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  • KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — As the HBC might quip, you can’t spell turnover without UT.

    The Florida Gators, along with some help from the erring Vols, turned the school on Rocky Top into the University of Turnover on […]

    • Agreed. Let’s see how we fare vs MSU.

    • Long night for Robbie. Liked his opening line… thought I read it somewhere else as well but could be me. I don’t worry about newspaper predictions this time of year…it’s still early to me. I suppose you could argue that the turnovers hid some flaws and we aren’t ready for a more powerful opponent, but that’s for a later day. Right now we have gotten better in several areas since the season started. And I see more improvement coming.

    • Almost everyone on here yesterday was so incredibly negative. How are all of you experts feeling this morning? Guess that’s why you have to play the game!! Franks still has a ways to go yet but continues to show flashes and right now we just have to be satisfied with that. Leave all the negativity at home And give our guys a chance. Go Gators!!

    • No doubt hustle created the majority of the turnovers and they were not “gifted”. More importantly, the Gators capitalized on them! (Although I must say that for a while in the second half I thought the game plan was to build a big lead and then eat up the clock for about a half with Gator 3 and Outs, counting on Tennessee to be less ept)

      We’re not out of the woods yet, but we are improving week to week and a good transition season is not out of the question at all. Kentucky exposed MSU last night, so that is good. I’m feeling much better after reading yesterday how we didn’t stand a chance. One game at a time!

      • Well said ‘6’, as usual. And I do think Mullen was trying to run out the clock, and work on the run offense. And with a lead, in a hostile environment like Whaa-land, I mean, Neyland Stadium, it made sense. I do think ”there is improvement to be made.” But whether you played at the Gainesville Rec. Dept. Little league, or Gainesville High Varsity Football, you have to ”improve each week.” I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that in my amateur football life. And the Gators will IMPROVE! But for now, they just SILENCED one of the BIGGEST STADIUMS in the U.S. CHOMP-CHOMP! Now going into this week, the ”storyline” will be Coach Mullen going to his old school, and FLA. and M.S.U. only having ‘1’ loss, and to the SAME TEAM. Damn Wildcats, not so tame this year. But, GO GATORS! I’m a very happy Gator on the Good Lord’s Sunday morning! GO GATORS!

    • ”Truth-teller”, good points! And I would quote Stephen Leacock to illustrate it, as he said, ”I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
      And for the plays that some of us Gator fans would like to see more of (for me at least), like more speed sweeps, and quick slants to Toney, and more flats’ passing to playmakers. So for Coach Mullen, ”He that will use ALL THE WIND must shift his sail.” -Beaumont and Fletcher.
      But I am a happy & proud Gator. And they’re improving! I just want to see… ”MORE, MORE, MORE!” I think Brittany Spears had a song like that, 10 years ago. LOL!
      GO GATORS!

  • KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Florida starting middle linebacker David Reese made an impactful return Saturday night against Tennessee after missing the first three games of the season with an ankle injury.

    On his fifth p […]

    • Glad to see r j raymond score that touchdown. My kind of gator.
      Our defense also looks a very good gator defense and the special teams too. When Can we dispense with the poor mouthing? We have a solid program and I like our chances next week just like I thought we would win today. Sometimes you get more breaks than you need like today and sometimes you can’t get one when you need it like Kentucky but I like this team and I like the qb in spite of his faults.

  • Tonight
    Who: Florida (2-1, 0-1 SEC) vs. Tennessee (2-1, 0-0)
    When: 7 p.m.
    Where: Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tenn.
    TV: ESPN
    Radio: AM-850, 103.7-FM
    Vegas line: UF plus 4.5

    All-time series: Thanks to the […]

    • How about the match up with U.T.’s secondary vs. U.F.’s W.R.s: Cleveland and Jefferson? Or how about the Toney affect? You and Pat have really been burned by the loss to U.K. While I really think Florida has the athletes to win at Neyland Stadium. I guess I am one of the few. Oh well, ”What did the big tomato say to the little tomato?” Watch the movie ”Pulp Fiction” for the answer! GO GATORS!

      • Your comment proved to be pulp nonfiction…Tennessee got beat to a pulp..and they couldn’t “ketchup”.

        I had us safely winning 24 to 21. Oh well.

        I did think Kentucky was better than most people thought.

        Let’s just let this thing play out. We’re not that bad and most other teams we will he playing aren’t that good.

    • If anyone’s interested, the NFC North and East division Champions are beating Texas A&M 45-16. Alabama could beat the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday at 1pm, then the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football at 8:30. And yet, here’s the Florida football program that once had a proud tradition of dominance.

  • Florida cornerbacks coach

    Q: What do you think about matching up with UT’s long receivers?

    A: I think we’ve got a great challenge. They have skill and talent. They play hard. Our guys have got to play fun […]

  • KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Being the new Florida coach, Dan Mullen has already piled up a bunch of firsts.

    First time out of the tunnel. First win. First loss. First player to announce he was transferring in the l […]

    • I know that Mullen has said that he expects to win and compete for a championship this year, but it’s hard not to believe that he knows what pretty much everyone knows: that was never a realistic goal for this year. Somewhere between 7 and 9 wins has seemed to be more achievable, though the loss to KY made 8 or 9 wins look much less likely. That’s still not out of the realm of possibility, in my estimation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage 7 wins or less.

      We need to keep perspective on the team and expectations for the year. Mullen needs some time to make the team truly competitive for championships once again. In the meantime, we should also recognize improvement where it is apparent. For example, even though the offense has struggled this year, it is significantly better than it was last year. Unfortunately, the defense seems a bit worse so far, but many of its problems can be fixed with better attention to detail.

  • Heading into the season, I believed that this Tennessee game would be crucial for the Gators because a win would keep the early momentum going for Dan Mullen in his rebuilding project. And a loss would, at least […]

    • I don’t think it’s that dire in Knoxville Saturday, although I certainly respect Robbie’s football acumen. But he’s right to bring up the bone of contention that we all know about and occasionally treat as a dead elephant in the middle of the room. We’ll see, but it may take more guts than this particular Gator team knows they have yet.

      • I posted this on another article but should have here instead:

        think this game is critical for us to win in not only determining the pecking order of the east but recruiting. We are already falling behind to “Alabama East” and can’t afford to lose to a team who has a first time head coach who was their 15th choice and just came off a dumpster fire, zero SEC win year. We have a long row to hoe just to be competitive with the Dawgs and don’t need to be trying to catch up with two teams in the east. We should be fine talent-wise but SHOULD have an overwhelming advantage at head coach. I love Mullen and was hoping he would one day be our HBC before we fired Chester Cheetos Teeth but losing to UT will make me more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

        I hope your much smarter than me and right 6!

        • Dallas, you’ve probably got me on smarts, but I do get lucky on my picks! And Daz, Cody Alan just posted last nite on that subject too….

    • And yet, we hear nothing as to how this football program came to be at this level. We hear nothing about the previous administration lack of attention to detail and lack of pursuing and maintaining a tradition of a powerful football program at UF. We still here nothing about the current administration’s level of commitment and their time frame for re-building a once proud football program. Might want to put some other big money projects on hold and focus where the needs of biggest sport on campus is. Don’t hold onto a mistake because you spent a lot of time making it!

      And yet, this really could be a game Florida needs. The football team may really need a vacation from Gainesville. Get away and focus on team and focus on winning. Focus on coming out and just destroying an opponent from start to finish.

      And yet, Tennessee 21, Florida 17. Just don’t see anything in Florida’s performances so far that leads me to believe they’re in it to win it.

    • No way. Have you seen the Vols offense?

    • Debbie Downer please go away. Yes we are struggling and yes we have challenges, particularly the OLine. But I believe in Dan Mullen and I think we’ll all be surprised how quickly Mullen gets us back on track. Gators 17-10.

    • I haven’t seen the Gators play a complete game so far this year and that’s what they’re going to need to win in Knoxville. The offense is what we thought it would be and the defense has a lot of trouble tackling. The only bright spot so far is that they haven’t blocked each other yet. Plus they’re going to be playing in front of a very hostile crowd. I hope I’m wrong but I have to go with the Orange Creamsicles by an embarrassing score.


        You too, oldman?

        • I’m afraid so, Agent 6. You have no idea just how much I hope I’m wrong. This is stacking up to be a throw away year much like Pell’s first. I just don’t want to wind up in the same cesspool as he did.

    • What I would like to see if for Mullen to get others on the offense involved, so that it is not all on Franks. A little bit of Toney, a bit of running from Peirce, those are the guys who can take the heat off Franks.

    • I have different reasons for thinking we win and maybe big. Tenn is constantly creating bad karma for themselves and the chickens are coming home to roost,…again like last year. The Lane Kiffen curse is still on them. And the way they treated Schiano last year with the rioting of the students ? They still have some penance to pay. They just don’t deserve to win. We have been good guys, albeit unskilled. We paid our dues for Mac already. Mullen is going to be good for us. This is Good v. Evil fellas and the good guys will win in the end.

    • Man, such doom and gloom. I think both Robbie and Pat will be eating crow come Sunday morning, trying to explain how Florida romped. Peirce gets the start and does his best Emmitt Smith imitation. Toney scores on a jet sweep. Another blocked punt leads to a score and Franks looks like the reincarnation of Rex Grossman. All of this on top of a 53-yard field goal by Evan McPherson. Man I love Fridays in September. So easy to be optimistic. Gators 52-5!

      • David, I like your thinking. Sadly, there’s NOT enough of it around this program anymore. I do think Florida wins (the damn JET SWEEP is coming, it better be!). But to score 52, well, the Head Ball Coach will have to ”coach ’em up” to do that. But I totally dig your comment!

    • Hmmm….CO……Jones…..CO Jones? For reals?

    • Aw, come on, Brett……he’s just wrong, that’s all.

    • Did you watch the CSU game? UF defense looked improved. Much better gap control. They’ll most likely have Reese back at LB. Jefferson was back and played solidly. Zuniga had some nice moments. No way the Vol offense treats the Gator D like Kentucky did.

    • Marshall, I live here too. And I agree. As much as we talk about the lack of Gator talent, UT is in an even more troublesome situation. This roster is not strong or deep. I don’t think either team is going to dominate. But I don’t see any reason why the Gators cannot win a game they really need to win.

    • I don’t see that much negativity here. Just lots of good discussion and opinions. And I don’t think anyone here “roots against” Franks. We’re Gator fans, why would we do that. But the reality is in the performance. And Franks performance to date (for many documented reasons) hasn’t been great. All the fans and posters here are wanting is to put the best QB on the field that will help this program in the long term. Many don’t think Franks is it. But if he turns out to be great…if he comes out Saturday and lights up Neyland, no one here will complain.

      Coach Mullen has his opinion on who’s best for this program and that is the only one that matters. And for now, he has chosen Franks. Whether I agree with that (I do) or not, I surely support Coach Mullen!!!

    • Lol. The language made me wonder, too.

    • I haven’t watched Tennessee play, so I have to go by what others say about their problems. The Gators have problems, too, but I think that some of them have been exaggerated by fans and sports writers because no one is giving Kentucky any respect. Historically, KY is a poor team, so it’s hard to think of them as being much good now, but my sense is that they are ready to have a good season and surprise a few people. Not to the extent that they can challenge Georgia, but enough that they could end up number two in the SEC East. Their qb seems to have some impressive skills and they have a strong running game. This is to say that I do not think that the loss to KY means that the Gators are no good. The defense played very poorly in some ways (especially not staying in and taking care of gaps), but they were much more disciplined last Saturday. And Franks still struggles in some ways (with some improvement). Unless Tennessee is better than many here think, I like the Gators’ chances.

      • I meant to add that the Gators’ offense is better than last year in spite of the quarterback’s struggles.

    • MY OPINION: Pierce needs to get at LEAST 15 touches. He is the one back I have seen on the Gators with true,k game-changing ability, much like Percy Harvin had for 2 national titles. As for Franks, he’s completing 52.7 percent of his passes, one of the lowest for a starting QB in the country. He has not shown me much improvement. If he continues his weak showing, either put Trask in or give up on the season. Gators have game breakers. They just need to get them the ball. That’s my OPINION

    • Yeah, you’re right! The kid has no talent and can’t do anything except maybe gain yards and score touchdowns. A lot of good that’ll do us. He’ll wilt against an actual college team and they only put him in against 3rd stringers to make boobs like us think he may be something special. Why, he oughtta be carrying real players jocks, not pretending to to be one himself!

      But seriously, George, I know you didn’t say all that, but it would be great to get a chance to see him get a few more carries — the more we see, the more we can answer those questions!

    • Not most of us, Phil……we get it. Disappointed? Yes. Suicidal? No.

    • We need to seriously use Toney as a slot man and as a QB

    • It’s a lot like how Mullen described the teams mentality towards winning. That they were relieved they won instead of excited. I hope our players aren’t of the same mindset as Robbie!

    • The offense is what most people fixate on and rightfully so. However, I had such high expectations for this season because I assumed our defense would be top 10 per usual and figured Mullen could get our offense to a respectable level in his first year. I NEVER would have guessed our defense would struggle the way they did against UK and if our offense doesn’t improve (which I think it has, just not as much as I had hoped, YET) then I’m at old lady level of worrying about our season. What I’m hoping is that UK is way better than anyone thought or even currently thinks and we go on to grow, get better and have a good season. It hinges on this Saturday however.

    • My prediction is that if we lose the sky will be falling and if we win no one will give us credit because we’ll, Tennessee sucks.

    • I share in your assessment of this game Robbie. Better line play and home field advantage is more than enough to be the edge for UT. It is our special teams play that gives me some ray of hope for an upset.

      I disagree with you on the impact a loss would have on the season. Every week is a new week with this team.

    • Against an average UT team, Gators need to get the ball to the playmakers. Not sure Franks has that ability yet. His 53.7 percent completion rate is last in SEC among starters. I have seen forced throws, and throws to a wide open receiver that missed by 5 yards. Mullen believes in him and he gets the big bucks to make these decisions. Tenn. will tell us if Franks is on the upswing or just doesn;t have it. If he doesn’t have it Saturday, it might be time to let Trask take the snaps. The season appears losr with Ut win.

    • UT dumpster fire it’s a few years out.

  • Florida offensive line coach John Hevesy has a simple game plan for his linemen Saturday in Knoxville.
    Play hard and fast — and hit somebody. Always hit somebody.
    “We’ve just got to play with confidence,” he sa […]

    • Good article Robbie, I really like the O-line part, it’s better to hit than to be hit. And ”go fast” and figure out ”the mistakes” in the film room is great advice. Because at the very least, they’re ”hitting a defender”, and that’s ‘1’ defender that’s not able to tackle a Gator. Go Gators! Rock the Vols!

    • I love what Hevesy said. essentially the thing to look for in linemen, offensively or defensively for that matter, are violent guys who love playing the game because they can hit people without being arrested. They should be the most carnivorous group on the team. No salad bars for these guys. You want them camping out in the parking lots of Brazilian steak houses!

    • Tampa looks like Mikey by the conversational sentence structure.

    • Who knows? But Clyde is right, and the sooner they do know it the better they’ll be.

  • Had someone come up with an over/under for the number of receptions Florida starting tight end C’Yontai Lewis would have through the first three games of the season, it likely would have been close to double f […]

    • Play Krull and Stephens more and Lewis less and a big part of the problem will be solved.

    • I cannot fathom the part of the headline “solid play from tight ends..” Yea, solid drop the football. This is another year of a loaded position letting the team down. If we could run tight end drag and crossing routes and have our tight ends catch the ball when thrown to them, our receivers, (who can’t catch very well either) would have easier opportunities to drop passes! Throw and catch is fundamental. Look the ball into your hands. Catch the ball with your hands. Catch first, run second. If the ball is thrown your way, go get it! If you can’t get it, be sure nobody else can catch it! The concept isn’t that difficult. And yet, still we have no production out of the tight ends, and pass routes are not being run efficiently along with receivers dropping passes. Of course, not to leave out Franks, who has to see them open, and make the correct decision to throw them the ball!

    • Or, it could just be gas, Jaws. Seriously, I think (like just about everything else this year) they’ll get there. And, as Franks improves across the board, so will they. Or, maybe Trask will end up getting a shot, but I think the end result will be the same. To me, it’s not so much a question of “why” so much, but a question of “when”. I’ve forced myself to be very patient this year!

      But great thought just the same, and I hope it’s not something you ate.

    • Franks has 2 big weaknesses. He can’t make the throws to receivers in the middle of the field. He holds the ball too long.

      Watch the film, there are plenty of times the TEs are open. Franks either doesn’t make the throw, or makes a bad throw. Yeah, the TEs have dropped some passes, but I believe their lack of production stems from Franks’ inability to make the throws to open TEs. He admitted himself that he struggles with passes in the middle. The TEs often run slants and skinny posts through the middle.

      I believe this is also part of why the O-Line’s performance looks so poor at times. They’re not great, but they’re not as bad as they looked against UK. Again, if you watch that game film. Franks could have avoided pressure simply by getting rid of the ball.

      Franks isn’t the only reason the Gators offense is struggling. He is a major contributor to many of their issues.

      That said, based upon what we’ve been hearing about McElStain, we have to accept that Franks is closer to being a Frosh QB who has played a few games. I believe he’ll get better.

      We as Gator fans have to be patient, even though patience is a dirty word in Power 5 football.

      Personally I’ll consider 6 wins, a bowl win and the commitment from at least two 4-star or higher O-Line recruits a success for this season. Face it, this team had more problems than I believe most of us realized.

    • Jaws I was thinking the same thing. TE have been tested in the first game and have been blocking more. If to say expect the unexpected and then I would have to defer to 6 who says it might just be gas. I hope not but I have a feeling we are going to be turning it up a bit from here on out. Plays designed with different first and second looks to test Franks but that will change how defenses react to us as well. We look better that we did last year. Assessment of first three weeks. Week one not much of a test but a chance to play at game speed, Week two -we were not ready for week two, but it showed us where we are. Week three we are still improving with holes in our game. I haven’t looked over the recording of the game but I’d suspect the T.E. were blocking more last week after our OL got pushed by KY. If the OL can have a good day the T.E. will be a threat.

    • E. Jones Yes obviously Franks holds the ball too long but another problem that has plagued Franks is that often, although his pass is sometimes apparently on target if you look back at the play again or in slow motion it can be seen that the pass has been thrown slightly off target. The ball often comes a little behind the receiver or a little too high or too low, or just a little bit too far in front. The result is that many of the passes that seem to get there are not easy balls to catch. Franks seems to have the arm and talent but has a confidence problem and second guesses his own football instincts. Can he grow out of this and other problems like not being able to go through his progressions and locate the open receiver with good coaching? Only time will tell but long leash or not the question is how long?

  • After losing both lines of scrimmage in the loss to Kentucky, the goal against Colorado State was to be tougher, more physical and more effective on both lines.
    Both were a little better, but the defensive line […]

    • I’m not sure they don’t care…’s their gumption to do more than they have to that I still question. I don’t automatically think it’s a talent issue, but maybe it is. I’m not ready to make up my mind on that. Maybe you and I are saying the same thing I guess. Don’t know, but it sure is perplexing to say the least!

    • Every game is a big game. They all count as wins or losses. We aren’t going to win the SEC this year, so it really doesn’t matter whether we lose to Tenn or LSU. Fans care more about that stuff than the reality. I have always felt that a season is still good if we beat Tenn ,Ga and FSU. I have recently expanded that to include the Voodoo Dolls in Baton Rouge bc of their BS with the hurricane. There are also different levels of embarrassment. If Tenn didn’t lose all their SEC game last year, this wouldn’t be such a big game this year. If we had won all our SEC games last year, this year’s game would be bigger . MSU will be a “big” game bc a win over a ranked opponent away signals a turning of the corner for the program and the mental toughness of our team going to Coach Mullen’s old school and beating them at their park.But that’s part of the fun of college football. We can invent reasons for every game to be the game of the year.

    • It’s gonna be a very very looooooong season… 2-3 wins the rest of the way…

    • Probably the best way of all to look at it, Tuna. I suspect that we’re better built for this game, ie, not as bad as they are — and that’s because I’ve watched the Vols as much as I could, plus I have some appreciation for how dysfunctional their athletic department has really been. Emphasis on the word, “has”. I’ll just be glad when we’re both back to what we used to be, and the great games that’ll surely follow in the East.

      Florida 21-17, which is ridiculous only because I don’t know. But I sure hope so!

    • Amen!

    • Wow, last year at this time I couldn’t even spell redneck, and now I find out that I are one! 😁

      • i tell people I’m a redneck wannabe…and I have the ancestors to prove it.
        again please place me solidly in the “we will beat Tennessee this week” camp. looks like we are progressing at DE, so this could be another game where defense and special teams can win it for us and the offense must move the chains better.
        I do think UT will be better in time. I hear the arguments that by effort and belief we should be a better team, but it still takes a well thought out plan and a backup for when that fails. hopefully our backup plan can improve this week.

    • The funny thing is, all summer I kept telling myself….and posting here, that wins and losses weren’t as important to me this year, but rather seeing continued improvement. I believed then, and still do, that this was a long term rebuild, and not just the team’s offense and defense. But rather, the culture…the program….the process.

      Then….I allowed myself to get all excited and fantasizing about a 10 win season and big win after big win. I drank the koolaid. I was dumb.

      At this point, I’m happy with improvement again. I’m already more entertained than at any time the past three years. So count me happy. Just continue to show improvement Gators….give lots of effort…. convince Gator Nation that the nightmare is almost over!

    • Albert with the naysayers we will lose out. While the SEC Matt be out of the picture is expect we improve throughout the season and slip a time or two. But we’ll finish better than 7 wins.

    • I won’t even begin to posit a final score. Just Win Baby!! GO GATORS!!

  • Some of the older Florida players have been giving the freshmen a head’s up this week about the noise in Neyland Stadium.

    It’s going to be loud Saturday night. Really loud.

    “Some of the guys told me that […]

    • I like this kid. I like him a lot. I think he’s the next great kicker from Florida. Maybe a possible game winner this week.

    • I think so too, Grump. It’s a skill…the ability to “zone in — zone out”. Reminds me of the actor who played
      Bobby Jones (not to be confused with Butch Jones) in the great movie, “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. They portrayed him as addressing the ball on the tee box, then looking down the fairway as it got narrower and narrower until he was zoned in to where he wanted the ball to go…..beautiful swing…..and that’s where the ball would go. I’m told that Sam Snead had to same ability, and obviously, this kid does too. Glad we have him.

      So come on….tell us what you were shooting the other morning when you put 150 rounds down range before breakfast!

      • Reminds me of Kevin Costner’s character(Billy Chapel) in ‘For Love of the Game’.

        • That too, SoCal. I’d bet Eddie Pineiro had it too, maybe just not asked. Say, what are they saying now about Chip Kelly out there that’s not in the news?

          • 6 i think they’re saying wish we had Mullen. Or we should have passed. Or we should have kept old coach, or we are fubarred. But few care about what goes on out there.

          • Most out here are Trojan fans. They’re not too happy either.

            • It’s pretty much a USC town then, with fewer UCLA fans? That’s kind of what I thought. Even tho it’s LA — and I don’t mean the real LA, Lower Alabama — there have to be tons of college football fans out there.

        • “Clear the mechanism…”

      • 9, .40, .45,.50 just warming up. Sig, Berretta, Ruger, D.E.

        • Man, you’re getting my blood flowing, 65. I was out for the first time since Feb a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was here–other than trouble loading mags, best day I’ve had in about 6 months. (9 and .45 only tho)

    • Best way is to keep your eyes open so you can at least claim you were making eye contact!

  • With the Gators and Vols getting ready to tee it up again Saturday, it is inevitable that the tape of the final play from last year’s Florida-Tennessee game is going to be played over and over this week.

    It w […]

  • Florida coach Dan Mullen’s six-year, $36.6-million contract has been finalized with the school.

    The contract was released by the University Athletic Association on Monday per a records request.

    Mullen will b […]

    • I think we have the right man for the Gators. If he is as genuine as he seems we have a class act leading us.

      There were some on here that wanted C Kelly. I think he was a fluke in Oregon and has been falling ever since leaving. 0-3 start isn’t that bad if the teams were all top 25 Cincy and Fresno Common MAN! (to steal an old ESPN term)

      Frost is struggling too though I think he has a major rebuild on his hands though he too could have been lucky.

      I hope I am not eating these words at some point. But I see good things happening on the field.

      GO GATORS!!🐊

      • Hey 65 — good to see you back in the mix, bud. I agree on Kelly, and he’s a West Coast guy anyway who is probably making West Coast assumptions regarding his relative value. I doubt seriously if he can do more than get UCLA competitive, but not championship level. Frost will do OK at Nebraska in the long run — if he has a long run. Remember, one brilliant season does not a legend make, and how quickly everyone forgets the risks associated with a relatively short resume. But I still think he’ll get Nebraska back on track, although in my opinion they belong in the Big-12.

        To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “We have given you Mullen, if you can keep him”. Well, he’s only 46, is not going anywhere unless we run him out of town, and is a keeper in my book too.

      • Agree with both of you, 65 and 6. I feel like Mullen is a keeper!!!

    • Not arguing whether Mullen is the right coach but I feel Stricklin is over paying if the data below from Saturdaydownsouth is correct.

      Nick Saban, Alabama: $11,132,000
      Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M: $7,500,000
      Dan Mullen, Florida: $6,000,000
      Gus Malzahn, Auburn: $4,725,000
      Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee: $3,800,000
      Kirby Smart, Georgia: $3,753,600
      Mark Stoops, Kentucky: $3,750,600
      Chad Morris, Arkansas: $3,500,000
      Ed Orgeron, LSU: $3,500,000
      Will Muschamp, South Carolina: $3,100,000
      Matt Luke, Ole Miss: $3,000,000
      Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: $2,721,834
      Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State: $2,700,000
      Barry Odom, Missouri: $2,350,000

      • Wow…..I can easily see how you arrived at that conclusion, Sly. Let’s revisit in tho in about 3 years and see if it holds. If it does, I’ll buy you all the Cuban sandwiches you can eat down at the Columbia!

        • Doc – Unlike UGA with Kirby Smart (as Joe detailed below), UF put the cart (with the bank vault in it) before the horse. You’re on with the Cuban sandwiches but I get to pick which establishment and which Columbia. ;-p

    • 6.1 million a year huh? I need to reevaluate my past life decisions…what did I do wrong?

    • Glad you agree, Rocket….but it is simply untrue as to the other two.

      • Agree with all of you. I watched Mullen closely during his time at MSU, full disclosure, I taught ROTC and earned my M.A. in Starkville though I am always a Gators first guy. He is the best coach MSU ever had and given a bit of time will bring UF back to glory. We have a winner and a great person in Mullen. Go Gators.

    • I think it’s more like Stricklin whiffed on his first two choices and he made sure that the third choice didn’t get away. His ego can only take so much. So he made the offer to Mullen so lucrative that he would accept it on the spot. I’m going to duck before Doc insists Kelly wasn’t offered the job.

      • Hey, what the hell do I know stuck way out here in Texas. All I got is second hand info anyway, if you in particular say it’s so I’ll listen at least!

    • Yeah, and we’re just scratchin’ out a livin’ compared to CDM! (no class envy, just a fact)

    • Houston I actually work part of the time down in Houston so I could actually be Dalston Gator…see what I did there, eh?

      I apologize.

    • Also, I know it’s not basketball season but I try to go see a football and basketball game every year. This upcoming season we are playing at TCU for the Big 12ish vs SEC Challenge. I’m pretty pumped I don’t have to travel too far for that one. Just waiting for the day I can buy a ticket. Just FYI.

    • Lol. I’d be smiling too.

  • Florida sophomore running back Malik Davis sustained a broken foot in the win over Colorado State on Saturday and is out indefinitely, Mullen said Monday.

    “He’ll be out for an extended period of time,” Mulle […]

    • Well crap! seems Davis is always good for 3 or 4 yards per touch. He can always find a seam. Hope he comes back stronger…

      Best of luck on the rehab!

    • agreed

    • No matter how you say it, I am with you. That kid is fun to watch.

    • I’d sit Davis out for a year on a redshirt, get his knee and his foot healed up properly. I don’t care how good your rehab is, or who you are, a knee surgery weighs on your mind. It creeps in and gives a person ”doubt.”
      I know myself through experience. We all need ”good wheels”, whether on a car or on our bodies. And I hope Davis heals up well, takes this year to get 110%. Both mentally and physically. And then comes back next year after Scarlett and Perine are gone, and Gator Nation needs him more than ever. Best wishes Malik!

    • I kind of think Lemmons did the best thing for the team when he left, if not himself.

      • I agree, self centered young man. I know he came along way to get to this level. But somehow patience and being a team player hasn’t caught on yet. Hopefully he can find a new program that needs his services. I seen Jordon Cronkite is getting some carries at USF.
        So, best of luck Mr. Lemmons …

  • Before every Florida game, veteran college football beat writer Robbie Andreu comes up with five pertinent questions and then answers them after the game. Here’s Week 3:
    1. How will Florida’s depleted sec […]

    • There was one CSU possession in which Zuniga had 2 sacks and 1 hurry. I think it was in the second quarter. Then I only saw him again in on one other play the rest of the game but TV angles were not good. I was wondering what happened to him the rest of the game. Where can I find how many plays he played in per quarter?

    • The things I took from this game include:
      1. Damien Pierce may be our best overall back;
      2. Franks has big play potential but boy is he a work in progress. Unfortunately, our schedule does not allow him any breaks and he needs to get smarter faster;
      3. Our receivers can get open;
      4. Swain is a quick learner;
      5. Amari Burney looks like a specimen but was a deer in headlights when he got on the field. He was looking around on the sidelines wondering what to do and his guy ran right past him wide open in the end zone for what would have been an easy TD if their QB would have looked for him instead of throwing the ball to a player that four of our guys, including Burney, were covering;
      6. We will be tested on offense this weekend against Tenn. I don’t think they will score much but their defense will be the best we’ve seen yet; and
      6. Our special teams are special.

    • I can’t help but wonder too, vulcan, but I do think the mechanics have improved somewhat across the board, and the physicality +/- in general terms. I’m sure someone will give you a lecture for even daring to opine that, but we’ll find out this Saturday for sure. Not being a coach or former NFL player, it’s difficult for me to sort out other than by impression, but I do think for sure that our progress is going to be incremental for a while.

      • sometimes you go backwards, sideways or even nowhere and then leap. as fans, and even the coaches all of the time, you don’t totally know where the muscle memory/ brainstem cells are in their progression towards mastery. I suppose this is what Nick Saban / Alabama folks mean by “the process”, some of our gator fans seem to think you can get their without a process, or you just recruit perfection and your there. then I see people wonder why a 5 star recruit isn’t dominating. I suppose the real miracle is someone mastering their craft at all, considering everything involved….
        or I guess I am giving excuses for my shortcomings. so let me end this tortured comment by saying you have to admire the good performances you see out there, these guys worked for it. even the ones that made it look easy

        • I am fascinated by the intricacies involved by something as “simple” as a block, mveal. In fact, it strikes me as a miracle that the human body can do so many complex things to culminate at exactly the right time and place. For instance, I’d give anything to know what is going through Dameon Pierce’s mind as he coordinates such diverse sensations while he blasts through a hole in the line…

          It’s part of why we love the game!

    • Just seems odd that when CSU couldn’t block Zuniga, we didn’t see much of him after he had shown success. I think it would be interesting to see how much each SDE played broken down by quarter and the coaches’ rationale for playing time. Maybe they just wanted to give Jefferson more PT after the suspension.

    • I’m with you, Dave….in other words, “mega dittoes”……but one game at a time and for the love of everything good and decent, LET’S NOT UNDERESTIMATE TENNESSEE.

      • We are not good enough to take anyone for granted. You would think we learned that after the Kentucky game and the 31 year winning streak ended. I don’t think the players are and I know the coaches are looking at this as an underdog game. Tenn should be favored.

    • I agree. CSU left a lot of yardage and points on the table due to their own miscues and not necessarily a result of our “improved” defense. But hey, I’m not complaining. Just glad we got the W.

    • I strongly suggest that DM put a diversified package together for Toney as a QB. We need more production from that position. Franks was very slow to release the ball on plays where the receiver was open, but due to his delay the coverage reemerged on the receiver. He lacks certain basic skills. Toney has NFL moves and can actually throw the ball. He could definitely run some RPO. Praise to all of the players who competed in the heat! Jordan Scarlett is not our best TB.

    • Very nice analysis Clyde.

      Does anyone know why Heggie isn’t in the starting lineup?

    • I didn’t go back and review the game, but as I watched it I seem to remember that CeCe played solidly. Maybe not getting tackles and on the stat sheet, but it seemed like he contributed to the overall better DL/LB play.

    • I’d like to see more TE involvement in the passing game too. I suspect we won’t see that until the OL does a better job protecting the QB.

    • I’d say that Coach Mullen is putting out the best QB he can (Franks) based on everything he has seen. If Trask were truly better, he’d be playing. Mullen didn’t recruit Franks and has no otherwise obvious allegiance to him, so I’d say Coach thinks he gives the Gators the best chance.

      It may be baby steps, but Franks has improved. This is a long term rebuild, so I’d expect to see steady, but slow improvement overall.

    • Too bad for him (and us) so far. He was really engaging at SEC media days and was an enjoyable interview to watch. Really hope he has a standout year starting with Tennessee.

    • You’re probably right about Cece’s play against CSU but we have much higher expectations for him which is how I judge his performance.

    • I agree with the relax part however I’m not sure we can give ourselves a “W” for the Tennessee game no matter how big of a disaster they are. We need to beat someone of equal talent and pedigree before we start passing out pregame wins.

  • This Florida football team hasn’t yet shown any signs of being, or possibly becoming, special. But the special teams, well, that’s another story.
    They are becoming special, and that potential was on full dis […]

    • In fairness the guys that had some trouble last year is all we had going in the beginning but hopefully some good counseling (I’m told that dealing with anger is the path to success for this type of challenge) is making a difference. If we have elite special teams and a decent defense we can be a winning team imo. In many ways this program is starting over as nothing good or bad from the past Will mean much on the field at least and we as fans can’t be sure if our expectations are correct until things play out a little more. But swain is showing he can replace Callaway kinda. The kickers and punter are great and we now just need the young guys to get better at coverage. I think they will! Very good news imo.

    • As we continue to pick apart Dan Mullen’s failure to instantly turn around this team — in some quarters at least — I am reminded that he told us early on that there would be a special emphasis on special teams. We of course — again in some quarters — expected this to show immediately. It took three games for it to develop, so I guess the logical reaction would be to hand him his head — in some quarters, at least.

      The team showed a lot Saturday, from better physicality to better attitude. It’s a good sign. It is indeed a work in progress, but I’m more confident than ever that we’ll get there with this coach and staff. If we can now carry over and focus on next week, things will only get better. There will be a few bumps in the road, but things will get better and better. Or would you rather have Willie Taggart?

      • Almost Sounds to m e like you guys are hinting that the Dan Quinn plus,Wil muschamp model can work for Florida in the next couple of years. Those kids took special teams seriously..and as trey Burton said..if Notre dames academic cheating would have been caught earlier they would have been in the national championship game.
        One thing about it if any player other than the best of the best wants to play at the next level they will need to produce on special teams.
        It’s probably faster to build a defense than it is an offense. We’ve moved a coup l e of offensive guys to defense and might have to do that some more. I look forward to our special teams again being a nightmare for our opponents!

        • Yeah, I noticed too that Dan Mullen is thinking of that, so that definitely shows some creativity on his part, for which he gets too little credit IMO. If we can sustain the special teams tempo as we really move into the meat of our schedule, you’re right mveal…..we’re going to break some other team’s hearts.

    • Mullen said. “It’s hard to win football games. We’ve got a lot of things to work on. We’re going to enjoy the win today and get into work tomorrow as a staff and evaluate what we can do better and see the things we can improve on.”
      And in the meantime, U.F. has ”special teams” to lean on. It has been the bright spot a 1/4 way through the 2018 U.F. college football season. It will be very interesting to see though, ‘IF’ Coach Mullen will ”pull the trigger” for special teams in a close, tight game, against say Tennessee, or an L.S.U., etc… Either way, no place but ‘UP’ for U.F. Football! Go Gators!

    • Your point is exactly right. The blocked punt/TD and return for TD meant two fewer possession for the Gators and two more for CSU. If you add to that the fact that some of the turnovers gave the Gators a very short field, it is no surprise that the Gators ran fewer plays. At the same time, the size of the disparity is also due to a defense that sometimes did not do a good job of getting the CSU offense off of the field right away and a Gators offense that was still pretty inefficient much of the time.

    • Oh, he’ll have something to say tuna, don’t worry. After all, the guy is Egyptian and you know what that means. He’s the King of Denial. 😆

    • TG, I too woke up yesterday thinking this was going to be a tough day.

      And like you said, hope paid off. You could see the coaching that had happened since last Saturday. Let’s see how big a jump they can make next week.

      Felipe will be the keys to the biggest improvements.

    • Speaking of which, tuna, I got home today from church and realized that not only did Troy beat Nebraska and Scott Frost, but Fresno State laid an old fashioned whuppin’ on UCLA and……damn, forgot his name too. You know who I mean tho, the guy who is supposed to be God’s gift to football and all…..

    • Good one! 😂

  • Today
    Who: Colorado State (1-2) vs. Florida (1-1)
    When: 4 p.m.
    Where: Steve Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
    TV: SEC Network
    Radio: 103.7-FM, AM-850
    Tickets: Visit
    The […]

    • Are we really THAT bad? First, the Vegas line is Gators by 20. Second, you question whether or not the team can “toughen up” in only a week. I admire you for your honesty, Robbie — always have. But what you’re really telling us, in your opinion, this team is really, really, no question about it, all over but the cryin’, off the chains, BAD. Almost the worst that’s ever been BAD. OK, got it. I didn’t know that, I just thought we had a lot to work on, but had the right coach.

      So based on your assessment and prediction, the answers to today’s game questions must be:
      1) It won’t
      2) Yes
      3) No
      4) No
      5) Very

      But somehow we pull the winning point out of somewhere yet to be determined. Have I got this right?

      • Rog replied 1 week ago

        Robbie’s just lowering expectations…..

        • Boy, Rog…..he’s got a funny way of doing that! But I can’t praise him for his honesty and at the same time be angry about his prediction, I get it. But really. Really?

    • Gators win by a field goal. UF cruises to a comfy lead in the first half. CSU storms back in the second half only to fall short by a field goal with the refs botching the call yet again because the sun was in his eye.

  • Florida sophomore wide receiver:

    Q: The receivers struggled to get open against Kentucky. What do you guys need to work on?

    A: Everyone needs to improve on little things. Me, Feleipe (Franks), all the […]

    • No comment (yet).

    • Rog replied 1 week ago

      I’m with Tampa on this one. I’d love to see the gameplan to be to come out and play smashmouth, SEC football with the intent to dominate the line of scrimmage. Let Scarlett and Company roll up 300 plus yards rushing. That would set up a more high percentage passing game and take the pressure off of the defense. Go Gators!

    • Amen, Dan. The ‘edges’ are prime for speedsters like Toney, heck, he can even throw it out of the speed sweep (see last year. and NO NEED to save plays Coach Mullen, it’s past that point).
      But the edges, the line of scrimmages (both sides), it all should be dominated by U.F.
      If not, then the ”U.F. Football rebuild” is off to a very gloomy start. I am hopeful though, especially with the POTENTIAL talent Florida Football has of today. The talent goes from ”potential” to ”good” through experience and WINS only! GO GATORS!

  • Back when everything seemed positive, anyone scanning Florida’s schedule trying to project the Gators’ won-loss record this season likely would have not hesitated when they came to the third game.

    They wou […]

    • ”…the Rams rallied from a 27-9 deficit in the second half to stun another SEC school, Arkansas, 34-27.” -Robbie Andreu.
      So if Florida gets a lead, at any time in the game, they better not sit back and relax. They might as well learn, NOW, how to put their foot on an opponent’s neck, and thump ’em, 90’s Gator-style!
      Google it, young-ns… It was quite amazing! In fact, it’s why some of us Gator fans are ”spoiled”, still! Go Gators!

    • There’s no doubt that CSU could beat the Gators, but reading the description of their team, you would have no idea that they are 1-2. What would we be saying about the Gators’ chances if they were going into this game 1-2 instead of 1-1? These records are irrelevant for what will happen in the game, to be sure, but I think we need better perspective. The Gators are still the better team on paper (not referring to respective records) and so should win if they play well. (UK is also a better team than CSU on paper.) I’m guessing that the Gators will definitely play better than last week and thus should win.

      • Good assessment, 67. I’ll reserve my comments until later, but I like your choice of words, very rational.

    • Wow! Is it possible that Florida will play FSU in Tallahassee for the worst team in Florida game?

    • Have seen nothing that makes me think Gators are any better than CSU.

  • The devastating loss to Kentucky has prompted several friends (and others) to contact me through social media and ask me how many games I think the Gators will end up losing this season.

    Looking at the […]

    • Or, they could go 8-4 and by then, pick up a decent bowl win for 9-4. Which is where the majority of us were before we got overly euphoric and pumped sunshine and lolly pops into that particular point of contact, somewhat collectively.

      Which certainly wasn’t your fault Robbie, nor was it Pat’s and not even was it anybody’s fault that I can think of, because all the while there were some of us (not me, I’ll admit) cautioning us against “collective salvation” so to speak, and telling us to slow down. So until I’m proven wrong, I for one will go back to that original prediction. If I am indeed wrong, I’ll try not to fret too much and instead trust Dan Mullen and Company to fix what ails us, that being his charge. One thing I will not do is to join the faint hearted chorus singing the tune that we are lost, for now, and evermore. GO GATORS, IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER.

    • I think the Gators came out flat last week. I think they were overconfident and ill-prepared after the opener. I expect to see a better-prepared team this week. Less missed tackles at the point of contact and better fundamentals on the O-line. It is my belief we have the right coach but he has to have time to coach up what he was given and also bring in his own players.

    • Yeah, definitely sarcastic!

    • As I recall, your posts were among the most rational of all….I think you might have acknowledged “could be” or “maybe”, but were otherwise pretty level headed, Smith.

      • Yeah, it’s hard to sort out between the doomsday crowd and the legit criticisms sometimes, For instance, Daz, Alum, GI, 65 and quite a few others…..if they say something negative, it’s worth reading because you know they’ve reasoned it through and it’s on balance. Then there are others that may start out rational but degenerate into sniveling and moaning like the world just ended. It’s too early to give up. I think we’ll land on our feet, but if we don’t this year, so be it. Like Rog always says, however long it takes!

    • I don’t think anybody has taken you to task for being critical of Mullen, Alum — well, maybe one, but I don’t think the rest of us did. Critical thinking is perfectly fine, eg. Das Wazzle, but his (or your) loyalty is never in question. Just stay fair and balanced is all. I sure wasn’t thinking of you when I wrote about “the feint hearted chorus” and doom and gloom.

    • Been hearing that for 9 years now. 4 coaches later, still not happening. Coaching is NOT the issue and never has been.

    • Thanks Mr. Andreu. Your article was short and to the point and needed. Agree 100%.

    • People freaking out over losing to a team that the Gators had beaten 31 years in a row is quite the spectacle. Kentucky clearly played with a degree of motivation that the Gators did not match, no doubt because they were determined to end the streak and they were still angry about losing a game last year that they should have won with some ease. One can fault the coaches for not getting the Gators to play with more intensity, but there are no magic buttons to push to make people suddenly play harder. Sometimes the tenor of a game is set early, and it is very difficult to change it. If a team doesn’t enter the game with the right mind-set, it is usually too late to change things.

      Of course, the Gators also did not play well, especially on defense and along the OL. The edge rushers often failed to keep the qb contained and the front seven did not do a good job of filling their gaps. Of course, tackling was poor. One of the offensive linemen, especially, often failed to block the right people and the OL as a whole did not get much push in the run game (though maybe the Gators should have run more and given them a chance to develop a rhythm). If the Gators had done as they should in these areas, they might have won even though they were playing a more motivated team. And these problems are generally correctable (though getting a good push by the OL is more of a long-term issue).

      I’m not making any predictions about their record. Maybe the Gators will go 2-10 or 3-9. But I am convinced that it is still too early to think that they cannot play significantly better than they did against UK. Patience also calls for us to see how they do over the next two or three games before predicting that they have little chance to beat any of the teams that we currently think are better than Kentucky. (Who knows, maybe by the end of the year many will be talking about how UK exceeded expectations.)

    • You’re also dead, and remain so to this very day!

    • I for one, have completely lowered my expectations. I’m just not going to be concerned with wins and losses as much as seeing improvement in how this program handles itself. I want to see relentless effort. I want to see improvement from week to week. I want to see discipline handed out when it needs to be. I want to be proud of my University and Football Team. If that translates into wins, then great. If not, then I’ll be patient and wait until it does. Because I believe in Coach Mullen and I know at some point, we’ll have a team competing for championships again. In the meantime, just show relentless effort and exhibit first-class character.

    • LOVE IT!! On SiriusXM, Spurrier says “Gators need to play better instead of saying it’s going to take time. No, no we got players that didn’t play well and the coaches need to get on to them. The guys need to play better. That’s the answer.” That, my friends, is a Head Football Coach. Not this, “we’ll continue to improve” nonsense we keep hearing. You’re good enough now. Go play like it. Go coach like it, if you can, gentlemen. I know it’s the second time I’ve posted this, but, well, it deserves to be re-posted. Again, again, and again.

      • I love Spurrier, but if he is going to be an official representative for the Gators, he should avoid implicit criticisms of the coaches in his public comments.

        Also, I have no doubt that the coaches are giving the players a sharper message than they are giving the public. It appears to me that Mullen does not believe in criticizing his players in public, at least for the moment when dealing with a team that may be psychologically fragile. This does not mean that he follows such a policy when with the players.

    • Sarcasm dude.

    • Hey, he may be a squid, but he’s honest!
      (sorry Navy, just couldn’t resist)

    • You missed your calling, Jaws. You’ve got to write the great American novel.

    • Hope you’re not too wet up there in NC, but one thing you’re definitely not all wet about is the Gators, Harold!

    • I know where you’re coming from, Daz, and I respect it. To a large extent, I agree with it. If passion is the central characteristic, though, Ron Zook has it in spades and then some. He was, however, a complete flop as a head coach!

    • There might not be room in there if the head is still in the way.

    • Read that again, then look yourself in the mirror, Joel.

    • God Almighty, I hope you’re wrong about that, Phil. Wasn’t expecting you to come to that conclusion!

  • Through two games, the Florida Gators don’t have what you could call a go-to receiver. What they have instead is go-to receivers.

    Quarterback Feleipe Franks has spread the ball around, completing passes to 14 d […]

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