With Corral gone, who will UF target at QB? 5 names to watch


Florida’s 2018 class has lost its highly recruited quarterback in Long Beach Poly (Ca.) signal caller Matt Corral, but Gators coach Dan Mullen has other options. Since arriving in Gainesville nearly three weeks ago, Mullen has continued to expand UF’s recruiting board, including making an in-home visit with another top-flight quarterback and placing calls to players across the country.

The obvious name on the list is five-star quarterback Justin Fields, who remains committed to Georgia despite the Bulldogs having two proven products at quarterback in Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason.

Fields, who visited Gainesville in July alongside Corral for Friday Night Lights, has remained in contact with Florida’s coaching staff throughout his senior season, and UF has seemingly amplified their pursuit with Mullen in charge.

Regarded as the top dual-threat quarterback in the 2018 class, Fields will have a tough decision to make in the next six weeks — if that’s even his timetable. Only those close to the Kennesaw, Georgia, prospect know if he will indeed put pen to paper Wednesday, or if he’ll wait until National Signing Day in February to finalize his collegiate decision. There’s only one thing that’s certain when it comes to Fields’ recruitment: there’s never a dull moment.

Florida also continues to keep tabs on dual-threat quarterback Emory Jones, despite Jones being verbally committed to Ohio State for the past 18 months. Mullen was the first SEC coach to offer Jones, when Jones was just a sophomore in high school, and the two have kept in touch throughout his recruitment.

All indications are that Jones will follow through with his commitment and sign with the Buckeyes, but those close to Jones believe he remains intrigued by the possibility of playing for Mullen.

Dual-threat quarterback Gerry Bohanon remains an interesting prospect to watch, but it appears the Gators haven’t heavily recruited Bohanon, ranked the No. 11 dual-threat quarterback by 247Sports. However, Mullen offered Bohanon while at MSU, meaning the two parties are at least familiar with each other.

It appears Bohanon will commit to either Baylor or an SEC school, but UF has ground to make up if they hope to sign the Earle, Arkansas, native.

Florida also remains intrigued by the abilities of dual-threat quarterback Chance Amie, who’s currently committed to Houston and coach Major Applewhite. While he hasn’t received any interest from Florida, or from Mullen while at MSU, Amie has a relationship with new UF assistant Brian Johnson, who recruited him while at Houston.

Amie intends to sign early, however, meaning any pursuit by Florida will have to come swiftly.

And last but certainly not least, the Gators could make a run at dual-threat quarterback Jalen Mayden, who remains committed to Mississippi State despite Mullen’s departure. Mayden took an official visit to Starkville on Dec. 8 to reaffirm his decision, but his relationship with Mullen, coupled with the uncertainty at MSU, could lead to UF flipping the 6-foot-2, 220-pounder.

With five days until the early signing period opens, and six weeks until Florida’s 2018 class will be finalized, Mullen and the Gators have little time to waste in finding Florida’s quarterback of the future.


  1. Please Graham. We are not drinking the kool aid. Dan Mullen loses 9 commitments since he got off the plane, and has run off a lock in Corral. When the dust settles, there will be about 6 2 * pledges in the 2018 class. He has averaged a loss of 3 commitments per week, but is picking up the pace this week. 3 in 24 hours. It is not all on Mullen but his only commitment is a kicker from Starkville. Where else? The entire staff and the one and only commitment in the 2018 class is from Starkville. This program is finished.

    • We might as well turn the stadium into a circus practice course and recruit Fla State students. Keeping Mac would have been better. He could throw us fans and the admin under the bus every week and we could even have contests to guess who he will insult the most this week. Recruiting is everything and how you coach ’em means nothing.

    • To make it clear to many people, UF re-evaluated their QB board when Mullen arrived. Corral seemingly was no longer regarded as the priority, and Mullen reached out to other QBs first. It’s about finding a right fit for both UF and Corral, and both parties no longer felt it was the right fit. I can see why many think the sky is falling, but this is fairly typical for programs who lose a head coach at the end of the season. With that said, should be an interesting 6 weeks seeing what Mullen does at the QB position.

    • Wait a minute…..wait a minute……Gary, how did we go from “get off the ledge” to “this program is finished”? Are you actually an alter-ego of Harry (“this war is lost”) Reid or something. Keep the faith buddy.

    • Lets take a look at the decommits since Mac was fired and see what we are losing.

      Matt Corral – good qb, bad fit, commits to OM

      Jacob Copeland – loves attention, was a Mac guy, we still want him and are recruiting him.

      Jamarr Chase – LA kid, was tough to keep, decommitted before Mullen was hired. Good player

      Nigel Bethel – randy special, ucf likely

      Divaad Wilson – randy special, ucf likely

      Deontai Williams – no comment

      Dunlap – gained bad weight, committed to minn after his decommitment

      Jalynn Williams – we complain if we changed the name and got a commit with that ranking.

      RUMORED: Thornton- excellent receiver but it is known Mullen wants bigger bodies for downfield blocking.

      I hope I haven’t missed anyone and can update but of those, Copeland, Chase and Corral were the only players that were UF caliber. Corral we all know about, Chase was a long shot even if Mac was retained and we are still after Copeland.

      Let’s take a step back before we blast Mullen for these decommits. They are solid players, but not the right fit for what Mullen wants.

  2. Corral flip to Ole Miss is a better fit for him than with Mullen. Gators should get 3* Dual Threat QB Wyatt Rector, Leesberg, FL in this weekend and sign him on the 20th. Then go chase 4* & 5* Big Dogs in February. Gives them more time to pursue. Give up on most of the Mac Attack recruits. Need new blood injection into this program. Will give Mullen is due and fair chance.

      • Exactly! This kid wanted to be a Gator! he was holding this class together after Mac was let go. It’s a damn shame. People need to see the film on Matt. The guy is elusive when the pocket collapses and runs for big yards and doesn’t slide like a wimp to avoid contact. And oh yeah, he’s got a hell of an arm. Big mistake sending him away.

  3. Once again, we are left with picking up the scraps on signing day due to a regime change. Did anyone think it would be any different this time around? This is why it takes up to five years or more to build a program.

  4. I’m a proud Spurrier disciple, but the 1st recruiting class (with only several weeks to recruit early enrollees) is always the least impressive. I am so ready to just get 1st downs again. So while Dan Mullen wasn’t my 1st choice, he now deserves all us real Gator fans’ support. Recruits see this lack of fan support and wonder, “why go there, if even the fans don’t like him?”

  5. Mullen could have a tough time recruiting the state of Florida with Mark Richt now in Miami. If UCF beats Auburn their recruiting prowess could go up and we don’t know what will happen at FSU. Justin Fields would be a game changer but he appears firmly committed to UGA

    • Adam, I do think Richt is a threat at Miami, Taggart at FSU too. Throw in Charlie Strong down at USF and the new coach at UCF, who is probably going to turn out to be pretty damn good as well (but still less of a Florida guy). Got it. But I still maintain the the biggest threats are the first two…..say you’re a blue chipper and you get to choose between the SEC, the ACC, and the AAC? It’s going to be one of the first two.

  6. Not sure why Fields would settle for sitting behind two very good QB’s that are already established at Ga. That means sitting at least two to possibly three years before getting a legitimate shot at the field. Let’s see if he signs early or he waits for the last minute, that may give us some insight. Same with Jones, let’s see if he signs during the early period with Ohio state. He’s said to be pretty good, so being a dual threat QB he could step right into the mix and maybe take the first snap next year.

  7. It feels like a kick in the nads to lose Corral. But how much buy in did we really have after all. Coach Mullen comes in and reaches out to other highly rated QB’s. And Corral gets his feelings hurt!! And goes to Ol’ Miss of all places??? Geez talk about taking the easy road. Going to a program on probation. No high expectations to meet. And can get lost in the wilderness of a program going nowhere. Good luck to you buddy.

  8. You fare weather fans need to grow a set and calm down. This happens every time there is a coaching change. Every other school in the country is on the phone, texting and visiting these recruits and promising them everything under the sun to come to their school. These are 17-18 year olds who can easily be convinced someplace else is better than what they already have. Really guys, come on, I will never ask for Muschamp nor MacElwane back even if you promised me all 4*-5* players. They were poor Head coaches and I hated watching those 17-14 games every week where or defense scored more points than our offense. Our fan base has resently been called the chicken little of major college sports. One bad thing happens and all of a sudden the sky is falling. Be positive and be thankful Coach Mullin is here to pick up the pieces of this broken football program. One last thing…….Calm down and relax!!!!

  9. FINISHED? Dude, smooth out the wrinkles in your little skirt and quit stomping your stilettos. It’s fair-weather candy canes like you who create unrealistic expectations that lead to the decline of football programs. Mullen needs time to find players who fit his style of play and catering to the whims of a little Californian primadonna is not the way to start. Audios, Corral. Enjoy playing for a team under probation.

  10. Wyatt Rector Leesburg Fl.
    At this moment is the best Dual treat Quarter back. His last game he throw like 600 yards and scrod 7 touch down.
    He is local. More importantly he loves to be a Gator. Sign him with early enroll.

  11. There sure are a lot of idiots on here today..Take a deep breath people. If that kid thinks he is better off at Ole Miss and was all hot and bothered to come to Gainesville with Mac and Nuss, then we are better off.. For crying out loud..Get a grip…

    • Mike: I’ve been waiting to see you back on here, need your opinion on something based upon your reliance more on numbers than emotions. I’ve really come to the conclusion that this ascension trajectory we’re looking for, starting next year, goes a lot better and easier for Mullen if he can produce at least an 8-4 team next season. Or better, of course, but 8-4 would at least demonstrate to future blue chippers that the Gators are back from the brink of disaster and can be expected to rise back to the elite level they previously enjoyed–in relatively short order. Your opinion?

  12. Agree 1000% on 3*(4*) Wyatt Rector, Leesburg FL. Gators are his dream school. Can flat out throw and motor.
    Last year 3,000 pass, 1,000 rush. Sign him on the 20th. Then go chase 5* Big Dogs. Yoo Coach Mullen, you haven’t call him yet for official visit tomorrow ??

  13. Emory Jones is in Gainesville this weekend. Let’s hope the coaching staff is able to sell him on UF. He is a perfect fit for coach Mullen’s offense. He is smart, can read defenses, is a strong runner and has a cannon for an arm. He was just upgraded to five stars by Rivals. When I watch film of him and his fellow Georgia native, Justin Fields, I don’t see a significant difference, except that Jones may have a bit more arm talent. Flipping Jones from OSU would be kind of poetic too given all the talent Urban Meyer has hauled out of Florida ever since landing in Columbus.

    • Wrong. Fields has been a Georgia commit since Oct. 6th, but that hasn’t stopped other schools from trying to flip him. He fits coach Mullen’s offense perfectly, and Georgia already has two elite QBs on their roster. Fields has a better chance to get on the field right away in Gainesville than in Athens. Hence, the hope that he can be convinced to switch his commitment to UF.

  14. Damn, cry babies. If you have done any checking alot of the big schools are loosing commitments. It all over not just here. After this last coach i’m sticking with this guy…he can coach. Eventually he will get the recruits.
    Its been a long time but now we know what we have in a coach. Lets wait and see how this class goes. I’ve bitched so much I’m tired of hearing myself. I’ve been gator fan for 55 years and the last 10 have been miserable…I understand that. This will work out…watch.

  15. I think Mullen will get us who we need, just be patient. I must say that I don’t understand why Fields is going to Georgia when they already have two good ones ahead of him. At least he’s not afraid of competition as Corral seemed to be.

    • Gator#1, not to single you out, but why do so many fans have to take a swipe at Corral for doing what he obviously feels is best for him? If you expect Corral to come to UF and compete for a starting spot, why is it so hard to think Fields would be willing to do that at GA? The criticism of Corral is just sour grapes. On these comment boards his star ranking has been questioned, he’s been called over-rated, he’s been accused of not wanting to be a Gator, and his competitiveness has been questioned all because he decided another program would be a better fit for him. Maybe he just decided his skill set and physique aren’t suited for Mullen’s offense. Maybe he took a look at MSU’s 2017 offensive stats and saw that their passing offense actually produces FEWER yards per game than UF’s (How is that possible?). Isn’t anyone else concerned that UF’s pervasive offensive weakness, the lack of a decent passing game, is also the MSU weakness under Mullen? With the exception of the Prescott years, MSU’s passing offense has been pedestrian at best. The emperor has no clothes, and nobody on this site seems to care.

  16. Somehow I think the incoming freshman QB situation will work itself out before signing day. Either a big name dual threat guy or someone under the radar Mullen 100% beleives he can develop. I doubt Mullen lets Corral walk without a plan B even if he doesn’t fit the scheme. That would assume coaches in recruiting have some kind of ethics and everyone knows they don’t. The more likely scenario if there was no plan B at quarterback is that Mullen straightface lies to Corral and tells him how he will adapt and build his offense around him.

  17. When Galen Hall was fired and Steve Spurrier was hired, Emmitt Smith left school early and entered the NFL. Since he was a big part of our offense, a lot of people felt our offense was finished. Spurrier put Shane Matthews in as the starting QB. Matthews was the fifth string quarterback behind a back up and a baseball player. Things turned out pretty good. Once Mullen has success and shows that Florida can develop players, recruits will want to come here again. Mac did nothing with all the 3 stars he recruited which is partly why he was fired. If you get your wish in firing a bad coach, give the new guy the chance he deserves. Florida will be fine as we now have good sound offensive coaching. Go Gators!