5 Questions with Florida center T.J. McCoy

Florida Gators defensive lineman Joey Ivie (91) and offensive lineman T.J. McCoy (59) run a drill during the first of a split practice in Gainesville, FL. [Matt Stamey/Gainesville Sun]

Q: How much does QB Luke Del Rio help with checks?

A: It was really good to have Luke Del Rio in the game. He’s been in this offense for a long time. When I got here, he was in this offense. He did a really good job making the calls and communicating to me how things went. I feel like both QBs do a great job of making calls and communicating, but it’s always good to have Luke Del Rio in there, have that upperclassman experience. I feel like he kind of kept some of the young guys at bay, kind of calmed them down a little bit when we were in a tough game, a close game. It was really good to have him in there and keep us all together.

Q: How does he keep players calm?

A: We’re confident in both QBs, but we’re very confident in him. He does a great job of calling out the play and explaining it to everybody. For me, he kind of tells me, ‘Hey, T.J. we’ve got a man in motion here, so your mike point is going to move. He does a great job of that and keeping everybody together.

Q: What was his demeanor after his first pass against Kentucky was intercepted?

A: His demeanor wasn’t like, ‘Oh, man. I threw a pick.’ It was kind of like, ‘I need to do better.’ Something that all of us did with him was we kind of all were like, ‘Hey, man, when we get back out there, we’re going to do a better job next time.’ That pick, to a lot of Gator fans was probably like we are going to lose this game. But to us it was an opportunity to go out there and just to keep fighting and show everybody that this offense is a good offense and we’re going to keep fighting to the end.

Q: What has true freshman running back Malik Davis shown you?

A: Man, when Malik gets in there he does a great job of pressing the hole. He’s a very patient back. I feel like this game he showed his physicalness. We had that run, it was fourth-and-one I believe, and the D-line did a great job submarining us, diving down at our legs so we couldn’t get movement, and he kind of just went around it and jumped over the pile and kept running to the linebacker and got some tough yards.

Q: Were you surprised to see a true freshman in there at running back for the whole second half?

A: I wasn’t surprised because I know his ability. He’s been working his tail off in practice. And I’m just really proud of him, I’m just really proud of his progression and how far he’s come from camp.


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