Gators fall out of Associated Press basketball poll

Florida forward Dontay Bassett (21) gets a defensive rebound next to Marshall forward Iran Bennett (2) during the second half Friday at the O'Connell Center. (AP Photo/Matt Stamey)

Florida’s sluggish start in last Friday’s win over visiting Marshall may have cost it a spot in the Associated Press Top 25 college basketball poll, as the Gators drop to receiving-votes category.

The Gators (6-2) were at No. 24 after beating Saint Joseph’s, Miami and Xavier to win the Charleston Classic the previous weekend. They had to come back from a halftime deficit to Marshall before winning 73-67 at the O-Dome.

UF plays at Butler at 12 p.m. Saturday.

The top 25 teams in The Associated Press’ men’s college basketball poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Dec. 1, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote and last week’s ranking:

Record Pts Prv
1. Louisville (48) 7-0 1599 2
2. Kansas (3) 6-1 1497 4
3. Maryland 8-0 1446 5
4. Michigan (9) 7-0 1429
5. Virginia (5) 7-0 1424 7
6. Ohio St. 7-0 1244 10
7. North Carolina 6-1 1162 6
8. Kentucky 6-1 1096 9
9. Gonzaga 8-1 1095 8
10. Duke 7-1 1083 1
11. Michigan St. 5-2 964 3
12. Arizona 9-0 875 14
13. Oregon 6-2 785 11
14. Auburn 7-0 698 18
15. Memphis 6-1 652 16
16. Seton Hall 6-2 629 13
17. Florida St. 7-1 562
18. Baylor 5-1 466 19
19. Dayton 5-1 386
20. Colorado 6-0 371 21
21. Tennessee 6-1 331 17
22. Washington 5-1 222 23
23. Villanova 5-2 192 22
24. Butler 7-0 165
25. Utah St. 7-1 112 15

Others receiving votes: Florida 111, Xavier 91, San Diego St. 89, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 86, Oklahoma St. 85, Texas Tech 43, West Virginia 28, Purdue 24, DePaul 18, Arkansas 17, Indiana 13, Penn St. 9, Stephen F Austin 7, Oklahoma 6, Liberty 5, Notre Dame 2, Richmond 2, VCU 2, SMU 1, Delaware 1.


  1. Well, since it’s ”dead week,” and Florida’s athletes are all scrambling for ”finals,” here is my 2 cents for Mike White’s Gator Basketball team to date. Coach ‘W’, great roster, but what’s up with the ‘O’, or lack thereof? In fact, the set with Glover and Nembhard on the court at the same time is a waste of time, in my opinion. Maybe it’s for defensive reasons?!?!?! (please ask him, beat reporters!). Because on offense, Nembhard just wanders around the court, looking like a fish out of water, when Glover is at point.
    And I know it’s early in the season, and Coach ‘W’ is trying all the different combos, but Glover and Nembhard in the same offense, well, you can safely scratch that one off, Coach White. Time will tell, like it always does, and give us ”the best 5” for the starting offense. But time is a luxury that athletes don’t have a lot of. I used to be able to thunderously jam a basketball on a 10′ rim. Now, I doubt I could touch the rim without severe pain in my knee.
    So, Coach ‘W’, TICK freakn’ TOCK! Go Gators! Just GEL!

    • Good point about the Nembhard-Glover tandem, gi. Nembhard has excellent court vision, but he does seem to lose focus at times, and that’s when the offense turns into what our old friend Jaws called the “Zombie Offense”. They do seem to be moving better and scoring more lately, but with the supposed firepower they have, they should be averaging in the mid-70’s. Glover has been a great surprise with his explosiveness allowing him to blow by defenders and get to the rim. Both are excellent players, but I think they both need the ball in their hands.

      It’s interesting that the Gators fell out of the poll, albeit by only 1 point, and FSU jumped from unranked to #17. That’s a tremendous jump just for beating #17 Tennessee. I suppose you could point to their victory over the Gators when UF was at #6, but since the Gators are now unranked, how much should that win help the Noles? After all, the Gators got back in by beating #18 Xavier, but now both UF and the Musketeers are out of the poll, even though they both won their games last week. You could point to the Gators’ two losses as justification for keeping them out of the rankings, but Villanova is still ranked with two losses, even though they’ve lost both their games against ranked opponents.

      It’s too early to be overly concerned about rankings, but it’s fun conversation. I get your ” tick-tock”, gi. I like Coach White, and I think he’s done a good job under difficult circumstances of multiple injuries the past two seasons. Now, though, he has the horses, so anything less than a Sweet Sixteen, barring more devastating injuries, will be a disappointment to me. GEL indeed! Go Gators!!!

  2. Did we drop over 20 spots in the rankings after winning? We went from #24 to not listed among the top 44 teams receiving votes. I don’t have a problem with UF not being ranked but seems like a pretty steep drop in the rankings.

  3. Sly, the Gators are essentially #26 in the AP poll and about #28 in the Coaches. I think all of the voters are going to be skeptical of the team until they finally figure out, as Coach White said in his post-game interview, how to play with Kerry Blackshear and the Freshman get better in the college game. December is a good mix of games played and review and practice time in between so that hopefully by SEC play, we’ll begin to really see what this team is capable of with the overall talent that it has.

  4. I would rather this team sneak up on the SEC rather than be a Top 10-ranked team ready to crash. As a former b-ball coach (20 years), I wonder about some of White’s sets, just like other readers here. Having Nembs and Glover on the court at the same time makes no sense, unless you are protecting a 20 point lead with 5 minutes left. Nembhard’s play at the point is NOT improving as it should. The offense–well start making 35-40 percent of your treys and let Nembs develop his dribble-drive short jumper or floater. Oh, and start making some weak side screens off the ball to free open somebody who CAN consistently hit % of his treys. One game all of them can, then the next game the basket has a steel cover over it for the Gators. I am scratching my head over this team but it is a long season. Somebody has got to step up and be a floor leader. It is suppposed to be Nembs. Glover? Johnston? Blackshear? Locke? Come on Coach. Tell Nembhard what he must do and if he can’t do it by the start of SEC play, put him on the bench and try Glover or Locke. Nembs is starting to look disappointingly average.