The Back Nine: Heavy on college football


As you might expect, this week’s edition of the Back Nine is heavy on college football.

Riley Cooper: White Lightning.

1. Can Riley Cooper run or what? “I’m going to tell y’all like this, man,” Chris Rainey said Saturday night. “That’s the fastest white dude I’ve ever seen in my life. He is super fast. Oh my god.” Seriously, we need to set up a race. And I might include Charleston Southern cornerback Jacques Bazile, who caught up to Rainey on his 76-yard touchdown run. Cooper’s speed was not affected by his illness (try slo-mo on the vomit scene as Cooper leaves the game in the second quarter).

From Pats to Patsies.
From Pats to Patsies.

2. Think Richard Seymour had a good weekend? His Bulldogs were beaten by Oklahoma State and then he gets traded to the black hole that is Oakland Raider football. After eight years and three Super Bowl rings, he is now going to play for a team hoping to win five games and keep the head coach out of jail. From classy to classless. It’s enough to make Riley Cooper want to puke.

3. Speaking of nice weekends, how about that Atlantic Coast Conference? Virginia and Duke both lost to Div. I-AA teams,
Maryland was hammered by Cal and Virginia Tech lost the conference’s biggest game by surrendering 18 fourth-quarter points. But we don’t get any respect. Uh-huh, there’s a reason for that. The Al Groh Death March is officially under way. The Cavs turned it over seven times in losing to Bill and Mary. You just can’t do that and stay employed.

4. And one game into the season we have a jumbled mess again. Because Brigham Young showed more than just a flashy passing attack to beat Oklahoma. Funny how you penciled in a loss for Miami against Oklahoma, but now you’re not so sure. And BYU-FSU could be a huge game. Ah, the beauty of the sport.

5. Like, for instance, Northern Iowa getting two field goals blocked on back-to-back plays when either one would have won the game. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Or Navy having a two-point conversion to tie mighty Ohio State and it goes the other way for a pick-two. Bad call, by the way. The Bucks could not stop the option. Why throw it?

So you're sayin' there's a chance ...
So you're sayin' there's a chance ...

6. So everybody is dismissing Sam Bradford’s chances to win the Heisman Trophy? Not so fast, my friends. If he comes back and leads Okie past Texas and into the National Championship game there is going to be a lot of sentimental voting. Now, the chances of that happening are not good. I’d say Bradford has about a five-percent chance to repeat. But I’m saying there is a chance.

Bad day for the Zooker.
Bad day for the Zooker.

7. Maybe the most surprising result was Illinois’ 37-9 loss to Missouri. “I’m embarrassed with it, but I’m sure not ready to throw in the towel,” said Ron Zook. It didn’t help that receiver Arrelious Benn left the game early with an ankle injury. But the Illini, as Zook teams tend to do, came out flat. “Something happened on the way from Champaign to here,” said quarterback Juice Williams. Maybe they watched a tape of the UF-Mississippi State game from 2004.

8. Saturday night’s game in The Swamp was the 15th time Florida has limited an opponent to seven points or less since Urban Meyer arrived in Gainesville and made the smart move of retaining Charlie Strong on the staff. OK, Charleston Southern was really bad. But Florida showed nothing tricky defensively. And it looks like they’ll need something special against Tennessee. A lot of people are jumping on the Lane Train.

The Swamp was a-rockin'.
The Swamp was a-rockin'.

9. An e-mailer suggested I grade the crowd in my Sunday grades of the Gator football team. If I did I would have given Saturday’s an ‘A.’ Really vocal and into it and filled the place. I think that was the best opening crowd I’ve seen in The Swamp since 1990. By the way, I could use a couple more questions for Dr. Football. And I’m tweeting now at

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  1. You write “But Florida showed nothing tricky defensively. And it looks like they’ll need something special against Tennessee. A lot of people are jumping on the Lane Train.”

    1. I couldn’t tell whether Florida held back against CS or whether we’re likely to allow opponents to move the ball fairly easily this year. i kept waiting in the first two series for a couple of blitzes with alot of speed, and I never saw it. Not called?

    2. UT beat an inferior team and looked pretty good doing it, but I’m not buying a ticket on that Lane Train. Having seen what UF can do when it has “mission” in a game, I still ike UF pretty big against UT.

    3. Fun game to watch between FSU and Miami. Fun game to think about when FSU plays other teams that throw the ball well. (Same for Miami). Does either team have a secondar? (Especially FSU?)

  2. Speaking of the Lane train, according to a cousin who lives up in the K-Ville area there is already alot of talk of how Monte Kiffin is gonna shut down Tebow and the offense. They seem to think they are gonna come in, hit us in the mouth and push our O and D Lines around and show the Gators ( you know, the finesse team according to Desmond Howard) how physical football is really played. Amazing how one game over an overmatched foe can really raise your confidence. Guess we’ll see if the Lane Train rolls on or gets derailed.

  3. CSU was a shock. I was expecting a mauling and got a slapping. Where we chillin’, or did some “Championitis” rub off on our boys? I hope I do not have to eat all the trash I served over the offseason. Right now, I’m a lil worried about UT. I hope we’re better than we looked!

  4. I have a problem with us scheduling CS but since it is a done deal; seeing how our freshmen and soph’s played I am actually already getting excited about NEXT YEAR! Our O and D lines will be strong, defense should be as good as this year and with Brantley maturing like he is… Post-Tebow will be bearable! Troy will help us get ready for UT, I say we come out both games ready to hit them HARD right in the mouth! Go Gators!

  5. Well I truly hope that all UF fans choke on the hots dogs they are eating tonight, that Tebow is out for the remainder of the season, and that all the Ho brought to UK on the plane catch the swine flu from the players. You all make me sick and I pray for the day when anyone beats UF as often and badly as UF has beaten UK. May a thousand flees infect the arm pits of all associated with UF football.