Hudson invited to NBA draft combine


Florida junior guard Jalen Hudson has been invited to the NBA Draft Combine, according to multiple reports.

Hudson scored a team-high 15.5 points for the Gators this past season, shooting 45.5 percent from the field and 40.4 percent from 3-point range. Last month, Hudson announced he was entering the draft without an agent. The 6-foot-6 Richmond, Va., native has until June 11 to decide whether to keep his name in the draft or return to UF for his senior season.

Most NBA mock draft websites project Hudson as a mid-to-late second round draft pick. The last Florida player to be drafted was forward Erik Murphy, who was picked in the second round (49th overall) by the Chicago Bulls in the 2013 NBA Draft.

The NBA Draft combine will take place May 16-20 in Chicago.


  1. Yes, most teams would like to have his points return. But, Hudson is laid back and displays zero leadership. That’s not going to change under Mittens White.

    Hudson does, though, put out some pretty good bs playerspeak to the media. The Gators already have enough soft players (of course, not surprising, Florida has a soft HC) — let’s hope that Hudson leaves.

  2. Hudson is a better than good player but the thing that concerns me is the process by which he landed at Florida. He road the bench for a year and we got zero production from him as an ineligible transfer player required to sit out a year. A two year investment for a pretty good one year return of productivity is not that effective overall. Negligible return IMO. A better than average high school recruit offers a better investment. As a freshman, we’re able to at least get some minutes of playIng time. Players’ that are required to sit out for a year are really questionable as a team asset from a program sustainability strategy. Yes, there have been examples of success but overall it’s a reach that great programs avoid.

  3. I sort of agree with bf that Hudson is just too laid back and White is not the type of coach who gets in a player’s face ala Bobby Knight. That said, I think White is a good coach who did the best he could with the limited material he had for 2017-18. Not sure I liked the offensive change after the first 5 games because Igor suddenly couldn’t hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach.
    Now, if White gets that big inside presence still tanks, I might revise my thinking. I did see a lot of defensive lapses (or non-changes) last season that I thought, as a former coach, should have been made. Then again, an arm-chair QB always makes the right move.

  4. UPDATE ON HUDSON (5-22-18): I live next to IMG in Bradenton and know some of the basketball coaches and scouts from my coaching days. Hudson is a D-league player or Europe. Only a few teams might take him late second round, but as bf says, he does NOT play with any fire and in the NBA, if you don’t play with fired-up enthusiasm, you will be FIRED WITH ENTHUSIASM. That’s not my opinion, that’s the scouts view. Wish he would stay but he definitely needs an attitude adjustment. Otherwise, he’s not contributing enough from the 3 spot.