Dooley Noted: Fraud case is a ‘big blow’ for the Gators


Pat discusses the sworn complaints filed against nine football players, the Kentucky game and other NCAA football matchups.


  1. Callaway is probably addicted to weed and bad decisions and has been repeatedly warned and still screws up. The money this could cost him in the draft, if any team is interested, could be significant. Be Gone!
    The rest of these irresponsible bozos should be doing manual labor around campus until next year!

  2. Franks has a lot of arm talent. He’s big, strong, and mobile. But sometimes he looks confused and skittish in the pocket. That’s normal and fixable in a young QB. LDR just looks smoother and more comfortable right now. I am very impressed by Franks keeping his head in the game, not looking angry, and thereby being a leader when LDR has stepped in. Franks can learn a lot and improve quickly with his team first attitude and demeanor. Franks needs to be ready to play at all times, whichever QB plays first.

  3. (1)I do enjoy your views. Yes, most people do want to “do brain surgery with a chain saw” and fire everybody. With that standard everyone would be gone from every job. (2) Though Franks has the size and arm, I’m afraid, like many a Spurrier QB recruit, he doesn’t “get it”, when surveying the field (I’m being nice). Ole Ball Coach would drop these types quick and move on to guys like Danny, who didn’t have the arm, BUT mind meld with Spurrier’s football play maps and simple executed by lobbing the ball to wide open receivers. Del Rio appears to “get it” most of the time, but scares all Gators throwing nothing but change-ups. Will Franks ever “get it”? (3) Listening to Jones, he is gone…he has NO true answers to anything and thus the “Champions of life” type statements. If GA pounds them at home this weekend, he may not make it to November before an interim is named. (4) Gators have moved on from the felons and the guys Saturday night are the base of the future.

  4. Franks is from up here in my area, and what holds him back the most is two-fold… 1) He didn’t actually have a QB coach in high school, which has caused some developmental problems with him. He doesn’t see the field or read the defenses as well as LDR does, but he will. He’s a great talent and has tremendous up-side. He’ll catch on soon enough. It’s just a matter of film room work and reps. And 2) The coaches, especially Nussmeier, are playing it extremely safe with Franks, and not letting him go downfield much at all, limiting his passing plays to short, safe, high percentage stuff right now. Opposing defenses see this and adjust accordingly.

    Franks will catch on, but I also believe he still needs to play as much as possible when he can.

  5. As for the players in trouble, I believe perhaps half of them will return next year. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Callaway play again in a Gator uniform as I said this right after his incident this summer he should be dismissed because he can’t stay out of trouble, and then this credit card scandal. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Scarlett. I said last year he would up being the premiere back in the offense and he was, but now, he’s probably going to be gone too. Callaway, Scarlett, Smith, and Miller are who I expect to be gone after this ordeal. The rest we might see agqain next year.

    Telfort’s situation is a little ridiculous with all the felony counts against him, being that he was buying mostly junk food with each purchase. I expect a lot of their charges to reduced to misdemeaners or to intervention status which is more like a probation.

    Still, once again, we see how a program like UF’s adhere’s to the rules by properly monitoring it’s program and players and DOING THE RIGHT THING instead of of the constant cover-ups we see at “other” schools (fsu ~cough, cough~), where their accused star athletes don’t even get charged, evidence is allowed to go bad in police storage, cops tell the victims “not to pursue it”, multiple video’s of players slapping girls conveniently vanish, or you have alumni-filled PD’s to cover for your players.

  6. Feel sorry for Coach Mac as coming in he had only six OL on scholarship plus walk ons and had to piece meal some sort of line to play. Then he didn’t have a QB after Grier and paid the price against Bama. Now these suspensions, including two promising LB’s that are badly needed, have left depth dangerously depleted. Can he ever catch a break?
    Hope he can keep a very promising recruiting class or he might have too much to overcome.

    • Ugator, It may seem that Coach Mac has too much to overcome but as evidenced by the Tennessee and Kentucky finishes he is also has some kind of luck and for now is leading a charmed life. The way the situation has now unfolded the young play makers and Del Rio at QB may give the Gators some consistency on offense. But your certainly correct about the lack of depth at linebacker (downright scary) and the offensive line.