Fisher resigns as FSU coach to take Texas A&M job

Less than a week after meeting at Florida Field, Florida interim head coach Randy Shannon, right, and FSU coach Jimbo Fisher are no longer at their schools. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
TALLAHASSEE — Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher resigned Friday to take the same job at Texas A&M, FSU announced.
Fisher handed in his resignation after a meeting with university President John Thrasher on Friday.

“Today, Jimbo Fisher informed me he has accepted an offer to become the next head football coach at Texas A&M University,” Florida State University President John Thrasher wrote in a release. “Coach Fisher did an exceptional job as both an assistant coach at FSU and in the challenging role of successor to the legendary Bobby Bowden. I believe Texas A&M is getting one of the best coaches in college football. We appreciate all he has done for our program and wish him and his family great success moving forward.

“From the moment media reports began to circulate about our position, it became evident the job would attract great interest from a number of elite coaches, and we will move quickly to evaluate candidates from across the nation.

“Our fans are the best in the country, loyal and passionate about developing student-athletes who are champions on and off the field. They’ve made Doak Campbell Stadium one of the most thrilling venues in all of college sports along with its storied traditions that represent the spirit and excellence of our distinguished university, athletically and academically. The excitement around Florida State is indisputable, and a tremendous opportunity awaits whoever is chosen as our new head football coach.”

Fisher leaves Florida State after eight seasons where he went 83-23. He led the Seminoles to the national championship in 2013, three Atlantic Coast Conference titles and four ACC Atlantic Division crowns. He will replace Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M.

Florida State (5-6) faces Louisiana Monroe on Saturday and needs a win to be bowl eligible for a 36th consecutive season. Defensive line coach Odell Haggins will serve as interim coach.



  1. It will be interesting to see who ends up in Tally. No one has went after Brent Venerables yet, Clemson’s DC. With Fulmer becoming the Vols AD, perhaps he’ll go with Les Miles. Many vacancies to fill. Go Gators!

    • Pretty sure Fulmer will get the dysfunction out of that athletic department PDQ, and will go after Tee Martin and most likely get him on board. That would be a great choice for them, and very likely get the Fla-Tenn rivalry back to national attention like it used to be. Imagine that, a strong Florida, a strong Tennessee, and a strong Georgia all back in the mix. Wow, exciting times ahead!

    • A lot, Ricky. Personally, I think he’s up to it…..but it’ll be no cake walk for sure in College Station. Just from a recruiting angle, Texas, LSU, TCU…..virtually all the Big-12 and even Arkansas recruit Texas like crazy. Like the state of Florida, it’s a gold mine. Now, I think his name will help right away in winning those battles, and I think eventually he’ll be able to actually produce championship level teams there. Don’t count on it for a couple-three years tho.

  2. Jimbo had .783 win percentage at F.S.U., and only one loss to U.F. as the ‘Noles Head Coach.
    Well, I for one am glad he’s gone from F.S.U. and now in the S.E.C. West… and not L.S.U. (U.F’s yearly west opponent). CHOMP-UP THE ‘NOLES UP, AGAIN, COACH MULLEN!

  3. I live in a nearby town called Quincy, about 17 miles from Tally. I have known and still know many people affiliated with fsu, and even though I’m gator through and through and have been for over 50 years, I know that cess pool of a program through and through, as well as many of their dirty little secrets. I was one of the group who publically exposed the Peter Warrick/Dillards Scadnal when fsu almost covered it up too.

    Jimbo Fisher has fostered and enabled a rape culture at fsu for years. He protected and enabled a rapoist QB Jameis Winston. In October 2015, it was revealed that the fsu women’s advocate testified under oath at one of the previous Kinsman civial suits depositions that her deprtment had gotten some 20 complaints of rape and sexual assault by fsu football players from fsu female students since 2009. There were a lot more from what I’ve been told, ranging back to the late 90’s.

    Wonder how Jimbo will do without an A&M PD inundated with Aggie alumni and an alumni State’s Attorney to cover up for his star players at A&M when they get into a trouble?

    Sure, Jimbo is a “good” coach, but his NC was against one of the weakest strength of schedules in BCS history and his success against 5 of the worst UF teams since 1979 and a down Miami program for most of that time too isn’t anything to brag about. He isn’t worth $7.5 mil a year and A&M will find that out in about three years too.

    Jimbo, even though a good recruiter, is mostly smoke and mirrors, having built his reputation on beating cupcaked and catching usually strong rival programs when they were way down. His claims to success was riding a rapist’s coattails and then struggling with consecutive 4 loss seasons with a woman-beating all-star RB Dalvin Cook.

    It will be satisfying watching him get eaten alive by the SEC West.

  4. FSU should go after Lane Kiffin. I mean, he’s coached at every other Div. I school, it seems. And he is a proven loser (present team excluded). Not surprised at Fisher’s loyalty. If was evident during his press conference that he was taking the A&M job. Welcome to the SEC. It’s NOT two good teams and the poor sisters of the blind in this conference Jumbo. Take a good look at the schedule of Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Miss. St., Ole Miss and your yearly eastern div. opponent. Not like playing Duke, Wake Forest, NC State, Syracuse and the other cupcakes every year.

  5. So tamu pays seven million a year and gets a guy who has won NC and a ton of games and U F pays six million and gets a guy who has a 0.6 win fraction with like a 2-24 record against ranked teams. It’s cool to see mullens enthusiasm but this is a bad situation. Particularly if tenn gets someone good

    • Mullen will only be as good as his defensive coach and the players he recruits. Right now, I see a “LACK OF TALENT” at a lot of Gator positions, including QB./ One thing is for use. Franks is NOT Mullen’s idea of a QB. Remember, Mullen has been running Urban Meyer’s offense, including 2 national titles. He will need some major recruiting coaches to get Florida out of this funk, I believe. Just my opinion

    • Hey Jacob, perhaps you should go back and read, and re-read, all the articles written on why Mullen was a great hire for the Florida program. And after you get done doing that you should edit your post that ends with “Particulary if Tennessee finds someone good.” That was the funniest thing I’ve read in days.

  6. Jimbo will last about three years at A&M with the teams he will face, and with the SEC Compliance department looking over his shoulder rather than FSU and the ACC overlooking his sleazy ethics. He spent so long with “Dadgummit” Bowden and then by himself as a Criminole getting over on the rules and regs that he probably has little idea of what they even are. FSU’s next hire would be well advised to have positions as parole officer and/or public defender on his resume. We already know that academics need not concern him since most of his players rarely attend class, and get plenty of chances to cheat and plagiarize instead. The girlfriends and wives of the FSU players may have high hopes that the beatings will stop, but I doubt they will, especially if the losing continues and the draft rounds continue to drop.