Dooley Grades The Gators: Inept in most areas

UF coach Jim McElwain expressed remorse for the firestorm he caused and all those it affected. [The Associated Press]

Offense F-

First half: Take away a 34-yard completion to Josh Hammond on the game’s second play and Florida managed only 57 yards of offense in the first half.

Second half: The Gators changed quarterbacks, but they couldn’t change the offensive line. It was a disaster of a performance from an offense that was supposed to be improved.

For the game: It was another pitiful performance in a long list of pitiful performances. The offense scored three points against a defense returning one starter.

Defense D

First half: The good news was that the Gators generated a pair of touchdowns that gave them a halftime lead. The bad news was that Wilton Speight didn’t throw every ball right to a Gator.

Second half: The first drive of the second half was the story of the game, as Michigan drove right down the field 75 yards to take the lead.

For the game: And it didn’t get any better. The Wolverines had tremendous balance and answered every good UF defensive play with a big gainer. You can’t give the defense an F because it scored two touchdowns.

Special teams D

First half: Johnny Townsend was really good, but the coverage was lacking on the first couple of punts. Eddy Pineiro split his two field goal tries.

Second half: The fumble by Tyrie Cleveland was bad, but it’s a mystery why Florida even bothers. The Gators averaged 18.3 yards a kickoff return.

For the game: Jim McElwain said Florida had to win special teams. It did not. It wasn’t that Michigan was that much better, but it was better.

Overall F

The elephants in the room weren’t in the room at the end of the game — the 10 suspended players. They might not have helped, but their absence definitely hurt. But there are no excuses.

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  1. I give the defense a “B”. The offense left the defense on the field way too long. F- is way too gracious to the offense. I expect on Monday a press conference that fires all offensive coaches and hires Kindergartners. Yes, that’s extreme….yes, that’s where we are in year 3. There has to be a High School football program out there that is willing to let their offensive coaches come in and give a spark to Florida.

    • How do you give the defense a B???? They couldn’t stop Michigan at all. The 2 interceptions returned for TD were not due to Florida Causing them….Michigan overthrew both…one right into the Gators hands the other just enough that the Michigan payer tipped it to a Gator…..but MAKE NO MISTAKE….Florida did not cause those plays, they got lucky….

    • NO “B”—we were manhandled and dominated in the trenches on BOTH sides of the ball. We had no pass rush and dozens of missed tackles. The only thing that made our “D” look good was the fact that they were on the same field with our pitiful offense and disgustingly incompetent coaching staff.

  2. On here again! Coach Spurrier is on Campus.. Can someone please have him come in and take over this team…Right Now!! He would have not let us Gators fans suffer a loss like this after a whole off season of practice. Fire Mac and Nuss..Make Gators Great Again.. Coach

    • The really scary thing is Mac believed and stated the O-line was the strength of the team—what else needs to be said!!!! He’s incompetent and all these months counting down the months, days and hours and we get this kind of performance on a national stage—-This is a sad day for Gator fans and alums.

  3. It pains me to say this Gator Nation, but this is the beginning of the end of McElwain. He’s now into year 3 to have found his QB and the semblance of an offense. He has failed on both counts. Some may make the excuse that the ineptness against Michigan was due to missing players. But the problems go much deeper. Poor offensive line play, defense couldn’t contain edges, and QBs with zero polish. Keep in mind that McElwain’s forte is offense. So if past results are indicative of future games, don’t hold your breath on this team getting much better.

    • Michael, great points but I’m not so sure that firing Mac is the solution…yet. I think..rather, I know that Nuss MUST GO. If Mac is the offensive genius that we were led to believe, then he should do as Jimbo Fisher does and Spurrier did and call the offensive plays. As much as I would LOVE to see Spurrier as our OC, it might not change much because it takes a lot of time to install a new offense and I don’t see how it’s possible with the season already underway. I guess that the real question is: whose offense is this? Mac’s that Nuss is trying to run or Nuss’ that just doesn’t work?

    • You are correct. I am very surprised they looked that bad and as much as it pains me to say it is if you watched the FSU Bama game you can clearly see the difference in talent and the superior coaching. The offense always looks like it is on the defensive and why would you not stick with Franks and let him takes his lumps this game which will pay off down the road. Malik is only here for 12 games…..this to me was a very, very, very, very poor decision (one of many). The offensive line got pushed around again.

      They looked Muschamp like, which is also pitiful.

  4. Terrible offensive gameplan by the offensive coordinator gave Franks no chance. It was common knowledge that DL was the strength of the defense but obvious runs and slow developing pass plays were what you had all offseason to come up with? Where were the slants, bubble screens, speed sweeps and QUICK passes. Who knew the offensive line might be worse than last year but even so get the ball out of the quarterbacks hands. Also, what happened to the three capable tight ends on this team that were nowhere to be found? The Florida Gators have a really bad offensive coordinator, one of the worst in the country and there is enough of a sample size for statistics to back that up.

  5. Suspended players had NOTHING to do with this loss! Randy Shannons defense couldnt stop the run, played off receivers, left receivers uncovered! Shannon as DC is a huge step down, why coaches think they need to change a near perfect system? Arrogance!
    Why McElwain didnt try Del Rio once it was clear that Mi didnt respect Zaires passing ability and blitzed him on almost every down, is beyond me. They didnt do that to Franks but he couldnt move the offense. Del Rio knows the whole playbook and can read defenses which clearly Franks and Zaire cant read defenses and Zaire doesnt know the whole playbook. D R may not have been successful, but we will never know, but why do they stick with Zaire which clearly wasnt working! (The definition of insanity)
    The play calling also really stunk, run, run, pass(when they know you will). With Franks, whose strength is the deep pass, they barely used even though Mi kept respecting the pass when Franks was QB.
    Lastly, who else thinks the new site sucks? Its such a memory hog it loads so slow, half the time never does, whose dumb idea was that? Old design worked so well!

  6. McElwain is inept. His offense sucks. No imagination. No execution. His offense is painful to watch. He was a terrible hire and has only proven to us year after year how bad he really is. The team is in shambles. Time to fire his sorry carcass and hire a real coach.

  7. As usual I greatly disagree. Yes the offense deserves that grade. The defense does not, they deserve at least a C. Same with special teams. Now only time will tell if Michigan is a decent team or not. That offensive line gets most of the F-.

    • Defense desrves a F! Those 2 TD returns were not due to anything Florida did…Michigan overthrew their receivers. If the QB was accurate on those throws, they gain 30 yards each. Not a Florida player within an arms length on either….we just got lucky they overthrew. Florida was not the cause of either, we just had a couple of lucky plays…..the defense is worse this year and so is the offense. That spells a 3, 4 maybe 5 loss season. Right now we lose to LSU, FSU, with Georgia and Tenn a toss up maybe even both losses. Mac doesn’t accidentally back in to a SEC East Championship this year

  8. Straight up scary when, in year THREE, the opposing offense throws MORE T.D.s (pick 6’s) than the Gator offense. And since Coach Mac’s 1st day here when he said, ”I could get my dog to play Q.B.”, he hasn’t produced any offensive consistency. It was 11th ranked Michigan, and it was only ”1 game”, but like Steve Russell said tonight on his radio show, ”we’ve heard this song before.”

  9. I hate to say it, but watching the noles and bama teams, it is clear we are no where near as talented as they are. In fact, the gap has widened. Mac and Nuss are poor coaches , the players are undisciplined both on and off the field, and the team is hard to watch in general. It is quite realistic to expect this team to regress this year, and that will signal the end of the Mac experiment. The defense is consistently put into difficult situations by the inept offense, so it is hard to be too critical of them. Perhaps most disturbing of all, is the year over year poor performance of the offensive line- absolutely no excuse for not correcting this serious flaw.

  10. This offense is a dumpster fire…plain and simple !!!!! Offensive coaching staff is an absolute joke. They have had 8 months to get this on-line, conditioned, and stronger. O-line plays like chewed bubble gum.
    As a coach, Nussmeier has never stayed in one place for longer than 3 years. Wonder why?

  11. Good thing our AD gave Nuss that giant raise right before the season. Every NFL team and all the top college programs will be desperate to hire him after that epic performance. Where should the shrine to this offensive mastermind? Can’t believe I was so foolish as to question the competence of this football wizard!

  12. Hmm. $4.5 million plus $833,000 = 0 – 1. Same old poor coaching, poor call playing, poor QB playing and poor offensive line. Let’s see if McElwain can get another backdoor SEC Eastern Championship. Not this year! GA, SC and TN are better teams this year. Nussmeier continues to be a disgrace to Gator Nation as the offensive coordinator. 11 rushing yards!! Bring on the “Ball Coach.” And don’t put the blame on the 10 suspensions. The players were not ready — too soft on both sides of the line. Basically, man-handled. McElwain and Nussmeier were out-coached again. Getting to understand that it doesn’t take much to out coach them.

  13. Great game plan……ITS THE SAME ONE FROM THE LAST 5 YEARS! Not hard to prep for a team that only throws receiver screens and out routes. Defenses know they can jam the run and play inside out because we never use our “great playmakers” in the slot or anybody over the middle. Did Nuss forget that the best way to slow down a blitzing, ears back defense is to run some screens to the rb’s and some slants to slot/TE’s to keep the LB’s honest? Get the ball out quick. Frank’s can see over the line. Terrible offensive scheme. On a side note, made the trip to D to watch this game. Gator nation showed up and made me proud! Now the team needs to earn that respect back.

  14. Mac is not the answer and it is painfully obvious. Nussmeier couldn’t lead Alabama’s players into the endzone against a high school defense. Shannon is a definite step down as Defensive coordinator. Last few years despite anything resembling an offense we could at least depend on defense most games….this year we don’t have a defense to keep the game close enough to sniff a win…..Vandy, UK, S.Car will all be challenging games with the team I watched this afternoon. The rest of them minus a fluke will be losses…..This looks like a Muschamp meltdown year

  15. Come on Gator Fans. This is one game not the season. I will admit when I first saw Coach Mac I thought he was arrogant. I have sense changed my opinion and think he is sincerely a good man.
    I thought the team especially the defense played hard.
    I think Frank’s is the future and has talent give him a chance. He has a good arm which we haven’t seen for a while.
    This is one game and these kids learned from it. Whoever is left noto play(not suspend) will have my support. Go Gators.

  16. It is apparent by now that coach mac is nothing but a con man. Big hat, little cattle. His results speak for themselves. Backed into 2 SEC east titles only to get blown out in ATL. Will not happen this year though. The offense is a stinking pile os manure, especially the offensive line. This team is seriously regressing and more dissapointment is on the way. End the Mac regime please.

  17. Mac is a complete joke. He’s a complete amateur that was lucky enough to suck of the teet of Saben. That’s his claim to fame and best thing in his coaching resume. For him to believe this lousy offensive line is the strongest unit on the team is all you need to know on how lost and lack of perspective he has when it comes to toughness in the SEC. How many times is this clown dejected during a press conference and spouts inane comments that he thinks are cute. He has no earthy idea how to prepare a team for a big game in a big conference. The fact they are never really competitive is all you need to know that he has no idea what he’s doing.

  18. Coach Mac should spend less time eating fritos and more time in the office working on improving this poor excuse for a football team. A big stinking pile of dung, especially the offensive line. There are more criminals on this team than in the alachua county jail.

  19. Bottom line Osu and Michigan have better Florida players on their roster than the Gators so sad to see that. No imagination on offense for years not even a single quick slant or screen. They spotted us twice and came back how embarrassing

  20. I agre woth you Ralph. Mac eats too may fritos, just take a look at him. He is brain dead and should be terminated immediately, a poor excuse for a football coach. It is also quite possible that there are a large number of criminals on this team- more to come on that as this investigation continues to broaden. Mac must be too busy with his large bag of fritos to notice the criminal activities going on right under his nose.

  21. Please tell when we have embarrassed ourselves so completely. Might have been 0-10-1. But honestly, we probably didn’t play one this bad. It was 1979 so my memory may have blocked one out, but I doubt it. Please fire Mac.

  22. So Gator Nation is speaking. You can say, it’s one game but this much more than that. The other Jim took over Michigan at the same time as Mcelwain took over here and they were coming off a 5-7 year…Michigan is the youngest team in the Nation and blew UF out in 2015 and did so again today…So this was a good barametor to measure progress and it was a massive failure..The first two years, everybody said poor Mclewain didnt have any players, that it was still Muschamp’s fault for leaving the cubbard bare. Well, too much time has elapsed to hold on to that same nonsensical argument..This was about as bad a week as a Head Coach can have, very, very, bad. Mclelwain will most certainly be fired, the only question is when? Why wait? What must be done eventually should be done immediately…The problem is, who takes over, Nussmier? Nope Shannon? Nope…Maybe one of the other assistants? IDK, Lets get this guy out of here and get our team back, get a new coach hired by November and get him ready to sign a decent class in February…

  23. For Lord’s sake…..maybe because they thought and knew Utah had a phenom in waiting, some (should I be nice) yahoo from CSU, because he coached for saban was the guy. Does the Gator Nation want lane kiffen. I promise I am being facetious. Most may hate me for this, but Charlie Strong is my man. He was a disaster at Texas. Not his forte. He is an SEC and a Gator. What did he do but help deliverer TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Disagree if you want, but he is my guy.

      • I disagree c your disagreement, Daz. Strong can’t be defined by Texas, I’m in a position here in Texas to know that, as he was undermined constantly by an alumni base who didn’t want him there in the first place. His previous record as an HC was very good, and his time at Florida was great. Strong has more character in his little finger than most of these studs have in their entire carcas, and Florida would have been a great fit for him.

  24. “I thought we had a good plan,” coach Jim McElwain said, “but as it turned out, the plan was pretty well foiled by getting whooped by big, strong guys…”

    I cringe EVERY time this guy opens his mouth.
    This is NOT “cool.”

  25. Our O-line looks like 5 Pillsbury dough boys. Does anyone really believe we can beat UT, LSU, FSU and A&M at home…No way. Then our road games of KY, SC and MO will be a disaster. 3-9 this year. Mac’s loyalty to Nuss will be his downfall. We start over trying to build when everyone else is on the upswing in the SEC. I say we go after Mason at Vandy. Work ethic from Stanford, smart, tough. Penn State’s hire from Vandy seems to be working out real good! Go Gators

  26. 1. Michigan players bigger, faster, stronger across the board. Gators not getting in done in the weight room with Mike Kent.
    2. OL/TE were manhandled. Wow is all I can say. Need better players and a new TE coach.
    3. Play calling, game plan, adjustments (that worked) at Halftime were poor. Nuss is not the guy.
    4. Our offense is fulfilling the Einstein definition of insanity. Mac/Nuss keep doing the same thing over and over again on offense and still expect a different result. UGGH, this might be a really tough year.

  27. can we just cool it with the over-reaction. if you want to be mad at something, be mad at Jeremy foley for 25 cupcakes at the open. spurrier warned us of that in his first press conference about playing Miami as our proper opener. you don’t get 6 pack abs eating cupcakes, otherwise id be a model for mens health magazine. Foley’s excuse was on the money, and with tv revenue being shared it did cost us, but still. never agreed with it, but i guess it worked for a while, although I think we would have been even better if we had better openers over the years. scheduling respectable openers is the one difference nick saban has over the rest of the SEC, and its helped the ACC pass the SEC, other than Alabama maybe. We need to never again play these second tier teams, especially at the opener. this will build the program, as horrific as it seemed. franks will learn not to fumble. the o line will learn something. eddy pintero wont miss any kicks. if these guys are real gators, and not imposters, they will learn. as far as the guys that got suspended, lets be honest, they meant nothing. the game might have been worse with them around. its time for them too, the entire gator nation, to face facts and get busy getting better.

  28. If you were a top high school football player in the state of Florida, where would you want to play football? If you were good enough, you would want to play at Alabama, LSU, Clemson or Florida State. If you had to choose only a university in Florida, you would pick FSU, Miami and then Florida, in that order. I believe this is because UF has not stabilised its football program. Changes in coaches, movement of players, poor recruiting, poor management of coaches, etc., etc. So you cannot blame a top tier high school player for passing over UF. As a result, UF cannot recruit effectively and, as is evident this season, cannot fill its critical positions with players that can deliver an SEC championship, let alone a national championship. It can’t even make it to a top bowl game. Somewhere in all of this UF must make personnel changes that enable it to stabilise its football program and build itself into a team that the very best players want to play for. Coach Mac is unable to do this. I fear there will be another change at the top level again, further perpetuating the problem for a number of years.