Gainesville Magazine: Feeling Good

  • Summer is the perfect time to kickstart your quest

    Summer is a good time to recharge. When my favorite season rolls around, I always find myself wishing that I was still a student or a teacher and had three solid months to just do "me." Retreats are a good way to kick-start a healthy summer...

  • The not-so-sweet side of sugar

    The not so sweet side of sugar

    A few years ago, on a flight back to Florida from London, I skimmed a review of a book called, “I Quit Sugar.” Kind of like getting on the scale, I wanted to know, but I didn’t.

  • Follow these simple tips to keep healthy and happy this season

    Follow these simple tips to keep healthy and happy this season

    It’s that season. You know when you’re sneezing during yoga class, as I recently did, that colds are on their way, along with the flu and other illnesses.