Dooley Noted: The story behind Jim McElwain’s departure


Pat discusses the turmoil at the University of Florida and looks at other NCAA football programs around the country.


  1. One of two things happened- he either lied or didn’t do the right thing. It is not unreasonable to think the most probable option is he made it up on the spot in the conference and then couldn’t substantiate it. That’s the more likely scenario. Do I know that? No, but your conclusion that he was telling the truth and just didn’t report it and just as speculative, if not more so.

  2. Why not Charlie Strong? Not an offensive guy; poor excuse, very poor! Mac and cheese was, and how that work out. I’m betting Charlie could and would bring in someone that can call better plays, and coach much better. Charlie can teach the players how to arm tackle and not try and pin-ball (bump) tackle.
    Our offense has shown NO improvement and the defense is on the decline.

      • How’s Tom Herman doing at Texas? How’s USF doing this season? Louisville went 23-3 his last 2 seasons there. None of the boosters wanted Strong at Texas, so he was kind’ve handcuffed from the start and set up for failure. It’s quite obvious what his actual coaching abilities are on what he’s done at his 2 other stops. Final 2 seasons at Louisville and first season at USF he’s 30-4.

  3. Jim McElwain doesn’t have a reputation as a liar, however if he did lie, why would he make up this story? It’s all very conjectural at this point. I can believe a couple of different scenarios. He may be telling the truth, but not the whole truth, covering up for someone who does not want to get involved in the news end of a death threat. He may be lying because he was looking for the door, and saw this as a quick way out. Trying to come up with other explanations for either possibility, but those seem like the most likely. The real question is will any of this ever come out into the open.

  4. The most bizarre year ever in Florida football is now perhaps the most bizarre coaching exit at a major school ever. (or at least since the way Urban Meyer left) Usually at least in government people lie about or exaggerate military service. Why would anyone lie about death threats? Maybe he wanted out but at the same time just cracked up under the pressure most of which was self-inflicted? To let Franks flounder out there even when he was missing his best receivers and never play Zaire? What was that? You just can’t let your season go down in flames to prove a point and I think that Mac did just that. We have now witnessed a complete meltdown on many levels by a HC at a major program and it was even stranger than the Urban Meyer fiasco.

    • It’s very easy to believe Franks needed the game experience to turn the corner so he kept him in there knowing Zaire wouldn’t be here next season. It was obvious to everyone after the LSU and A&M losses by a total of 3pts that the season was done, so there was no reason to play Zaire and take reps away from Franks. It’s not really that unusual of a decision. He was preparing for the future by the playing the future in a lost season. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that he didn’t believe Zaire offered much more than Franks did. Maybe we’ll get to see if that’s true soon. The Franks fiasco is something that can be blamed on the fans. Everyone bashed him right and left last season for not burning his red-shirt, so he gave the fans what they wanted this season, especially when he started him over DR against Michigan. The fans would’ve lost it if DR ran out onto the field in that first game.

  5. ”He did win ‘2’ S.E.C. Championships in a row.” ~Pat Dooley.
    No, Mac won 2 S.E.C. ~East titles~ in his 1st 2 years. Which reminds me, Coach Spurrier NEVER gets the props for winning the ENTIRE S.E.C. in his 1st 2 years (’90-’91). Even though the S.E.C. League office decided to take the H.B.C.’s 1st one away, it’s B.S.! Always has been, always will be! Chew-on that ”sour grape heads” for ‘Bama in Birmingham! Millennial ‘Bama babies, y’all better be glad you were still pee’ing in your ”Bear Bryant” under-roos back then!
    GO GATORS!!!

  6. I have been a Gator for 80 years and a BullGator 15 years until l retired at 85 . They say we are spoiled and we are we do not want second place in anything. Hopefully we will never change. Good luck Jim McElwain no one questions your effort but winning is the only result we expect in every facet of life.