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  • Those not actually in Florida’s offseason strength and conditioning program must be thinking Nick Savage has had the Gators locked in workout hell the past two months.
    That assumption would be based on some of t […]

  • Florida begins spring football practice with two sessions open to the fans and media, Friday and Saturday.

    UF football

    What: First two practices of the spring open to the fans and media

    When: […]

  • Trevon Grimes, WR: The Ohio State transfer was one of the nation’s top receivers coming out of high school a year ago and played as a true freshman last season. He appears to have the whole package: size, speed, h […]

  • Quarterback

    Dan Mullen has been clear that his offense is going to be built around the skill set of his quarterback. So, before we know what the offense is going to look like, we have to find out who the […]

  • Sophomore tailback Malik Davis is still recovering from knee surgery and likely will miss most of the spring, Mullen said. Several other players will be limited due to injuries.
    “Malik Davis won’t be doing muc […]

  • From the start, Florida coach Dan Mullen has stressed that one quality that he looks for the most in his quarterback is leadership ability.
    It appears Feleipe Franks has got it.
    In a recent vote among the […]

  • The transition to a new coaching staff has appeared to be fairly seamless up to this point.

    Recruiting went well. The fan base has been re-energized. The players have bought into the demanding strength and […]

  • During Steve Spurrier’s first interview for a college football head coaching job, there were no lawyers or agents or advisors in the room. It was just Spurrier and Duke athletic director Tom Butters having a p […]

    • The biggest winners are the agents, specifically the college football power broker who represents 11 of 14 SEC coaches, Jimbo, Jimbo’s replacement, and who knows who else. Jimmy Sexton is probably making more than King Saban.

    • Foley deserves much of the blame for the football program and the lack of facilities and the giant buyouts we owe. Foley did a fantastic job of building the UF athletic program and he was great at finding, and then negotiating with, the coaches to run the smaller programs where buy outs and salaries are smaller and their is more patience. He seemed to struggle as the money grew and the pressure mounted. He did not handle Spurrier well at the end, he struggled with Meyer’s whatever that was and he just was not good with the larger sports. Hell, he even made Billy Donovan and the Gator basketball team take a bus to play Georgia every year. It would piss Donovan off every time. How do we pay millions in buy outs while our basketball team is on a Greyhound to Athens. I’m glad he has handed the department to an athletic director who seems better equipped to handle this next phase of UF athletics.


    For the first time this season, the nation’s No. 1 baseball team finds itself confronted with some adversity. It has shown up in the form of a second consecutive loss on back-to-back nights to state rival Ce […]

  • [Updated] Florida has announced that its homecoming game this season is the Nov. 3 game against Missouri.

    LSU was last season’s homecoming opponent, a 17-16 loss.

    Florida has a 67-25-2 record in Homecoming […]

    • This is just another poorly written and lazy article from Robbie. Season tickets are $380/seat + booster contribution. That is not the price for just Missouri. You always have to take his articles with a grain of salt.

    • You are wrong man who lives under bridge, 17-16 is NOT an a$$ whipping, 44-0 is an a$$ whipping. We did not whip UToothless’s butt, we beat them, and were lucky in certain aspects, as LSU was (missed extra point).

      Mizzou is a great homecoming opponent. Nuff said.

    • Actually, it is VERY near (22 vs 40), and if you take into account GTown is a private catholic school with a 7k undergrad population, the comparisons are closer. Also, UF would be the the location of choice for eng degree. The fact that GTown is in the slimeball city of the U.S, right smack in the middle would make UF more attractive to most urbanites.

  • Back when Dan Mullen was Urban Meyer’s offensive coordinator at Florida, the Gators not only were known for making big plays on offense and defense, but also on special teams.

    The Gators blocked kicks, r […]

  • A new assistant coach coming on staff in late January usually has a lot to do in a short period of time in terms of getting to know the players he’s going to be coaching in the spring.

    In the case of new F […]

  • After getting fired as Eastern Michigan’s head coach for using inappropriate language in a team meeting, Ron English felt he needed to chill out, step back and take a little time off.

    So, for two years ( […]

    • Tampa: You need to pay better attention and follow along. We have tons of new stuff and breaking news all the time. Robbie had this story written, but we held it as it’s not a “breaking” story, more of a timeless feature on the assistant coach, and we wanted to give better play on the site to game stories from other sports now in season. Thanks for coming by.

    • I didn’t read the story previously, but I am glad we have “Coach English here. He looks like he will be a great asset to the program.

    • Yeah, Rob, I hear ya. When it comes to breaking news, totally agree. But that’s not the case with these assistant coaches stories the past several weeks. We produced the news stories upon their hiring.
      And some may be assuming that folks who come to also visit other sites. Just because the subject matter on a story was posted first elsewhere, it doesn’t mean others can’t write their own version. Happens daily on all news/sports sites.
      We don’t lose, it’s a free site. Come and go as you please.
      And, I wasn’t telling readers “pay better attention and follow along,” just one, who can handle himself as evidenced in his other posts.

      • I didn’t see the story elsewhere, so I appreciate you having it here. I don’t have time to read every site out there and come here for a lot of my Gators info. I have enjoyed the series on our assistant coaches. It has given me a lot of insight on them that I did not know. So, thank you.

  • Greg Knox is big on loyalty. But you don’t have to hear that from him. It’s reflected in his coaching track record.

    In his 24 years in the SEC (which is a long time), Knox has worked for only two head coa […]

    • Another solid hire. Mullen learned special teams emphasis from Meyer. I am looking forward to greatly improved special teams play. It was so poor under Mac and Nord. Townsend and Pinero were good, but returns and coverage were just awful.

  • It’s pretty unusual for a coach to give up a coordinator’s job at one school to become a position coach at another. But in the case of Brian Johnson, it made perfect sense.

    Going from offensive coordinator at […]

    • Thanks gang, didn’t mean to scare folks.

    • Did we not Forget that Franks was only a “Freshman!” He may not played well but I have to give him credit for his guts and character on how he handled all of the negativity. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I’m pretty sure he will have a good year.

  • Discipline and accountability seemed to be lacking on the Florida football team last season.

    It was evident with the multiple player suspensions.

    It was apparent in what has been described as a lax weight […]

    • McElwain’s leftovers ain’t gonna like this! Discipline on and off the field? Gotta be kidding.

    • I didn’t know much about Coach Warren and his background. I am very impressed. This appears to be a great hire. And, thank you for your service, Coach!

  • On a Florida football staff that has 198 years of combined coaching experience, it’s easy to spot who the, well, baby is.

    That would be Christian Robinson, who has zero years experience as a full-time a […]

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