Gainesville Magazine: Magic Moment

  • River Styx tableau

    River Styx tableau

    North Central Florida’s backroads constantly reward the wanderer, and I seldom resist the urge to act upon the rhetorical question “where does that road go?”

  • Eclipse of the sun

    Eclipse of the sun

    The summer before fourth grade, I remember pulling into a rest area while on a road trip through Georgia with my mom to see an eclipse of the sun.

  • Island Life

    Island Life

    For nearly a decade I have heard the stories of wild horses on Cumberland Island on the coast of southern Georgia.

  • New Parents

    New Parents

    My wife, Kim, and I head-ed to the backyard with our son Falon, 1, to get some fresh air in March of this year. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, just a couple of sandhill cranes. We regularly have these two needling our yard for bugs and what...

  • ‘Over Cappadocia’

      8216 Over Cappadocia  8217 

    Is it a dream or have we stepped into a painting by Salvador Dali? We are floating in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, the moonscaped, mystical region of Central Turkey.

  • A farewell to Gainesville’s ‘snowbirds’

    A farewell to Gainesville  8217 s   8216 snowbirds  8217 

    Cattle and sandhill cranes share a grazing space on Paynes Prairie along the southbound lanes of US 441 in Gainesville in February.