Blackshear to transfer to Florida

Virginia Tech forward Kerry Blackshear Jr. dunks against Duke during the second half in Blacksburg, Va., in the Feb. 26 game. (AP Photo/Lee Luther Jr.)

Florida’s basketball team is receiving a big boost, literally, with the addition of Virginia Tech graduate transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr., who is considered the top graduate transfer in the nation.

 The 6-foot-10 Blackshear is transferring to Florida, he announced via social media Wednesday night, and will be eligible this season.

“My next chapter will begin in Gainesville, Florida,” Blackshear wrote on his account.

 Blackshear fills a big need for the Gators’ front court. As a junior this past season, he averaged 14.9 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.4 assists a game. He was a second team All-ACC selection.

 Blackshear, who is from Orlando, chose the Gators over Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Arkansas. He would be the third Virginia Tech transfer to play for the Gators: Dorian Finney-Smith and Jalen Hudson.

“First of all want to thank coach Buzz (Williams) and the amazing staff over these past four years,” Blackshear wrote on his Instagram post. “This team has become my family and I am so thankful for it. I also want to thank my Blacksburg family for taking a young kid from Orlando and showing him what home is.”

Blackshear had entered his name in the NBA draft, but did not hire an agent and withdrew his name. Now, he’s going to continue, and end, his college career in Gainesville.

 Blackshear joins a UF team that has several key returnees (Andrew Nembhard, Keyontae Johnson and Noah Locke) and an infusion of young talent with a top-10 recruiting class, headed by five-star prospect Scottie Lewis and fellow McDonald’s All-American Tre Mann.



    • i agree, and for any of the naysayers for coach white, i continue to believe he is the best choice for UF. he has put some great teams already, his biggest problem is injury luck with the big guys. you could argue that is a training issue, but im confident mr. blackshear, combined with the talent coming back, and the new talent being infused, are going to get things to where there is never again a conversation about coach white that doesnt include a reference about sure he is happy about being here (meaning of course the program will be better than gator fans deserve!)

  1. This, along with that nagging injury bug staying away from dropping guys for extended time, should give Coach White a lot of choices as well with his lineups. If Gak, Stokes, and Payne are able to make a positive impact when they’re in, he’ll be able to go big or small now.

    • Exactly right, Corey. From stats and highlights it looks like Blackshear can play all three front court positions, which means CMW can go really big if he chooses. With Blackshear at the 3, Stokes (or Payne) at the 4, Gak at 5, and Nembhard and Lewis in the back court, that would likely be the tallest lineup the Gators have ever put on the court

  2. Wow!!! Great choice big guy. We should be good at each position meaning opponents will have to pick their poison. We have the talent, now let’s see who is going to be the emotional leader to lift the team up when the chips are down.

  3. Next season should be a big improvement as Florida will finally have a true center, even if it is only for one year. Between the existing players and the new recruits, and now with Kerry Blackshear Jr., our basketball team should be a real contender in the SEC – GO GATORS!!!

  4. A Gator basketball team with an inside presence? Please don;t say “April Fools.” It’s June. The entire dynamics of SEC basketball has changed, especially with a top-rated Gator recruiting class coming in. Now, White just needs one proven shooting guard.

  5. As most of you know, I have been a vocal critic of CMW’s coaching during the season. Just want to shout out the highest praise for his recruiting record the past few years ……and this “get” may be the icing on the cake. In fact the talent recruited the last two years surpasses a number of Billy’s later years’ squads. Billy made up for it with player development and getting the execution of his style of play. Even with Billy’s rep, it has not been easy getting highly rated talent to come to a football dominated school…………even after the ’04s. So CMW’s recruiting has been outstanding. Now we will see. Certainly, as pointed out here, injuries to front court players made it difficult but late in the year he turned them loose to a better passing and attacking offense that was genuinely encouraging.
    Now, unless we are snake bit with injuries again, I am totally with Jim… excuses….lets go!!!

  6. Saw this on the ticker watching the CWS and immediately got on the horn with my fellow Gator homeboys! Very nice pickup…I think CMW is on the right track, and so far IMO, his results have been pretty decent given the hands he has been dealt. Last year, no one envisioned Hudson taking a step back like that offensively.

  7. Awesome news and basketball will be really cool to watch next season. Kerry Blackshear makes us complete. Coach White can now run the offense he has always wanted to run. This decision is also a lesson on why we should never believe a damn thing we read on social media or from all the talking heads in the media who do nothing but think out loud all day.Take them for what they are worth, which is the equivalent of doing cross word puzzles. Yesterday, I must have read 5 articles where no one picked UF. “Tenn is the team to beat.” “No, Texas A&M is where his old coach went so he’s going there.” “You can’t overcome the dinner meeting he had with Calipari.” “He’s staying at VT.” We should all start our own radio shows . Some of these guys are starting to look like weathermen.

  8. Many thanks to Virginia Tech for their recent contributions to the Gator basketball program. Dorian Finney-Smith, Jalen Hudson and now Kerry Blackshear! Looking forward to hoops season with this critical addition. Great job CMW and staff!