Video: Dooley fields questions ahead of Texas A&M game


Pat Dooley talks on Facebook Live about this week’s game against Texas A&M.

Pat Dooley talks live about this weeks game against Texas A&M.

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, October 12, 2017


  1. I had a question for you and Zach on your local sports-talk show, and asked you both, ”What are REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS for Florida Football for NEXT YEAR? Zach & Pat predicted todday (10-12-’17) ”Florida Football will WIN THE 2018 S.E.C. Championship”. From your radio lips to God’s ears. And now when 4 players get arrested for…. something, and/or 1 gets a DUI, another gets in a bar fight and expelled from school, will you -both- STILL predict an 2018 S.E.C. Championship!?!? That’s the beauty (for you so-called experts) and weather prognosticators, as you can say, ”we didn’t see that coming, oops!”
    Now for the up to date prediction!” Point is, Florida has won the Eastern Div. Championship 11 times, won the S.E.C. 8 times. Now U.F. is now mediocre, but you all in the big money positions in the media and/or university cannot tell us, the little people (fans) the TRUTH about the U.F. Football program. And I would submit, it’s years away from ever making a Final Four (playoff) appearance. Much less win the 2018 S.E.C. Championship. At least when the TRUTH is told, the anger, disappointment, and utter disgust is more tempered. Because we weren’t expecting to ”kick in the doors in Atlanta and beat ‘Bama”, like what was predicted this past summer.
    And I do still care, so Go Gators! Just hope the apathy that comes with mediocrity doesn’t hit you all as quickly as the success left U.F. Football.