The Picks: Relax, NCAA in early stages of long process

There is a great scene in the movie “Apollo 13” that I think about every time people start getting way ahead of themselves over an issue. And it popped into my head again this week. The astronauts are trying to figure...

Breaking some myths in Florida-Georgia rivalry

It’s so good to see Florida-Georgia be more about the present than the past (said someone who doesn’t care if he ever sees the Lindsay Scott play again, ever). Both programs have had their scuffling years, some of which have...

The Back Nine: Gators underdogs at 3 different venues this season

The Back Nine comes at you after an open week for the Gators, which meant it was kind of a soft week for me. (This is where you point to my stomach and make a joke about every week...

The Picks: Stricklin seeking to put more spark to Gators’ schedule

We do a lot of conversing in this column about college football scheduling. This is an extremely important subject on a Saturday when Dr. Football doesn’t have to work and could spend 15 hours watching football with only a...

The Back Nine: Bad ref calls part of game

The Back Nine comes at you after an interesting trip to Columbia in that it carried no drama. Except on the field, of course. 10. It would be easy to say to South Carolina fans and the head coach of...

Sundy Blog: There’s a different look to Georgia

The Sunday Blog comes at you from soggy Columbia, S.C., as we get ready to come home and enjoy an off week: * I wonder what the spread will be for the Florida-Georgia game once we get to game week....

Gators face elimination game in SEC race

The narrative concerning this Florida football team after last week’s game was as follows — Perhaps this team is better than we thought. So the Gators lost by two touchdowns and the defense couldn’t stop the rain with a dozen...

The Back Nine: Really, only 9 penalties called at UF-LSU game?

The Back Nine comes at you after a long, late night in Louisiana followed by a long day of traveling, but kudos to the new Starke bypass. 10. Dan Mullen wasn’t complaining, but he was right that the holding penalty...

Sunday blog: LSU has a legit offense

The Sunday Blog comes at you working on no sleep and a special thanks to the idiot who pulled the fire alarm at 4 a.m. Classy. * At around 3 a.m. Gainesville time, I figured I might as well fill...

Game Gators run into offensive buzzsaw in bayou

BATON ROUGE, La. — In the suffocating small room where the visiting head coach answers questions at Tiger Stadium, Dan Mullen could hear the fans still celebrating every time the door opened.  It was a sobering experience for the head...

Dooley At The Half: Where’s the elite UF defense?

BATON ROUGE, La. — Gainesville Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley looks at the first half of the Florida-LSU game. Joe Burrow hurt Florida almost as much with his legs as with his arm, scrambling for some big gains...

Dooley: Florida’s latest wins in series fuel LSU’s heat

Maybe I am just naive. Maybe I am dumb enough to think that time heals wounds and bygones become bygones and every other bad cliche in the book. But I thought it was over. I thought it was back to normal. Intense, but...

Thinking ahead to what is possible for Florida football team

There are two extremes of people or, rather, two extremes of football fans. There are those who are part-realists and part-pessimists, who are always ready to pump the brakes while all around them fans are seeing faux confetti. And there are...

The Back Nine: Trask’s personality fits his role on Gators

The Back Nine comes at you after a weekend that was so good it makes me worried about what the next week will hold. I mean, I’m due. Or maybe just on a roll. 10. Football seasons fly past really...

Dooley At The Half: UF mistakes saving Auburn

Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley looks at the first half of Florida-Auburn: * I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard The Swamp louder at the start of a game than it was Saturday. It may have been for a previous...

Gators have plenty to prove

There is not a lot we know for sure about what will happen today. We think we know, but we don't really know. Or as I like to say, I know more than you think I know, but I...

Dooley: SEC scheduling can use some work

The SEC is more of a collection of institutions than it is a conference. Some schools will give up their permanent opponent when you pry their cold, dead hands from it.

The Back Nine: Surgery didn’t stop Mullen from coaching vs. Auburn

Mullen had an emergency appendectomy at 11 the night before the game

Sunday Blog: A campus spot for College GameDay

The Sunday Blog comes at you and then it’s off to the golf course for one last bit of fun before all hell breaks loose in Gainesville next week. After a seven-year drought, ESPN’s GameDay will be in...

The Picks: Reckon Alabama shouldn’t be ranked No. 2

I wouldn’t call it an epiphany. Maybe more of a realization. Or as Val Kilmer said in the wonderful “Tombstone” (in my top 10 of all time, by the way), “Oh, make no mistake about it. It’s not revenge he’s...