Sunday Blog: A campus spot for College GameDay

The Sunday Blog comes at you and then it’s off to the golf course for one last bit of fun before all hell breaks loose in Gainesville next week. After a seven-year drought, ESPN’s GameDay will be in...

The Picks: Reckon Alabama shouldn’t be ranked No. 2

I wouldn’t call it an epiphany. Maybe more of a realization. Or as Val Kilmer said in the wonderful “Tombstone” (in my top 10 of all time, by the way), “Oh, make no mistake about it. It’s not revenge he’s...

Dooley Noted: Gators 4-0 in first third of the season

Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley talk this week about the Florida Gators football game against Towson. Also topics include how the Gators look toward the rest of the season, if the Florida defense elite, Spreads, an interview with former Gators standout linebacker James Bates, and of course Three Things.

Gators begin basketball practice amid high expectations

There was no soft-selling, no dampening of expectations Tuesday at the Florida basketball facility. There was the occasional of the work to do and the long road ahead. But the loudest sound on Florida Basketball Media Day was the buzz...

The Back Nine: Big boys just ahead for Gators

The Back Nine comes at you after the first real Saturday night watching college football on TV. It didn’t stink. 10. No matter what you think about the way they have played, it is certainly noteworthy that Florida over two...

Sunday Blog: Tennessee may need more than these Volunteers

The Sunday Blog after another UF win over Tennessee: * Please don't take this the wrong way, but being on the field after the game and watching the Tennessee Volunteers trudging slowly off the field, I almost felt bad for...

Dooley: Gators far from finished product, but 4-0 is nice

As he walked in the tunnel area, Florida receiver Freddie Swain held a camera up on an elaborate selfie stick and began taking in the scene. This would be his last Florida-Tennessee game and he wanted to enjoy the...

1994 champs set up Gators on historic run

Nobody was thinking about it at the time because the players were young babes of football with no premonitions about what the hazy future could bring. At the time, it was simply what it was. But as the great Florida...

Struggling Volunteers can still pose problem for Gators

Florida-Tennessee a rivalry game?

The Back Nine: No. 11 back at starting quarterback for Gators

The Back Nine comes at you after another wild and crazy Florida football win. It seems like there has been a lot of them lately. 10. When Kyle Trask takes the field as the Florida starting quarterback, he will be...

Sunday Blog: Something about Gators winning at Kentucky

The Sunday Blog comes at you very early Sunday morning after another Florida win in Lexington, Ky. And there have been a few. * That’s the thing, when Kentucky is lining up for what could have been the game-winning field...

Gators get by on pure grit

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Sometimes heroes are made of grit and moxie, of physical talent and a sharp mind. Sometimes they are made of opportunity. And sometimes they are made of perseverance. All of these apply to Florida’s newest hero today. He...

Quarterbacks will have say in who wins tonight in Lexington

Most football games — college and pro and even high school — come down to the play of the quarterbacks. It’s why the network infographics usually show them when they are promoting the games and at some point the...

The Picks: Hot takes on college football

The theme of this week has been heat. Alabama is upset about a noon game next week, apparently not realizing there are FIVE other SEC teams playing at the same time on that Saturday. Man, the league is out to...

The Back Nine: Gators to face new starter at quarterback for Kentucky

The Back Nine comes at you after a home opener, NFL openers and by the time we got to Sunday evening, the use of a bottle opener. 10. There were a lot of us looking forward to seeing how this...

Sunday blog: Gators adjusting just fine

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night that included some wonderful Pac-12 After Dark to wrap up crazy day: * One thing we have seen from Florida so far this year has been the ability to adjust....

A way to honor Mr. Two Bits

You think the pressure is palpable for any of the Florida players taking the field tonight for the home opener? How about the people taking the field before it kicks off? The grandchildren of George Edmondson and their families will do...

The Picks: What can Week 2 do for an encore to the nutty opening...

The record stands at 13-2 and would have been better if I hadn’t become dehydrated halfway through The Picks.

A different Swamp sideline for former Florida player

Catching up with ... Clinton McMillan

The Back Nine: SEC is top heavy league

The Back Nine comes at you after a wonderful weekend of football, family and hurricane watching. And some great barbecue. 10. We knew there would be a lot of overreaction after the first weekend, but what we didn’t know was...