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  • Over the past two seasons, you always knew where to find Jabari Zuniga.

    Defensive end, where he was a fixture.

    This season, in a new, aggressive defense, there will be times when you really have to look […]

    • Moving him around will create issues for opposing offensive players which may lead to missed assignments. Zuniga is a beast. Think this will make huge opportunities for the defense to exploit. Don’t have to be the best players just have to execute the plays better than the other side. Man for man we are s good as any out there. Look forward to seeing the first game.

    • CM players performance declined from the time they arrived. Performance went down from freshman to sophomore to junior etc. That is coaching. The defense was indecisive as a unit and as individuals. I would say players in the bigger power five are matched fairly close note i didn’t say the same. Then their is depth, with successful programs getting more quality at depth. When the next man up is as good as 1st string the fall off is minimized. Fitness. We were not fit last year. There was a study when i was in service that the more fit you are the better decisions you make. The new staff is fixing the basics. We were also out coached the last many years. Someone one one of these boards a talking about Florida getting only a number 10 recruit and that wasn’t good enough. I’d say in ranking high school kids there isn’t much difference in the top 20 in each position given the number of youth across the country. Are there sub par players? Are there players that don’t fit with coaches or their team mates? Definitely. Building a team is what good fishing does. Getting the players to believe aka drink the cool aid is the key. That is happening. Every team is doing the same thing to some degree. Teams in top are working to stay there. Others are looking to move up. That is what makes it fun for fans.

    • Don’t tell me that tick turd is now posting first, before the rest of us even has a chance to read it! Does he ever sleep?

    • Think about it seriously for a moment, Oh Cheeky One, and you’ll agree with Gator65. A whole lot more went wrong with last year’s play on both sides of the ball, other than raw skill. Man for man wasn’t really in question, but rather the team as a whole.

    • What you just said, Daz. Like I said, you do your best thinking at Oh Dark Thirty in the morning!

      I went to a birthday party last weekend, a lady I didn’t know was there wearing a t-shirt that said DBU… I asked her if she had gone to the University of Florida. Looking at me like I had something obscene growing out of my forehead, she coldly announced, “No, Dallas Baptist University”. I muttered something about “pretenders” before my wife dragged me away.

    • There is a serious personality disorder in play there……

    • Which is a shame, Smith, because he really is a good guy and his personal story is fantastically motivational…..the type of guy you want around your team. Except for the x’s and o’s. You called it.

    • I take it that TebowCurse has finally been intercepted. Is that true? I’m not sure yet, and God knows I want to be fair, but he might have risen again as “Cheeky Monkey”.

    • Is that you, TebowCurse?

    • BINGO! Geez, as odd as it sounds, I sorta missed you. Like a tooth ache, mind you, but somehow it’s comforting to know you’re still out there flailing around. This is getting like WHACKA-MOLE, tho.

    • Basically, a good recap of 2017.

  • For the past three seasons, he has been a strong, silent force in the middle of the Florida defensive line.

    Now that Khairi Clark is a senior, surrounded by young players, the coaches are asking him to alter […]

    • Really good article, Robbie.

      As long as he doesn’t try to change his basic personality, that is, try to be someone he’s not, he should be just fine stepping up as a leader this year. He certainly sounds like he has the heart for it. Some of the best men I’ve seen in leadership roles have been quiet men, those who are not flamboyant or always jumping up and down…….but still effective on influencing other men and the action about them.

    • The H.B.C.’s ’90 Gator team brought a consistent ”swag” to U.F. Then Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen (O.C.) revitalized it here in ’05 thru ’08. Now this unique and opportunistic group could be the very ones who ”bring back the Gator swag.” It’s on the coaches, the players, and the admin. Now there’s ”a role.”
      So, ”Go Gators! Just do it!”

      • You’re right, GI…..that’s what’s so obviously been missing. “Swag”, aka “swagger”. When you see it, it’s a good bet that the unit is solid (otherwise, why would the troops have it?).

        Spurrier’s teams had it. Zook’s didn’t. Myer’s teams had it. Muschamp’s and Mac’s? No. Mullen? You can already see it. By God, you just made a brilliant point.

  • Like most of his Florida teammates, junior center T.J. McCoy has gotten bigger and stronger under new strength and conditioning coordinator Nick Savage.

    But McCoy said Savage’s program is so much more than j […]

    • All I can honestly say, leland, is this sure beats last year’s motto of, “Start slow and taper off!”.

    • Wise counsel, mveal… per usual.

    • My opinion: The relaxed S&C program was a direct cause of all those injuries.

    • The “F” letter is a reminder of the old days…..the really old days when the Gators couldn’t even win an SEC championship. The “Gators” script on the other hand, brings to mind the pre-history and prominence of the Gator program. In other words, the F is dumb and the Gators is cool!

    • If this is Eugenio, and not Eugenia, you are typically a man of few words and get right to the point. Again, if this is Eugenia, today you took quite a few more words, uncharacteristically.

      But, that notwithstanding, you made a kick ass point that a lot of us have been screaming about for a long time too. You are NOT a windbag; if anything, give us more!

    • Corey….I’m getting that feeling too. I think CeCe is gonna have a monster year!

      Maybe it’s just wishful thinking for long suffering Gator fans and yes, we’ve heard the hype before, but it really feels different this time. I guess we’ll know for sure in 3-4 months if the program has indeed turned around.

      • Rog, I’ve amended my prediction of 8-4 regular season to 9-3. What do you think?

        • You know 6….I just hate to let myself get so optimistic. For the past 9 years optimism has bit me in the butt, year after year. I have gotten SO SICK of anticipating Gator football and by the 3rd week of September I am just freaking screaming at my big screen TV. It started with Addazio….oh my gosh how I hated his offense…and it just hasn’t gotten any better.

          So…(thanks for letting me get that out of my system)….I’ll take another peak at the schedule:

          I see wins with Charleston Southern, Kentucky, Col State, Vandy, Mizzou, and Idaho. So there’s your bowl eligibility.

          I see a loss in Jacksonville. So now we’re at 6-1.

          Toss up games are UT, Miss State, LSU, SC, and FSU. At the risk of being overly optimistic, I think I see 3 wins in there somewhere. Probably UT and SC can be won if we just show the improvement we all believe is coming. So, can we sneak a win from LSU, MSU, or FSU????

          I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon and call it 9-3 🙂

          • OK! The more I think about it, I think UT will be more of a problem in a year or two, so I’m going to call that one for the Gators. Same for FSU. What I’m not sure of is LSU, MSU, and USC. There are going to be some tough times, some ups and downs, way too early in the Mullen era for there not to be…..but I’m confident at p<.05 that it'll wind up 9-3. I wouldn't have said that as late as April, it still would have been 8-4, but a lot has happened since then. Thanks, bud.

    • And yet…… it all comes down to “coaching”. How is it that a school like Appalachian State can beat a team like Michigan? The coaches took lesser talent and maximized their efforts and abilities. That’s what we’ve been missing. Not only did the last coaching staff NOT MAXIMIZE the players abilities… they didn’t even get a solid or average effort and production. Good coaching vs Bad coaching.

      Coach Mullen and his staff may not win the SEC this year, but I fully expect them to turn the program around to where much better “relentless?” effort is visible. After a 4 win season, I believe that this alone is worth 2 wins, making this a 6 win season just with a change in coaching focus.

      • I remember that game as if it were yesterday, Rog. Kind of like, how did Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson? I think it was all you mentioned, plus classic over-confidence on the part of Michigan. Of course, substitute Georgia Southern if you want to, and right there is the reason you take nothing for granted (which is a sign I had hanging on the wall next to my desk for over 30 years, given to me by a very wise Brigadier General when I was a 2LT).

        But you’re exactly right…..coaching, coaching, coaching…..relentless effort and coaching. If anybody can’t tell the difference this year vs last, they’re simply not paying attention.

    • Point taken, Timothy. If they start their winning ways again, I for one won’t care if they take the field in bra, panties, jock strap, shoulder pads…..and of course, any helmet they choose!

      Don’t hold me to it, tho….not the bra and panties part, anyway.

    • I totally get that the alternate unis are for the kids. But as a fan, like many, I hate ’em. Keep the traditional unis…which I believe (a little biased as a Gainesville native) are the best unis in all of sports.

      Here’s a compromise: Build the athletes a water park, state of the art video arcade, and gold plated lounge chair extravaganza in the new football complex. In exchange…..they have to wear traditional uniforms 🙂

    • Daz, I have to say that you absolutely do your best thinking at 3:00 in the morning! Excellent insights, and well worth reading twice.

      I spent the majority of my adult life in uniform–never made any money at it, but then again it’s not really a job either–but if I learned one thing during that time, it’s that young men crave motivation. Sometimes more secretly, but they crave it nonetheless. In fact, I would tell you that’s the difference between leadership and management right there: Management is more about resources, humans being one category among many, but Leadership is all about the intangibles of inspiration; doing more than you simply have to; doing more than you think you can; even doing more, sometimes than you want to. All of our legendary coaches–I include Ray Graves, Steve Spurrier, Urban Myer, and Dan Mullen in the future no doubt–were good at the X & O part, sure, but the thing that distinguished them? The thing that set them apart? Leadership, aka, Motivation.

      I am so glad you posted this last night, bud, and that it was the first thing I read early this morning. It turned around what started off as a shitty day where I couldn’t find my robe, or my slippers, or my glasses….and my bloodhound had crapped all over the house. You numba one, GI!

  • With all the player suspensions, mounting injuries and losses, and a head coach whose mood seemed to darken by the week, the Florida football program wore a definite frown last fall.
    Six months and a coaching […]

    • Exactly why we brought Mullen home, like we should have to begin with. As noted, this is not so much a culture change, but a culture restoration. Now to translate it all to winning on the field and championships. It’s only a matter of time.

      Know this is the dry period of time we all tend to characterize as “fluff” articles, but this one has meaning. Good job, Robbie….thanks.

    • Rog replied 1 week ago

      Relentless Effort. Those two words really sum up the recipe for success. I believe Coach Mullen this ship on the right path. Looking forward to Sept 1 !!!

      • Only 78 days to go, Rog. We’re two digit midgets! SHOORRRT!

    • What’s this “we” shit? You got a mouse in your pocket?

    • It’s a matter of personality, I can say c sufficient medical and psychological certainty. That is, his liabilities were not apparent under a program such as Alabama, but when he stepped up to head coach level, at an SEC school, they became very apparent. Not to say that he is crazy or anything, but the thing is, you can never outrun your personality.

    • Yeah, I do. Who will hold the cash?

    • Rog replied 1 week ago

      There’s no “almost” about it…….

    • Wadeless you are an eloquent man sir. No words can replace your reply. Thank you


      Good job, Wadeless. You da bomb!

  • Now that Taven Bryan, the “Wyoming Wild Man”, has taken his game to the NFL, junior middle linebacker David Reese has the distinction of being the Gator who is furthest from home.

    Reese is from Farmington, Mic […]

    • And no chewing tobacco, or girls who do.

      OK, you can chew, but avoid girls with spit cups anyway.

    • I once knew a psychiatrist–pretty good guy–who I used to bum dips from when I was still in the Army. It wasn’t until after I retired I finally met his wife, he brought her by my office one day…..pretty little thing. Thing about it, both Bob and SHE were chewing, replete with their own individual spit cups. Know where they were from? You guessed it, Joe: Tennessee. No foolin’.

      Like I always said, Army Psychiatrists! The very best psychiatrists of all!

    • I initially had a similar reaction, Creek, especially in the context of Tampa’s overall excellent level of football savvy……but the more I digested it I came to the conclusion that–after all the misbehavior that influenced last season–well, somebody needed to say it. No, I doubt that players will even read it, but it clearly adds another dimension, an important one at that, to the mix. Why not go ahead and bring it up where applicable? Shoot, we talk about anything and everything on here anyway!

    • ….but it is correct to say, “get there the firstest with the mostest”.

    • How dare he indeed…..facts have no place in this argument! Just ask TebowCurse, the world’s only surviving rectal baby.

  • Florida is picking up some instant depth on its defensive line with the addition of a graduate transfer.

    Adam Shuler, who started 10 games at defensive end for West Virginia as a redshirt junior last season, […]

    • Not on your life, tuna.

    • Interesting, didn’t see this coming.

    • Shoot, I was only pulling his lanyard, Dan. My two cents was all, Tuna is a good ol’ boy if there ever was one and he’s been on here for a long time.

    • Didn’t George Jones sing a song about that once?

    • Welcome back home!

    • Boy I miss that guy… just isn’t the same any more. But last summer, Joe, that old Florida boy John Anderson did a concert out here in lil old Salado, Texas……a bunch of us transplanted Gators were there…..and he joined right in with the GO GATORS after about every song. Best night of my life, I tell you.

      • Can’t really stand it these days, hardly listen anymore. Other than Willies Roadhouse on satellite radio, where to oldies live, that is. But at least John Anderson is a Gator!

      • That IS a good one Dan, a little more pertinent the older we get and recognize that’s what He has been telling us all along.

        God’s pretty silent on His football affiliations, but I do have it on good authority that He lives a little east of Gainesville….if that tells you anything!

    • fulfills an immediate need. does uf get more grad transfers that everybody else, or is it my imagination, especially the money sports.

  • For a team that still has questions at quarterback and is coming off a 4-7 season and a coaching change, a reasonable and attainable goal for 2018 would be, let’s say six or seven wins, right?

    Maybe eight or n […]

    • The football team has been underachieving, and Gator Nation knows it! If the Gators had a great QB, eight wins would be sub-par. The fans know the Gators are a championship caliber team, and we are one QB away from being there again!!!

      • Even above average quarterback play would get us back in the mix, doc. We’ve got the running backs and receivers for sure, the only question would be the OL. The defense should be on fire again c the new scheme. But I’ll sure as hell take some great quarterbacking if it’s available!

    • It does to me, Clyde….it sure does. I am so glad we passed on that prima donna Kelly, sometimes I just want to shout GO GATORS in the middle of a crowded room!

    • You keep saying that, Eugenio…’re starting to wear me down! How about 10-3, including a good bowl win?

    • Y’all stop what you’re doing and watch this video right now. If it doesn’t make you a believer again, you’re not a Gator!

      Thanks bud…..

  • For those who are thinking — or hoping — that Feleipe Franks will NOT be Florida’s starting quarterback this season, there is some disturbing news to report.

    He’s having a good summer. A really good one […]

    • I agree, but the bias against Franks is so deep among some fans that I sometimes wonder what it will take to satisfy them. No doubt, his performance last year was less than stellar, but aside from his own mental bloopers, a lot of that variance was accounted for by the OL. So what if he has improved? In the final analysis, the judgement call is Mullen’s and that’s who we better get behind!

    • You sure make some good points there Matt. I don’t really have a favorite horse in this race, but I also think Trask is a gem in the making.

    • “Proof is in the pudding.” I hope, for the sake of Gator Nation, Franks transformation is legitimate! Right now, we are not dealing with reality, but conjectering within the bubble of fantasy. I am not in the Never Frank’s crowd, but the O&B did not convince Mullen the QB job was sewn up. Yes, Mullen said the summer could define who becomes the starter. So, I hope this is more than fluff. Gator Nation needs Frank to have a break-out year! I guess the Kentucky game will show us the real Feleipe. With all the weapons Franks has this fall, HE OUGHT TO BE THE MAN! Let’s hope he DEFIES REALITY! Oh, and he better become a film room warrior, because that will be the difference between contender and pretender.

    • I think that’s a pretty good analysis of where the offensive decline actually started, Tampa, and it sure got a life of it’s own after that for at least a few more years. Of course, it’s always multivariate….but I can’t help but wonder too how different that history might have been had Muschamp made a different decision at that one point.

      I certainly hear the frustration in Matt’s voice tho…..he’s in that group of loyal Gators who have been built up and let down so many times in the last 7 years that now he says, “Stop telling me, actually SHOW me”. In fact, I think all of us are in that group, to one extent or the other. Still (notice that I didn’t say ‘and yet’), there is certainly something different in the air now. It’s a great time to be a Gator again!

    • Nicely put.

    • Like the new NCAA commercial rudely says to our big screen T.V.s, ”You don’t know me! I am a student-athlete.” So, I ”don’t know you”, Franks. But I know what you can’t do, so show me what you CAN DO, Felipe! Go Gators! Just do it!

    • You know what, Richard? You’d feel a lot better if you just went ahead and let your real feelings out once in a while, instead of always holding back.

      Nicely written, bud, and painting a mental picture that even Ray Charles could see!

    • Matt….was that a new persona for TebowCurse or something? Where in the hell did that guy come from?

      No worries, you back up your opinions with fact and nobody here is going to call you a fair weather Gator fan. Just keep on calling ’em like you see ’em, and I’ll keep on hoping Franks can turn this around.

    • Nicely put indeed. Your independent first hand observation counts for a lot.

    • I just had a great idea Richard…..this is the period when Gator news is sort of thin, I wonder if Arnold would mind dusting off a few of those articles from a year ago and running them. No harm done, what the hell….it would be welcomed to go back a year and see what we were thinking then!

    • Lots of great comments here guys. Reading the different points of view is interesting.

      Reflecting back on last year and I remember that is was beyond exasperating to endure the play calling from Nuss/McElteeth. It was exasperating to see Franks get rushed and not have time to throw the ball….and of course watching him not see the whole field and throw to only a primary target. But as Matt mentioned it might have been most exasperating to watch his post game comments and demeanor.

      And the last 8-9 years have been hard on Gator fans. Real hard. But….I’m at the stage right now as a fan where (probably because I have no choice) I am giving Dan Mullen my 100% support and I believe that whoever he puts in at QB….will be the guy he has deemed is the best guy for the job. Dan wants to score points. Dan wants to win. He doesn’t have “his favorite” guy. He just wants to win. So whoever wins the QB job….they’ll have my support 100% because if Coach Mullen thinks he can win with him, that’s good enough for me.

      • Well said, Rog, and if anything captures the feelings of most Gator fans, that surely does. And, I really think that most of us consider Dan Mullen “one of us” too.

        So what’s the latest poop from the hometown press up there in Knoxville? Last I heard, Pruitt had made a statement to the effect that UT fans were really “great”. Couldn’t help but think, “Yeah, unless you don’t turn this thing around in 20 minutes or less”! Damn, it’s great to be a Gator, ain’t it just?

    • Damned if you’re not right, Anglo….good point.

    • Boy, if anything is going to make us pull for Franks, you just said it. Besides that, you, of all people, calling somebody stupid is an irony for the times.

    • Agreed that it takes more than “wanting” So let me amend…..Coach Mullen wants to score points….and knows how to. How’s that?

      Obviously McElwain (and Nuss) didn’t know how to. Not sure Muschamp really wanted to score points….other than just enough to win with a strong defense. And jhud covered that pretty well noting that when Mullen left…so did his offense.

    • I’ll also say this….. I totally get the frustration with Franks. I watched last year too. But when Robbie starts off this article by noting how fans not be happy to hear that Franks is apparently killing it in his summer preparations, that to me, sort of misses the bigger point. I think 98% of the fan base would be 100% on board with Franks being the starter….if he was truly improving and proved to be the best option. We ALL hope that!!! But past results just don’t give anyone a warm fuzzy that this will happen. But…we’ll see.

    • I don’t know if Franks will be any good or not but at least it seems like Mullen has him doing the right things and he is actually putting in time during the summer and knows what he needs to do to get better. Ultimately, it will come down to his play and his ability to put the cerebral part together with his athletic ability.

      Just one thought on his defensiveness in press conferences…if you are the starting QB and you aren’t getting the right coaching and the scheme is awful, what are you supposed to say? If he didn’t understand the scheme or it was too complicated and the coaches weren’t helping, what was he supposed to say? If all of the players were out of shape and poorly conditioned, what was he supposed to say? There was plenty of blame that he could shoulder, but I can also see where he wanted to say it wasn’t all his fault but he couldn’t just call out his coaches in an interview.

    • Ummmm….errrr…..uhhhhh……….

      We can probably forget that part. Oh hell, OK, wasn’t such a great idea after all. Forget I brought it up!

    • Huah.

    • All these comments about a nothing article from Andreu shessh

      • I don’t know Jacob, seems like Robbie hit a sensitive nerve there c this topic. He has a way of doing that, which is one reason I like his style so much. Besides, it’s the slowest part of the off-season, and a little stirring of the pot is OK….at least got our juices going again!

    • I see your point, for sure Joe. Maybe the right description of Trask is as a curiosity. Everything you’ve said is true, but then again he had to have shown somebody something to get recruited by an SEC team, even taking into account the coach that recruited him.

  • Our first random (and leftover) quotes of the spring was so well received that we’ve decided to come up with a sequel.
    Afterall, everyone likes quotes, right?
    So, here is our, “Spring (Tape Recorder) Rewind II. […]

    • I’ll give you three if you won’t ask Robbie to stop with the quotes!

    • Sure, talk is cheap; we’ve heard it all before, yadda, yadda, yadda. But this is a little different, I think. And I think it shows a lot more true Gator heart than the double talk we heard last year, when reality was one thing and facts were another.

    • Geez…..I was thinking more like the NRA. OK, OK, have it your way, Habitat is fine!

    • Yeah, I suspect you’re probably right Steve. Still, when it comes from Dan Mullen, who probably should have been here all along after Urban, I guess at the end of the day it just has more of a ring to truth to it.

    • Love these articles, Robbie. Well done.

    • Gator Steve: O’Sullivan is scheduled to meet the media on Friday morning. We’ll know more about JJ then, but he’s still day-to-day. Unless you know different, Singer is fine. Dyson in same boat as JJ, we’ll know more Friday. Maldonado is the usual DH. If he comes back, JJ will either play first base (more likely, with the Regional MVP catching) or catch.

    • Infantalis rectus.

    • TampaGator: I didn’t give anything new UF baseball fans didn’t already know. Daily Football Fixes are just that, a quick hitter of info to keep those who come to the site for just football material to read. It’s a different take on what other college football and NFL sites do during the offseason. I just read one from a South Florida paper finding out who is the fastest Miami Dolphins player. Robbie had a chance to talk to some UF football players recently and will have feature stories on site soon. Pat also has a couple things in the works. Stay tuned.

    • Thing is, nobody could have used my screen name before, photo or not, since I’m a member; also the reason I couldn’t have had more than one screen name unless I had more than one email account–which I don’t since I can barely keep up c how to use the one that I do have. I’m an old man, throw me a bone!

      I don’t know about the others, except for TebowCurse, but I am quite sure that GatorG is not a troll, and that Tim is not either. Both of them are good men, IMO, and true Gators.

      I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA, which I don’t consider being a political statement so much as it is a reflection of my life long love of shooting sports. To each his own, it doesn’t bother me one bit that you probably don’t share that passion. My reference of it in reply to Leland’s jocularity was meant as a joke, in context, nothing “political” about it. You can look up my history of posts under the “members” heading, you’ll see that I rarely, if at all, cross that line on this sports site. I will admit to being Conservative, Constitutionalist, and Christian–also Flatulent more often than not–but that’s neither here or there as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks, looking forward to more interesting and well informed conversations.

    • You calling somebody ignorant is likely the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Thanks!

    • Hey, you keep on posting, Nicole!

    • I say we keep him, this is getting too funny!

    • Huahh!

    • Old saying: The troops ain’t happy unless they’re bitchin’ about something.

  • With no apparent separation occurring among the three players this spring, Florida’s heavyweight quarterback battle has carried over to August, where eventually Feleipe Franks, Kyle Trask or Emory Jones will be n […]

    • ”The only way to do something about it was take our frustrations out on our opponents.”
      -Florida Head Coach Steve Spurrier. (after the ’90 season heading into the ’91 season.)
      Different circumstances, but frustration is frustration. That is until it’s turned into MOTIVATION! Go Gators!

    • He will be over 200 lbs once the season starts. Although it may seem that Franks is the guy you would expect to start bc of his experience, the experience has not been good. Given Trask’s lack of experience, he is about on an equal footing with Jones. Jones flipped bc he has less competition here than at Ohio State. It would be ideal for Mullen to take some lumps this year with Jones , hopefully to only see him get better as the season progresses, given it is the first year for coach and QB. Coach can establish his O with a player not tainted by the old regime and who is more suited to what he likes to do with the QB. Your first year as a coach at a new school is your best year to take advantage of the fans’ patience, even otherwise impatient ones like ours. I just don’t see Trask and Franks being so good that we don’t give the Frosh a serious shot early in the season if he improves this summer and all things are relatively equal.

    • Nothing new here. Franks “appears to have trouble recognizing coverages.” Gator Nation saw that last year. If Franks starts next fall, opponents should blitz every down, because it confuses Franks and he panics (uh, Kentucky!). We want to hear that the QB’s are leaders in the film room, because that will help with confidence on game day. The focus needs to STAY on the QB, because the Gators desperately need a Field General.

    • On one point I agree with MKFGator in that this might be a good time to just take your lumps and play Jones and let him learn on the job. His natural athleticism can help compensate for normal freshman weaknesses. He’ll have lots of skill players at RB and WR to make plays and his running ability will come in handy if the OL doesn’t show marked improvement.

      Playing Jones will also enable the coaching staff to show recruits that they’re putting their money where their mouth is when they tell recruits they have a shot to play early in their careers.

      But…. my money is on Trask being the starter against Charleston Southern and Jones getting a package of plays. As Coach Mullen has been preaching….everything will depend on the effort and progress that Franks, Trask, and Jones show come August…. and beyond.

      • Well, like the rest of us, I hope they all get better and we have a QB whose name is used in the same sentence with the name “Heisman” at some point this season. I don’t care who it is. We need all of them to get better. Next year does set up well, and we need to take advantage. My frustration is this: it seems Trask has been lost in all this and it will either be youth or experience in the end. I love Franks’ attitude and his work ethic. The kid is a Gator and I love that. But I found myself screaming at the TV wondering if he needed a telescope to see the field at times. I agree Mullens would prefer to slowly bring Jones along. He should . but we haven’t had a QB here in 10 years; we’ve seen many successful freshmen QB’s the last few years around college football; and I’m getting psychologically desperate.May the best man win. Go Gators!

      • You guys are both spot on. At least “average”, or God forbid, “above average” OL performance this year will make it a heck of a lot easier to see who emerges. I tend to look at it this way: We’ve got 3 QBs this year, two of them huge guys c big arms but different relative skills, and a new guy who promises to be a slippery and cunning runner, along c a pretty good arm too. No, I don’t think we’ve got a Heisman probably among them, but we don’t need that either tho it would be nice. What we ARE lined up with are some excellent receivers and running backs, all of them apparently with, finally, a winning attitude, and a helluva Gator coaching staff. I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m psychologically desperate too……but I’ve got to tell you that this last 7 years TURNS AROUND NOW. So sayeth NealyBob, anyway. Go Gators!

    • Franks is technically a junior (redshirt sophomore), and he simply has not developed as a QB. He has NO pocket awareness. Of course, the offensive line has been a great deal of the problem. I really question whether the line can improve enough by this fall. Then, will it matter who plays QB? Ultimately, Mullen has to go with what he has, and I trust he will make the right decision, even if it’s Frank. (I hope he has a better alternative though.)

    • You just hit the crux of the matter right there, daz. Assuming relative parity among basic skill sets and that the OL basically does it’s job, calmness under pressure is the variable that really matters (assuming the receivers get open, which I somehow think won’t be a problem next year). Good read, bud.

    • Coming into this a couple days late due to a road trip, I don’t really have an opinion other than what I’ve always believed: Mullen will make the best estimate of the situation that he can, based on the data available to him up to Game 1. It will become clear right soon after that, probably before Game 3, and that will be the starter from then on (barring a catastrophe, that is).

      But I have to say, regardless of our personal differences, your posts on this subject are what I mean by “football savvy”……damn good analyses.

    • Rog replied 2 weeks ago

      Tuna…you hit the nail on the head.

    • Sure there are, lots of them. First, new coaches. Really good receivers if things work out like they’re supposed to, and great backs too to take the pressure off. If the OL performs even 10% better, it will be a good season for somebody to step up and be a Gator QB.

  • Lomas Brown, arguably the best left offensive tackle in Florida history, is on the 2019 ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame.

    This is the fourth year in a row Brown has been on the ballot.

    Brown was […]

  • Every time a new head coach takes over at Florida, the speculation begins about what his first offensive play call will be in the opening game, especially if it’s an offensive coach like Steve Spurrier or Dan M […]

    • After a solid kickoff return out to the Gator 38 yard line, Trask drops back on the first play and hits Jefferson in stride on a post route over the middle for a quick 62 yard TD. The defense stifles Charleston Southern, Gator running backs run for 220 yards, Gator TE’s catch 6 passes, Emory Jones successfully executes a “Tebow-esque” package of plays and the Gators roll to a 41-3 victory. Bring on Kentucky 🙂

    • Spoken like a true ORF, Dan!

    • That opening Spurrier drive was awesome. The stadium went nuts. What a fun day. Good times.

  • By Robbie Andreu

    Staff writer

    Florida’s newest linebacker arrived on campus two weeks ago for the start of Summer A. So, well, David Reese, meet David Reese.
    The Gators now have two linebackers named D […]

  • The SEC has cleared the path for Ole Miss transfer Van Jefferson to gain instant eligibility at Florida, voting at the league spring meetings Friday in Destin that transfers within the league do not have to sit […]

  • Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to empty out the notebook (or in this case, tape recorder) from the spring.

    I’m offering up these random quotes from coaches and several players on some different top […]

    • Sounds good to me. Seems like there’s a lot of pride on this team; a remarkable thing considering how last season went. I’m in, so my only quote is, “GO GATORS”!

    • Thanks for the fix, Robbie!!! Keep them coming!!!

      • Ditto Robbie…..get us thru June and July with these fixes to chew on, and by August we ought to see an enema with a fire hose as far as Gator football news!!

    • Think of the irony in those words, Robert. We’re the Florida Gators and we play in one of the greatest venues in college football, in the best conference ever created.

      I hope…, I know…..this is the last season we will ever have to speak that truth.

    • FYI, the word on ATL sports talk radio, is that Van Jefferson is the best player on the team & Emory Jones will have a huge impact on the offense.

    • OK, now you’ve removed all doubt. You were a rectal baby, weren’t you?

    • What? Like you? You’ve become so boring these days that I really have to motivate myself even enough to answer you. Besides, I know lots of words. I even know what some of them mean!

  • The Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville will have its traditional 3:30 p.m. start, CBS announced Wednesday.

    The Oct. 27 game will mark the 16th consecutive season that the Gators and Bulldogs have squared off […]

    • What Tampa says, give him a job Arnold. Just don’t get rid of anybody to make room for him, OK?


      Florida 25 Georgia 22

      Source: Today’s afternoon nap after a Cuban sandwich for lunch.

      • Gator-6: Remind us of this score on the night of Oct. 27. We’ll come up with a prize for ya if you nail it.

        • I’ll do it, and I’ll hold you to it as long as the prize is an actual Cuban Sandwich from the Columbia in Ybor City, overnight delivery to Texas! Unlike the low sodium, God awful versions I have to make for myself these days and pretend I’m back in Tampa…

      • Carnac….if you nail this pick, drinks are on me!!!

        • I don’t drink any longer……my humanitarian contribution to world peace…..but I’ll take a fried Spam sammich instead! No, wait, that’s what got me into this mess in the first place. Tell you what–I nail it, and the drinks are on me. OOO-RAH?

          • Rog replied 3 weeks ago

            Funny…..because I no longer drink either. But if you nail that pick…we will surely find a way to celebrate your brilliant pigskin prognosticatin skills (dang, I sound like Leonard Postero). Ooh Rah!!!

    • Wait a minute…wait a minute…..I count 4 of y’all….Pat, Robbie, You, and Jimmy Olson Cub Reporter!

      • Gator-6, you forgot Kevin Brockway, who covers the UF men’s basketball team as his main beat, but also assists with other Gators sports and lends a hand on high school coverage. Our high school sports editor is Larry Savage, a UF grad.
        And by Jimmy Olson Cub Reporter, you mean Graham Hall?

    • Yes….PLEASE bring back Zack!!!

    • I just read the article on SEC Country that had an early CBS release of the first few SEC games it would cover this season. Man….when I saw the accompanying picture of the CBS RV with a picture of Brad, Gary, and Allie…..well hot dang I just got all excited!!! Bring on this season!!!!

      First few SEC on CBS games:
      Sep 1 West Va vs UT (in Charlotte)
      Sep 8 UGA at SC
      Sep 15 LSU at Auburn
      Three more months……… sigh

      • Gawd Almighty, Rog, I’ll probably wet the bed tonight I’m so excited. Haven’t done that since I was……….I don’t know……63?

  • The SEC’s annual spring meetings are usually relatively dull and pedestrian. But there’s an item of business this week in Destin that certainly should catch the attention of Florida football fans.
    The league wil […]

    • ”U.F. has not yet sent a waiver request to the NCAA for Jefferson or wide receiver Trevon Grimes…” (05-27-’18)
      I am NO lawyer, and I’ve never ”played one on T.V.” either”, but I can only surmise that U.F. is waiting on their ”SEC transfer rule” vote in Destin?!?!
      Still, I feel for both Jefferson and Grimes, because this seems like an ”all or nothing” deal in Destin. No waiver requests sent, no info on either player’s chances (other than this story and a few others).
      So best of LUCK to Florida and Texas A & M’s proposal, because if the majority of the other teams vote ”no”, then Jefferson and Grimes will be starting their appeal and ”waiver process” very late in the game. These 2 players did NOTHING wrong, other than ”life happens”. So…

      • That’s the most sensible analysis of the situation I’ve seen yet, GI. It sure would be a shame if we go in way too late to impact the coming season, but I can’t help but believe there has to be more going on than we’re aware of? Sure is a curiosity.

    • This is getting to be a silly soap opera. Every few weeks we get a different story. First they’re waiting on the NCAA, but wait!, they haven’t filed their paperwork yet. Then we get the story that UF is going through the process of requesting the waivers. Ooops! Seems as though they still haven’t filed the waiver requests. So, does anyone actually know what’s going on with these players? They’ll be waiting until doomsday at the speed that the university and the players are moving. Same ole song, verse 38.

    • I didn’t take you as a troll, didn’t sound like it to me even tho I always could be wrong nevertheless. Still, we commit a lot of fratricide on here so maybe just take a few more keystrokes and explain your comments? Shame you should have to do that, but I for one would be interested in knowing more about your premise.

    • Good thought, Alum. Grimes strikes me as a stud muffin, tho.

    • Make sense.

  • No college football player is perfect, not even Tim Tebow. That’s why every Florida Gator is heading into the summer with the goal of improving certain aspects of their game.

    In the case of running back L […]

    • It all depends on the offensive line. If it improves this year–I mean, really improves–whoever the QB turns out to be can pass to our excellent receivers more than dink and dunk, our great running backs will be able to make much more than a cloud of dust, and three and out should be a distant memory. That’s what I’m counting on.

    • Nicely put CJ…..nicely put.

    • Where do you keep coming up c all this stuff, Tampa? For God’s sake, stop confusing the little girl with facts! She might get a complex, go away, and where would we be then?

  • If there is no further attrition (three players recently transferred) and the seven other true freshmen enroll in late June as expected, the Florida Gators will open their preseason camp in August with 79 […]

    • Interesting data, but how good are they and how much development can we expect. Seems like too many TEs for my taste.

    • I noticed that too, Gator jack…..we had a lively discussion the other day about how to keep the defense from getting gassed so early on, pretty much a consensus for depth and rotation. Considering how late Mullen & Grantham were able to get started for this year—and how well they did regardless of that—I think it’s fair to say that next year’s class should balance out very well and get us close to where we want to be.

    • I don’t think so, just an addition error. As Vulcan says though, how much development can we expect? That’s the crux of the matter. I think Gator jack was looking at it by position, and accounting for injuries etc, I was too as far as being able to platoon defensive relief in and out. I happen to think that this class turned out right well, Sparky… year should be even better. Go Gators!

    • I think we get ’em this year. They’re so pumped up with themselves right now, they won’t know what hit ’em. That’s my story anyway, and I’m stickin’ to it!

    • i’m thinking the error came figuring in the punter – looking at the spreadsheet, the punter seems to be left out by his lonesome, and the junior class doesn’t add up either – it’s just a spreadsheet boo-boo

    • I vote YES to kicking TTC off the island.

      • I don’t even read his posts anymore. Don’t waste your time. He’s just mad because his mom made him clean his room.

    • Very perceptive Sparky! We added junior defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga late and added him to the junior total but forgot to add him as a defensive player in the totals table. Thanks for pointing it out and it should be fixed now!

    • Need any help with the left-overs?

    • This is a great way to look at the roster. Other than the small number of seniors, it looks like the roster is balanced in terms of classes. But obviously several position groups better balance and mix. But I think Coach is all over this. And regarding being under the 85 player limit, my thought is that Coach didn’t want to fill the roster just to fill the roster. Why bring in under-recruited players (2 and 3 stars) to fill out a roster and then have to jettison them in the next year or two when recruiting (and winning?) starts to pay off. Quality over Quantity.

    • Bp (f) Er + Rv

  • [Updated: 6:61 p.m. 5-23-18]

    Just like they’ve been doing on the courts and playing fields, the Florida Gators continue to have success in the classroom as well.

    All 19 of UF’s athletic teams received hig […]

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