Dooley grades the Gators: The lowest one possible

Florida Gators running back Lamical Perine gets dropped during first half action in the annual rivalry at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville. [Alan Youngblood/Ocala Star-Banner]

Offense F-

First half: Florida’s first three possessions told the story of the half — 3-and-out, interception, 3-and-out. And the play calling down around the goal line was beyond awful.

Second half: Things didn’t get much better, although Florida kept its nation-leading scoring streak alive against Georgia’s back-up defense with Malik Zaire at quarterback.

For the game: The offense played against the best defense it has faced and it showed. Push one in in the second quarter and maybe they had a puncher’s chance.

Defense F

First half: The Gators got off to a miserable start, as Georgia needed only nine plays to score 21 points. The second quarter was better, as the defense limited Georgia to 35 total yards.

Second half: Georgia scored as often as it needed to in the second half, keeping the ball on the ground for the most part to run clock.

For the game: For Florida to have competed in this game, the defense had to play really well. Instead, it was gashed and gutted.

Special teams D

First half: More of the same. Johnny Townsend’s first punt had little hang time and Georgia got a short field after the return. How many opponents’ punts have hit the ground against UF this year?

Second half: There wasn’t much of importance in the second half although Florida had a nice punt return …. nullified by two penalties. Well done.

For the game: Special teams wasn’t much of a factor, which has been part of the problem this year. The best the Gators can hope for is a draw.

Overall Z+

Really, this team deserves the lowest grade possible, but we’ll make it a plus because they kept the scoring streak alive. It was a sorry showing for a team that might have been playing its last game for its head coach and it looked like it.



  1. Pat: You should put in a new category – coaching. It would be interesting to see what grade they would have got on each of the games over the past 3 years. I think we all realize that this should be the last game of the McElwain debacle. The AD should do the right thing tonight before the 11:00PM version of SportsCenter so we can all have a good nights sleep given what Mac has done to this program!

  2. I just don’t understand why our O-line can’t block, our receivers can’t get open, our QB doesn’t get rid of the ball in hopeless situations, and our D can’t tackle. Are our players that bad or is it coaching? They don’t seem so do anything right. Oh, and they get a ton of penalties!

      • Are you nuts. The team has went down hill for three yrs. The only reason we got to Atlanta is we sucked less than the rest of the east. The team does nothing right. This is a coaching issue period. At lease wm had a defence. This team is lost on the field on both sides. Time to cut the loses and move on to someone else. You are paid the amount that mac makes to show improvement and win games. Showing up unprepared after a by-week is pathetic. They can prepare, they cant make adjustments. Wow. Who in their right mind would think we should keep a person that is the very dead fish he called his players last year. This is the guy that said he would win at florida with his dog at qb.

    • Glen, when an engine is blown in a fairly new, top end car, you replace the engine, not the car. McElwain is the blown engine and oil is spewing everywhere in the top end Lexus. That has to stop now before the luxary car is totally broken or ruined.

  3. I agree with your grading, Pat. I suspect Mac will get another year, but I’d love for you to write an article making the case of why he’s a good coach. From reading some of the articles, I see a lot about personnel issues being the reason for a lousy offense. But I just don’t see an effective coach, period! He’s supposed to be an offensive guru, but that side of the ball has been inept since he’s been in G’ville. Each year the offense has ranked 100+ in the nation, even though several of those players will be playing on Sundays. Could it be that Mac is simply in over his head?

  4. Mac has a top 5 recruiting class lined up and there is absolutely no replacement waiting in line if he is gone and we will lose them. The rational thing to do is keep him as long as he gets these recruits on campus and fire him at the end of next season if it doesn’t work out. Immediate gratification isn’t going to happen no matter what.

    • Frank, a really good hire will salvage most of the recruits committed to Florida right now and likely will add even more top talent to the class than McElwain will be able to keep now. And players do not make the program. The program makes the players. Recruits know that. But Muschamp and McElwain have put a serious dent in the program’s image, and that image is badly in need of repair by hiring a top notch young and innovative head coach, as Foley did when he hired Meyer. McElwain is not capable of repairing his own damage. Time to move on.

    • I don’t think they’ll play for Mac. Heck, I thought they quit today at 21-0. How do you have the penalties, what seemed like confusion (again), just all around sloppy game…and it either be total distraction from the all the crap that went down in Hogville the last couple weeks or they quit…at the absolute worse time to quit on Mac…and us. I was praying we could somehow play hard and keep it close but it was over in 5 minutes. I think that’s when Mac was fired…at 21-0. With the ‘Lying about death threat clause’ I understand they will be able to skip the buyout. Or that’s what I’m reading. He’s gone before morning.

  5. It’s one thing to lose to a decent Michigan team on the road the first game of the season and then to suffer two more close losses at home to teams we could have beaten, but this week has truly been something altogether different and totally unacceptable.

    We weren’t a 35 point underdog to Georgia, but a 14 point one. To watch the utter lack of preparation (again)and then the subsequent and predictable results against a team we’ve beaten 3 years in a row – wow.

    Add to that the BS thrown out on Monday about the death threats and yes, he’s now risen from being a
    merely incompetent coach to one who is sabotaging the program.

  6. Maybe today Mac is fired and we can all move on towards getting back to feared Gator football. Mac never had any reason to be sucking up millions in Gainesville while sitting on his fat azz not coaching anybody. At least he got a good laugh in while walking off the field after yesterday’s disaster.

  7. Frank, of course UF doesn’t have “a coach lined up”. That will require some homework, and some cash, and Stricklin doing his job better than Foley did. And recruits I would think would salivate to play at UF next season, especially on offense, if we get a dynamic offensive coach like Frost or Norvell. Why would Corrall not stick? The job is his for the taking if he shows up at UF in January. Even if we DO lose a few recruits, having the stones to make a change NOW is the long-term solution.
    Anyway, Mac’s dumb statement Monday and the way he handled it this week forces UF’s hand, dumpster fire on the field and off means I think he’ll be gone today or tomorrow.