Dooley Noted: What does Gator football need to get done this spring?


Pat talks about Gator football, Jim McElwain’s Michigan job and other UF sports.


  1. Great podcast Pat! Please give me football everyday, can’t get enough. A possible suggestion for future podcast would include former player’s in a,”Where are they now”, 5-8 minute segments. I would love two not only hear them, but hear what their doing. For instance I bumped into Terry LaCount at the Hall of Fame in Atlanta. Nobody know’s more about Gator Football history than you, except maybe Norn. Again Thanks, love the podcast.

  2. False. The 2nd issue with our team isnt WR, its secondary and OL as a close 2nd. Our WR’s are talented enough but we never had a competent QB that could get rid of the ball. Our secondary, mainly safeties, will struggle until we recruit a legit star like we’ve always had in years past. Chauncey is a nickelback playing safety, we lost Marcel to the draft, Lenton/Stewart/Davis/Taylor have all been below average, and thank God Nick Washington is done. OL will learn new formations so Im excited for them, but the secondary is easily the weakest part of the team right now until they are proven. You cant pick the WR’s when you have a baby giraffe at QB that doesnt know what he’s doing. Applebee was just as bad and never had the resume from his Purdue days to be deserving of getting a scholarship from us.

    • @GatorBKP – I agree that the WR unit is talented and there, but Franks was horrendous last year. He couldn’t find a wide open McDonald’s at 2 AM if he tried.

      I will say that I think OL and LB are highest priorities, but you could say secondary is right there too, like you said.

  3. Gator lover here, but not sold that Mullen will be able to compete with FSU or UGA for the foreseeable future. Taggart is likely to out-recruit him for in-state talent, and Kirby has a significant roster advantage that is not going to shift anytime soon.

    • @ Tim, you may be right, but I care much more about coaching and development of good to great players that will and can win over a banner recruiting class that can’t get on the field or is not coached at all, a.k.a, with Coach McElThreat.