SEC Baseball Tournament



  1. The Gators got killed by msu by playing a strategy to be full strength in the tournament. What could they possibly have gained by playing Schwartz with a bum finger or using a pitching staff that could use the rest and healing period? They remained the No 1 seed going in to the tournament and they got some other players some game time. There is the thought that they may have lost momentum, but what momentum does a team keep if they play hurt. Sully played the right strategy and if we play the dogs again, the outcome could be quite different.

  2. This tournament means little to nothing for UF. I remember last year when they advanced a round or 2 and then lost to Arkansas by, I think, 16-1 or something close to that. They still went into the NCAA tourney with a top 8 seeding, meaning they would, like this year, play their Regional and Super Regional at home. As I recall, the team finished pretty well last year with their first CWS title. I just hope the pitching rebounds for the Big Tourney and we get to Omaha once again.