Five questions with UF guard Brett Heggie

Florida offensive lineman Brett Heggie (61) and teammates block against Tennessee in the Sept. 16 game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.The Gators beat the Volunteers 26-20. [Cyndi Chambers/Correspondent]

The Florida redshirt freshman guard:

Q: What did you do to prepare for Vanderbilt to have such a good performance that earn you SEC offensive lineman of the week?

A: I think going into the week, I really focused on the mistakes I made the week before and focused on fixing those mistakes. And I think I went in and played a complete game. Pass protection, run protection. But coming into this week, I still have things to fix that I’m focusing on. And we’re focused on LSU, and we’re getting prepared for them as well. So it’s definitely cool to receive that honor, but we’re focused on LSU.

Q: What did you learn about this rivalry last year?

A: Last year I redshirted, but I did actually travel. And going into it, being a redshirt, I knew I wasn’t going to play. I kind of didn’t really feel the rivalry. But as soon as I stepped on the field, I could feel it within our players and our coaches and our sideline. You know, the crowd especially, and how intense the rivalry is. Especially the ending was crazy. I’m just looking forward to being a part of it and playing this weekend. I’m excited for it.

Q: These games against LSU can be a slugfest in the trenches. What do you expect to see from their front?

A: It goes all the way back to two great teams, every year, colliding. And it’s going to be a fight. We’re just focusing on playing our game and doing what we’re doing up front right now: Progressing every single week to help our offense overall. And I think we’re going to be fine.

Q: What’s the next step for redshirt freshman QB Feleipe Franks?

A: Feleipe is a talented kid. Just continue to get into the groove of things, and he’s young. He’s my age. So a lot of pressure, but I think he handles it really well. His demeanor and everything about him — he handles it really well. And I think his talent and his preparation and how hard he works, he’s going be just fine.

Q: How does the offense overcome Cleveland’s loss?

A: I don’t know much about his injury or anything like that, but I know our receiver group as a whole unit is extremely talented. So, I hope whatever it is he injured, I hope he gets healed quickly and is back on the field as soon as possible. But I think the rest of our guys are going to step in and play well.