Gators receive message, then deliver one of their own

Andrew Nembhard was simply repeating one of the mantras of his head coach, but with one statement the sophomore guard summed up the education of Scottie Lewis. “He’s shooting shots that are better for him,” Nembhard said, “rather than just...

Dooley Noted: Gator sports in full swing; Guest Gary Parrish, CBS

Pat Dooley, the sports columnist for the Gainesville Sun, talks about the Florida Gators baseball, basketball and yes football programs this week in the latest Dooley Noted podcast. Guest Gary Parrish, sports columnist for CBS, about the Gators basketball team and college basketball.

The Back Nine: So many trophies

The Back Nine comes at you after a lot of watching baseball games on my laptop and hoops on the TVs. I was not sedentary. I got up to grill. We all know about all of the major...

UF men win 8th consecutive SEC title; women finish second

The Gators won their 41st overall title in men's swimming & diving with a total score of 1,194 points

Dooley Noted: Great week for Gator sports

Pat Dooley, The Gainesville Sun sports columnist, comes to you in this new episode of the Dooley Noted podcast. Pat talks with writer and insider Chris Harry and touches on Billy Donovan, Gator basketball, UF baseball and softball, the transfer portal and of course Three Things.

The Back Nine: Charlie’s choice to rehab his resume

The Back Nine comes at you after an exceptional weekend in this town and certainly in the Gator Nation. I had fun. Did you have fun? 10. Perhaps the only bad news over the weekend was that Charlie Strong reportedly...

The Back Nine: The art of overrating

The Back Nine comes at you after a wonderful weekend that included bike riding in St. Augustine. They say you never forget how to ride a bike. They are wrong. 10. OK, we are going to do a little...

SEC QBs a mystery

This year, we won’t even try to guess how good the quarterbacks will be in the league. Many of the stars (Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Jake Fromm) have cycled through and we are left with a lot of questions at the 14 schools who make up America’s best conference.

The Back Nine: It was a super Bowl

The Back Nine comes at you after a Super Bowl Sunday that included Super Bowl Sundaes (it’s a Karen Dooley tradition) and the return of the two-TV system for my sports room. Woo-hoo. It was a fun Super...

The hysteria is starting early

There is nothing quite like football hysteria in a college town … in February. We’re not talking about the Super Bowl or those wonderful 94-degree opening days or big-game Saturdays that damage your voice boxes. College football in a place like...

The Back Nine: Sad days, indeed

The Back Nine comes at you after a tragic weekend that started out so well. And in the end, we were reminded once again that we are just dealing with games. It’s the people who count. This was...

Soft Gators no match for top-ranked Bears

After the game, I checked the box score of Florida’s double-digit loss to No. 1 Baylor. It turns out that some of you were wrong. Baylor did not get every rebound in the game. OK, so it may have seemed like...

The Back Nine: Toney adds to punch

The Back Nine comes at you after a weekend that saw a noisy Saturday and a sleepy Sunday or was that just me? The final shoe did not drop, as Kadarius Toney decided to play his senior year...

Florida gives a glimpse of what it’s capable of in big win over Auburn

Omar Payne didn’t really see this coming. Heck, he didn’t expect to be a starter this season. “I just came here to learn from (Kerry Blackshear Jr.)” said the freshman center. “I came here to be his back-up.” Instead, Payne has...

Final look at 2019 rankings and a look ahead to 2020 season

Another college football season is behind us, the longest one ever after starting when it was hotter than ghost pepper soup and finishing up almost a full five months later in the coldest indoor stadium press box in America. Who...

The Back Nine: Tackling the hype

The Back Nine comes at you after a be-a-u-tiful weekend (that’s not from “Bruce Almighty”, it’s from the old WGGG jingle in the early 1960s) that saw some wild NFL games, another egg falling out of the Gators’ hoop...

Why UF football feels different

It is still a long way off, like some kind of a desert mirage (although I prefer a good dessert mirage) and you usually would not see it applied to a sport that has a mere four-game playoff (how...

The Back Nine: No worries, Gator Nation, Cowboys go different direction for coach

The Back Nine comes at you after an interesting weekend that included an amazing game at Exactech Arena and a wild, wild wild-card over two days. It feels like Florida fans exhaled en masse Monday morning when the...

Dooley Grades The 2019 Gators: Another step up for Mullen-led UF

It was hardly perfect and the most critical of fans will find fault even in the victories. But 2019 was another step in getting Florida to elite status as a program. 

The Back Nine: Gators’ 2020 schedule will look different than when first released

MIAMI GARDENS -- The Back Nine comes at you after a busy week and we hope you enjoyed the coverage from the Orange Bowl. Make sure you check out for my column on the game. It could win...