Dooley Noted podcast: Loss to Muschamp, coaching search and CFP


Pat discusses Florida’s loss to South Carolina, Scott Stricklin’s coaching search and the college football playoff.


  1. Don’t know why Foley is tweeting about the new HC, because his last two hires crashed and burned big time. He sort of inherited SOS and hired Meyer, a great decision. However, he let the football facilities go without needed upgrades until Mac came and finally got an IPF. The new football facility will be a significant upgrade and should have been done long before now. He should let Stricklin make the decision without his dislike of anyone out there who would be a HC candidate.

  2. Foley ought to keep his nose out who should be the HC he could not hire a good coach. Stricklin is the AD let him hire who is best for the program. IF I had a choice Scott Frost or Mike Narvell would be my choice.

  3. Kelly is getting paid over six mill a year by two NFL teams to STAY home….Can’t imagine why he would give that up to go back to college and start over. Even though it is a small sample size, I am hoping for Frost. Saw the other day, U. C. F. drew only about 30,000. If he wants to be on the big stage in front of 90,000 people, my thinking is he would want to come here….

  4. Kelly did amazing things at Oregon. Mike Belotti made the program respectable but it was Kelly who took them to the elite level. That was in a conference where he was recruiting against USC, Washington, Stanford etc. I think he would be a tremendous hire.

  5. Coaching is about who has the best players, good recruiting makes good coaches. Hire Tim Tebow. Mothers would like for their sons to play for Tebow, like they did with Bobby Bowden. We have a great opportunity, like with Spurrier, he is no stranger to Florida football or Boosters. Hire Tebow today!!!!!