Mets’ Tebow to miss rest of season with cut hand

Syracuse Mets left fielder Tim Tebow waits on deck during a Triple-A game against the Pawtucket Red Sox on Thursday in Syracuse, NY. (Michael Greenlar/The Post-Standard via AP)

The 31-year-old Tebow hit .163 in 77 games during his first season with Triple-A Syracuse but hasn’t played since July 21 after injuring himself fielding a ball in the outfield. The laceration required several stitches. Syracuse’s regular season ends Sept. 2.

This is the second straight year Tebow’s season will end prematurely. He missed the final two months of 2018 because of a broken bone in his right hand.

The 2007 Heisman Trophy-winner out of the University of Florida is in his third year of professional ball and first in Triple-A after a three-year stint at quarterback in the NFL. He has batted .223 with 18 homers in 287 minor league games.



        • So, dontcare – .273 isnt near 300? It kind of stupid to list an average for the whole time he’s been in the minors. Almost no ones starts great, its where they have gotten to in their last year of play. Do you average a football teams last 4 years to determine their greatness? do you average a baseball teams last 4 years, basketball?, tennis?, golf?,volleyball?,gymnastics?, track?, badminton?, etc. etc. etc. No, its their latest year you look at! He was better at AA than he had been at A, A+. The injury at the end of 2018 seem to carry over to AAA plus its a step up to AAA so I expected him to struggle the 1st year. There is a greater difference between AA and AAA than A and AA. The injuries are too bad because father time is not his friend, but he has done very well and I expect his hitting next year will be closer to his AA average. I notice how you posted his strikeout numbers and I had to laugh as I remember how many Babe ruth had. Many great hitters do!

  1. He cut his hand in a freak accident diving to make a catch in the outfield. I don’t think he will ever be a major league player, but he has the money to chase his dream as long as he wants, and some team is willing to give him a roster spot.