Dooley Noted: Gators football National Signing Day, basketball and start of baseball


Pat Dooley’s latest podcast talks about Gator football, basketball and baseball


        • Got most of it before my speakers crapped out again, but it was pretty fuzzy just the same. Not pulling your chain here, just really want to understand. What did I miss (in a nutshell)?

          Retired Army here, and after the Soviets threw in the towel, a lot of us believed that God only put us here to kill those guys. Me, I’m so old and beat up now that I’d rather leave that to the Air Force for once. But in any event, I must have missed something in the podcast just the same. Appurciate it!

          • I was in the Army ’82-’86 so you get no quarter from me for playing the veteran card. I was stationed in West Germany the last two years. Now my son is facing the prospect of fighting in NK.

            The reference was to Pat’s tongue-in-cheek matchup of KU and NK. Listen closely next time junior. Otherwise, shut up.

          • David – that sure wasn’t very nice. Gator-6 is as chill as they come. He’s just here to engage in civil conversation.

  1. Nice job Pat…enjoy the podcast every week….you totally left off the running backs when grading the positions…I would grade them at a B+…Perine solid, hopefully Malik Davis returns full speed, Scarlett’s return can only help and the two new recruits will add depth…thoughts?

  2. Pat–I am delighted to see that in grading the gator’s football prospects next year you agree with my post a couple of weeks ago in which I said, “The proof of the pie is in the pudding.”

    When you gonna do another one of those articles with one-sentence paragraphs? You know what you could do–you could transpose that style into your podcast. It would sound like a series of machine gun bursts. Give it a try.

  3. Pat-good podcast-RB is loaded. Scarlett was peaking before he screwed up-he has rested for a year and hopefully he comes back even better and Lemons showed flashes of being a special talent. Perine is really solid so with the freshmen coming in there is plenty of time for Malik Davis to rehab. He was an incredible surprise last year-best wishes for that kid in his recovery