The Picks: Weekend will decide fourth seed in playoffs

Once again, a college football season has flown by like paper in the wind (borrowed from Tom Petty’s “To Find A Friend”). And as the great one also sings in that underrated song, “Everything changed, then changed again.” That encapsulates...

The Back Nine: Gators made depleted roster work

The Back Nine comes at you after an eight-day stretch that included Thanksgiving, two Friends-givings, one awesome Saturday brunch and assorted other amazing eating opportunities. I’m full. This was an odd season for the Florida Gators with the...

Sunday Blog: Mullen making it happen at Florida

The Sunday Blog comes at you after an amazing Rivalry Week and some amazing food throughout.  * Although statistics count in both the championship games and the bowls, Florida finished the regular season with these rankings of note: 8th in scoring...

A night to remember when Gators took care of business against Seminoles

Beating FSU and clearly being the much better team.

Dooley At The Half: Gators dominate

Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley looks at the first half of the Florida-FSU game: * OK, one thing we know is that Florida always starts slowly, right? Not on this supercharged night. The first drive was a thing of beauty...

Here’s the thing, UF needs to beat FSU

There was a time, long ago, back when Game Boy was big and the Chicago Bulls were good, back when the hate was real and the heat was really intense, that Florida vs. FSU was can’t-miss-TV. But only if your...

The Picks: Ignoring guidelines when picking games

While you’re sifting through the bones today looking for a last morsel of white meat so you can dunk it in cold gravy and declare Thanksgiving dinner (Part Deux) officially over, I hope you all stopped to give thanks...

This UF senior class helped Mullen turn program around

Florida will recognize 22 seniors, including 14 scholarship players, prior to kickoff Saturday. The class is credited with getting Florida back on track following the team’s 4-7 debacle in 2017.

The Back Nine: Confidence worked wonders for Gators

The Back Nine comes at you after a refreshing weekend off if you like sitting on a recliner and watching 11 straight hours of football. 10. Of course, I watched a little bit of basketball, too, and the Florida win...

The Picks: Where will the Gators go bowling?

Where will Gators go bowling? We are inching closer to knowing which teams are going to be in the playoffs and which teams are headed to which bowls, but in reality we are still a long ways off. Because as I...

The Back Nine: Mullen has it going on at Florida

The Back Nine comes at you after a long trip that went remarkably smooth (for me; they lost Robbie’s bag) including a new SEC record for pregame hotel-to-parking-spot of 16 minutes. No medals required. One of the biggest...

Sunday Blog: Missouri wasn’t coming back on Florida

The Sunday Blog comes at you from chilly Columbia, Mo., but we might have made too big a deal out of it. It was fine. I’m not trying to be mean here, but I get why Clemson changed...

Gators doing things we haven’t seen around here in a while

COLUMBIA, Mo. — With small clumps of snow still fighting to survive in the corners of Missouri’s Faurot Field, Florida players were in a warmer-than- the-temperature kind of mood. They did the conga line and sang the fight song and...

Winning out would be heck of year for Gators

Sometimes, you need history for perspective. Sometimes, you need to ignore it. Sometimes, you need to embrace it. But it is always there. It was your timeline even before there were timelines. And for those of us with selective memories,...

The Picks: SEC West back out in front vs. East

It’s always about this time of year that Dr. Football starts paying attention to the numbers. Not the College Football Playoff rankings. Not the polls. Not the Heisman Trophy hopefuls’ stats. Not my electric bill.  This is the time when it’s relevant to pay...

Taming Tigers tough trick for Gators

Way back in the summer, back when you thought you might combust if you didn’t find some air conditioning, I put together one of those summer lists that are all the rage, like Matthew McConaughey’s Instagram and Instant Pots...

The Back Nine: Playing with lead a good thing

The Back Nine comes at you after a strange weekend in which Florida’s football team outscored its basketball team. The game Saturday was interesting only in the fact that even in a mistake-filled first half, you never felt...

Sunday Blog: No QB, little bit of quit = 56-0 beatdown

The Sunday Blog comes at you after in between football and basketball coverage and making sure my daughter has lozenges after camping out for the FSU game.   * I’ve had several people ask me if that was the worst Vanderbilt...

Wake up Gators, plenty still to achieve

Back when Kelsey was a little girl, I used to sing this Tom Petty song to her on school mornings. “And it’s wake up time Time to open up your eyes And rise And shine.” Now I know that the thought of me singing...

The Picks: A conversation about the CFP rankings

The College Football Playoff rankings came out Tuesday night and received more scrutiny than either basketball team that lost on the same night on national TV. That’s because the rankings — even the initial ones — matter more than college...