Dooley Noted: LSU at Florida ‘a huge game for the SEC’


Pat previews the Florida-LSU game and interviews SEC Nation host Laura Rutledge.


  1. Bob Hope growl was great (1979 or 80?), especially when Dickey throw down the mic from the booing. Another defining game….I’ve went from being depressed to embracing the drama. “some one must of kicked you around some”.

      • Yep, I was there Fall 1978 to August 1981 (darkest ages of UF football) in the College of Engineering meat grinder, graduation BSCE August 1981, the 2nd O’Dome ceremony, all 1500 of us…Summer 1981 was the last quarter, Fall 1981 started semesters. Bob had a Gator sweater on everyone loved with lots of fun comments. Glade I missed Robin Williams…never needed his type of non wisdom.

        Pat, I predict LSU is as good as they look and we are to…LSU 13 UF 24

  2. Hey DeWayne. Bob came after I graduated, so I think he was either 1985 or 86. He was sadly followed by George Burns. A dear old man, but not someone who should have been highlighting Gator Growl back then.

  3. Pat, I was fortunate enough to live in G’ville from 1971 to 1976. i was at UF for one semester, then dropped out and joined the hippies. I loved to dance and often went to Dub’s and Trader Vic’s with a hippie chick friend and dance all night to Mudcrutch or one of the other local, very good bands. No one else was dancing. So, we had the dance floor all to ourselves.