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  • Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin’s job description has grown with a new important role.
    The second-year UF AD was named one of the six new members  of the College Football Playoff selection committee th […]

  • All it takes is one injury, one redshirt year, one season on the bench to go from a four-star prospect to a forgotten freshman.
    It happens every year on campuses across the nation, including at Florida, where […]

    • Nice article, but some if not all of them were not actually “forgotten” several were injured. The new coaches should be able to much better use the talent that is on the team. I would like a return to looking for walk on talent, some previous coach had some great successes, and being somewhat short of individuals this would be a great idea. Former military would be another great option.

  • The Florida Gators willingly, and without apparent trepidation, marched straight into hell Tuesday morning with the start of Nick Savage’s much-anticipated strength and conditioning offseason program. No one s […]

  • For a five-star prospect who started as a true freshman and has three years of productive play in the SEC, there’s usually a clear and obvious path to take — straight to the NFL.
    Florida offensive tackle Mar […]

    • Again, I like the way you focus on the bigger picture, Creek. Keep these studs at home and out of the hands of FSU and Miami. Win-Win-Win —> Recruit-Recruit-Recruit.

    • Yeah Tebowcurse, there’s probably truth in what you say and I took your excellent comments in that context. Put differently, that part probably accounts for 60-70% of the factors that went into his decision. The other 30-40% though strikes me as good ju-ju too. Obviously an intelligent young man who wants an education instead of “just a ticket”, has broken the “team code”, and now clearly sees where he needs to improve and finally, how to go about that. As pertains to being a “huge bust”, dunno…..clearly hasn’t lived up to his assessed potential for sure, that being based on his 5-star entry. I’d call it a “disappointment”. We both can think of other Gators under the last two regimes who also came in with the same stars and….well….didn’t live up to them either. The number of stars a youngster comes in with is one thing, but how they’re developed is yet another. Probably less so on Muschamp’s regime, particularly on the defensive side–but he didn’t own this one. Let’s see what the off season does, and then we’ll know for sure. In any event, like you, sure am glad he’s staying for his last year. Go Gators!

    • ….and Foley died for his sins.

  •  Florida confirmed Friday that nine early enrollees are officially now in class and will be participating in the offseason strength and conditioning program and in spring drills that begin in March.

    The nine […]

    • Glad to see UF will maintain Randy Russell scholarship. It’s the right thing to do!!!

  • Senior safety Marcell Harris announced on Twitter on Thursday night that he’s forgoing his final year of eligibility to enter the NFL draft.

    Harris missed the 2017 season after rupturing his achilles tendon d […]

    • Harris is late round pick or free agent at best cause he’s not on anyone’s drafrt board right now. Maybe a monster Pro Day could change that. Pinero’s decision is strange. You seldom see kickers leave early because they are never high draft choices–if drafted at all. Drafting a kicker has come under a black cloud after the Bucs drafted Aquayo in the 2nd round–then released him after one year because he couldn’t kick. Pinero might get picked in a late round, but most kickers go thru a free agent signing. NFL teams are leery after Aguayo. Not saying Pinero can’t kick in the NFL, just wish he would have stuck around another year. He’s taking a big chance and kickers don’t get those $3 million contracts with guaranteed signing bonus. You got to produce and right away, or else your get your a_ _ kicked right out the door. Right Aguayo? Oh yeah, he was on FSU with Winston and the Bucs thought he was the next Morten Andersen. Turns out, he was the next one out the door. LOL

    • I think the story is that he needs to help his family, like right now or yesterday, Scott. Don’t know the details, don’t really need to, but it does sound like a good decision for him if those are the circumstances. Thankfully, DM has a good one coming in.

  • Sophomore defensive end Jordan Smith, whose credit card fraud case is still being considered by the State Attorney’s Office, announced Thursday on Twitter that he’s leaving Florida and is looking to transfer to […]

    • Since these guys got caught FSU may not want them otherwise they would be prime targets for the Noles.

    • Fans need to forgive and forget. It’s yet to be determined how they’ve affected their futures. I sincerely hope they learn from their mistakes and make better life decisions in the future.

      There’s no way to really gauge the impact of their actions on UF and last season’s team. I can’t see any scenario that would have resulted in these two returning to the team.

    • Explanation required, Albert.

    • Now I gotcha…..thanks!


    True freshman defensive back Randy Russell’s promising Florida career has ended before it even had a chance to start.

    The school announced Thursday that UF’s medical staff discovered an abnormality in R […]

    • Can’t imagine your disappointment but the sun will come up tomorrow. Went through a similar situation and I can tell you the best thing you can do is make the best of the opportunity you have been given to get a first class education. Use this situation as motivation to help others who may experience similar disappointment by being a positive for them as a coach, friend and mentor. God bless you in your future endeavors. You will forever be a part of the Gator Nation.


    New Florida coach Dan Mullen completed his coaching staff Thursday with the hiring of veteran assistant Ron English, who was on Mullen’s staff at Mississippi State last season.

    Mullen also announced th […]

    • Looks like we have a strong coaching staff.

    • More good news, good man and will make a great Gator. Way to go, coach.

    • Our coaching staff is locked and loaded with the hire of Ron English, who could easily be the DC or HBC of another program. Can’t remember any UF gridiron staff with this much experience.

      • Neither can I, bud….going all the way back to the Ray Graves era when Pepper Rogers was on staff, and through the Spurrier and Myer eras as well. Put all that SEC experience together with greatly improved stength & conditioning and a winning attitude = ____________.

  • Although it is not official yet, it appears Ja’Juan Seider, the only assistant from Jim McElwain’s staff retained by new Florida football coach Dan Mullen, is switching roles.

    Seider has moved from running bac […]

  • He is still recovering from his injury and his status is uncertain at this time. He went through Senior Day before the FSU game. He is eligible to seek an extra year from the NCAA, if he chooses to do so.

  • By the time high school graduation rolls around in late May or early June, more than half of Florida’s early football signing class will have already been through a semester of college, participated in the o […]

    • All of these except QB might be playing on special teams, we need vast improvement there, and at least some of them should get their time on special teams.

    • I think it’s been malignant coaching more than inconsistant QB play that has led to the Gators’ junior high level offense. Terrible to non-existent coaching is the reason for the poor QB play. Year after year we signed quarterbacks that were going to be the saviors of the team only to see them fizzle. Hopefully Coach Mullen and his staff can change that.

    • Excellent article!!! Someone removed my post, a few days ago, because I criticized another article as irrelevant. If you writer’s can’t take the heat (criticism as well as accolades), then get out of the kitchen!

    • I wish all recruiting articles were as concise and relevant

  • New Florida football coach Dan Mullen inched closer to filling out his coaching staff with another hire Friday, his third in three days.

    The latest to join the staff is 27-year-old Christian Robinson, who was a […]

  • Dan Mullen still has one hire to make before his Florida coaching staff is complete, and so far he’s only announced the responsibility for one assistant, Todd Grantham, who is the Gators’ defensive coo […]

    • I would love to see Vance Bedford join the staff. We had a lights out secondary under his coaching. I know Warren is the probable Secondary coach but just can’t imagine him being better than Bedford. His secondary is what started it All.

    • Good call Skip, on Ron English. Mullen has assembled quite the staff.

    • Good call Skip, on Ron English. Mullen has assembled quite the staff.

  • Now that Sal Sunseri, the former linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders, and Greg Knox, Mississippi State’s interim head coach for the bowl game, are officially part of Dan Mullen’s coaching staff, Flo […]

    • The more info we are getting about the last regime here, the more I wonder if Mac was in a coma for part of the time. He even looked disengaged during games. I don’t even recall him wearing headphones. In retrospect, things seemed more form than substance.

    • Because it’s easy to bash the folks who have left and they can’t defend themselves.
      Because those who have left can’t criticize their former employer as it was written into the settlement. However, it apparently doesn’t apply to the former employer when they anonymously leak out the dirty laundry.
      Because it validates the firing after the fact.
      Because the media needs to toe the UF party line or risk losing access.

    • Stricklin: Mac was a very bad coach.
      Journalist: OK, I will write the story.
      Stricklin: Good. Here’s my direct cell phone number. Please call me if you have any more questions or stop by my office any time.

      Journalist (writing the article): Stricklin is my hero.
      Readers (after reading the article): Wow! Mac WAS a very bad coach. It’s written right here in the paper.
      Mac: Whut?! I did that? Wait, I can’t offer a rebuttal because Stricklin gave me hush money as part of the settlement. I can’t criticize my former employer (Gulp).

    • Sorry GATOR-6. I get so much more satisfaction and enjoyment by thinking independently and critically on the stuff I read.

  • Based on his post on Twitter on Wednesday night, Florida defensive end Cece Jefferson plans to return for his senior season rather than declare for the NFL draft.

    Here’s Jefferson’s post on Twitter: “Se […]

    • This is great news for the Florida defense and Gators everywhere. Don’t underestimate the value of a proven senior starter to a team that has seem so much transition in the past few years.

    • I was there. Peyton Manning. Best quarterback to never beat the Gators!

  • New Florida football coach Dan Mullen has added a wealth of coaching experience to his staff with the hiring Wednesday of two new assistants, Sal Sunseri and Greg Knox.
    The two have more than 60 years of coaching […]

  • Football Scoop is reporting that Sunseri is a “strong candidate” to join Dan Mullen’s staff as the defensive line coach. He’s been the Oakland Raiders’ linebackers coach since 2015. Before that, he was the DE coach at Florida State for two seasons. He has extensive coaching experience in the SEC. He was Nick Saban’s assistant head coach and…[Read more]

  • Everyone seems to agree that dual-threat quarterback Emory Jones, who signed with Florida on Wednesday, appears to be a perfect fit for Dan Mullen’s offense.
    But Mullen was quick to point out that when it comes t […]

    • It is so refreshing to have a coach that can articulate cognitive thoughts and statements. Best Christmas ever.
      Merry Christmas everybody.

    • With exciting R.B.s like Davis & Lemons, and a veteran, consistent bashing back like Perine, along with the dynamic Toney playing in a ”Percy Harvin type role”, I’m truly excited for Mullen’s 2018 Florida ‘O’.
      And the important play of the O-line for U.F. is, for the most part, all veterans.
      Finally, (Lord willing) plug in a decent Q.B., and heck, I am ready to see them play today! GO GATORS!

    • Agreed. If you want a specific example Leland I would throw out Chris Leak MVP national championship game. The worse thing Chris could do was run with the ball. I think he started eight for eight passing. Merry Christmas Leland. Peace


    Former Florida defensive end Jordan Sherit is not going to be able to chase his dream of playing in the NFL. The outgoing senior announced on Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday that he’s giving up fo […]

    • Thanks for all the hard work you put in on the field and years of practice!
      Let’s hope you can finish strong with your degree.

      Good luck!

    • It would be great if he wants a graduate degree for him to get one at UF for free in some legal way. Sorry for his injury, but he still has his health and a bright future.

    • Sherit, you epitomize the orange and blue. Thanks for playing for my beloved Gators!

    • I’ll miss one of my favorite Gator players in Jordan. Thanks for all of your efforts and time for the Gator Nation.

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