Dooley Noted Podcast: ‘Lamest’ UF/FSU game in over 50 years


Pat Dooley talks with Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times.


  1. Pat, I didn’t take thee time to read your article (sorry) and your point may be dead on. I really don’t care.
    But Know this. This Gator fan wants to beat those Sons of Beaches worst now than ever. Noles are right up there with The Dawgs on the hate scale, if the Gators and assure them of a losing season that would give some real meaning to our Fans and hopefully our team in an otherwise forgetful season .
    Go Gators!!!

  2. Too bad Coach Shannon isnt taking beating fsu seriously and retaining Nussmeier at OC instead or promoting someone, ANYONE, to replace him at OC.

    Nusswmeier will most likely lose this game for us with his incompetence, predictability, and lack of imagination, but at least itll be the last Gator Nation will see of that clown.

    That said, in hope upon hope Shannon and Niss styled our game plan around what N.C. State did to beat fsu earlier this season.

    Run at them, attack the perimeter with the run game with Lemons, use play action pass with Franks, and rely on our kickers to keep them backed up. And Nuss will also have to STICK to the game plan too.

    This fsu team is really bad and we CAN beat them with a good game plan and some smart play calling.

    Not that i expect that from Nuss.

  3. 1997 FSU was the loudest I’ve heard in my many years. Our season tickets were on the top row behind the visiting band (first deck, SE end zone). It was like a F4 engine when Fred Taylor ran to the 1 and then scored. It was as much fun as 52-20. The 1991 “hang on” to beat UK was the most emotional. As UK drove toward the south end zone, you could hear and see the whaling and gnashing of tee. People got sick around me and my son. One of our lady friends retreated to the rest rooms and found a bunch of ladies huddled, praying for intervention. BUT finely it was over and we had our first LEGAL SEC title.

    I can’t give total hope up for our chances Saturday….remember 1971 UF 0-5, FSU 5-0 and we won 17-14.

  4. This is the last chance to ever compete with FSU again. The program is finished and they are perfectly happy about it. This is a University that puts 17 sports in the top 10 almost annually, but absolutely hates football. The only way this disgraceful train wreck ever gets fixed is when they decide to get the facilities at least in to the 80’s. Foley blew it and now Stricklin blows it is the conception, but in reality the University of Florida does NOT CARE about football. They will lose 10 games next year and still put 50 or 60 thousand fannies in the seats. Now I just hope they come clean and stop telling the fan base and prospective coaches they are really going to build the stand alone. The UAA is NOT going to spend the money on something they absolutely do not care about.