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  • Florida All-SEC catcher JJ Schwarz has a small break in his right hand and will miss the SEC Tournament, UF coach Kevin O’Sullivan confirmed Wednesday.

    Schwarz took a foul ball off the hand Friday night d […]

  • Pat Dooley talks to Robbie Andreu from The Gainesville Sun. As Dooley Noted take a short break. Pat will be back with you in a few weeks, ready to talk football and all things Gators.

    2:15 – Predictions on […]

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a long weekend in Rainesville with the realization there is only one more weekend in that softball press box before it is renovated. Please, can I swing the first […]

    • Excellent comments, Clyde. I don’t understand though why “fans” would be all over Mullen for not bringing in a bunch of 4* and 5* recruits. That’s exactly what he did! No, not the 5*s—but they’ll start coming too.
      There are more 4* than anything else, and the 3* are still “elite” level players. In fact, I think the class average is 3.83, which rounds to 4.0.

    • He really is, Mark. The day we passed on that big shot Kelly and brought Dan Mullen home is a day I’ll never forget. The day I finally “knew” we’d be all right again.

  • It’s a magical number that gets coaches raises and makes boosters puff out their chests a little more during the offseason.

    In a way, it’s like hitting .300. You do it and it changes the way people look at you […]

  • Florida didn’t make it a clean sweep again, but the Gator athletic program did keep its streak alive.

    For the 12th consecutive academic year, Florida won the SEC All-Sports Award presented by GateHouse M […]

  • It would have been easy to get frustrated, to get nervous stomachs with every numbing inning as one scoring opportunity after another was wasted into the sultry afternoon.
    But if there’s one thing that makes t […]

  • It’s a feel thing for Tim Walton.

    He starts the game with defensive whiz Alex Voss in the outfield and then when he feels like a bigger bat is needed, enter Jaimie Hoover.

    It couldn’t have worked out muc […]

  • The SEC West has dominated the East for the last five seasons since the two division split 14 games in 2012. It looked as if the East was making some headway in 2016 when it won five of the 14 games.

    But last […]

    • It wasn’t that many years ago that the balance of power was reversed. As cycles go, it will come around again.

    • I’m going to have to start tapping in a little more on other sites, G…’re right, that link didn’t quite provide me c the warm fuzzy I was looking for. That said, even tho it seems at times that we’re never going to get our share of 5*s again, I’m sure we will sooner or later. Like you, I’m just hoping for sooner than later.

    • I was reluctant to buy it at first Sly, but you do have some creds and now you’ve got me wondering.

    • Yeah, leland, now that you put it that way, I kind of that Pat really did have an uncharacteristic BGHO.

    • ????????

    • Boy, you just said a mouthful, G. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that among all the threats to our republic, irresponsible journalism is probably the one that will wind up doing us in.

      I remember that post the other day, everyone was saying “no worries”, and you included a link to an website that cast some doubt on that. It sure didn’t give me a warm fuzzy, anyway. I’m sure you got blasted for that, but I appreciated it because….hey….you’ve got to examine every side of an issue to find objectivity. I was a G-2 (Intelligence Officer, in my case an oxymoron if there ever was one) at one point in my career, and believe me the info that shattered the prevailing consensus was the most beneficial most of the time. Disagreement does not = Disloyalty.

    • Are you seriously going to start that crap again, Gator? You otherwise sound like a good guy, but how you come up c stuff like that I’ll never understand. I don’t know who “Tim” is, but he sounds OK to me. I do know GatorG lives on the east coast, has a degree in Chemistry from UF, and is a straight shooter. I live in Texas, will admit to being any sort of scumbag you want to call me, but I sure as hell am not an FSU troll.

      All this paranoia about trolls is flat ass taking the fun out of this site, and I think it’s pretty clear who they are. There has been so much friendly fire on here lately that I’m surprised anybody posts anymore.

    • Boy, I gotcha Steve. But care about the East because that’s where we live. We all win when it’s strong.

      Believe me, I know what it’s like to live in a hostile, foreign country like Georgia……been stationed there twice. Try Knoxville, where Rog lives!

      • You got that right! I’m so sick of prison orange (hey, I have two kids matriculating at UTK) and I hope the Vols never beat my Gators but I can tell you that a strong division helps us all because when you’re a great team and you beat great teams, …..well you know the saying about a rising tide lifts all boats. I don’t “root” for UT or UGA but when they are playing Auburn or Bama or LSU…..well, somebody’s got to win so I’d rather it be East than West.

        • Rog-er that, Rog!

        • I’ll probably take some guff for saying this, but I never root for FSU or Miami either when they’re playing any SEC team, but otherwise I will sometimes. After all, those guys are at least cousins.

    • I’m confused Gator….”Tim” might have posted a comment on the article referencing Trey Sanders, I don’t remember if he did or not. If he did, I’m sure it was to the effect of “don’t worry…his family are all Gators”. That was the majority response, more or less “ho hum”. But GatorG posted a link which made it sound as tho his visit to FSU was more serious than that. What’s wrong with that? I read it, it got my attention too.

    • By the way, I checked and not only was GatorG’s comment taken down, but so was my response to it as well. I don’t have a clue why, but that’s what he was talking about.

    • Well, I knew it was something like that, but to tell the truth I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today! I think I went to a gun show after that, but I can’t swear to it.

      Don’t stop posting, I rely on it when I get too carried away!

    • GatorSports should explain why they censored some of the comments. I suspect they objected to my response to your comment about Sanders. I laid out my suspicions about IMG and FSU boosters having a nefarious business relationship.

      • Exactly Sly….and I couldn’t find that either (unless my head is so far up my 4th point of contact that I need some light pumped in). Those are pretty much the words you used, and I answered that I finally saw the possibility. Why would GatorSports do that? Got to be an error.

      • Gator-6 – Unfortunately, I didn’t see your response before the thread was censored.

        I don’t know who owns GatorSports/Gainesville Sun. However, the media in general is owned by some very wealthy and powerful people from both sides of the political spectrum. They control and censor news as they see fit. Why do you think Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, and casino magnate and Republican sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson bought daily Las Vegas Review-Journal and the daily Israel Hayom? Those are just a couple of examples. They want to control the news ordinary people consume. Why haven’t we seen more reporting about the Panama Papers? The people who control the Media don’t want the American public to make a huge political issue about “legalized” nefarious activities they engage in with offshore accounts, shell corporations, and such. That is one thing both the left and right agree on. If they are reported, it gets killed and buried pretty quickly. We have to find such stories from public funded outlets such as NPR, the Guardian, and Wikipeida which are not owned by the wealthy and powerful.

      • Sly: GateHouse Media publishes more than 560 community newspapers, including 124 dailies (Gainesville Sun is one), along with more than 485 affiliated websites (Gatorsports is one). Its publications can be found in 38 states.
        We now have another moderator to help keep an eye on the site and may have a quick delete button. His BS meter went off on Tim’s and GatorG’s posts on here. Don’t know what their relationship is, could be what others on here have suspected. Our dude pointed it out and I sanctioned the hit. Sorry you and Gator-6’s responses got caught in the wash.
        Folks, just follow the rules of the road. They have been posted several times and has a home on the Forum. Certainly there are other sites some on here can take their negativity ad nauseam about the Gators and other things.

  • Last year, they finished No. 2 in the country.

    This year, they start the postseason as the No. 2 team in NCAA Regionals.

    But the only number that matters is one.

    As in one game.

    The one tonight.

    The […]

  • Their offices are on the opposite sides of buildings that are connected by concrete. Tim Walton is in the Lemerand Center and Kevin O’Sullivan is across the way in the baseball offices.

    But during their h […]

  • Nobody knows for sure if Florida will have a strong quarterback this year. Nobody knows who will even start the opener or who will be under center when SEC play begins.

    What we are pretty sure of is that the […]

    • Doesn’t “feel” much different than any other year to year in the SEC, to tell the truth. If Grantham can work the defense to a level of play that offsets it, then we’ll be fine and competitive. If the O-line works this year, and if a QB can step up…….we’ll be better than fine.

    • Good question! He’s certainly got the legacy, let’s see.

    • You are spot on, Nicole, regarding Francois. Likewise FSU in general, but don’t go trashin’ Saint Bobby!

  • Pat interviews All-American lineman Shannon Snell about the Gators’ offensive line.

    00:45 Impressive Nick Savage and Gators’ no-complaints attitude

    04:00 An unbelievable all-around weekend for Gators […]

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a weekend where Florida is probably trying to figure out where all of these trophies go. And I hope all the mothers had a special day. I miss mine every minute.

    10. As the […]

    • I know it is not what we were hoping for, but 2 out of the last 3 years the football team were champs of the SEC East. It’s not quite the big leagues, but some schools would be happy with it. I am not saying we are, but it is more than nothing.

  • During a discussion with Urban Meyer the other day about something unrelated, I brought up that this year is the 10th anniversary of Florida’s last national champion.

    “That’s right. It’s 2018, isn’t it?” he s […]

    • Wow…..two things worth remembering in the same day: (1) Richard Dery’s comment that we actually do have elite athletes, and (2) Pat reminding us that as bad as the last 10 years or so have been, it has been better than a whole lot of other SEC teams in the same period.

      Finally. A Monday where I don’t feel like going back to bed. As Richard said, “It’s going to be beautiful”.

    • You know, as we constantly gripe about now vs then, there is a lot of meat in this breakdown for comparisons. I am amazed that some of the bright football minds we have here haven’t jumped all over it, pro and con. No foolin’….I thought we’d have 50 or 60 posts after 2 days.

  • It was a bit subdued and understated, a jog out to left-center field for a picture where a “2018” sticker had already been plastered on the padding where SEC titles are acknowledged.

    But it was definitely a cel […]

  • It’s such a cliche these days I hesitate to use it.

    Every team has a ceiling. Every team has a floor. That’s a lot of structures.

    But they are there whether in the views of fans, media, opponents or bas […]

    • I completely agree with your ceiling for Florida, Pat. ”10 wins” or more is possible. But it’s all predicated on GOOD Q.B. play (which includes, no name calling, but a Q.B. who doesn’t run around in the backfield and carelessly lob passes downfield, only to be picked off and return for T.D.s). It will include a very good Gator ‘D’, and some R.B.’s who have punishing runs, along with the long, break away T.D. runs, too. And the receivers have to improve, at last!).
      Other than all that, I don’t see any reason why they can’t compete for the East… THIS YEAR. too! GO GATORS! JUST DO IT!!!

    • I hate to disagree with you G, especially since your view involves more true critical thinking and objective reasoning than most allow for…..what else would you expect from a chemist? Well, I do agree with you about the fan demoralization and especially about the nature of possibility vs probability. But the talent is actually there and in-place, so is the coaching expertise, so is the S&C, and so is the motivation. No, I don’t think this is the breakout season yet…..but I still maintain that 8-4 is probable, and a decent bowl win for a 9-4 season is too. Now, as Willgator sustains, win a couple that we’re not supposed to win (the possibility factor) and all of a sudden we’ve got at least 10 wins.

      Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! (p<.05) Go Gators……

    • I don’t think G meant “cruel” in the traditional context, jackah. Like a lot of Gators, he’s been built up and let down so many times over the last 7 years that he’s gun shy, that’s all. Now he’s among the “wait and see”, “I’ll believe it when I see it” segment of fans.

      I found Pat’s column very though provoking too.

    • You know, I’ve been including the Gators in our meal time prayer for about 5 years now, talk about unanswered prayers… wife finally told me to stop being blasphemous and get serious. During the ensuing conversation she said it was just a game, they were just boys, and that there were more important world events to worry about.

      Knowing that I was going to be sleeping on the couch that night anyway, and unable to think of one world event more important than Gator football, I simply replied, “Just what I expected from an FSU troll, Mikey”. God, this stuff is contagious!

      It wasn’t too bad on the couch, except for having to share it with my bloodhound. And my back hurts.

    • So the way I see it (see below) …… 5 wins is the floor (wins vs Charleston South, Kent, Col St, Vandy, Idaho) and 8 wins is the ceiling (losses to LSU, South Carolina, UGA, FSU).

      The difference between 5-7 and 8-4 are games I see going either way (UT, Miss State, Mizzou). South Carolina may fall in this group.

      The play of the OL and QB will determine this team’s fate. I believe the defense will hold it’s own, I believe the special teams will hold their own, I believe the coaching will do it’s part, I believe the strength and conditioning will do it’s part, and I believe the running backs and receivers/tight ends will do their part and will only go as far as the QB and OL let them go.

      Now if this team catches lightning in a bottle (and you could say this for 2/3 of the SEC teams) and the stars align, there is probably enough talent on the team and coaching staff to get 10 or 11 wins. But NO ONE should think that’s possible as we stand today. 8 wins sounds about right for my wishful thinking.

      Charleston Southern – W
      Kentucky – W
      Colorado State – W
      Tennessee – W or L
      Miss State – W or L
      LSU – L
      Vanderbilt – W
      Georgia – L
      Missouri – W or L
      South Carolina – L
      Idaho – W
      FSU – L

      • Boy, that’s about a fine of a detailed analysis and rationale as I’ve seen in a long time, Rog. I think we actually catch Willie Taggart stepping on his poncho liner this year tho, and actually drop FSU so bad their legs grow together. And UT too, but they’re on about the same rebound schedule as we are, the combination of Fulmer and Pruitt are going to be difficult to contend with, and that’s about as far as my own wishful thinking carries me. I don’t know, you’re a lot closer to that situation in Knoxville than I am. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of Phil Fulmer (except for when UT plays UF).

      • I hope you’re right about FSU. It’s about time we beat these guys. The Noles haven’t been a great team lately and it’s obvious in hindsight that Jimbo has been checked out for awhile….yet they have made us look silly year in and year out.

        As far as UT, the fan base here is just shell shocked at how bad things have gotten. And now with the abrupt firing of the Chancellor it appears that chaos is still the order of the day. Fulmer has a lot of political capital so he’ll have time to settle things down and it appears that he’s done that. Pruitt…..well so far, he’s no nonsense and all business. He’s a football coach, not a motivational speaker like Butch was.

        So the Vols are probably in good hands going forward. But, the talent level is very low here now and recruiting is much harder at UT than at UF or UGA or Bama. So I sense they’re on the right track but the Vols road back to respectability will be more difficult and lengthy than the Gators. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • And ain’t it great, leland?

      But that’s like a preconceived notion I once had….it turned out to be something I already thought of. (apologies to the late, great, Jim Varney, aka, Earnest)

    • Well, gi did mention the “Gator D”, Gator, just not the OL. How about a B instead of an F?

    • Dilly Dilly, Ricky.

    • Gawd Almighty UAGly, that IS the funniest thing I’ve watched since “Earnest Saves Christmas”. Genius I tell you.

    • Not only put us in a hole from jump street, it combined with the credit card scandal and the OC to keep us there all season. Good point Dan.

    • You know, I don’t know either, Scott. But I will say this: Something positive is indeed going on with USC, even tho I can’t put my finger quite on it and it’s sort of subjective. Rog (above) has them beating us this year….he’s usually pretty objective in his analyses….but maybe I’m not the only one who “senses” something. (I hope Rog is wrong when it comes down to the USC-Florida game, but other than that I don’t really care much)

      Tell you this much, Muschamp bombed at Florida, but I think he’s more or less growing into a pretty decent SEC coach so far. Go Gators…..

    • Couldn’t have said it better. Hope for the best, expect the worst, and don’t get too upset as we begin the long climb back to respectability.

    • 6….. I hope I’m wrong too. And of the four losses I project, this is the one I’m least firm about. Bentley has shown stretches of being a very good QB and could be a good un one day. So much there depends on whether or not Coach Muschamp ever decides to let his team play offense. When he does get serious about offense, his teams will be tough because the man can sure coach defense. I hope it’s not this year.

      • “good un” tickled me Rog……my late Dad used to say it that way all the time. Hailed from Avon Park, and a more rabid, life long Florida Gator you never met.

    • They’ll be better because of better coaching.

      No, they won’t scare anyone. But they’ll be better coached than many teams and certainly better coached than last year. Nobody’s expecting year one miracles, just improvement. We’ll see that.

      • I know TebowCurse is supposed to be an FSU troll–and he probably is–but he sure knows an awful lot about Florida football and the Gator roster, doesn’t he? Just that so much he knows if wrong (to quote a late President).

        OK, I’ve got it, mystery solved. He’s Nuss! I mean, I’ve never seen them on here at the same time, have you? That’s gotta be it.

        • 6 ……. I think you’re on to something!

          Come to think of it, Nuss did kind of look like the kind of guy who still lives in his mom’s basement 🙂

    • Yeah–point, counterpoint, Joe. Like I said, I really can’t put my finger on it anyway, so maybe it’s just indigestion from something I ate. That said, USC is an awful lot like Florida about 35 years ago. I mean, they can get a full 6-pack every now and then, but they just don’t have the little plastic thingy that holds it all together. Yet. I’ll cede to your points tho, good ones that they are. I was more just trying to validate my thoughts at that… the man says, “Sometimes you’re the bug, and sometimes you’re the windshield”.

    • Anybody who hasn’t watched this yet, you really need to!

  • For the enthusiastic Gator fans who celebrated with full volume after their team’s walk-off 7-6 win over Georgia on Friday night, don’t try to dissect it.
    Just know this — Florida continues to show the r […]

  • There have been a lot of great teams in the history of Florida football. We know about the champions. We know about the statues. Check out the credentials for this team, one I talked about briefly on the Dooley […]

    • …..and that was they way it was, 41 years ago. Hard to believe because those names are fresh as yesterday to a lot of Gators.

      Valuable coaching and staff information tho, given our recent history since the demise of Urban Myer.

    • You are a great Gator historian, mveal.

    • Your Mom is a great American, mveal.

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a long, hot weekend where we had our air conditioning go down for four days, my car die for the weekend and the refrigerator forming glaciers in the freezer. It always happens all […]

    • Well at least that’s something we can agree on. Too bad you have to be the other side of “we” in this case….I keep better company than that.

      • I’m with ya 6…….

        I’m pulling to Timmy too….but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Don’t have to, even with my limited education I know what it means.
      Do you know what the word “hypocrite” means? And by the way, this not not trolling; rather, it is giving you back some of your own medicine. For the countless times you have born false accusations against me, dragging my screen name through the mud. A screen name by the way that has more meaning to me than a piece of trash like you could understand. You’re wrong, hypocrite, and now you’re whining because I insulted you? Give me a break, little man.

      • TampaGator, you are truly laughable. I will be more than happy to cease all comms with you, but you need to do one thing first: Issue a retraction.

        Do you honestly think you bear no culpability is this matter, that your’s is somehow the “high road”? Come on now, be a man. Or are you so used to getting away with it that you think you can always do it with impunity? My God, I actually feel sorry for you.

    • Boy, that sure sounds like TebowCurse to me. Anti-Trump some? Are you sure it’s not you that is he?

    • Gang: I trashed Alfred Rose’s rant on UF’s graduation Saturday and race relations in this country in general. Also trashed were the replies from some on here. Not because the replies were bad, I just didn’t want to confuse others who came to read the comments later. This is a Gators sports site, a place you can express thoughts, opinions and analysis of UF sports. Other discussion not based on UF sports or content produced by our staff on this site, take it to the Lizard Lounge in our Forum page. But keep it clean and civil.
      Please follow our posted policy. As a reminder:

      At, we seek to provide visitors with a community to post questions, comments or concerns related to Florida athletics. We’re excited you’re here for the ride and we hope to provide you with a positive experience going forward.
      But we won’t tolerate malicious posts, and request all users behave in a civil and responsible manner.
      Please avoid creating any inappropriate usernames or using imagery that other users may find explicit or offensive.
      Personal attacks on members of the community will not be tolerated – remember to be respectful even in disagreement. reserves the right to ban, suspend or restrict access to any members believed to be in violation of this policy.


      – Arnold Feliciano
      Gainesville Sun sports editor

    • Arnold, I believe you are, at least in part, referring to my on-going “feud” c TampaGator occasioned by his persistence in calling me a troll (TebowCurse, Mikey, Mike Winter, et al.). I have offered my actual identity for him to research if he so desires, and pointed out that as a registered member I can only have one screen name–all to no avail. And yes, finally I have become very antagonistic in my responses. Truth is, I don’t like being “that guy”, even to try to make a point. It is not in my character structure.

      Nevertheless, one would wonder why I would become so upset over something as silly and mundane as a screen name. It’s quite simple: Gator-6 was my call sign through 30+ years of active duty in the US Army, at each one of four different commands. It has a history, it has meaning, and a lot of good men have made sacrifices under it; most of all, it is personally relevant and I won’t have it continually spat upon. I am willing to end this should TampaGator ever acknowledge that he is wrong. No apology required, though it would certainly be a nice touch. Beyond that, I had a stroke 14 Feb 18 and couldn’t type for about 5-6 weeks. Still in recovery, this site has meant an awful lot to me recently…..I literally hate having that joy spoiled by persistent attacks on my name.

    • Gator-6, Gatorsports enjoys what you bring to the discussion of UF sports. And, no, my reply has nothing to do with anything you have done. It was just Alfred Rose going off on a race rant. He’s correct about this site not being the platform for it.
      And as far as the “trolls” go, they have been informed about our policy. It won’t take much more to get removed.
      We appreciate all coming to the site and sharing info, ideas, thoughts and just being fans about Gator sports. Keep the discussions moving forward. But keep name-calling, racist or other improper comments off here.
      And thank you for your service, Gator-6.

    • You’re kidding, right? You most certainly did attack my name, buster, and continued to do it by referring to me as an alias of TebowCurse or whatever other FSU troll you can think of…..none of which is true. I think what you’re fed up with is the fact that I won’t let you get away with it, or the impunity you have enjoyed thus far. Issue a retraction, and you and I can stay out of each other’s way for eternity. Your choice, you don’t even have to apologize because I know that would be a bridge too far for your ego. Out here.

  • The SEC’s Pit of Despair isn’t as bad as it used to be.

    But it’s still hardly appointment TV.

    The Pit is the penultimate Saturday of the regular football season. Teams with major rivalry games basic […]

    • And if they don’t, are you going to boycott football games as you suggested before?

      Like I said, you seem to nevertheless have a decent football savvy, if only your personality–and OCD–would get out of the way. Sadly, there isn’t much of a cure for Axis II disorders, Tampa….but you might try a PBO (Personality By-Pass Operation).

    • Could be, Gator….as quick as this nut job is to label others as a troll.

    • TampaGator: All speculation at this point.
      Ohio State coach Urban Meyer hasn’t said who he expects the starting QB will be among the trio of junior Joe Burrow, sophomore Dwayne Haskins and freshman Tate Martell. Burrow hasn’t played much in three years. Worth a Daily Football Fix during “Talking Season.”

    • Pretense this, dummy.

    • Come on, you’ve got more than that. Or maybe not.

      • We call people like you a one trick pony out here in Texas, Tampa, but lacking both character and honor, I doubt you would even measure up to that. What a sad fool you are.

    • You’re saying that TebowCurse is Gator-6. Right? Answer in the affirmative is that is your position, Tampa.

    • TampaGator: Dan Mullen talked with the Lakeland Ledger, our sister paper, and other sports writers there:
      Fans hoping the Gators would dive into the graduate transfer quarterback market for a third-straight year may be in for some disappointment.
      Mullen said, right now, he did not expect to add another quarterback to a room featuring rising sophomores Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask as well as early-enrollee Emory Jones.
      Florida has been linked to Ohio State’s graduating quarterback Joe Burrow in recent days.
      “I don’t think that’s a spot we would look to take anyone,” Mullen said. “I feel pretty good about the guys we have and the depth we’re creating at that position and the competition at that position.”

    • I really didn’t think that was in your character structure, Mac’s. How disappointing, but the virus has even spread to a physician like you who knows better.

    • Don’t dismiss the man with sarcasm so arrogantly, Tampa. Not good form for a self described luminary such as yourself, you know.

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