Georgia preparing for two UF quarterbacks

Georgia coaches expect to see Florida's No. 2 quarterback Malik Zaire (8) on Saturday. [Cyndi Chambers/Gainesville Sun/Correspondent]

There has been no indication from the Florida side this week that No. 2 quarterback Malik Zaire could end up seeing playing time Saturday against Georgia. But, the Bulldogs are anticipating seeing the Notre Dame graduate transfer on the field at some point, UGA coach Kirby Smart said.

“I certainly expect to see Malik Zaire because I think he’s a good athlete,” Smart said. “We always anticipate things like that so we can be prepared for it.”

Smart said the Bulldogs also are preparing for some predetermined QB runs, even by starter Feleipe Franks, who had an impressive 79-yard run against Texas A&M two weeks ago.

“More than anything, he may have shown their coaches that he’s capable of running the ball,” Smart said. “They’ve got designed quarterback runs where they put a receiver at quarterback, and we expect them to run Malik Zaire and use Feleipe Franks to run some of those same plays because they are both good runners.”


  1. I think the UF defense will pretty much stop UG’s running game as they have throughout the years and I think the gators match up evenly with every single Georgia player …I certainly don’t think their players are better than UF’s…I like our running backs , as, well as, Georgia’s …after all we’ve been able to stop these same guy’s for the last 3 years…question is….can they stop our running backs, which they have failed to do the last 3 years…and this year… our group of running backs are better than any group of running backs we’ve put on the field the last 3-4 years…Our defensive line and DB’s and LB’s are every bit as good as Georgia’s … I like UF receivers better than Georgia’s receivers… OK, QB is somewhat of question mark…I’d take both UF’s kickers over UG’s kickers …turn overs will determine the game…but I still like UF 28 UG 17.

  2. If the Gators lose this game in the same fashion as their other losses, running the same plays with no creativity or imagination, going flat in the 4th quarter again, it will make 3 losses in a row at home (essentially) for the first time in who knows how long. If Mac thinks he’s on the hot seat with the fans now, just wait. And throw this stupid death threat debacle on top of that and Mac loses all credibility. The season is riding on this game.