Dooley Noted: Gators in the NCAAs, Football Notes


Pat Dooley talks about Kevaughn Allen and the Gator basketball team, Florida football and other Sports Notes from around the nation.


  1. A loss tonight could make a win over KY this weekend mandatory for the Big Dance (or a deep run in the SEC tourney). A win tonight would make a loss to KY later this week a non-issue, as they have already beaten the Cats in Lexington, one of their several quality wins over ranked teams. This team is so tough to read, as you never know which group will show up from game to game.

  2. Well now we know ”what team showed up”… the scrappy ‘D’, Hudson straight-up balling, and Cheese dishing asst’s Gator team, and U.F. is IN, as much as that was a TEAM WIN (against the ”football only” knowledgeable ‘Bama fan base!!!) Can you dig it? I knew that you could!
    NOW BEAT THOSE little blue, agent paying players, U.K. PUSSY CATS! GO SEC Tourney, and NCAA TOURNEY BOUND FLORIDA GATORS!

  3. The back to backs NC teams always played like anything less than 100% they would lose.

    If this team play that way they still could be something special.

    This team plays much better when they play fast up tempo.
    and hard very hard time in half court offense. They stand in one place and pass the ball around.
    They run one guy around two picks.
    I would love to see more pressure defense.
    Gators are small so potential advantage would be faster/ smarter.
    No inside scoring presence.
    So hard to move defense after they are set up.