Just-hired assistant coach leaving UF for Nebraska


Florida associate coach Armon Gates is in the process of leaving Florida and will accept an assistant coaching position at Nebraska, according to multiple sources.

Gates was hired as associate coach April 8 from Northwestern. A source cited Gates is leaving due to Florida coach Mike White being concerned with the “overall dynamic of the coaching staff” with the addition of Gates, who had prior stops as an assistant with Loyola-Chicago, TCU and Kent State. In addition, Gates was a college teammate for two seasons with current UF assistant Jordan Mincy.

On Thursday afternoon, Gates removed Florida associate coach from his Twitter bio, which now reads “men’s basketball coach.” Gates’ last tweet, posted April 22, read “great week on the road recruiting future Gators, headed home, see you soon Gainesville.” April is an open evaluation period for 2019 recruits.

The move is an about face from the impressions White had about Gates when he first hired him less than a month ago.

“You’re always keeping a little bit of a list,” White said last month. “And then after I hired Jordan Mincy, who’s very close with him, a few years ago I started becoming more and more familiar with Armon. We had a bunch of good candidates and I narrowed it to a few that I felt really, really good about.

“Ultimately with Armon I felt the most comfortable. It was a marriage that met in the middle as well. Just like recruiting, you want guys that really want to be here and feel like they’re a great fit as well. You don’t have to sell too much. So he’s hit the ground running and we had our first staff meeting this morning.”

With Gates’ departure, Florida will be in search of a new assistant coach for the second time in the span of the month.  The position first opened when Dusty May left UF in late March to accept the head coaching position at Florida Atlantic.


  1. It sounds like Gates wasn’t as good of a fit as coach White had hoped he would be. I know Larry Shyatt isn’t getting any younger and that he already has a better job than the one we can offer him; but he would still be my first call, if I were looking for a replacement for Gates.

  2. Maybe, White should hire Tebow Curse and bf, or are they one and the same? One thinks he knows everything about hoops, the other football. Truth be told, both are complete fools who are not true Gators.

  3. After the west coast trip early in the year where the gators were an offensive machine white changed the team to a Virginia style defensive team .He never looked happy and he over worked his team in practice & criticized them in public.Much like Billy’s last year

  4. Love that you guys think of me. Mittens White looks a little pale with all that egg on his face. Not surprising, he is nothing but pansy. Gates probably realized early that working for the soft, clueless Mittens wasn’t going to work.

    And, as I posted before Gates was hired, White will not hire a former HC. He’s at least smart enough that he wouldn’t endure that intimidation.

    With what we know now, Mittens’ team next season has no leader and no toughness — maybe the two most important things in in college bb. Couple that with Mittens not knowing who to play and you have a middle of the pack SEC team — at best.

    P.S. When’s MSBS coming in to give us his prediction on the next bb season?

  5. There is something wrong here besides buyers remorse obviously. Gates does not go out on the road recruiting one week, and quit the next. Either MW did not vet him or there is a cancer in this program we do not know about. Hope MW can pull this out of the fire.