Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway is scheduled to be in court June 19 for a pretrial conference and arraignment. [File]

By Robbie Andreu
Staff writer

Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway has been offered a deal by the State Attorney’s Office that would see his misdemeanor marijuana possession charge dropped if he pleads guilty to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, The Sun learned Monday.
State Attorney Bill Cervone said the plea deal Callaway has been offered is typical for a first-time offender, which Callaway is.
“Callaway will be treated as any other first-time cannabis offender, which he legally is despite admissions made in other contexts, and allowed to plead to possession of paraphernalia if he chooses,” Cervone told The Sun. “Doing so would allow him to avoid a driver’s license suspension that would be required if he were found guilty of actual cannabis possession.”
Callaway and his attorney, Huntley Johnson, are considering the offer. Callaway has a court date set for June 19 for a pretrial conference. The agreement could be signed before then. Callaway is not being offered deferred prosecution.
If he accepts the plea deal, Callaway likely will be ordered to pay a fine or perform community service, along with paying court costs.
Callaway is still facing disciplinary action from UF coach Jim McElwain and possibility the university that could possibly include a suspension from the first game against Michigan. Tailback Mark Thompson was suspended for one game (Georgia) last season after being cited for misdemeanor possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. But that incident occurred during the season.
Callaway was cited last month when police found about seven grams of marijuana in his pocket after the car in which he was a passenger was stopped for a seat belt violation and police smelled marijuana.
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