you lose in the first round no big deal. That is language for mediocre programs, should not be the norm for a two time champion.

    • In fairness Kev Patrick…he was a key contributor much of the regular season, but we made our run without him. 6’11 doesn’t grow on trees. He may have been the difference vs South Carolina…who knows?

      I get your point, but preseason expectations did equate him and the other 2 bigs in the equation. I call it a success due to the way the team actually came together through adversity, but a Sweet 16 is something we would like to be accustomed to no dount.

      • With only one more NC for football, apparently championships aren’t the rule for UF football either. With 8 Elite Eights, 5 Final Fours, 3 championship game appearances, and 2 titles, you could argue that basketball has had as much or more success than football.

        • And how many of those were during BD’s tenure? We were lucky and blessed to have him, but highly doubt we’re repeating that level of success anytime soon. It was a once in a lifetime accomplishment for what is historically not a basketball school.

          Again, bring on the pigskin!

          • It’s true that 7 of the 9 Elite Eights came under Donovan, and I agree he was a once in a lifetime coach. But so was Spurrier until Meyer won two NC’s in three seasons. When Meyer took over there was no realistic expectation that he would accomplish that feat. With the resources UF has, there’s no reason the Gators can’t be a national power in basketball as well. That said, you’re right that UF is a football school, and if Mullen can repeat Meyer’s success, I’m all for it.