Florida’s Hudson putting name in NBA draft

Texas Tech guard Davide Moretti (25) defends against Florida guard Jalen Hudson (3) during the first half of a second-round game at the NCAA men's college basketball tournament in Dallas, Saturday, March 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Florida could end up losing its leading scorer going into the 2018-19 season.

Junior guard Jalen Hudson announced Tuesday night he’s putting his name in the NBA draft without an agent. The 6-foot-6 Virginia Tech transfer has until June 11 to decide whether to keep his name in the draft or return for his senior season.

Hudson averaged a team-high 15.5 points for the Gators, shooting 45.5 percent from the field and 40.5 percent from 3-point range while starting 19 of 34 games.

Some scouts project Hudson as a possible second-round pick. The NBA mock draft website NBADraft.net predicts Hudson as the 52nd overall pick, late in the second round to the Chicago Bulls.

If Hudson leaves, it would open up a scholarship for the Gators to pursue either a transfer or incoming freshman for the 2018-19 roster.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday night, Hudson thanked fans, teammates and coaches at UF for their support.

“Over the next few weeks I will continue to weigh my options and make the best decision for myself and my family,” Hudson said in the post. “I feel so blessed to be in the position I am in and will continue to work hard every day to represent my family and the University of Florida.”



    • i think because they are in that arena where they are close enough to be considered a second round choice. I usually don’t think kids should leave until you are sure or have been given some real encouragement by pros that KNOW what they are talking about. He has skills and can be trained to be good enough to be in the league. There are WORST players sitting on benches in the league right now. I say if he’s sure or have gotten some assurances, go!

  1. First round talent, but inconsistent. Can be the best player on the floor, or disappear on any given night.
    If he comes back and works hard, could go first round. What I fear for these guys, and it happens in the football draft, too, is that “the league” ranks more players as picks than slots thst are there, to build up the draft pool. Hope Jalen comes back, for his sake snd ours.

  2. He’s gone, no big deal. He was a little soft for my liking. He’ll do what many
    have done — get drafted in the second round (maybe) and get cut.
    Then he goes to the basketball boneyard, Europe, and will end up not graduating
    with his basket weaving degree. It would be nice if Florida’s head case,
    K. Allen, left early too.

    Now, what happens when one or two of Ballard/Bassett/Okauru transfer?
    Mittens blatantly stuck it all three of these guys this season. Even an injured Gak didn’t
    get enough minutes.

    Only a couple things have to happen and Florida might be looking at being the SEC
    bottom feeder next season. But, on the other hand, the Gators have Mittens White,
    the young, bright coaching mind — so that would be a positive mitigating factor.

    • Stunned by your comments….NOT. The guys that are good enough to play pro ball, even in Europe, make more money a year than you ever have or ever will. Only a few players make it to getting real playing time in the NBA. They already have seen playing time on a lot bigger stage than you tho. Fact

      • Didn’t know that having an opinion was based on income. Thanks.

        High school teachers/coaches didn’t make much twenty years ago but loved what I did. Did get lucky in the stock market (solar stocks early on).

        Wouldn’t you be better served to channel your energy to the early presidential campaigns of either Yosef Obiden or Squaw Warren?

        • Sorry, but I’m a conservative….not that politics matter here. Income doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion, but calling the league in Europe a “boneyard” is narrow minded. Get out of your small house and see the world. You will realize there is a lot out there other than the rocks and sticky bushes in TX. Have a great day and as always, GO GATORS!!

  3. Can’t believe it-you posters are bashing this guy and for what? Because he decided to make a life decision to possibly make a ton of money? News flash people-every player that suits up for a college basketball team is not a 1st round pick! If some scout thinks he has good enough skills that he can be a valuable asset on the end of an NBA bench and make money then God bless him!! All it takes is for one team to love him and he’s in there. The guy has been nothing but stellar since he’s been at UF. Let’s try and support him rather than tearing him apart and blasting the guy. He’s not hired an agent so there’s the chance that he returns to school. I wish all Gators good luck in pursuing their dream of playing a professional sport. Good luck, Jalen and Go Gators!!

  4. I love this kid . I want him to have a great career in the NBA. But , as bad as the NFL is when it comes to advising kids about the draft, I think the NBA has the least credibility. And that is especially true when it comes to Fla kids. One player after the other from Florida was told he was a sure or potential 1st or 2nd round pick, only to go undrafted. It seems to happen every year. If they are telling Jalen he is a late 2nd rounder, the translation is “you won’t get drafted.” He is doing the right thing by exploring his options and not hiring an agent. I just hope he looks at the history of the advice kids generally and Fla players specifically, have been given before he makes a decision that could cost him 1st round status and a deep tournament appearance next year. Either way, I wish him the best.

      • No it wasn’t a joke. Did you forget we made it to the elite 8 last year? We made it to the second round this year with no centers. We lost three starters from this year’s team and Loyola is in the freaking final 4. Jalen Hudson would be the, or one of the, highest scorers in the SEC next year with Allen and all our centers but an injured Egbunu coming back. On the other hand, your team– Fla State– will go back to being the blind squirrel who can’t find a nut next year.

  5. Bingo! If he agrees with you that he has first round talent, then he should definitely come back. If he doesn’t have first round talent, then he should go. There’s nothing else to be gained by coming back. He can start making money overseas if he doesn’t make a team. If he’s selected in the second round as predicted, it’s nothing more than an NBA tryout over the summer months. He’s not guaranteed a spot on the roster. If he comes back and improves his defense to complement his offense with consistency, he might move up to first round. Right now, he’s only a role player with instant offense off the bench. As he meets with NBA teams in the next few months, his question should not be whether who might draft him in the second round if at all, it should be whether they believe he has first round talent.

  6. Wish him luck. I think he is making a good move to declare, but not sign with an agent.
    I live across the street from IMG Academy in Bradenton and several of my neighbors are coaches at IMG. According to the basketball analysts there, Hudson is ONLY a late 2nd round pick at best. They have concerns with his defense, ball handling skills and ability to play the 3 spot off the bench. He is not projected to be an immediate impact player, but might make an NBA roster as a 7th man.
    That’s not my analysis. Just repeating what those who scout players for the NBA. However I don’t disagree and the scouts say he is getting good advice to see where he is in the draft before signing, or coming back in 2018-19. The scouts DO NOT THINK HE WILL BE BACK.

  7. I think John’s choice was a no brainer. He has an NBA body right now and he would risk more injury I think by trying to come back. I think a team will take a flyer on him to develop after they evaluate his knee. They could essentially redshirt him while rehabbing and then they would have an NBA worthy big man waiting in the wings once healthy. Sure wish he could’ve suited up one more time for the orange and blue though. Good luck, John! We’ll miss you!! Go Gators!!

  8. Let me get right to the point! I would like to see if leave as we have Keyontae and Mr. Locke, probably the best shooter in the class of 2018 and new scholarship spot will open up for us. I think Hudson maxed out as a four year Junior, outperformed expectations and would not improve his draft status one bit by coming back.
    Gators in my opinion would be better with out him next year. Goodbye Jalen and good luck at the next level!!
    GO GATORS!!!!

    • Better off without Hudson, who might play pro ball next season, even if in Europe?! Yeah, right!

      You left out the best recruit, Nembhard. Don’t get your drawers in a bunch — Locke isn’t even a 5-star. And your “Keyontae” will get a lot of “seat” time next season.

  9. bf…Yes Nembhard should start at pg…but I knew I would get “checked” by someone..so let me sarcastically say…thank you…Hudson is a good player don’t get me wrong but he’s not a great player..and I’ll rather him leave and pursue his career as a professional and I wish him all the best but he wasn’t going to get any better as a 4th year junior..can we at least agree on that? He wasn’t even a starter on a regular basis granted he was instant offense off the bench but not consistent and very poor defender but got a little bit better as the season went by..Please do not get caught up in these 5 star ratings it’s not always accurate..tell me how many 5 stars Loyola of Chicago has on their roster or Villanova or Gonzaga please don’t get me started. But I can tell how many 5 stars that are on teams that are not in the Final 4. You need good players and you have to develop them ok? Noah Locke is a good player that has the capacity to play good defense and he is and excellent shooter. Keyontae Johnson is an impact player that you can make a case that should’ve been a McDonald’s All-American but guess what..he plays for a High School team that already had 2 or 3 players in the American game and could’ve been a factor why he also wasn’t selected but theirs not much of a drop between a 5 star recruit and a 4 star unless you’re a RJ Barrett type of player.

    Remember Steph Curry, I’m sure u do..the only college offered him a scholarship was Davidson I believe. How did he turn out? I think I made my point. We need to move on from Hudson so we can open up a new scholar to someone else and we need Ballard, Okauru, Locke, Keyontae to dominate the backcourt and of course we will have a bounce back season from Allen.

    You sound like a spoiled Ky fan Mr. one and not done lol (did you see that 30/30 on espn)
    . Dude just be excited about the upcoming season and stop be so negative. The future is very bright for the gators. We are loaded at the guard and small forward position. What we need in interior scoring and couple big men that can block shot and rebound the basketball.
    I like the debate, none have a crystal on exactly how the season will pan out but we’ll be fine dude.

    Go gators!!

  10. Bf- I sense your frustration but trust me..our limitations isn’t with Mike White..he took last year team on the brink of the final 4 in his second year. How many coaches can say that?

    I love Billy D man and I would never compare Mike White to him, it would’ve fair to Billy the kid, he brought us our only 2 nat’l championships.

    But I have to admit, I do see one glaring similarity and that is, they’ve both struggled to bring in quality bigs since Noah, Horford, and Brewer consistently.

    Billy D is a superior coach to Mike White but let’s not forget it took him a few years to get things rolling.

    Mike White has to tweek the offense and make it more attractive to recruit quality big men like Horford and Noah who by the way we’re 4 stars and not McDonalds all-Americans and they were tough as nails and guards were scared to go down the middle.

    I can’t tell you how many times I see Hayes smile after missing a dunk or a free throw this year and not it’s not just Hayes the team was soft as a pillow and I hear Mike White on the side lines to them to get mad and show to fight and toughness.

    The coach can team toughness but the players have to buy into the system.

    I’m sending out a search warrant for 2 quality men right now lol.

    • I wonder how many fans think White’s move from a fast-break, shoot-on-sight team in the first 6 games of the season was better than the slow-it-down and work-the-offense style he brought in after those 100 point games. White said his team had no defense early in the season. Well, maybe. But it certainly had an offense. Personally, as an ex-bball coach, I thought the up-tempo game was a good move for the type of players he had and considering the lack of any post presence. It was definitely more exciting than Chiozza calmly dribbling up the court, then dribbling left or right, then trying to drive against a zone, then–finally–passing to Igor or Hudson for a jump shot. Of course, everyone has a different opinion about White’s offensive change after those 100-plus games. Each coach has to do what he/she thinks will make the best team, and what players work better with some players than others. I think Gators will be better in 2018-19 because of post presence, defenders and speed. But that’s just my opinion.
      Anyone else think White should have stuck with the run-and-gun philosophy?

  11. bf- this line scares man I got to be honest..just too inexperience and I haven’t seen much from this line up except for Stone and Okauru.

    Stone is most definitely in my top 5..it red shirt year was the right thing for him..I see a lot of potential in him and I would be disappointed if he didn’t take another step..

    I just can’t see Allen have another off year man..we need him to be our go to guy along with Stone

    Nembhard has to take the reigns at pg and Okauru backing him up

    Chase Johnson could be a sleeper too, very athletic and just need to add some body and get some confidence
    Ballard is a gunner and plays out of control

    I know you’re not big on Keyontae and Locke but these 2 dudes are studs man and hungry and they’re coming in with a chip on their shoulders not getting much love from the so called experts and I that about them.
    That being said..this is what I’m hoping happens..
    staring five:
    Chase Johnson
    Bassett, Okauro, Stokes, Hayes, Locke

  12. Nembhard played very well in the National high school semi’s today and will play Unversity school from Davie Florida.

    Keyontae play well in a semi’s lost against University School.

    So we had 2 of our incoming freshmen’s playing the high schools final four today.

    Vernon Carey balled out as a big man for University School he would look very good in orange and blue but gators didn’t make the cut for one of the School he’s considering for 2019 class, a very big skilled big man and that hurts with him being from Florida.

    Scottie Barnes is a 6”8 small from 2020 class, rank #2 overall according to rivals and he has the gators in his top. Mike White and staff need to turn up the heat on his and make him a priority. By the time he gets to college should be around 6”10 with Kevin Durant like skills.

    Tune in to ESPN 12pm on 3/31 to support the future gator Nembhard.

    An all Florida high school championship for the first time and I can’t wait.