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Around the Table

  • Figs are a sweet summer treat

    Figs are a sweet summer treat

    Warm weather may make us miserable, but certain crops that thrive in hot humid conditions and figs are one of the sweetest. North Florida has several different kinds of figs that grow successfully here — LSU purple, LSU gold, Celeste and, most...

  • Sweet dreams are made of these

    Sweet dreams are made of these

    Ice cream proprietor celebrates the joys of this frozen treat – and how you can make ti at home

Home at Last: Tales of Rescue

  • Pawsitive Tails in Time program helps both dogs and inmates

    Pawsitive Tails in Time program helps both dogs and inmates

    When I was asked to share Scarlet's journey, I spent a long time trying to find out how I could best tell her story. Then it hit me ... she can tell it better than I ever could. So, without further ado ... The Journey of an Ex-Prisoner, as told by...

Movie Night

Generation Next

  • What drives Danielle

    What drives Danielle

    Eastside High junior Danielle Dede has a compelling reason to make cancer survivors' lives easier

Giving Back

  • Saving the waterways of Florida, one trip at a time

    Saving the waterways of Florida  one trip at a time 

    It is all too easy to be jaded by the natural beauty of Florida; the pristine images presented in commercials, billboards and advertisements beckon us to the state with photos of clear blue lakes, rivers, springs and waterways. But in reality, many...

Home & Garden

  • Fit for a family

    Fit for a family

    Who knew a home this large could be so warm and inviting? These former high school sweethearts did; thet's have created a cozy dwelling for their four children

Feeling Good

  • Summer is the perfect time to kickstart your quest

    Summer is a good time to recharge. When my favorite season rolls around, I always find myself wishing that I was still a student or a teacher and had three solid months to just do "me." Retreats are a good way to kick-start a healthy summer...

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