Florida’s Lewis organizes peaceful protest in home state

UF basketball player Scottie Lewis, second from right, leads a march Friday in New Jersey. [Twitter photo]

By /Gator Wire

Florida Gators rising sophomore guard Scottie Lewis is making a statement in his hometown of Asbury Park, New Jersey, in response to the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations against police brutality.

Lewis, with his activist group PeaceByU, set up the Masked March on Friday afternoon — a non-violent protest designed to spread awareness about police brutality and social injustices.

Ahead of the event, the talented Gator offered the following on his Instagram account.

“This is a PEACEFUL protest to unite and Spread awareness towards Police brutality, social injustice, and to give the people who feel silenced a voice and reassurance of hope.

we the people need to focus on what really matters. Starting with the core which is The process of rewriting history and creating a new norm that is directed towards spreading peace love and positivity.


What we are trying to accomplish it’s not an overnight task it will take constant action, uncomfortable conversations, and more people who are willing to sacrifice in order to serve for greater good.

Please join us in this protest and spread the word. “ United we stand, divided we will fall”

The event started at 3 p.m. ET with about 300 people at Library Square Park, where some short speeches were made by the organizers. Fifteen minutes later, the group made its way down Asbury Avenue to the Asbury Park police station, picking up more people as they went. At the police station, members of local law enforcement knelt with the protesters for a prayer. Overall, nearly 2,000 people attended the event.

Later on, Lewis took the bullhorn and made the following announcement.

“Violence will not solve a thing. It will only cause more chaos. The world that we live in and the community we grew up in, we must not destroy. We must build up. We must strategize. We must educate ourselves… find the root of the problem and destroy it.”

Scottie Lewis is one of a handful of current and former Gators to step up and speak out against the epidemic of racism and police brutality that plagues our nation. Decade after decade, those who have suffered have cried out, only to be silenced. Perhaps those terrorized voices will finally be heard.

“We are coaching more than basketball here,” UF assistant coach Jordan Mincy wrote on his Twitter account Friday night. “I love this young man’s passion and belief in bringing others with him. This young man started and led his on peaceful march. #morethanahooper”

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