McElwain: Florida players, families have received death threats

Florida coach Jim McElwain leaves the field after a disappointing 19-17 loss to Texas A&M at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Oct. 14. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

(Updated at 7:14 p.m.) Many in Gator Nation are angry, frustrated and spewing hate over the way Florida’s season has played out so far. And Jim McElwain is seeing and feeling the ugliest side of it, the UF football coach said Monday.

McElwain said death threats have been made against some Florida players and families by disgruntled fans.

“I think it’s a pretty good lesson for the way things are,” McElwain said. “There’s a lot of hate in this world. A lot of anger, and yet, it’s freedom to show it. The hard part is, obviously, when the threats are against your own players. Death threats to your families. The ill-will that’s brought upon out there.

“I think it’s really a pretty good testament to what’s going on out there nationally. A lot of angry people. In this business, we’re the ones who you take the shots at, and that’s the way it is.”

McElwain would not go into specifics as to how the threats have been made and who exactly has received them. He said law enforcement has not been made aware of the threats.

When asked if he or his family had received threats, McElwain said, “Let’s move on (to something else).”

McElwain was asked if he is shocked by the level of the vitriol coming from some of the fans.

“No,” he said. “Here’s the one thing, you’re in the business, that’s all part of it. When it’s directed toward your players, when it’s directed to families, wives, that kind of thing … and yet at the same time they know what they signed up for as well. That’s part of the business.”

McElwain met with school officials later in the day, but did not reveal any new information.

“The University Athletic Association takes the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and families very seriously,” UAA spokesman Steve McClain said in a release. “Our administration met with Coach McElwain this afternoon and he offered no additional details.”

Sophomore linebacker Kylan Johnson said the players are trying to block out the threats and all the negative noise that is coming from disgruntled fans.

“We’re not really worried about that,” he said. “We’re just going to keep moving forward. We’ve got Coach Mac’s back. We’re just going to continue to be positive moving forward.

“It’s kind of hard to avoid it because of all the social media. But you’ve just got to ignore it and just stay positive.”

The players are keeping their focus on football, sophomore safety Chauncey Gardner Jr. said.

“We don’t care (about what the fans are saying), we’re playing football,” he said. “You can say all those things you want about (McElwain’s) family, about this team, we’re playing football, we’re not worried about outside. That’s not going to win you a ball game, so we’re focused on what we’ve got to do to win football games.”

The Gators are a disappointing 3-3 and coming off close home SEC losses to LSU and Texas A&M heading into Saturday’s game against undefeated and No. 3 Georgia in Jacksonville. The offense continues to struggle and the defense has failed to make crucial stops that might have made a difference in a one-point loss to LSU and a two-point loss to Texas A&M.

McElwain and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier have been a main target of the anger and frustration on social media.

Despite the 3-3 start and all the negativity coming with it, McElwain said the program continues to head in a positive direction.

“We’ve got a hell of a group (of freshmen) coming in and we’re playing a lot of young guys right now that are playing pretty darned hard and I think have a chance to be really good players,” McElwain said. “Our main focus is what we did in the bye week now moving forward to go play Georgia.”

McElwain dismissed a report from a national writer last week that said McElwain feels under appreciated at UF and could bolt to Oregon State.

“No,” McElwain said. “It’s interesting. It’s that time of year. And those are things that, you know, people throw out.”

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    • Seriously? You’re calling it a lie that he’s received death threats? What on earth would make him lie about that? Rather than chastise whoever did it, or just heaven forbid, say nothing if you’ve got nothing productive to say, but calling a coach a liar who received death threats? You’re making him seem like a girl in Tallahassee making an assault accusation against a Seminole.

      • Except the girl was telling the truth! So if he’s like the girl, he’s telling the truth! Personally no one is more perturbed than me over Nuss’ play calling but there’s NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior! Anyone doing this should be arrested, convicted and imprisoned! Its a felony. McElwain is making a BIG mistake with “He said law enforcement has not been made aware of the threats.” The way you stop bad behavior is to go after it and punish it. To let it continue is to encourage more of it! If people know it wont be tolerated then it will stop…… Its only a game people!

  1. I’d like Coach Mac and the players to show proof of the death threats. First, it would expose the messages. If someone was foolish enough to email them, they could be prosecuted. If someone called them in, we’d at least have a voice. Second, it might show that the team wasn’t making things up to cover for two bad losses at home in a row. I can take the losses. There are more important issues in the world. But I can’t take the spit show that is the UF football program. We’re average AND dirty? Coach Superior raised the expectations of the program, and did it cleanly. Ron Zook was… Ron Zook. Urban’s Bad Boys couldn’t stay off the blotter. At least Muschamp was clean. Now we’re this. I like Mac. But his inability to develop a quarterback has hurt the program. His inability to recruit good guys dedicated to wrecking shop ONLY on the field has hurt the program. I really hope no one is threatening lives. I also really hope no one is making this up.

  2. Why would they lie? Does anyone honestly think that Gator fans aren’t capable of that. Our SEC pride and fan passion has a down side – this is it. I’d venture your skepticism is part of the same.

    I’m a Gator grad and former Marine and as much as I feel kinship with my fellow Gators, some of our brethren are flat nuts and I could see some chat room commando or twitter verse tough guy making ridiculous statements like death threats.

    Regardless of whether or not any of the threats is serious, I doubt any of us would take kindly to a death threat against our family. It’s easy to “readily call BS” when its not your wife or kids, or mother getting a call.

    • UAA update:

      “The University Athletic Association takes the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and families very seriously. Our administration met with Coach McElwain this afternoon and he offered no additional details.”

      I am really calling BS now. True death threats are serious criminal actions and need to be reported to law enforcement. True death threats are easily traced.

    • What does your being a former Marine have to do with it? Nothing. I’m former Army.

      Now that we have that out of the way, why would he lie? I don’t know, but why would he not report it? I don’t doubt that there are crazy fans out there who are capable of something like this, but you don’t just let that go, especially if directed toward your players or family. You report it to the police and university authorities immediately. If he did not report it, then it is yet another example of incompetence. I’m not saying he lied, but motivation is simple- to gain sympathy, or as a way of insulting the fan base- i.e. “the fans are crazy”.

  3. I’m not surprised that there are threats. There are lots of crazies out there, including some Gators “fans” and folks who may be making threats while posing as Gator Fans to make the Gator Fan base look bad.

    What does surprise me is that law enforcement has not been notified of the threats. That should happen regardless of whether the coach and/or players want it further investigated, or to press charges if the culprits are found. That way law enforcement can do some contingency planning in the event that the threats escalate, as well as let Coach know what to tell his family and players to do in the event that the threats continue.

  4. They don’t owe you proof, in fact they don’t owe you any type of explanation. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s happened, just listen to the radio shows around the area and the call in show after the games. Take him at his word and maybe even employ the type of positive attitude the team is trying to stick to. Moaning, groaning and complaining about something you can’t control is pointless and probably makes you cranky in your own life. Lighten up and enjoy what you can from this team. Is it disappointing, absolutely. Do we want them to play better and return to the top where they belong, ummm of course. Does life go on if that doesn’t happen immediately…only if you decide to let it : )

    • Agreed. This team has played hard this year. We are a couple points from being a one loss team. And that is with 20% of our roster, including many skill players, out of the game. If I was Coach Mac, I couldn’t blame him for looking elsewhere. Some fans act so spoiled and entitled, it’s embarrassing. I get it, we have been mediocore or worse for way too long. But you know what? Mac did not hire Zook or Muschamp. He won the East his first two years with bubble gum and duct tape. Now he’s missing a fifth of his roster. The fan attitude is going to hurt recruiting. A kid on the fence may flop to another team based on this kind of behavior. Why go somewhere where you might get death threats? I guarantee Coach Mac is aware of that when making this statement but he felt he had to. That tells you how bad it is. SMH.

  5. This is a disturbing report. What is the world are the provocateurs thinking? I love me some Gator Football (and basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, etc.). I die a little each time we lose but to threaten bodily harm? That is way to far. What have we become?

  6. Here’s my question, we are no different as far as fan bases are concerned, there have been plenty of awful coaches, players, etc for top teams. Mac so far is just a so so coach but I’m convinced he is more liked than when WM was coach here. You would think losing to Ga Southern would have gotten the knives out but not so. Think of Butch Jones, or the former coach of the canes, and the list of ‘disliked’ coaches are plentiful. The question is why here? I agree, fans can be nuts. I follow football a lot and frankly this is the first time I’ve ever heard of death threats to a coach/players especially Florida’s coach and players. Not saying it’s impossible but for me seems a bit suspect. Furthermore, players? Really? My other thought is this which imo would be more probable. What about fans from other universities making these calls to make UF look bad and with our recruiting going so well, to encourage recruits and prospects to look elsewhere. And why would Mac or whoever divulge this information publicly? How is this going to help? Does Mac or whoever divulge this think that the criticism (in many cases justified) is going to stop? This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Honestly, I am not sure why he would divulge this. He knows how this could affect recruiting. Perhaps it is some conspiracy by competing schools, but I doubt. I dont’ think they are smart enough to organize something like that. However, it must be serious enough that he thought it was important to reveal, whatever the consequences. Maybe he is just being honest, how awful! Needless to say, it is embarrassing to hear and based on the article, the players seem to confirm it. BTW, how is getting a death threat a justified criticism, you need your head examined. I just hope it doesn’t encourage more to do so.

  7. Nobody in their right mind would make a death threat or threat of any kind to a player or coach. Nor would anybody in their right mind shoot up a music festival, slit someone’s throat, or assassinate anyone. But regretfully those people exist, purportedly supporting many colleges, as well as many political and social agendas and creeds. They are a regrettable part of the free society, and the diverse world of humankind. In our case, they certainly do not represent the fanbase of the University of Florida, no matter how passionate it is.

    • Think about it. A true death threat is a serious criminal act and the person behind the death threat is easily caught with present-day technology. Of course, that would require Mac to notify law enforcement. Which he hasn’t done. Hence, BS.

  8. Seriously, “McElwain would not go into specifics as to how the threats have been made and who exactly has received them. He said law enforcement has not been made aware of the threats.” Huh? What?

    You’re going to have police investigations when players are using stolen credit cards fraudulently, but not when players or families receive death threats?! I am at a loss to explain that.

  9. This is what frustrates me about McElwain. Death threats are uncalled for and if they’re real and substantiated the perpetrators need to be prosecuted. But in the Monday presser on Ga. week you drop this? Dude just does not get it. I want him to be successful. I really do. I think he knows what he’s doing and we as a fan base owe him patience because of all the bad stuff that’s happened this season. But it’s these kinds of antics that make me feel like he’s in way over his head with this job. He throws the fan base under the bus and is willing to put us in the national headlines again for a bad reason all because of the noisy fringe radical minority while he is making dang near 100k a week to have us at 3-3 in out of the top 100 in offense. But that’s not the problem. The “world full of hate” is the problem. Maybe he can call up Butch Jones and learn the secret to becoming champions of life.

  10. I am guessing this kind of crap is coming from the UF version of “The Eighty-Five Percent” which I believe is the derisive term used by Alabama alumni to describe the percentage of that fan base that has no connection to the school, but are the most obnoxious and deranged of the fan base, e.g. Harvey Updyke, the Toomer’s Corner tree murderer.

    I hope they round up the f-in morons and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  11. Not sure why McElwain brought this up. The people who fill up the Swamp would never say or post that crap. But mentally unbalanced internet trolls would. He should just turn such insanity over to law enforcement and move on. He is not helping himself or the program he is running by bringing up such stupidity at a presser. But I know Gator Nation has repeatedly come out in full force to support the team at games in THE SWAMP this year.

  12. While I will readily admit to believing Mac is just waaaay in over his head at UF, death threats (I assume anonymous?), are typical of our younger generation of idiots who hide behind fake profiles and computer screens to spew their vile, intolerant venom. I also wouldn’t put it past rival fans just trying to atir up trouble for UF recruiting.

    That said, I wouldn’t take any of them very seriously. They’re mostly the words of cowards.

  13. This is nonsense and yet in the crazy life things that happen (reference the Las Vegas event) why should there be much doubt. Man, report that to law enforcement. that should be eradicated immediately.
    In the second year of existence of the Tampa Bay Bucs, a reporter asked John McKay what he thought of his teams (still winless) execution, he said he would be in favor of it. Funny at the time, but regretably perhaps not as funny now. Maybe it is an outside fan of another team trying to stir up and cause chaos in the Gator nation? I cannot think of any fan doing such a thing…………..
    No! let the professionals investigate it and move to better things like playing our best against the Dawgs and eke out a win……

  14. If the coach is going to bring this up then these threats need to be reported to the authorities. I can not see any gator fan making death threats to these young players. I do not doubt that someone would be stupid enough to threaten a coach. There should be follow up and people prosecuted. I think the guy will bolt if given an offer by a decent football school but I do not see such an offer coming. I think he did a great job with what he had in year one, but there does not seem to be much improvement in the two subsequent years.

  15. Seriously GatorNation, you need to stop the whining, you got exactly what you were constantly clamoring for, an offensive minded coach who is going to throw the ball all around and recruit offensive playmakers, well you got your wish, he had done exactly that! OF course, the problem is that while he was doing what you wanted, all those big Studs left though the backdoor for the NFL and no true replacement were coming in the front door. You had a wonderful coach who had Gator blood in him, who knew exactly how to compete with Bama, by building a team around great defense and a powerful downhill running game. That simply wasn’t good enough for you, although Urban left him nothing, he recruited like hell, all those defensive players in the NFL are Champs recruits. He recruited a great QB in Will Greir, he had integrity. Instead of sacrificing a kids career, he red shirted him and went with the Sr QB, when everyone knew the future was Greir. You forced the Administration’s hand and lost a good coach and fabulous recruiter, Now its the AD’s fault and everyone’s else fault. NOPE, GatorNation you need to look in the mirror for this one. You were very happy when the Administration paid top 5 dollars for a career coordinator with 2 yr exp at a 2nd rate football program (sorry CSU), you thought that was an awesome signings, now you have to sit back and take it, let the string run out before you get a new coach. Next time , just maybe if all of you guys stop whining and demanding for the second coming of SOS, just maybe we can get a really good football coach and recruiter in Gainesville. Basic problem is coach Mac cant recruit with the best of them, yes he gets his share of ESPN top 300 payers, ck the stats and you’ll see rarely is ever in the running for those top 30 players, the guys who always seem to go to Urban, Saban UM or FSU. He cant or refuse to recruit against his mentor, that’s the only issue I have with him. Gator fans, we are stuck, so stop threatening the guy and his family he’s doing the best he can. It’s not his fault you paid top 5 dollars for a 2nd tier coach, were stuck! So cheer for your university and hope for the best the next year and a half, Go Gators!

  16. Where does all this hatred originate? No
    true Gator fan would write such ugly nonsense. Winning isn’t everything, though some colleges stop at nothing. Coach McElwain cares for his players and what kind of men they will be in the real world. NO one wants to win more than the players and coaches, but if you play any sports you know that is a tough goal to meet. Coach McElwain will get another championship, but let’s face it, he is playing with a severely decimated team. We sat through rainstorms to cheer our Gators even when they were 0-10 under Charlie Pell. It’s a game people. Cheer our players on win or lose. That’s what it’s all about. It says “in all kinds of weather we all stick together.” We are better than other fans.

  17. I am dismayed that so-called Gator fans would actually question Coach Mac about the death threats issue. If you assume he is dishonest and made this up, then you need to take a really long look in a spiritual mirror to determine whether YOU should make some changes. As for Coach Mac – he is as honest as the day is long. It is totally inexcusable that he and other UF coaches and players would actually receive death threats. Let’s get real – football is a sport – yes, one many of us are passionate about, but NEVER should it become the reason to threaten someone’s life. Coaches and players are human beings who should not be subjected to such threats. As a former Army scout, this pisses me off. I would like to know who did this – death threats are crimes and those who communicated these threats need to be arrested and tried accordingly ASAP!!!

  18. I don’t even want to think about the implications of this information. I think is the work of some nut or nuts trying to scare those that have committed to the program for next year. IMO Mac shouldn’t have divulge this information, specially when he has not even consulted with the authorities. God only knows what the impact on recruitment this will have. There are a lot of nuts out there, so I have no doubt of its veracity, But why not let the authorities and the University be the ones to put out the information after it has been investigated. Lack of communication or are we missing something?

  19. Glen K, assuming these threat are real, ok, when asked if they were reported to the police I believe Mac said no. Does this not seem odd? In a sick world, i agree, why would you not report something as serious like this to the police? Also, he just brought this up himself out of the blue? Then when asked about it, he refused to elaborate. Now, this story is being run all over the news. Why bring it up? What has it solved? Wouldn’t it be better to let the authorities handle this? I’ve followed football a long long time, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a coach and players receiving death threats. I assure you, we are not the only passionate fan base around and I get it that there are some real nut jobs as fans. But have you ever read or heard such a thing in college football? I just don’t know what positive was gained by divulging this information especially if its serious enough to bring up at your press conference it sure as heck should be serious enough to report it to the police. Can you imagine what recruits are thinking when reading about this? Again, not saying this isn’t serious, but why isn’t it being reported to the police? PS, thank you so very much for your service to this country!

  20. People who send death threats anonymously are SICK! It’s only a freakin’ game for gosh sakes. The threats have been turned over to the police and FBI for investigation. The gutless people who send those letters should put their name to what they believe. Then show up at noon on a Saturday at Florida Field carrying a sign saying “I’d like to kill______” Just sickening to hear about this. Now I know why I got out of coaching basketball.

  21. Very sorry to hear about the death threats to players and staff at UF. I feel that, if your that mad do what Tenn fans did to Bill Battle back in the 70’s. A fan sent a Mayflower Moving Truck to his home,”ha. Love it. Hope some Bull Gator’s figure out what to do at season’s end, and in the mean time somehow let’s Go and Beat Georgia……….

  22. Wow if this is true and the proper authorities have not been notified then shame on Coach Mac and the University. I realize you can’t be with the players 24 hours a day, however if someone is receiving threats of any kind it should be reported immediately!
    I have been supportive of Coach but think he should be fired. If these threats are true he should have notified the someone (anyone) not aired this out in a press conference. If it isn’t true then what a slap in the face of Gator Nation.
    Coach Mac you and your staff have told many parents you will look after their son. Either way you are lying to someone.

  23. I don’t believe for a second a real death threat was ever said at any players and if they were they were in bad taste and not serious. Like 2 guys fighting on Twitter with words and not meaning literally what they are saying…. Maybe Mac will quit over this and we can move on from this terrible hire. Saturday is going to be hard to watch.

  24. Why do you think the UAA issued a release stating that Mac refused to provide additional details? That sounds like a CYA statement. Mac isn’t providing the UAA with additional information and the UAA is letting it be known that Mac essentially is being uncooperative. Really strange.

  25. I think coach McElwain’s comments at the presser are going to bring him a lot of trouble and embarrassment. 99.9 percent of Gator Nation has been highly supportive of the Gators this year, but not always happy with the OC’s play calling and QB development. Some stupid internet troll does not represent Gator Nation, coach. Stop this nonsense. No clue what your goal is with this. Be better, coach.

    • After the venom is see spewed on this site, not sure about your 99.9% comment. Being an old guy that doesn’t do the Facebook, Twitter, etc. my theory is that most older Gator fans do more reading and not so much posting leaving only the younger, less ‘experienced’ Gator fan that has only lived the phat days of Gatordom. Hate to think of what Galen Hall would’ve had to go through. And when I see the likes of the Program Collider, nothing surprises me.

      I will say this though…the thing I didn’t like about Mac’s comments was when he said “they know what they signed up for”. C’mon Trum..err Mac…don’t think you thought that one through very much. Did you really tell the kid and his Mother sitting on their couch that he might have to endure a death threat or two if you come to UF?

  26. This whole thing seems fishy. The timing of Mac’s statement is either incredibly dumb or genius.

    If the threats are true, all evidence should be turned over so these losers can be brought to justice and have the book thrown out them because that is sad and pathetic.

    Also if true, why say this publicly? This does absolutely no good for anyone. Just makes no sense, even if true. Sure as hell cant help recruiting.

    If not true, this could be “cause” for termination.

    The fact Mac chose today and the fact that it sounds like he won’t tell the right people what’s going on just seems extremely odd. Feels like he’s trying to generate sympathy in the court of public appeal so he can take the heat off our 3-3 record, the mounting suspensions and horrible offense and OC.

    I truly hope no Gator fan would do this but if they did, let the proper authorities hunt them down and hold them accountable because no game should ever drive anyone to threaten someone’s life.

  27. Here’s the problem and it’s a BIG problem.
    1. He claims there are death threats to staff and players, but refuses to give specifics and DOES NOT notify police. Why is that? In our crazy world where nuts abound any responsible person would notify the police instantly but when asked, he did not. That’s a problem!
    2. He throws this out on own, no prompting from reporters, he claims multiple threats without ANY clarification and then refuses to answer any questions. What he has done probably unintentionally is throw GATOR NATION under the bus. This story is plastered everywhere if you haven’t noticed. It’s a definite black eye on U of F. It gives the impression that Gator fans will stoop to death threats, thus by implication, Gator fans are trash. Now think your a mom or dad of a recruit or a player who’s committed to UF, how do you now feel about your son going to a school where he may receive death threats?
    3. UAA just came out with a statement saying “Mac has refused to give details”. He throws this “bomb” at the presser, it’s now plastered everywhere, and he won’t divulge details? That’s a problem. His credibility whether some here like it or not is in question and what’s worse he has damaged the university. You can’t throw out a statement like this and then clam up. This story is not going away.

    What I think happened is that he heard a player or players make some comment, and for whatever reason just blurted out a statement as if it was factual and possibly exaggerated. Now when asked to explain, he simply can’t. Without any verification or specifics, imo he has done great harm to this University. Further, if such threats are real, you contact the police, and you sure as heck don’t divulge this in your presser.

  28. Dealing with death threats should not be part of a coach’s job description. All this analysis of timing of the announcement and whether it is real or imagined is not called for. Law enforcement should investigate and the rest of us should simply be supportive.

  29. Well, I do like Coach Mac and want him to be a successful HC here for a long time. He’s handled the suspensions of the nine dingbats very well. I am frustrated with our O this season & think Coach Nuss needs help. But this is just a football program with games to play. If threats like this have been made, there should be some type of evidence that law enforcement can proceed with. I am certainly a very passionate UF fan/booster but death threats have no place in this situation/conversation. Our coaches, staff & players have my full support for a productive remainder of the season. God bless you all & everyone stay safe.

  30. His comments regarding the threats should never have been uttered. Once they were out, a more experienced and polished coach would have immediately clarified to separate the few insane “fans” from the hundreds of thousands of real fans who would never dream of such ugliness. The most plausible explanation for this puzzling and embarrassing put-down of the Gator Nation has nothing to do with protecting the victims (since it was not, and apparently will not be reported to law enforcement), but is more likely a start to laying the groundwork for a departure to coach somewhere else. Leaving because of death threats is sure to put the heat and the spotlight on the fans rather than on the coaches who have been unable to deliver what they were hired to do. It is highly likely that most, if not all, major football program coaches receive threats from sick people frequently. It is just that they have the aplomb not to talk about it and look for more sympathizers for their personal pity parties. Sometimes, despite coaching knowledge and experience, personalities and style are just not a good fit for particular programs. Without rancor or ugliness, I think this is the case with Coach Mac. A good guy at the wrong place. The programs with the more intense, aggressive coaches in the SEC (and elsewhere) eat our lunch. Most likely, laid-back, “cool” and “fun” belong somewhere else – probably out West somewhere. I think he is beginning to make his case for leaving, and hopes to recapture his happiness and love of the game. One has only to observe his somber and defensive demeanor at pressers since the beginning of the season to see that he is unhappy, depressed, or both. It is just a shame that the Gator Nation will be made the scapegoat for the actions of a few crazies, and what was arguably a bad hire for lack of a good fit for the program and the conference.

  31. I have been a supporter Coach McElwain, but his comments about death threats has me scratching my head.
    To not report those threats to authorities is very puzzling. You have the number rated recruiting class and you make those remarks. Again very puzzling.

  32. Why did Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain tell the media on Monday that he has received death threats from fans without ever telling his own administration at the University of Florida? Better yet, why did his own administration at the University of Florida release an oddly worded statement that seemed to question whether McElwain really did receive death threats? Obviously, something is awry here and there is a rift between McElwain and UF’s administration over a very serious issue. A deadly serious issue. During his weekly news conference Monday, McElwain — without prompting — nebulously broached the issue of getting death threats in the wake of losing two consecutive home games and the Gators … THIS, FROM TODAY’S HEADLINES. First, for those who say death threats are bad. We agree! If these things occurred, you go to the police and administration. He did not. He has created a PR nightmare, for himself and for UF. For some of you who have posted, yes we agree with you anyone that makes death threats ought to be punished to the fullest extent. That’s not the issue here. The issue here is Mac brings it up out of nowhere. Does he have a right to? Yes. But when he chooses not to tell the administration about it, and when he doesn’t contact the police and when he stays quiet about it, there’s a HUGE problem. This ” ” is hitting the fan.