Video: Tackling reader questions ahead of LSU game


Pat Dooley answers reader questions on Facebook Live.

I’ll Pat Dooley coming to you Live talking about LSU, homecoming and Tom Petty

Posted by Gatorsports on Thursday, October 5, 2017


  1. To get the intro right to American Girl, you need to play the triple octave D, pinky on fret 10, 1st string, index finger on 7th fret which also mutes the second street, the third octave comes from the open 4rth string. That’s what Campbell plays to open the tune. Don’t let the open D string ring too long, mute with palm of right hand.

  2. ”Sink or swim” time, Pat, and you even said in an earlier ”Facebook live” segment, ”9 suspended players is big blow to the U.F. football program”. And add to that the usual attrition, which is beginning to show its ugly head, too, with Cleveland injured. So how does Mac’s ’17 Gators repsond? Just think of all the ”story lines” -IF- Florida could overcome it all, and WIN the next 3. Because the story line so far has been ”flex-tape” (under Coach Mac), which means by definition something is ”broken”. So, come on Gators, get up and… ”JUST DO IT!”

  3. No more money, donations, merchandise, tickets or anything else until new coaching staff is here. Put Spurrier back on the sideline.
    Homecoming, tribute to Petty, and team plays 25% of the game. Loss to a team coached by an illiterate moron.
    Unacceptable loss.
    Fire them all.