The Back Nine: Here’s the thing about Kelly to Florida

Former NFL and Oregon coach Chip Kelly is deciding on UF and UCLA. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

The Back Nine comes at you a day late, because of the Gator basketball opener which was the first time I’ve seen the Gators win in person at anything in awhile (I’m 0-1 in volleyball).

10. So let’s start with all of the Chipmania. There are three reasons why it makes no sense to hire Chip Kelly and one big reason why we could still see it happen. First, there’s his NCAA baggage, which goes against everything the previous AD stood for. Second, there are his public proclamations that he preferred the NFL to college because you drafted instead of recruited — which I get — but it is a bit of a red flag. Third, there is his reputation as being kind of a know-it-all who is tough to deal with both in college and the NFL. Florida just fired a coach because he didn’t fit in so that would be a concern. The reason it could happen — it would scare the living daylights out of the rest of the SEC if Florida brought in a coach with his offensive pedigree. It’s a risk/reward thing with Kelly.

11. Whatever ends up happening, it feels like the SEC East is going to be really interesting in the years to come. The knock on the division has been that the better coaches have been in the West and as long as Nick Saban is over there that’s not going to change. It would be hard to believe that Tennessee is going to strike out again and have to settle for a Butch Jones-type of coach. As it stands now, the East is a miserable 2-10 against the West with two games to go (LSU at Tennessee this week and Missouri at Arkansas next week) which means it cannot possibly get to the five wins it enjoyed (kind of) last year. Which isn’t exactly a high bar.

12. The question for much of this season has been the over/under for new coaches in Hoover, Ala., for next year’s SEC Media Days. It’s been a fluid number. We know there are two openings. Will Matt Luke hang on at Ole Miss? Possibly. Barry Odom seems safe now at Missouri. Kevin Sumlin is likely out at A&M, but what if he closes with wins over Ole Miss and LSU? If Dan Mullen takes another job, that opens up Mississippi State, but he may stay right there. I’m putting the number at three. Over or under?

13. I have harped all season about how bad the special teams are for Florida and that whoever the next coach is needs to make them a priority. They may be the worst I have seen at UF. Here’s the national statistics to back up what you already know:

• Punt returns — 118th.

• Kickoff returns — 94th.

• Opponent punt returns — 107th.

• Opponent kickoff returns — 129th (to be fair, only four have been returned).

• Blocked punts — tied for last.

Here’s another stat for you — Florida ranks 122nd in long plays from scrimmage. And, as we all know, got its first fumble recovery (technically) when a punt bounced off a South Carolina player. So you take an offense that doesn’t create explosive plays and almost never give them short fields while constantly giving the opponents short fields and that’s how you get to 3-6.

14. UAB may be coming to Gainesville as a 10 1/2 -point underdog, but think about this — what would the spread have been in August? UAB was coming off two years of inactivity. Florida was going to kick down the door in Atlanta. With the Gators down to an NFL-sized roster, I’m not sure that spread isn’t too big. Bill Clark has done a tremendous job with the Blazers considering what that program has been through. And he has some financial incentive after his contract extension was approved Monday. He gets $35,000 if he wins eight games (UAB is 7-3) and $40,000 if he gets to nine (he is already guaranteed $30K for seven wins). The Blazers finish up next week with 0-10 UTEP.

15. As the walk-ons were entering Monday night’s basketball game Egor Koulechov stood with his arm around KeVaughn Allen watching. When walk-on Andrew Fava dished for an assist, Kevarrius Hayes did a big Gator chomp on the sidelines. So it appears that these guys really like each other and we all know how important chemistry is on a basketball team. Of course, it’s easy to be all smiles when you are blowing out the opponent in the home opener. The fact that Hayes has added the 15-foot jumper to his game is just another thing defenses are going to have to deal with this season. This team is a long way from being the product we’ll see in SEC play, but we’ll know a lot more about it after the trip to Portland and three games in four days against strong opposition.

16. On the one hand, I love that the NFL is allowing elaborate celebrations now. They make me laugh and I appreciate the creativity. But it’s just so idiotic for players to taunt their opponents after a big play and incur a penalty. And for the life of me, can someone explain what Tre Boston was doing after picking off Blake Bortles (on a gift) and dancing out of bounds instead of trying to get more yardage with still plenty of time on the clock? Anybody? “Instead of advancing the football because they’re still in the game with all three timeouts … I’ve never seen it before,” San Diego coach Anthony Lynn said. Just dummy.

17. The Tweet of the Week goes to ESPN’s Chris Fallica, also known as The Bear — “Two years ago, Al Golden was fired after a 58-0 loss to Clemson. In a little more than two weeks from now, Miami will likely be playing Clemson for a spot in the CFP. Funny how things come full circle.” Or how a program can quickly turn it around with the right coach.

18. We went heavy Beatles on the ride up to Columbia as we concluded the traveling portion of this football season. The last time Florida didn’t make a bowl the commissioner let me go to three games in one day with him. I’m looking at you Greg Sankey. Try this playlist to help you forget my lame attempts at humor:

• “Lemon to a Knife Fight” by The Wombats.

• “Spent the Day in Bed” by Morrissey.

• “Throw Me in the Water” by Wild.

• “Birthday” by JP Cooper because mine was Tuesday and by now the Beatles version feels like an FM radio cliche.

• And for an oldie on the 25th anniversary of the release of “Automatic for the People” which is one of the best albums ever, “Nightswimming” by R.E.M.

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  1. Pat: I cannot agree with your assessment of hiring Chip Kelly: First, the NCAA baggage, while certainly a violation of recruiting rules, did not involve Coach Kelly directly and more importantly, the show cause clause has expired.

    Second, saying we shouldn’t hire him because he may want to coach in the NFL again is like saying we shouldn’t have hired Urban because his two dream jobs were Notre Dame and Ohio State – that worked out pretty well didn’t it?.

    Third, he’s a know-it-all and tough to deal with? Coach McElwain was merely an average talent who never bought in to being a Gator. While Kelly’s college resume on the other hand supports the coaching acumen claim and I’ll roll the dice on the hard to deal with part. He seems like an involved and bright guy who brings an innovative offensive mind to the dullest stretch of Gator football in a long time.

    He’s exactly who we need to hire and is my number one choice. Please come on down Coach Kelly – the Gator Nation needs a shot in the arm!

    • Naples whether the recruiting violations involved Kelly or not is a moot point. Who was the head coach when the violations were going on? Just curious, if coaches in the Gator program were committing major recruiting violations while Mac was head coach, who do you think Gator fans would’ve blamed? The head coach controls the program and even if he didn’t know it was going on, which is very hard to believe, then that’s a big red flag in itself. That just means he was clueless to what was going on with the most important aspect of college football, which is recruiting. You really think Meyer worked out pretty well? Winning 2 titles and being left high and dry and going into an almost decade slump was worth it? To me those 2 titles wound up being a curse to the program. Sorry but after being mediocre for that long and multiple coaches later, it’s time for some stability and long term success. Frost would bring the same offense and a lot less baggage than Kelly and offers the longterm stability this program needs. We don’t need another temporary hired assassin that will be gone in a couple years and we’re back to square one looking for another coach and hoping not to fall back down to the bottom of the barrel. Everyone keeps saying we don’t need another up and comer, but the truth is Meyer was an up and comer when he was hired and every coach in college football was an up and comer at one point in their careers. I have a feeling if they hire Kelly, in 4 years we’ll be looking for a new coach and watching Nebraska competing for titles every season and say damn we should’ve hired Frost when we could have.

      • Joe – These are all good points that you make, but Chip Kelly is coming to Florida to be our next HBC and I predict Scott Frost is going to be Nebraska’s next HBC.

        I really, really, really want UF to be relevant again in college football and Kelly gives us the best chance of making that happen. Can you imagine watching a functioning offense again!

        Stay tuned – an announcement will be forthcoming!

      • I’m calling Meyer’s tenure as HC a roaring success. Two titles is definitely worth the pain since. And it will be all the sweeter when the Gators get back on top. The wheel is always turning. Nobody stays on top forever. And hopefully nobody (Gators) stays down forever. When the wheel turns and your team rises, you enjoy it – period. What comes before or after (unless cheating/NCAA sanctions) is just stuff you have to wade thru.

        • Mark- anyone with any sense agrees with you. Meyer’s tenure was an amazing success. The idea that 2 NC are a curse is ludicrous. He didn’t leave us high and dry, he recruited top classes, won two NCs, burned out and left, and it wasn’t like he left us with NCAA probation or something. It’s not his fault the following coach was a bust, and that the next one was an even bigger bust.

    • Naples Gator. If one agrees with your thoughts or not, I can only express my appreciation of the manner in which you made those thoughts on here. They were as refreshing as watching an exceptionally well coached Florida basketball team last Monday evening. Wish there were a lot more of your type of posts on here, be if one agrees with them or not. And I happen to agree with most everything you posted as long as Florida does a thorough vetting job on Chip Kelly and stresses the importance of following ALL NCAA rules if he is hired, with a contract clause for immediate dismissal with no salary or additional pay out if those rules are not followed to a tee by anyone associated with his leadership while coach of the Gators. The other concerns are workable if Kelly can come in here and bring excitement and decent college football back to The Swamp.

  2. Thank goodness the prior AD is not involved in hiring our next FB coach. For all of Foley’s excellent hirings, he was O- for his career in hiring FB guys. You can’t give him credit for Meyer, his boss at that Time was responsible for that one.

    • Gib. Foley was the AD when Meyer was hired and had final say so on him being hired or not. So, yes, Foley does get full credit for the Meyer hire. All ADs get multiple input when doing coaching searches. Just because Foley got input from the then UF president, it does not mean Foley should not get credit for hiring him. He does and should. So, I beg to differ with your view. But Foley should have taken more advice and done more vetting before hiring Muschamp and McELwain for sure. But making judgments and formulating opinions after the fact are always easy.

  3. ”how a program can quickly turn it around with the right coach” -Pat Dooley.
    Like when U.F. won the S.E.C. in Spurrier’s 1st TWO YEARS HERE (’90-’91), and NOT just the East Div. (’cause there wasn’t one, and ‘f’ the ”penalty peddlers” eating sour grapes at the NCAA and SEC in ’90), or when Urban won the S.E.C. and the National Championship in only his 2nd year at U.F.? But then there was Ron, Will, and Jim. So, 2 out of 5… Well, whomever it is this time, U.F is… DUE!!!

    • SOS was indeed an excellent recruiter, 91, 92, and 99 are considered three of the top five recruiting classes ever at UF. The 2001 grads put more Gators in the pros than any previous class at UF. SOS’s ability to see talent made him a great recruiter.

  4. You all at ”” should do two things with this VERY COOL and INTERACTIVE WEBSITE:
    1. Delete the ”duplicate” comments that your website creates (not the commenter) like ~above~ by me, and allow for ”corrections” (editing), like the old website you all had, allowed. Other than that, IT’S VERY NICE, good day!

  5. “which goes against everything the previous AD stood for”

    Who cares what the previous AD stood for, he’s the sole reason were in this mess. And he needs to go away and quit meddling. This emeritus stuff is nonsense.

    • Totally Agree. Foley is the idiot that gave muschump an extra year on the contract which we are still paying for. I believe Foley had a lot to do with making Spurrier mad enough to leave in the first place (not supporting Spurrier recruits when the Academic side was acting stupid over ACT scores that both the ACT and NCAA signed off on+when FSU DT injured Graham+not supporting Spurrier when FSU tried to injure Danny)

  6. My only concern about Chip Kelly is commitment. Does he have (1) foot out the door for the NFL? The UF job is NOT a stepping stone job. I don’t think any of the coaches who have come and gone (even Spurrier who did leave for the NFL) took the job thinking it wasn’t a career-defining, lifer post. I have no doubt that Chip Kelly could recruit/harness the in-state speed/talent that’s hiding behind every palm tree. The recruiting knock needs to be tempered by reminding everybody how deep the pool is in this state. Oregon? PAC-12? Eh? How good is HS football there? How much work has to go into recruiting (even with the garish unis and Nike money)? UF? SEC? Florida HS football? YES! Now you’re talking! Kelly’s rep for running a fun offense would be a huge carrot to recruits. Keep Randy Shannon on staff. His South Florida recruiting ties and his ability as a Good Lt. are valuable. Go Gators.

    • Which school do you think was easier to recruit, Oregon who was a top 10 team the year before Kelly took over and had his 4 year run, or UCF who was winless and one of the worst teams in all of college football when Frost took over? How many coaches in the history of college football have taken a team that was winless and scored 14 pts a game and turned them into the highest scoring team in the nation and undefeated 2 years later? Not only doing that, but doing it at a school that basically gets all the leftover recruits the big 3 in the state don’t want. Kelly’s an old dog that admittedly doesn’t want to coach college football. Frost is a young eager coach that brings the exact same offense and the fire to want to prove to everyone he belongs on the highest level of college football, who will no doubt be at his next job a hell of a lot longer than Kelly will.

      • How much talent comes out of Oregon compared to Florida? I’m guessing Florida’s leftover recruits are as good as Oregon’s top recruits, and Kelly had to compete with USC, UCLA, and all the other Pac schools for the California talent. Which team faces tougher competition? Oregon, who played in the Pac, or UCF, which plays in the AAC? Oregon was a top 10 team the year before Kelly took over because Kelly, as OC, helped them get there. They finished 23rd and then 10th in his two years as OC, and had only been ranked once in the previous five years before he became OC. In his four years as HC, they finished 11, 3, 4 and 2. In other words, they drastically improved after his arrival. Frost may end up being a great coach, but Kelly has already proven he’s a great coach.

      • Joe, I seem to recall Jim McElwain’s story being something along the lines of “Took over crappy CSU team, got scraps for recruits, turned them into offensive powerhouse, used that success to land the UF job.” I’m not say Frost isn’t worthy of consideration. And no one knows how he would handle a promotion to big time SEC football. Mac and Muschamp had SEC experience and still flamed. Mostly I think Nebraska has the inside slot on Frost. But maybe not. UF should absolutely vet him and interview him to determine interest/commitment. But on spec, I think Kelly has a better resume. If it’s just between those two, I’m picking Kelly. But I do think there are a LOT of guys being considered. And I don’t think Strickland has a front runner yet. The fans do. But I think the AD is throwing a wide net.

    • Mark Hoffman. I have a lot of respect for Shannon as a person and as a coach, but his recruiting connections to South Florida are way overblown. He has not been a good recruiter concerning south Florida since he has been at Florida. And he has not been able to beat out Miami for the top recruits down there. Or Alabama for that matter. But I doubt Shannon will be retained by the new coach. I think the only two coaches that will receive consideration for remaining on staff will be the running backs coach and maybe the linebackers coach (former RBs coach). The RBs coach has been a major upgrade this year and he has done an outstanding job coaching up the RBs. One of the few positions on the team that has consistently performed at a high level this year. And the current LBs coach is an excellent recruiter and could fill the new 10th coaching spot for next year and focus maybe on special teams and recruiting. I do not see any of the other coaches being retained. Shannon will be hired by someone very quickly as either a LBs coach or DC. He might even make the jump back into the NFL this time.

  7. I have never seen a sports reporter so angry at the changing landscape of his field. Your comment about the previous AD shows how you are stuck in the past. Foley is gone and he did great things but Strickland needs to do Strickland. I know you don’t like it because he uses social media and I’m guessing does not give you the same access as Foley.

    The thing with Kelly’s NCAA violation is this…he received an 18 month show clause. He served his time and it’s done. The NCAA rule book is the size of an encyclopedia and if the compliance department at UF is as good as we say it is, we should be fine. I’m sure he knows he will be on a tight rope. But the bigger issue is that college football is not snowy white. All of the schools have felonies, violations, recruiting issues.

    This school, fans and even reporters want a winner. Meyer didn’t like all the booster club meetings and people complained. Do we want a winner or a really nice guy? If we wanted a nice guy, Muschamp was perfect.

    Of course Kelly will be looking at the NFL. Steve Spurrier did it every year and TOLD US he was going to do it. I guess we should not have hired him either.

    A great coach who absolutely loves UF, that is an alumni and won a Heisman trophy by kicking a last second field goal is not walking through the door. We can’t do things like its 1989. Stop being so grumpy.

  8. “What the previous AD stood for” is relevant; not because of Foley, the person, but because of the culture and value system that were created. Like it or not (and I hope we do give a rat’s) the coaches at UF across all sports are above reproach when it comes to ethics, and are all team players when it comes to mutual respect and support for each other’s programs. This has not changed (except temporarily with Mac) and is unlikely to in the foreseeable future. It is possible to recruit a winning coach who will provide all the positives that Kelly brings without trying to rationalize away the negatives for the sake of “scaring” the other coaches in the SEC. They won’t stay scared for very long, if at all, and I seriously doubt that guys like Saban and Smart are going to lose much sleep no matter who is hired.

      • Your stalking TROLL bromance of me is starting to get a little creepy. I am going to help you see the light one more time, then I am done, and you will have to attach your parasitic self to some other poster. After mocking many of the comments on this site that are less than complimentary of the failed football program, you now go so far as to collectively denigrate the reputations of UF coaches such as Kevin O’Sullivan, Mary Wise, Mike White, etc. If you have evidence of wrongdoing by these college athletics/SEC coaches, you should post it now or shut the f_ _ k up. So you feign a positive attitude about our football program, then condemn it and ALL college athletics in the same sleazy sentence. What a phony! Stay put in your Mom’s dark basement. Now, go find some other poster to be the focus of your sick fantasies. But I’m guessing you’ll make one last post before you stalk someone else.

          • Ha! Narc, I was gonna join the Seal Club, but I hate sushi. Thanks for clarifying the Collider thing. I knew some tiny particles were bouncing around in his skull but I was certain they are not brain cells. Maybe this nut job will stalk you for a while. He is mildly amusing, sort of like a hamster on a wheel, but he does get annoying rather quickly. Post something intelligent, and he will be all over you like fleas on a mangy dog, and just as pesky.

  9. Pat, please stop “reporting” on Gator football. You and Steve Russell are clueless on what would make Florida football great again. Y’all are a bunch of Debbie Downers. Perhaps you should go write for the Tampa or Oregon sports papers since it seems obvious you’d prefer Strong or Taggart. How about some unbiased reporting and get on board with WHOEVER the new coach is instead of ripping apart the one that is probably coming.

  10. I greatly doubt that UT will be getting a home run coach, after all we are having a hard time doing that, and they are not UF. I hope that if Kelly is the target management makes very clear their expectations and whatever commitments he needs. If that means he does not run around the state talking to fans that would be fine, how about a video with questions from fans around the state. Lots of opportunities to move into this century and others can take up the slack. His staff should be part of the agreement as we demand a great staff, no more friends that don’t work out. I really want Frost, but Kelly will do.

    • Sly. Not sure how wanting Kelly is selling one’s soul. I am sure Stricklin will write all the appropriate language into Kelly’s contract if he accepts the HC position at Florida. But I am still keeping fingers crossed for Frost. But Kelly if not.

  11. 1. The NCAA was sure to point out that Chip wasn’t involved and had no knowledge of the recruiting service. Also, the violation story gets butchered and exaggerated by sports journalists who don’t like research that involves reading. He doesn’t appear to be a risk at all.

    2. Arrogant? Know it all? So was Spurrier. So was Meyer. So is Saban. I’m wondering if Pat knows of any championship quality coaches who aren’t, or if he is only extending his commitment to mediocrity to the whole of Gator Nation.

    • I know what you’re getting at there, Corey…..but “cocky” is just fine if you’re producing the results to back up the swagger. “Arrogant” is basically narcisisstic, which is a whole different animal and more often than not maintains itself even when the results don’t justify the attitude.

  12. If Kelly is the hire there needs to be a huge by out for him to leave because he will be gone in two years if he is successful. I do not think he would have any problem recruiting offensive players. I still would prefer the young guy Frost. If UT hires Dan Mullen then the gators will have a tough opponent in the future. Things will get interesting in a few weeks

    • IMO Kelly is done with the NFL. Saban, Harbaugh, Spurrier and many others tested those waters only to return to college due to a lack of success. So if the NFL is an unlikely option, then why couldn’t he stay here for an extended time? He doesn’t have that “dream job” that plagues so many other candidates. Maybe he would consider a return to Oregon someday, but that’s not even a definite. It’s funny to hear people worrying about the next coach leaving if he has success, but at this point, I’ll take that success for however long it lasts….as long as they don’t destroy the program like UM.

  13. Yes, Chip Kelly is a know it all, as is Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, Stoops and any other coach that is successful and believes in his program, process and scheme. The difference between Kelly and Macelwain is that Kelly actually does know it all and has a history of success to back it up.

  14. The next coach must follow the rules, fix the offense, and make the program competitive again. These are job requirements. Would it be nice if he were the office hero? Yes. Would it be better for him if he treated the media professionally and answered questions directly? Yes. Would it be wise if he built goodwill with the fan base? Yes. These characteristics, however, are not disqualifying. While Frost may be a very good option, we do not know if he can step-up to the level Gator Nation expects. We would be taking another chance on a coach. How has that worked out for us in the past 15 years? Should we not learn from Alabama and get the best coach available who provides the best chance to return Gator football to the level at which we all know it can achieve?

  15. I think the whole “right personality fit” is way overrated. Winning and having some hope on offense is key. If we are winning and improving on offense, a Head Coach’s personality is endearing. If we are losing and not showing improvement “a bad personality” becomes a big issue. But, as a long time Gator Fan, let’s be realistic….we need to turn this thing around…..something Muschamp with a “great personality fit” couldn’t do.

    • Well said! Everybody loved Meyer’s personality…until they didn’t. And that love-loss seemed to happen in 2010 when we struggled. If you win, you are shown the love and that is the way it is at all top tier schools.

  16. Why does everyone think Kelly may jump in the near future but Frost wouldn’t? We probably don’t need to worry about Kelly moving to another school, whereas the Nebraska lure will always be there for Frost (we may not even be his first choice right now). Kelly probably won’t be getting a call from any NFL teams in near future, whereas Frost, if successful at the likes of UF, could get a call and may have that itch to scratch. If we’re worried about our coach leaving in the future, which should be part of the equation, it seems to me that Kelly is the safer pick.

  17. what i have learned from all of these comments is that gator fans are sure they know more about football coaching and running an athletic department than the professionals who do they job. not exactly a dream job atmosphere for whoever will be the next coach…

    • Joe. Respectfully, I hate comments like yours. Passionate fans love to express opinions. And those fans who knew Chump and MAC were doomed to fail early on because of what they witnessed were not wrong – even if they had no coaching or AD experience. And in a new world of social media – new coaches everywhere know what they are getting into – and are paid well for it.

      • my point wasnt that people shouldnt express their opinion. my point was that gator fans have a rose-tinted view of the florida coaching job as a dream job, when in truth the coaches, ADs, etc are instead put in a position where everyone with an internet connection criticizes, sometimes demonizes, and even makes death threats. this is not what i think being a florida gator should be about, nor is any amount of money worth the crap that some of these coaches have to put up with, although it certainly explains why they are paid so well. and as for chump and mac, they did not work out, but i remember seeing on this same site plenty of posts of people welcoming them with open arms, only to criticize foley later for having hired them to begin with. to suggest that social media is a license for bad behavior and hypocrisy is extremely offensive.

      • yes, it is a message board for people to express their opinions, and i’m expressing mine, specifically that the people on this board who are second guessing foley, and think that they could do a better job picking coaches are IDIOTS LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD.

  18. Pat: No body cares what Foley or Musschamp think! Foley has shown NO discernment for hiring a program building football coach. Mentioning them is like mentioning what someone’s X thinks. It gets you in trouble with the current UF family. Your getting older, like me, and appeared to be worried about your industry status/legacy by continually mentioning past UF failures (IE. Musschamp). Your writing is insightful and entertaining, but please, get over who you know, its not a big deal to everyone else. Kelly is viewed as a Spurrier type hire, but with a record to back his resume. Who knows? One thing for sure, he would bring exciting hope to the players dying to light up the Swamp. Everyone would have to produce to make it work.

    UF is about the entire university not Foley, not Musschamp, and yes, not even Ole Head Ball Coach. Bobby Bowden made the BIG mistake of thinking HE was more important than what was really good for FSU. He did 10 years legacy damage for no good reason other than doing what Bobby wanted. He didn’t really care about what was best for FSU.

    • Foley has shown NO discernment for hiring a program building football coach? Yeah, Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer were lousy at building a football program. Do you even read what you write, or is it all logorrhea?

      • Foley didn’t hire SOS. Wasn’t even AD when Steve was hired. Bill Arnsparger was and he didn’t want Spurdog. Preferred Mike Archer instead. Come on Joe, you’re better than that. Foley’s big blemishes on his proud Gator legacy are 1) poor football HBC hires and 2) facilities. No. 2 can be fixed and is in the process of being remedied. No. 1 blemish cannot be erased.

        • foley was within months of becoming head AD when spurrier was hired, and was involved in the hiring process. foley hires all the coaches, but machen hires meyer? that’s bs. either foley hired meyer, or fuchs hired macelwain. honestly tho, spurrier and meyer were no-brainers at the time, both with exceptional resumes who wanted the florida job. with the possible exception of zook, all the head coach hires were greeted with open arms by the gator nation at the time. tired of all the second guessing and trashing the decisions in hindsight. how many athletic departments have offered you a job?

  19. Kelly is by far the best we could possibly get and its not even close.

    Don’t believe the propaganda, the people saying there is a “deep pool” of coaches to choose from, total BS.

    There are 2 coaches to choose from, and then a dozen that are worse than McelWain.

    Striklin fired the coach in the middle of the season and he better make it pay off with a big hire.

  20. From a fan base standpoint, Kelly would be a horrible pick, he has no former ties to Florida, if you read comments on this site regularly, the fans want a Florida boy, a former coach or player, someone with experience recruiting in the state, Kelly would get no wiggle room, the first sign of failure and the heat would be overwhelming from the fans; if Kelly is the man, Franks is gone, he could never run a Chip Kelly offense.

  21. Kelly has baggage but is a proven college football winning coach. He can only get rid of the baggage by winning at least the SEC East his first year. Otherwise, GatorNatilon will be screaming for another coach. I don;t think Kelly will get hired, based upon what I am hearing. Kelly going to Florida is nothing more than hack sportswriters trying to CREATE a story when there isn’t one. And, yes, Kelly would have no wiggle room in Gainesville.

  22. Gator basketball is anywhere from 25 to 1 to 40 to 1 to win NCAA. A nice short-term investment. This team is so much better than last year–and Egbunu is not playing yet. I need to see them play a top Div I school like Stanford to evaluate further, but a lot of things look good, especially 3-point shooting and no more under-achieving, can’t score point guard.

  23. 1. for all we know the SEC office put out the chip Kelly being submitted for pre-approval rumors. The SEC needs some help, as its Bama and not much else (Richt staying at Georgia and Kirby smart to auburn would have been the SEC’s preference). LSU struck out badly with Orgeron. Mac wasn’t an exciting hire and did ok for awhile, but he wasn’t exactly big ratings. The Gators are a good brand, but the SEC needs the gators to be exciting.
    2. Kelly wont need a buyout, so he may be a not-so expensive option, upfront at least. we will need, no matter who we get, some better assistants. I know the suspensions hurt, but ranking 100 in special teams will have any coach job hunting, meyer tried to teach us that.
    3. If Kelly is hired and it doesn’t work out, what is the next step? are we sure his formula will work – his best team at Oregon didn’t do much against auburn a few years ago and the NFL figured him out in a little over a year, so he and his offense (or frost) aren’t as sure as the hype seems. so if he doesn’t work, the gators would be freed from being driven by ratings etc. to focus on someone slower to develop, younger, a Muschamp type without a blindness problem, which is what is needed anyway. In spite of spurrier, defense still is the way if you have a good captain to get the offense to make a few plays. Think Tebow at the Broncos (and manning after that)
    4. don’t ignore what dooley is saying. Most fans could care less about how much of a prick Kelly is or what he did to piss off the ncaa, but plenty of people in the athletic dept. have good reason to, like it or not. Recruiting still matters and its not like he left Oregon with a roster that could win for an extended period of time.
    5. I like what I hear about the basketball team, this could be fun.

    • Kelly is the ONLY clear choice. He lost to Auburn on the last play of the game for the National Championship.
      The whole country would tune in on Saturday’s to see how we get our two point conversion after our first touchdown. The Gators would be relevant overnight. I miss it and surely lots of other Gators miss it too. Let’s all get on board.

  24. I’ve been surprised that a two person ticket of Miles (HC) and Helfrich (OC) hasn’t been talked about. Helfrich was Kelly’s OC and Frost’s boss while at Oregon. He brings the same offense that Kelly and Frost do. Miles, unlike any other candidate, has SEC experience and sucess. He’s won a national championship and consistently produced top tier recruiting classes. While viewed as slightly eccentric, I think a Miles hire avoids the potential for culture mis-match that you have with Kelly. the fact that Miles is at the end of his career is a positive because it gives a good reason for young buck coordinators to stay on staff (the promotion horizon is likely only 5 years away). Both of these guys are available now. A Miles/Helfrich hire would immediately stop the bleeding in the current recruiting class and would give Florida fans the same offensive show they’re looking for with a Kelly/Frost hire. There’s no guarantee Frost will take a job offer from Florida or that he can succeed at this level in the SEC…and time is ticking. We just tried two “up and coming coaches” at the helm and are slipping into irrelevance. We need a proven commodity to shore up the ship. I think Miles/Helfrich makes sense.

    • I’ve been wondering about Miles too, TDTB. He has plenty of room left in his career, probably 7-10 years if he wants, and it’s hard to imagine him being overlooked. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when we beat him, but I always admired him as a coach too. The combo you mentioned would be very interesting and might just win a whole lotta ballgames. Hoping Rick Gillmore reads and weighs in……his take would be interesting for sure.

  25. So it’s OK for NFL players to act like a peeing dog in the end zone after a touchdown, Then you have 10 year old acting like a peeing dog in the end zone after a touchdown. Isn’t there enough problems with the youth today without supplying them with foolish stupid idols? Think about it!!!!l

  26. So, everything I’m hearing and reading points to Kelly coming on board. I know everything is still ‘rumor’ status but it sure smells like it’s gonna happen. That said, lets start a prediction thread…from just about everything I’ve been reading here (almost everything), there is no reason not to expect a 10 win season right outa the chute. Right? Or is everyone going to be a bit realistic and give him a year or two to ‘settle’ in. But if by year 3 we are not in Atlanta or winning the SEC outright even, then by all rights he needs to go. Right? If not then what is the acceptable amount of wins needed to keep him around? Does having a respectable offense take the place of wins? Like say, an offense ranked above 40 but a record of 6-6 or 7-5? Just exactly what will Gator Nation tolerate before the ‘noise in the system’ cranks up again?
    Or everyone can be correct and the Chipster will pan out to be what everyone envisioned and by year 2 Florida will be relevant again and we can all sleep good at night knowing we finally got it right and the chest thumping can begin. I’m praying for the latter. But if this hire doesn’t work out we might as well put names on a wheel and spin it.

  27. Kelly or Frost would be great hires. Either of those are home runs in my opinion. I would lean towards Frost because of his youth and the possibility of more longevity. However, my guess is that he will return to his alma mater.