Gators add Ques Glover to 2019 class

Florida coach Mike White speaks Wednesday during the SEC men's college basketball media day in Birmingham, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Florida coach Mike White wasted little time in filling one of UF’s recently vacated scholarship spots.

Jacques “Ques” Glover, a 6-foot, 175-pound point guard out of Knoxville, Tennessee, committed to the Gators on Monday, just three days after picking up a scholarship from White and the coaching staff.

Despite Glover’s three-star designation, the agile floor general has racked up nearly 20 scholarship offers and has drawn even more attention from college coaches after helping lead Bearden High to its first state championship on March 15.

But Florida became the first NCAA Division I Power 5 program to offer Glover when Gators assistant Al Pinkins offered the 6-foot ball-handler on Friday following the team’s championship celebration. Less than 72 hours later, Glover was all-in on Florida.

With Mike Okauru opting to transfer from Florida, Glover will seemingly have an opportunity to contribute next season, likely as a back-up to starting point guard Andrew Nembhard.

Glover’s commitment gives Florida five additions to the 2019 class โ€” the former AAA state championship MVP will join 6-foot-11 center Jason Jitoboh in signing with the Gators on April 17.


    • Sparky,Jaws, all kidding aside, based on the little that has been written, I think this kid might be a great change of pace as the back up for Nebhardt . He appears to have a different skill set and has a scoring mentality which might help the game tempo change when he is in. Looks to me like it will be a good signing.

      Just a comment, but I live in North Carolina, and everyone up here is stunned that both Duke and the NC Tar Heels were knocked out of the tourney this past weekend. With all of their collective TOP 10 NBA draft picks and 5 star recruits, they haven’t made the Final 4 in four years. Maybe we can get “alohakid” to shower his nonsense on them for a while.

      • And notice the media wants to get Coach K fired for dissing on Zion but in the meantime Coach Calipari is getting a break. I wonder if the same connections he has to players are media connected or maybe the media is just afraid of calling him out. When you get the top recruiting classes in the country every year, you ought to win a bunch of NC’s. He has won one. Kentucky might have been the worst outside shooting team in the Elite 8. If they didn’t go inside for a dunk or lay up , they had no chance to score against Auburn. Auburn won bc it is a better shooting team. Basketball is all about putting it in the hoop. Nick Saban recruits the same in football as Calipari does in basketball and his teams are either winning NC’s or coming in second. Calipari is a very good coach, no doubt. But Dick Vitale aside, he is the most overrated coach in America–every year!

  1. Great get! A warm welcome to Ques. In character and leadership, he is a 4-5 star recruit. Leading a team to a state championship is no easy feat.

    He’s just what we need to backup Nembhard. UF is an ideal situation for Glover to develop, learn and pick up minutes against top competition for a year or so without the pressure of immediately delivering points and wins.

    Some of you need to remember that it’s the size of the fight in the gator, not always the size of the gator in the fight that can make a difference. I like what Glover brings to Gator Basketball.

    • Auburn is doing just fine with two โ€œdimunutiveโ€ guards (they seem small to me at least) that were highly recruited. They certainly didnโ€™t have any trouble beating our brains in. Plus, weโ€™ve had plenty of good short point guards, Cheese and Walker just to name a couple. Hopefully he sticks around and becomes a great leader as an upperclassman. Hard to see him playing quality minutes with Nembhard and Mann on the team.

      • You’re right, Dallas. Jared Harper is certainly “diminutive”, at 5’11”, and Bryce Brown isn’t a big guard at 6’3″, but they can both play, and hit 3’s, which is why Auburn is where they are. I think you’re also right that he probably won’t be first off the bench at point, since Mann will be here, but he’ll be the only other true guard on the roster. KJ plays as a forward, and I think Lewis will be a small forward/swing man type, so he probably will see some minutes, especially if CMW uses the final two scholarships on bigs.

  2. University of Tennessee/Florida Dwarf-Gators.

    I guess White doesn’t think Mann is going to cut it as a PG.

    The only players over 6’5″ that played this year are gone! We are counting on a bunch of broken players to replace them if white is even looking to replace them with non guard types.

    Smacks of desperation. Nothing against the player but we hardly need more sub 6’5″ players. We are a very small team as it is. On the bright side, at least he has the physical capability of playing next year at this time.

    White doesn’t have a plan and all of this is proving it.

    CMW = CWMuschump

    • From watching his highlights, it looks like Ques is quick, fast, smart, and able to get open, and he’s a scorer. He has shown himself as an all-out winner even if you think he’s a “dwarf.” Whether he can bring it at the college level is a gamble that has good posibilities or why would Coach White have offered him the chance? Maybe White’s plan is to build a team made up of players who have character, the desire to win, toughness, unselfishness and loyalty to each other and the program. Players whom we the fans can be proud to support. So let the ones who don’t fit that description go elsewhere, and welcome the ones who do.

    • How tall is basset, nembhart, stokes, and they will have gak back; and maybe he learned something this year sitting. I must have watched a different team play. Biggest problem was FT and 3pt failure.

    • Good observation. Add ‘inside offense’ to what gators need for 2019-20 season. This team is starting to look like a ‘run and gun’ team, which would be a far cry from the half-court offense that produced 55 pts. a game–if they were lucky.

  3. Winning a State Championship is a great accomplishment; maybe it (winning big games) rubs off. And playing Ques to give Nembhard “breathers” is definitely the White game plan, in my opinion. But above comment that K.J. is forward is accepting NEXT YEAR’S team as the same as the Gators from the 2018-’19 team in the front court. And I refuse to do that! So I like your comments, Cool Joe, but K.J. is really a true swingman, or an extremely short (6′ 5″) forward.
    Lastly, the best chance is “change the pace” and Ques is Nembhard’s oxygen relief for Florida’s return to a faster pace game. It is “their only hope.” Kinda’ like Obi-Wan Kenobi was to the Rebellion.

    • No argument here, gi, KJ is a short forward. On the other hand, his 225 pound frame, his strength, and his 41.5″ hops allowed him to lead the team in rebounding at 6.4 per game. Casey Prather was only an inch taller and started at small forward on the ’14 Final Four team, averaging 5.0 rebounds per game. KJ’s 6.4 this season is more than anyone on the ’14 team except DFS’s 6.7. In fact, KJ has averaged about 10 since the start of the SEC tournament. I know it’s not a whole season, but you have to go all the way back to the mid-70’s to Malcolm Ceasare and Bob Smythe to find Gators who’ve averaged 10 for a season. In comparison, Prather did nothing his first two seasons, so if KJ continues to improve, as he did during the season, I think Gator fans will be quite pleased with him when his career is over.

    • If I were still coachin and had the upcoming 2019 team, it would be uptempo with an inside game. That’s because 2 of the incoming 4 players are known to hit the catch-and-shoot 3 on the break. And the slowdown offense does nothing to excite the players. Just my opinion

  4. Couple of nice additions of hopefully size and speed, with Jitobah and Glover, that will be part of the future. There are a few big men in the transfer portal, including a couple of grad transfer centers and power forwards, we’ll see what happens over the next month. Of course I don’t know anything about them, that’s for the recruiters to do. Two more spots to fill for the next year….hopefully he can find the right pieces to fit.

    • Corey–I hope White sees enough in these new players to go up tempo but he’s going to need a big man (GAK?_) to run it as it should be run. Otherwise, he has little choice but to go back to the half-court game in hopes he can bore the other team into losing. I would also like Nembs to learn the dribble-drive stop and hit the 10-footer.

  5. What goes around comes around. Just saw Auburn get beat when the refs DID call a foul on a Virginia 3 pt. attempt and made all 3 to win by one. Hmm does this sound familiar? Nembs gets mugged against Auburn on the last shot (it would have been assault and battery in the parking lot) but no call is made. Suck it up Auburn. You still have no national titles in basketball and with cheater Pearl, hope you wallow in the cellar next season.