Beyond the arc: 3 takeaways from UF’s 72-69 OT loss to Georgia


Three observations following Florida’s 72-69 overtime loss at the O’Connell Center:

— Should the Gators have fouled up 59-56 with under 13 seconds left? The Gators had already allowed Georgia to grab two offensive rebounds by missing block outs on missed Georgia free throws during the game. As a result, Florida coach Mike White wasn’t confident in his team’s ability to get a rebound on the second miss. Coming off its best rebounding game of the season against South Carolina, the Gators were unable to control the boards against the Bulldogs, getting outrebounded 44-37. Florida has been beaten on the boards in 8 of 13 SEC games this season.

— It was a bad day at the office for junior center Kevarrius Hayes, who appeared to have a big momentum-changing block of Yante Maten early in the second half. But Hayes was whistled for two offensive fouls down the stretch and missed three of four free throws in overtime. The normally reliable Gators once again struggled at the line, going 16 of 27 (59.3 percent), which played a big factor in the loss.

— Bottom line, White’s stall ball with under 10 minutes left while holding a double digit lead isn’t working. The Gators got into too many late shot clock situations and passed up good looks for bad looks late in the shot clock.


  1. Stall ball is a recipe for disaster and losing. Its a losers mentality. That what the coach has turned this team into. Losers. Run the fricking ball. This team is not good enough to hold the ball late into the shot clock and then make a basket. It has no superstar one on one player. It has no big man that can score inside. Why slow down the natural momentum of this team?

  2. That statement is on the money. The slowdown strategy is hurting this team. The player combinations is another. Play the freshman because Hayes is a liability. No offensive production in the paint which could result in opponent bigs getting into foul trouble. Momentum stoppage by the constant rotations. Leave hot players in the game.

  3. Time for the White defenders to man up! Are we to believe that it’s ALL of the players or could it be that ONE, the coach, is the problem? He doesn’t even act like a coach! Time and again, and again, the Gators are going off the rails and White just stands on the sideline with a blank stare! His coaching style isn’t changing! Florida is committed to this monster fake until 2023! Bruce Pearl and a host of other coaches would have three losses with this team right now.

    No clue as to why decent recruits would want to play for this guy. Don’t be surprised if there are de-commits and transfers. As recently as two weeks ago, I posted that they would not qualify for the NCAA tourney. Almost everyone on here laughed, thought I was an idiot. Even if they make it, some team much more deserving will have gotten royally screwed.

    If the AD, Stricklin, doesn’t know the basketball program is at DEFCON4 right now, he has to be a true numbskull. Ole Miss, we pray that you remove this coaching garbage from Gainesville and relocate to Oxford. Thank you in advance.

      • Yep. How this kid hasn’t gotten the GatorSports ban hammer is beyond me. C’mon Arnold Fleciano.

        He obviously is not taking my suggestion for mental health treatment. If there was an internet version of the Baker Act, he would never get out.

  4. Can’t believe Coach Mike White can’t line us up like every other team does when you have to get the ball inbounds at game winning situations!! Coach please watch the film and see how Georgia did it!! Come on Coach White !!!!!!!!!