Dooley Noted: Florida-Georgia a one-of-a-kind football game and cocktail party


Pat discusses Florida coach Jim McElwain’s remarks about death threats, the atmosphere in Jacksonville and other NCAA action.


  1. Grier wanted a garrauntee he would start after 1 year suspension. You can’t make that promise unless you are willing to potentially lie to the player. If that is encouraging him to leave is a matter of interpetation and it’s PD’s. I agree with PD that Urban would have kept hm but Urban would never had recruited a drop back passer. It was WG violation of ban substances that caused the problem. He is the only reason he is not a Gator. Ideally he wouldn’t have cheated and the whole situation never arises.
    We need more great players on the team and it looks like we are doing well on that front for the next 2 years combined with needed coaching changes the future looks bright. The present is painfully dull and I don’t see it changing this season. Beat Dawgs Go Gators

  2. Wow, you gotta be a die hard Gator fan to listen to a 49 minute Pat Dooley podcast; I don’t have the time, desire or enthusiasm, but I will say this, I’m a Gator fan, but I also live in Realville, and let’s be serious, there is no chance of beating UGA this weekend, it’s gonna be ugly, to the tune of say a 24+ point margin of defeat. I hope UGA can stay healthy and send Bama to the Outback or Orange Bowl.

  3. How old are the people on this thread?? Have you already forgotten how bad Muschamp’s team was when we had Treon Harris at QB.. or when we had Ron Zook circa 2002 against what was arguably the best Georgia team since 1980 ?? Those were all games pre-internet BS where opinions only mattered at waffle house.

    This is a freshman QB starting for the Dawgs. Once they cross that bridge in JAX it’s anybody’s guess who shows up…