Dooley Noted: A little perspective on college basketball officiating


Pat reviews Florida’s loss at Ole Miss and discusses the men’s basketball team’s prospects for the season.


  1. Good analysis Pat! Last Saturday I quit watching with 2 minutes to go. Suggested corrective counseling for the ref who missed the “not even close” out bounds call: make him watch the replay 100 times in a row, non-stop. Then ask him “do you get it?”

  2. A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about ”college officiating in basketball” and how they were going to call more fouls to ”clean up” the game. Make it more ”pure”, so to speak. I have seen the opposite; allowing muggings! Egor Koulechov gets thrown down to the court, much like a receiver getting thrown down by a D.B., and then ”nada” from the refs. Steve Russell once asked us on his radio show, ”what do we dislike about college sports?” Of course, I said, ”the REFS!” And lastly, Egbunu will be nice to have back, but I won’t expect much from him. He needs to stay healthy for the next chapter of his life, an NBA run! GO GATORS! BEAT ARKANSAS!