Gates discusses move from Florida to Nebraska


Nebraska made the hire of former Florida associate coach Armon Gates official in a carefully crafted press release on Monday.

Here’s what Gates had to say about his brief tenure at Florida in his press release statement:

“I really enjoyed my brief time at Florida,” Gates said. “Coach Mike White and his staff are tremendous people and great friends. Last week, I consulted Coach White about approaching Tim Miles regarding the Nebraska coaching position. After visiting Lincoln and the campus, it became clear to me Nebraska was a great fit. I’m greatly appreciative of Florida and Coach White for the opportunity be part of Gator Nation. I am really looking forward to a new beginning at Nebraska.”

Later, in his introductory press conference at Nebraska, Gates said he wasn’t terminated by Florida and had approached White about joining Tim Miles’ staff at Nebraska after the evaluation period in Dallas in mid-April. Gates, of course, had ties with the Big Ten in coming to Florida from Northwestern.

“Coach Miles rubbed off on me the right way,” Gates said.

According to multiple sources, however, it was White who initiated Gates’ departure and both mutually agreed Nebraska would serve as a good landing spot. Gates said he encouraged Miles to speak with White before hiring him.

“Mike was just honest,” Miles said. “He said, I understand. I know what I need, I know what Armon needs.”

A full video of Gates’ introductory press conference can be seen here. There were some nervous smiles when Gates was asked questions about Florida, but to his credit, he addressed them.

“We’re happy for Armon,” White said. “We wish he and Coach Miles the best at Nebraska.”

Other notes:

Florida junior guard Jalen Hudson was one of a handful of pre-draft players who took part in a private workout with the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday.

“For me, it was trying to show a little bit of everything, just competing,” Hudson said in a video interview with “I did take and make some tough shots today. I feel like I want to show everybody I can do more. I’m not known as just a shooter but I feel like I can do more, coming off ball screens, shooting, creating. I did that today as well.”

Hudson, it turns out, is not on the official NBA Draft Combine List but could still wind up taking part in the event as an alternate. The 6-foot-6 Hudson, who led Florida in scoring at 15.5 ppg this past season, has until June 11 to decide whether to return for his senior year.



  1. For sure, something happened that White was not planning on when he hired Gates. All parties are doing a great job of covering it up. We may never know, and since Gator Nation never had the opportunity to know Gates, who cares. NEXT!

  2. Suggestion for new assistant for Mike (Mittens) White:

    BECKY HAMMON. Currently with the Spurs and recently interviewed with Colorado State
    for the HC position. Oh, by the way, we’re talking men’s team at Colorado State, not women’s!Reported that she was offered and turned down the job. Appears that a lot of the Boulder smut is making its way over to Ft. Collins.

    Coach, you have a number of players who need a big fire lit under their a***s!
    This could be your answer.

  3. I’m not one (usually) to toke fun at anothers features,BUT as much MONEY as Coach Mac makes or made you would think he could INVEST in something as small as tooth whiteners. NO EXCUSE!!!