5 Questions with … Randy Shannon


Florida interim head football coach Randy Shannon:

Q: What’s this all been like for you and what’s been your approach?

A: The approach is just going out there and represent the University of Florida, go out there and play at a high level, compete at a high level and have the mindset the only thing that matters is playing Missouri this week. Make sure the players understand the only thing that matters is Missouri and playing this game this week.

Q: Is there a different kind of pressure in the SEC?

A: It’s pressure, but it’s what we get in this business for. Everybody loves to watch the game, loves the excitement of the football game. You’re playing in the SEC with the fan base and the stadiums all always packed and everyone is coming to the game no matter what team you’re playing. It’s tremendous. We have the chance to go out and compete and play with some of the best athletes, we’re going against some of the best coaches, in the country.

Q: When you were named interim, what was your very first priority?

A: First priority is to the University of Florida. Getting the guys and getting the coaching staff in tune with what we’re trying to get done. This is one of the top schools in the country academically, family atmosphere and also football and athletics. You’ve got to have high expectations of yourself and you’ve got to make sure the coaches on the staff have high expectations, and let the players understand that each and every day you’re going out and representing the University of Florida. It’s the reason why you came to Florida, it’s the reason why you’re coaching at Florida. So, let’s make that stand and just do what we have to do and get this game this week against Missouri. Fight hard, play hard and get the victory.

Q: How hard a task is it for these guys to block everything out?

A: It’s hard. Like anything else, you have to keep pressing the fact of what’s the big picture. Everybody loves Coach Mac. I love Coach Mac. He gave me this opportunity to be at Florida and he’s recruited a lot of guys on this football team. They know deep down inside, the biggest thing we have to do is win games. We have to be competitive. We have to win. Any time you’re a competitor, you always have to compete at a high level no matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes guys are sick, not feeling well, but they still have to compete. This is an opportunity for us to compete at a high level and give us our best shot this week playing against Missouri.

Q: How crazy has this last week been?

A: I can’t worry about what happened last week to be honest with you. The only thing I see is Missouri. What happened in the past, I can’t change it. I’ve just got to move forward. If you want to talk about Missouri, we can, but in the past, I can’t change any of those things right now.