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  • These devices will make your dog and cat wonder how you got so smart

    I’m not sure how much interest my 14-year-old “puppy” has in technology unless it makes her bed softer or her food come from the table and not a can. This doesn’t mean we can’t spoil our furry friends with a little...

  • Just what your favorite techie ordered

    Just what your favorite techie ordered

    From a self-balancing scooter to a spiffy stylus, these gifts are sure to please

  • For fitness: If you have the will, apps show the way

    For fitness  If you have the will  apps show the way

    If you know anybody who has lost a few pounds then you’re already aware how eager these people are to share their tips, secrets, and Yoda-like advice on getting lean and ripped. As your tech soothsayer, who just happened to lose 55 pounds this...

  • The latest Boom!

    The latest Boom 

    Being a tech writer means lots of “idea shopping” trips to Best Buy. Sometimes you just need to go fondle devices and pick some Geek Squad brains to aid in getting your weekly column out. In doing so, I've befriended some employees who...

  • Tech gifts that’ll give dad a charge

    Tech gifts that  8217 ll give dad a charge

    Men are simply wired to receive gifts that plug in and do stuff.