Gainesville Magazine: Car Crazy

  • In search of the universal car

    In search of the universal car

    Travel raises a question: Why aren’t European models sold here?

  • Making safety sexy

    Making safety sexy

    Today’s new cars boast high-tech (and very cool) life-preserving features.

  • Summer fantasy rides

    Summer fantasy rides 

    Live the dream with a getaway rental.

  • News from the auto show

    News from the auto show

    The North American International Auto Show in Detroit is the must-see event for an auto journalist, a car aficionado or anyone with even a passing interest in what’s new in the auto world.

  • Oh, car of mine...

    Oh  car of mine   

    Do you remember the first car you ever loved?

  • Power surge

    Power surge

    Tesla's true believer nation in Florida is a hearty crew, numbering 660 owners of the $80-thousand Model S luxury electric car and its precedent sportster.