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  • Pat discusses Florida coach Jim McElwain’s remarks about death threats, the atmosphere in Jacksonville and other NCAA action.

    • Grier wanted a garrauntee he would start after 1 year suspension. You can’t make that promise unless you are willing to potentially lie to the player. If that is encouraging him to leave is a matter of interpetation and it’s PD’s. I agree with PD that Urban would have kept hm but Urban would never had recruited a drop back passer. It was WG violation of ban substances that caused the problem. He is the only reason he is not a Gator. Ideally he wouldn’t have cheated and the whole situation never arises.
      We need more great players on the team and it looks like we are doing well on that front for the next 2 years combined with needed coaching changes the future looks bright. The present is painfully dull and I don’t see it changing this season. Beat Dawgs Go Gators

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    1 — OK, I’m a little weirded out. I saw some strange things on Saturday.

    * Like T […]

    • Pat as much as I would to take a break from the bashing myself. You know damn well that will never happen. On another note As much as I hate PSU for their enabling of that Child Molesting Sandusky and find it to difficult to associate that program with anything else. Game Day had a great segment Triplett and the support of his 1944 team mates. It definitely worth catching if you missed it.
      Apparently they came up up with the slogan “We are Pen State”. In my ignorance I thought that was a Marshall thing. It made me think, what our motto would be “We are Florida”, “We are loud and proud” but after six weeks of negative comments I couldn’t get “We are haters” out of my head.
      I hope someone can come up with a better option than the one currently stuck in my head.

  • The SEC has this marketing slogan that you have heard a million times with that young lady walking into your living room telling you … “It Just Means More.”

    It’s an easy target for SEC bashers when somethi […]

    • ”Florida: Gator fans are not happy with consecutive home losses and another year of bad offense.”
      Pat, ”not happy”? Well, you could have said, Florida’s Franks hasn’t thrown a T.D. since Sept.., or Florida hasn’t thrown double-digit (like 10 or more) T.D.’s all season, and it’s already half way over!
      It’s just that ”bad offense” doesn’t really seem to get to the heart of the matter, does it?
      It’s been 7 years of ”bad offense”! That’s 84 months! And I don’t know, but calling us, ”Gidiots”, and/or ”Wacko-club”, because that seems to ”bother us unfairly” -in your mind- really isn’t fair at all!
      But I guess, that’s only accurate ‘IF’ you’re completely honest with Gator fans, and the ”real numbers”. And not simply just blame ”Gator fans for being unhappy”.

    • Wasn’t gonna say it but…they sound like a bunch of ANTIFA punks that just had their Starbucks hours cut back. The constant whining on this site is a real turnoff for us older guys. I don’t like it any more than the rest of you but good God man…RELAX!

    • he Gator Fan base has a well earned reputation of running our head coaches out of town. SOS and Myer left because of the constant negativity that permeates the fan base. Mac has done good job with infastructure and recruiting. He made changes to the coaching staff to fo the same this year. We also had difficult when looking for a new coach of getting our first choice.Why would a top of the line coach want to emerse themselves in that type of environment? Beware Gatr Nation we might get change but that change may not yeild the results we want. I do not know the details of Mac’s contract but I’m sure their is a buyout situation that would make it difficult for hin to leave early. However I can understand him wanting to leave. We think just becuase we love the the Gators that coaches lined up for the gig. It is doubtful any coach in America could have made this team good based on the circumstances that has played out this season. I believe the offense has been conservative by design to shorten the games and give us a chance in the fourth quater to sreel a victory. I personly do not agree with that philosophy but I understand the logic behind it. We had 2 great coaches since I have been watching the Gators for 49 years. I think Mac has alot going for him. Caution Karma can be a bitch. As for what is happening on the feild this direct result of the NINE and QB who is not ready. Yet we have been in every game except Mich. inspite of poor playing calling and lack luster special teams. The Mich game was one that the we had to throw out the game plan out 48 hours before kick off after practicing a certain way all camp. Gator Fans call them excuses and they may be, but like it or not they are also facts.

      • I remember reading or hearing something back in the Spurrier days that it would be well into a QB’s 3rd year before he had the offence down pat. I just thought that was incredible that it would take that long to learn Spurrier’s playbook and how to run it. I’ve never forgotten that when seeing the long line of QB’s coming through the different systems here in Gainesville. And I’ve often wondered, were Spurrier’s offences that complicated that it took 3 years to grasp, or did he think it took that long to go from high school fenom to SEC caliber QB, or are all the other offensive schemes that have come through here so much more simplistic than what SOS was running? That’s just something that runs through my head when I see the type thing we are seeing now in a young Franks,(I realize Franks’ inability to see the field has nothing to do with the playbook, at least I don’t think so), or a myriad of other QB’s since Spurrier left.

      • 1. “Mac has done good job with infrastructure and recruiting.”
        A. infrastructure, yes, recruiting, no. We have been scooping up the 4-stars that have academic and behavior issues at the last moment to scrape out “descent” recruiting classes.

        2.” Why would a top of the line coach want to immerse themselves in that type of environment?”
        A. They wouldn’t. Take a job at Arizona, live life, never buy a meal or get a speeding ticket as long as you get 8 wins a year.

        3. “However I can understand him wanting to leave.”
        A. Mac does NOT want to leave. His only options in coaching, not having ANY success at UF is Tulane and Duke. Mac needs to have a good season before he thinks about leaving.

        4. “It is doubtful any coach in America could have made this team good based on the circumstances that has played out this season.”
        A. Well that’s simply not true. Richt is undefeated in year two, Kirby Smart is going to the championship in year two … the list goes on. This simply isn’t true.

        5. “I believe the offense has been conservative by design to shorten the games and give us a chance in the fourth quarter to steal a victory.”

        A. The offense has been conservative because they lack the ability to grasp a larger playbook, Mac has failed at installing a system that grooms and builds QB’s and the offense.

        6. “I think Mac has a lot going for him.”
        A. If you’re talking about his salary, then yes. If you’re talking about his coaching prospects, well he has one foot back in Colorado State, Tulane, Duke …

        7. “As for what is happening on the field this direct result of the NINE and QB who is not ready”
        A. And exactly who’s fault do you think it is that we have a culture that allows 10 players to be caught up in a credit card fraud case and a 2nd year red-shirt Sophomore is not ready to play ball?

    • Chris,
      I always laugh at the Gator fans who claim “greater fandom” because they accept the status-quo instead of speaking out on the obvious deficiencies the team faces.

      That’s just stupid.

      If the fans are bitching while we have an Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier at the helm, well yes, your arguments have merit.

      It’s LITERALLY been 7 years since we have had an AVERAGE offense. How you become an apologist for this team is truly inconceivable.

      Claiming you are a “better fan” because you stick your head in the stand while waving pom-poms, is just stupid. Did I say that already?

    • Currently # 8, behind FSU and Tennessee. We have had decent classes at 9 &14, but the teams that recruit lower than us are beating us, with the exception of FSU, Alabama, Michigan who always out recruit us and beat us. You can add Georgia to that list after Halloween …

    • Mark Richt is doing a hell f a job at Miami. My point was if Mark Richt was at UF this year given the conditions I don’t feel his record would be better than than it is. I agree play calliing is terrible but I believe the over all coaching philosophy is try to keep it close and win late. I also acknowledged it is one I like.
      Recruiting is trending up and thats a great thing because great players make great plays. As for his past recruiting 1st year he just held together a class recruited by Muschamp. 2nd year he did a better job job, 3rd year he did great until poor decisions by eighteen year old kids turned it into a poorly ranked class. You can blame Mac for that if you want I personally don’t find that a reasonable stance. I’m not here to persuade anyone I’m just expressing my views. My view is Nord & Nuss must go. I also feel the fastest way back to relavance is to stay the course with Mac.
      Lastly my bringing up Mac leaving was from a interview he did expressing his frustrations and that he felt underappreciated.

  • Pat looks back on Florida’s disappointing loss to Texas A&M and other games in the NCAA this past weekend.

    • We are definitely in an unenviable position at the moment. Right or Wrong I feel a change at OC and ST a must. I believe even with all loses of personel they would have won both games with better play calling. Mac has to make changes at season’s end or else he will feel the wrath of all Gator Nation.

    • I don’t think anybody needs let go- except maybe Nussmeier; the rest seem to be doing O.K., but the offense is flawed by design AND execution- and adjustments are NEVER made. Most of the apoplectic alumni are in agreement on this one. Very few want Mac to go. Horizontal, sideline-to-sideline offense will never consistently win this league. The defensive front sevens are too fast- you know this. When the Gators are running and Malik Davis is toting the rock, the Gators look right. They get a little edgy- borderline nasty. When they are running this dink and dunk crap they are standing around looking for someone to hit. Run- with Malik getting the majority of carries and then when they load the box- out of the same formation-go play- action. Most of these issues go away.

    • I agree with you on the Mac front. The whinners in Gator Nation ran off SOS and Urban, now they would give anything to have them back. Mac does need to make changes, everyone knows the main issues involved. Both issues are fixable with good hires. I rather fix two known issues than start process all over. If make refuses to make changes at end of the year then the dynamics of the situation change drastically.
      Should Mac fails to changes I don’t think Mularey is the right guy he has been an NFL guy his entire coaching career. I doubt he would come and not sure we want a guy that has never recruited. Kerwin is interesting option but alot of unknowns with him. He would definite could be high risk high reward canidate, but atleast I’m sure he would come if offered. That is more than I can say about most of the canidate names that are being thrown around. If we let the whiners have their way it won’t matter who we get they will eventually run the coach off as their track record would suggest

    • Who the heck is the old ball coach??!!

    • Just like Saban at Miami, Charlie Strong was a bad fit at Texas – he had no ties there whatsoever. Strong dominated with Florida talent at Louisville and now he is doing the same at USF. Granted he(like Frost) is racking up big numbers vs weak competition. But they are dominating these weak teams, not struggling to beat them. Frost would be a big improvement over Mediocrewain, but that still – at best – puts UF in the “also ran”s pack chasing Bama. NOBODY can recruit the state of Florida like Charlie Strong. All these 4 and 5 stars that Mediocrewain loses to the likes of Bama, OSU, Mich, Louisville, etc? …. Strong would keep most of those boys home in Gainesville. I won’t say I know Strong would be able to out-recruit Saban(I think he would). But I know for sure we’d be Bama’s closest recruiting competitor annually with Strong as our HC.

      Winners win. Losers make excuses(or have to have the media make their excuses for them). Looks like a duck, quacks like a ….. Bottom line, then writing is on the wall – Mac is not a winner.

    • Your right but Dabo, Franklin currently have great gigs with no reason to abandon jobs for Gator Fan Base who has a rough reputation with their Caoches. Gundy is at his Alma Mater. Petrino and Kiffin are Ncaa Violations in waiting. DW’s life devted to his ministry. Schottsy never had any head coaching experience or recruiting experience. Thar is one one problems with firing Mac rather than insisting changes to coaching staff. Alternatives are frought with too many unkowns. Mac is a good CEO and what atleast know what needs to be fixed. Inspite of our frustrations he is still the fastest way back to prominence. I try to post every chance i get Pat’s staying the course is whats best for the program as long as he is willing to make the changes.

    • No, point is, he is NOT the old ball coach, he is THBC. The old ball coach was a slight used by phat phil phulmer (see the SOS 30 for 30) and picked up by some unknowing espn douche bags. Anyone that uses the “old” ball coach isn’t really a student of UF and SOS.

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a lost weekend with football, volleyball and soccer all losing. Those happen. Be thrilled you are in a fan base where it is a rare occurrence.

    10. There are two camps in the […]

    • ”He said he could win with his dog, but he can’t win with a 6-foot-5 athletic quarterback. The play-calling has all the imagination of butterless grits.” ~Pat Dooley.

      ”They got a name for the winners in the world. I want a name when I lose. They call Alabama ‘the Crimson Tide’, then call me Gator Blue. Our backs to the wall. We’re victims of laughing chance…”
      ~Steely Dan -with a Gator slant.

    • I guess I’m group C. I don’t think Mac has done a great job an average job. I don”t think any coach in America including Saban could do a great job given the obstacles. Play calling is awful and i’ve never been a fan of avid losing ar all cost pholosophy. I place a high value on sequence of play calling and using plays and formations to set up other plays. I also believe if you know your QB can’t see the field you need help him out by using more timing eoutes and roll outs where he doesn’t have to trad the field. Assistant coaches mainly Special Teams and Offensice Cord, need to go. I don’t see the benefit of a mid g season change. I would not be opossed to Mac taking over play calling during the by. I do think Mac has dne some really good things off field such as inproved infastructure and creating a recruiting buzz for future recruits.
      I think its best for the program to stand pat because I don’t see a coach out there that blows me away. If we are going t change coaches I want to know we are making a change for the better. If Mac refuses to make the necesary changes to improve the product on the field then he needs to move on. It will be the AD’s job to handle that situation ensure he makes it clear that some changes will be required.
      I know as of late many fans feel FSU as are biggest rivalry and it is a big one, but for me my hated for Ga Bulldogs was fosted by Voodoo Dooley utter dominance of the Gators. Lindsy Scott ugh!! Bloody Mary Saturday is upon us. The Bulldogs are flying high and feeling good. It would give me great pleasure to pull off the upset and wipe that smug grin off of the Bulldogs and their fans. Go Gators and support the players regardless of your opinion of their coaches or their skillset they do not deserve anything less.

    • Rick you really need to forget Grier and move on what could have is not going to help now, that ship has sailed get over it

    • LDR? really come on oh little better than Franks I get it man…………..

    • “You can take the brutha’s outa the hood, but you can’t take the hood outa the brutha’s”.

    • Reminds me of Brantley. He obviously played great in practice only to flounder in the spread on Saturdays in front of 90K. We can’t see practices now. Who knows what the QB’s were doing during 2 a days in the summer. Coaches had to of seen something we couldn’t. Then again, with what we’re seeing in the coaches now, who the heck knows what they’re thinking.

    • Good God man!

    • Not all players the same they develop at different rates and some never develop at all there are no sure things. I would compare franks progress to the greshman UGA gad past year. If you watch UGA they dominate with a plethora od NFL caliber runningbacs and great defense. Their QB obly has t throw about 15 passes a game. He has looked good thus far this season, but to say he carried the team would be an overstatement. Most 1st year starting QB’s struggle that a fact like it or not
      Yhe OC has not assisted his young QB with his play calling and we need to fix that. We need calm down and work the problem not run from it. Gators fans have crappy reputation with HC’s. What quality HC would want to come here if we fired Mac after year 3. When he was the first SEC Coach to get to ATL in his first two years. Squeky wheels use the excuse it was a water downed SEC East pn pne hand then say you can use excuses when analyzing the impact of suspensions and injuries.
      I’m not saying we should be happy but we should not be rash because we are unhappy.

    • Chris Landry (NFL scout) said Trask has all the tools. Time will tell if he has the brains.

  • The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night and really excited about a bye week coming at the right time for the Gators and for yours truly.

    1 — So, which fan base do you think is more miserable right now. […]

    • I’ve been supportive of Coach Mac and still remain supportive. I realize that my motivations are more related to not wanting to blow this thing up again and starting over again with new regime, than my belief in the coaching philosophy of current regime.
      Cons for Firing.
      Current athlete’s won’t fit new coaching as next coach is always diametrically opposed philosophically to current coach.
      Current recruiting class appears pretty strong although a little lite on defensive side and OL as currently constituted
      Coaching staff recent changes have been upgrade with long term benefits on recruiting
      In spite of fans thinking any coach in America would want to coach here we seldom able hire our first choice during coaching searches
      Not having a no brainer hire in the wings
      Doubtful any coach could have done much better with this team given the obstacles this team faces
      Pro’s for firing
      No more Coach Nuss who is probably a great individual but one whose track record is less than enviable during a carreer as OC
      No more Coach Nord I don’t know anything about other than the production of his ST are nasty
      No more Mac Pressers which are brutal
      No more bashing Gator Fans by Media. The media routinely says all gator fans are lie the squeky wheels that’s big time fallacy. Could you imagine saying that about an ethnic group in this day and age. Gator Fans are individuals most of them do not post or call in radio shows. Every fan base has short sighted idiots just listen to Paul Finebaum. So stop telling me that we are hurting recruiting by the venting of our squeky wheels. Media hurts recruiting by saying everybody at UF is like our vocal minority.
      End current frustrations by taking vengence.
      After evaulating where we are and where we want to go I still think the best option is stick with Mac after season as long as he is willing to make more changes to coaching staff during off season, If he is unwilling to make changes my opinion will change. Hey I’m a Gator not loyal to ne coach above another I’m for the program. I’m also very frustrated by what I’m seeing on the feild. Hell the style we played under Mac it like WM never left town or we are being haunted by the ghost of DD for some past transgressions. In the end thats my point change of HC do not always translate to better. As hard as it is and as ditasteful as it may seem I feel the best action at the moment is no action.
      Gator fans remember these kids on this team chose to be Gators. They work and I haven’t seen any quite in them. They did not create the environment that they have been thrust in. We can want them to preform better but as long as they are giving a 100% how can we as Gators give them anything but Love and Support. I’m sure they will not forget it if we do they are still kids and should not be blamed just because we are Grumpy.
      Hey with all we had to endure it would make even sweeter to kick Georgia Ass. Go Gators

    • Saban is one of the greatest coaches of his generation and maybe of all time. Those coaches are extremely rare. We were fortunate to have generational coach SOS and Urban, unfortunately both those guys quit on his. Who would lie to see replace Mac. Why will he be better? Why do you think we can get that Coach? I would be interested in your reply.

    • Urban was consensus best up and commer for his work at Bowling Green and Utah. He came to UF because his relationship with Machen. Zook was a panic move by Foley. He is only AD I’ve ever heard hire a special teams as a Head Coach. That why fire Ron Zook .com was posted the day he was hired. Calling for a firing without a realistic targeted plan for a replacement that you know can you get is just venting. Tell me your plan if you have one. Personnally, I don’t see an Urban waiting in the wings.
      Coach Mac needs ro improve on Game Day thats for sure, but he has improved the infastructure of the program and when and if he leaves he will have left a better program than he inherited. I can’t say that about Urban.

    • I love Charlie Strong, but I don’t think it would be a good fit. Charlie Strong is good at a program like Louisville and South Florida. Florida is too similar to Texas.

      Gene Chizik is not a good choice. He got lucky to have one of the great QBs in college football history carry the team on his shoulders. That and a good D won the NC. Without Cam Newton he was average to awful.

  • As soon as the ball nestled into the arms of Texas A&M defender Tyrel Dodson, a tremendous roar went up from the corner of the end zone where Aggie fans were enjoying their first trip to The Swamp.

    It was so […]

  • Offense D-

    First half: The running backs really ran hard and allowed Florida to rush for 141 yards. But it appeared the Gators were scared to death to throw. Franks’ interception in the end zone was just d […]

    • It’s time to give MZ a shot. Franks had his shot and didn’t get it done.

    • I think you guys are full of yourselves. Pick a quarter, any quarter and keep track of each play and see what percentage of plays you predict correctly. Report back your answer after the next game what percentage you got right.

      • Any blind idiot can get 50% right. Given the fact that certain situations are running plays (e.g. 3rd and short) or passing plays (e.g. 3rd and long) that any knowledgeable fan can predict, I would be impressed if you can guess higher than 70% correctly. Short of that, you are full of yourselves.

    • Rick this is his third ! He’s had time to make some progress

    • Funny

    • who cares about will grier he’s gone get on with it there will be better ones he’s not the only fish in the sea if coral comes you’ll forget grier

    • ”That fourth-quarter magic has been rubbed off, and now UF sees its season spiraling downward thanks to narrow back-to-back Swamp losses (which usually NEVER happens anymore, until now) that have basically eliminated the Gators from the SEC East race. The loss drops the Gators to 3-3 overall, their worst start since 2003, and 3-2 in the SEC. A&M improves to 5-2 and 3-1. Just like a week ago in the 17-16 loss to LSU, the Gators had nothing left down the stretch in the fourth quarter… The Gators and Aggies are clearly heading in different directions. ‘There have been a lot of doubters,” A&M coach Kevin Sumlin said. “But we’ve believed in ourselves.’ ”
      -By Robbie Andreu.

      Well, Coach Sumlin, you all will probably (and deservedly so) get an invite to the storied ”Cotton Bowl”, while U.F. will more than likely get an invited to the Music City Bowl, if any bowl at all. Oh joy! Coach Mac doesn’t promote 4th qtr. toughness that the S.E.C. DEMANDS, in order to win close games. But I will continue to hope, because ”when all is hopeless (like now) hope becomes a strength”. The very best U.F. Football can do is RUIN U.G.A.’s chances of a PLAY-OFF HOPE, by beating them little red and black dawgies in J’ville in 2 weeks. It’s, sadly, come down to this: beating U.G.A. and F.S.U. are this 2017 Gator teams only hope of regaining any self-respect and ”Gator pride”. But I won’t hold my breath. It’s truly a shame that these U.F. Football coaches have ”MORE EXCUSES” as to ”why” they aren’t good, than they have ”answers”. That’s the dilemma that new A.D. Stricklin must deal with in his new role as ”THE BIG DOG” at U.F.. But at least Coach Mac can soften him up with a nice P.B. & J., or a bottle of his new B.B.Q. Sauce.

  • It seems like a long time ago. What was it, July? Kevin Sumlin’s team lost a game by one point at UCLA and everyone from a trustee to the team’s doggie mascot wanted him gone.

    Tonight, he brings his som […]

    • ”…they’re probably going to have 900 yards of offense.” ~Coach Mac (in your sidekick), Robbie’s article.
      There is a thing that some of us believe in, it’s called ”power in our words”, both negatively and positively.
      Coach Jim Mac should look it up! He’s just as ”negative”, albeit sarcastically, and he’s still not believing in his own ‘D’, either. There’s a Bible verse about it, too: ”Our tongues have the power (of life and of death). And that’s on the serous tip! Go Gators! Wake up… and BE SOMEBODY!

    • Pat, you hit it dead in the head exactly. Why don’t the coaches get it, they don’t and I think they want because it’s been over 2 and a half years, why would they change now, why and how can they be so stubborn? I could take and handle losing so much better if they would at least let it go like you said. Make it fun for us in the stands also, the last I checked this college football was and is considered a form of entertainment.
      Hey hire the Syracuse offensive coach, I really liked them last night, throwing the ball downfield, how novel,

    • Little Starr the biggest loss was the 8 nfl roster ttyoe players. The defense is too young and too thin t rely on as much blitzing as Collins, but I do agree if yu can’t get there with 4 you have to bring more. Nuss and Nord may grade out as pitiful and anybody who watches knows it including opposing coaches. Tell your bro I still remember the Enterprise out on Farmsworth RD. Peace Brother

    • Well said, Pat! And I agree that Pat Dooley often speaks out of ”both sides of his mouth”. I do enjoy his articles most times, and even his radio show, (even though he called me part of the ”wack-pack” on his radio show yesterday). But the ”truth-tellers” here on this cool and interactive ”” website are often criticized by other Gator fans, who live by their motto: ”it’s just a game, so support the Gators no matter what!” But fans (like us) that truly care, only ”criticize” when it’s absolutely necessary.
      I am not asking for Coach Mac’s job, nor am I asking for Coach ‘Nuss’ (O.C.) job, we’re just asking them to DO THEIR JOBS BETTER! Some of the Florida Football fans -here- that really care, who aren’t ”trolls”, point out the painfully obvious about Florida Football’s weaknesses. And then, like you said, we are labeled as ”know-nothing complainers and whiners”. Well, sue us for caring! As I am literally looking at apathy (not interested) as a viable alternative to this mess that Gator football has suffered on offense for nearly ‘7’ years now. And to think that I was a middle school kid at Howard Bishop back when U.F. went 0-10-1… and I -still- cared way back then! Sorry for the rant, but what can I say? I guess some of us are just ”know-nothing complainers and whiners”. But thank you for speaking ”truth to Pat. Maybe ”Pat” (Dooley) will speak some truth -too- about ”the state of the offense” for this 2017 Gator Football team.

    • Well spoken!

  • Let me get this straight (which isn’t easy for someone who did as poorly as I did last week with The Picks).

    The SEC was down last year, because it was Alabama and the 13 schlubs, right?

    This year there is A […]

    • “GATOR FAN”,
      Passionate fans and “gidiots” aren’t comparable. None of us want to “destabilize the program”, nor do we want to “fire all the coaches”. We expect and want to see week to week improvement. And the only game U.F. looked “improved” was the Vandy game. Then L.S.U. made Florida look like a team regressing again, unfortunately. So the truth tellers and trolls are not the same people. But if it makes some Gator fans feel better, by calling truth tellers, “trolls”, then go for it! But that’s as truthful as calling the 2017 Gator Football team “S.E.C. East contenders”. But, still, “In all kinds of weather…”

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    • I had a question for you and Zach on your local sports-talk show, and asked you both, ”What are REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS for Florida Football for NEXT YEAR? Zach & Pat predicted todday (10-12-’17) ”Florida Football will WIN THE 2018 S.E.C. Championship”. From your radio lips to God’s ears. And now when 4 players get arrested for…. something, and/or 1 gets a DUI, another gets in a bar fight and expelled from school, will you -both- STILL predict an 2018 S.E.C. Championship!?!? That’s the beauty (for you so-called experts) and weather prognosticators, as you can say, ”we didn’t see that coming, oops!”
      Now for the up to date prediction!” Point is, Florida has won the Eastern Div. Championship 11 times, won the S.E.C. 8 times. Now U.F. is now mediocre, but you all in the big money positions in the media and/or university cannot tell us, the little people (fans) the TRUTH about the U.F. Football program. And I would submit, it’s years away from ever making a Final Four (playoff) appearance. Much less win the 2018 S.E.C. Championship. At least when the TRUTH is told, the anger, disappointment, and utter disgust is more tempered. Because we weren’t expecting to ”kick in the doors in Atlanta and beat ‘Bama”, like what was predicted this past summer.
      And I do still care, so Go Gators! Just hope the apathy that comes with mediocrity doesn’t hit you all as quickly as the success left U.F. Football.

  • Pat previews the Florida-Texas A&M game and interviews Tony Barnhart of TMG College Sports.

    • The truth is that U.F. & Coach Mac (love him or ”waiting to see still”), is just barely beating U.K., Vandy, and a bad Tenn. team. He’s lost to a bad L.S.U. team, got thumped by a good Michigan team, and now the A&M & U.G.A. ”back to back” games will truly reveal how far off the mark the Gators are in the S.E.C..
      And in Mac’s 3rd year, with all his excuses intact at least, the Gators are just barely winning when they do win. And now for the real kick in the teeth, Pat’s blaming us (the fans) for ”the negativity” and how it affects recruiting. Imagine that… as I always thought it was the ”wins and loses” that determines things like the ”fans’ attitudes” and how it ”affects recruiting”.

    • In my opinion,jthis is just not a good football team–yet. The talent is there, but there is a lot of reliance on freshmen and sophomores who all need more game experience. Of course, more talent at the skill positions would help. In my opinion, Gators are headed for a 6-5 season and a spot in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. That assumes they can beat Missouri, South Carolina and UAB. I just don’t see a win vs. Tex. A&M, Georgia or FSU. I wish/hope I am wrong. I just don’t see good offensive line blocking, QB play, running, pass coverage, etc. LSU is a poor team this year and Florida could not beat them in the Swamp. Will changing to another QB help? I don’t know as I have not seen some of the other QBs. Franks appears to be a slow runner, indecisive at times and seems to have trouble throwing deep. Receivers not getting open. The Wild Gator formation seems to work at times, especially if Toney can throw the ball. I am just hoping for the best this season. Basketball is coming in a month.

  • We all know Florida is in a must-win situation Saturday and by must-win I mean they MUST WIN or this season is going to be fuel for a dumpster fire.

    The fan base is angry, the players are beat up and the […]

    • Well Tennessee fan, at least it would get you to the front of the line on the Chip Kelly sweepstakes. Looks like we will have at least one more year of our current sorry state of affairs before going looking.

    • I wrote ”JUST WIN, BABY!” an entire week BEFORE the L.S.U. game, and on this great new, interactive website, too. But many of the Gator fans, coaches, and even players thought they’d handle L.S.U. (’cause of the Troy game). Sadly, now it’s… ”JUST WIN, BABY!”, or else it’s over for any S.E.C. East Champs hope. Now Dooley’s writing a week too late (in my opinion), but U.F.’s -still- not completely out of the S.E.C. East race. However, the Gators are a long way off from being a ‘Bama, an Auburn, and or even a Georgia. I hate to admit the truth about Florida Football, but that is straight-up… TRUTH! Go Gators! ”It’s wake up time…” ~Tom Petty song verse.

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a rough week. Let’s try to have a better one this week.

    10. A week ago at this time, we were talking about how loud it was in Knoxville and Baton Rouge. Today, there is no p […]

    • McElwain still has the secret sauce to win division championships. On the hand, FSU won’t be awarding themselves state championships this year like high schools. They’ll be giving themselves participation trophies like kiddie leagues.

      • FSU will still beat us their D is better and faster and their Freshman QB will get better because Jimbo as much as I dislike him will coach his QB up. Our Aw shucks coaching style is getting old. A comment the other day was I wish just one time a coach would get peeved or mad or just lose it at least us fans would actually think at least they care. This team is really just going thru through motions except the D and at times they seem clueless. Its time to wake up and smell the Coffee we are in rebuilding mode and who wants to lose to Alabama again by 30-40 plus ? I would seriously consider playing Freshman J. Allen.

        • FSU is worst than UF statistically on offense. Therefore, Dumbo and his OC should be fired more so than McElwain and Nuss. Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

    • I am a life-long Gator Fan and always will be – I support them no matter what …. But, it is finally time for me and many others to admit that this is not a very good football team. The on field product is boring at best and downright crappy at worst. I have not felt like this about a Gator team since Doug Dickey’s days as coach – the 0-10-1 team of Charley Pell in 1979 did not win a game but they tried and got better as the season went on. Some of these guys are trying, others are not… so when are the knucklehead nine going to be dismissed from the team so we can at least use their Scholarships to improve?

    • FSU is worst than UF statistically on offense. Dumbo got a contract extension with a pay raise in December. He gets paid $1.5M more than McElwain. They should fire all the coaches and AD at FSU because they are so stupid. Of course, I’m being sarcastic.

  • The University Athletic Association has posted an ad for an architect and design team for a new 5,500-seat baseball stadium that would be scheduled to be ready for the 2020 season at a cost of $45,878,800.

    The […]

  • Pat takes a look back at the Gators’ disappointing loss to LSU and other NCAA football news from the weekend.

    • Gary replied 2 weeks ago

      Pat…Mac was extended in July. The UAA and administration locked us into mediocrity for the next 10 -15 years with that horrific decision. Stricklin is NOT gong to make any changes and even if they did, nobody in the country wants this train wreck of a program. Back in the day someone cared, but that day is gone.

    • Pat, L.S.U. was ”better than U.F.” on Saturday, they won! And I think the reason the Gator ‘D’ struggled with the ”jet-sweep” is because they probably don’t see it in practice much. In fact, I’d bet the scout team doesn’t run it (very often), and neither does the 1st team Gator ‘O’. And with a dynamic player like Toney (before injury), the ”jet-sweep” should be run at least once a game.

  • The Sunday Blog comes at you after a wonderful weekend with friends who didn’t let a bad football team ruin Saturday night.

    * Several people have pointed out to me that Johnny Townsend’s hold was less than per […]

  • The feel-better theme was the honoring of Tom Petty on Saturday and you couldn’t walk the distance of an extra point (ouch) without hearing one of the Gainesville singer’s greatest hits all around The Swa […]

    • It takes some QBs longer to develop at the collegiate level. But it looks like Florida has Matt Corral coming to Gainesville in ’18 and he is likely to pull a Jake Fromm and be successful starter as a freshman. Franks has a big ego and probably thinks he can beat Corral out for next year’s starting QB. But I’ll bet in the back of his mind he is wondering where to transfer. I hear that Jacksonville State is looking for a QB for 2018.

      • Frog, you have absolutely no idea how Corral is going to play as a freshman. Franks was ranked as one of the best QB’s in the nation we were licking our chops waiting to see him finally be the QB we’ve been waiting for. The truth is there is such a big difference in Friday Night Lights glory and Saturday SEC football that we just don’t know how a kid will pan out in front of 90,000 and the increase in speed and talent he will face once he’s here.

    • Pat practice what you preach. You started the season in fan mode then you drifted into writer mode ad now you’re back into fan mode. The truth is this team was never going to be great even if they had 12 players n the roster. We came into the season with the same unknown’s we had for a while no established QB, non physical OL, tremendous loses t defense via NFL. You complicate that scenario with injuries and suspended players and we’re lucky to be 3-2.

      The players haven’t quite so we as fans shouldn’t give on our players. It would be akin to hating our military personnel because you don’t agree with the war. If anybody deserves any wrath it would be players they let down their brothers for greed. Yet when I loo at the time involved charges against them it appeared that it started with a couple f who probably bragged abut getting something for free easily and led the rest down. No excuse either way.

      We have issues yes but they are not new ones or even unexpected ones. When you’re incapable of blowing anybody out you will have games like these. We had our luck earlier this season and it was bound to end sooner rather than later. Next game I hope we have a chance to win at the end of the game because I think that’s the only way this team can win.

      I’m solidly behind Mac. I have never been a fan of Nuss or Nord and Mac needs to take care f that in the off season. It was like coach Summers remaining as a Gator. Sometimes you just have t let go.

    • To be fair on the extra point, Townsend spun the ball too fast because of the snap (IT WASn;t that bad of a snap) to get the laces right, then let his finger off the ball before Pinero got to kick. Watched the replay and clearly saw Townsend’s finger leave the ball and the ball was dropping forward when Eddie kicked. Townsend took full blame later. On an extra point, having laces turned toward the goalpost is not that important. That said, it would only have tied the game and the Gators are just not that good this year. Not a lot of playmakers WITH Cleveland out and Callaway gone and Franks NOT looking like he can run faster than Fat Albert or find an open receiver downfield. And whatever happened to Mark Thompson, the 6-2 RB, 235 lbs. who runs a 4.5 40? I don’t think he got in the game. This looks like a 6-5 team at best. Hopefully, Gators can beat Missouri, South Carolina and UAB and get into the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. This is not a very good team right now. A lot of defensive players are young—and the team is down 10 scholarship players. That said, every time I read this site, some fans blame the coaches. It was Meyer for waffling, Muschamp for no offense (and the 4-8 season) and now McElwain.
      I know Georgia is licking its running game chops at that Gator D. There. Got it all off my chest. Go Gators.

    • You know the difference between a Gidiot and a Troll? When we lose, the Gidiots come out calling for the coaches to be fired. When we win, the Trolls come out calling for the coaches to be fired. Either way, they are cut from the same cloth. Both hurt the Gator brand and recruiting whether intentionally or unintentionally.

      I’m not going to let the Gidiots and Trolls drive McElwain out of town. He brought us two division championships in the two years he’s been on the job. We could do a lot worse. Who are we going get? Mullen or Durkin, perenial 5th in their division finishers? We are trending up after the Muschamp years. Recruiting is taking off. We could end up like the UTs (both Tennessee and Texas). They drove their successful coaches who brought each school a national championship out of town. Ever since, they are have suffered through a decade (and still counting) of dumpster fire after dumpster fire seasons. Every time, they fire the next coach, the program is set back another 3 or 4 years. Looks like LSU is following the same blue print after firing Miles. Then there’s Nebraska…ditto. How long and how many coaches did Alabama cycle through before they finally landed Saban. The pasture is not always greener on the other side. In fact, it almost always is worse. I want the Gidiots and Trolls to get off my lawn.

    • I hate to be the broken record…COACHING! Pulled every last hair outa my head watching those guys in slow motion on the last drive. Same as the last games…SLOW MOTION when it’s time to GET GOING! UGH!

    • George
      ‘I read severaL AP wraP

    • Reluctantly, I have to agree. He doesn’t check down well, he locks on to one receiver, ?he can;t audible and he dang sure can’t run. I’ve watched him every game. He has a lot to learn. I know he’s missing playmakers, but I will repeat what NFL Scout Chris Landry said about Franks. “I think the answer at QB is going to be Trask,” but he’s red-shirted. In today;’s college football world, you need a mobile QB. This is not the NFL. Franks looks like a statue.

    • Del Rio was never going to work? Franks will take chances? Like throwing into 5 Tigers on the last play? You’re right…that was taking a chance.

    • And having all those blue chippers at these games…they see what we see and it can’t be good seeing how this is all going down this year. Most of the parents are there too. My last 17 years I had season tickets I sat in sec H, in the row right in front of the chairbacks where the parents sit while their kids are on their visit and in the South EZ during the game. I heard all the talk going on amongst them, good and bad. They have a say in this too. Sat in front of Tebow and his whole family at the FSU game he attended (don’t know if that was his official visit though), and that game might have been the one that made his decision (even though I was so afraid our Crown Royal induced ‘enthusiasm’ might scare him away). I know if I was a parent of a kid who was trying to make a decision on a school I wouldn’t give UF very high marks right now.

  • Offense D

    First half: Other than the one 70-yard drive to a field goal, Florida’s offense could do little right. The other possessions resulted in 65 yards of total offense.

    Second half: The Gators had two r […]

    • Agreed this loss was inexcusable the ad has to go i want no one associated with Jeremy foley in that dept next hire a big name coach give him 100 million whatever I don’t care about girls softball! God I hate foley

    • LOL Mike Whiner, AKA Joe Blow, is back.

    • Clearly, we missed Cleveland’s play making ability and having a go to guy. Needed to stretch the field but didn’t have that threat. Schwartz must be licking his chops to get on the field. The running game was decent. There was a reason we were very heavy with the number of run plays.

    • Which means: ….. wait for it ….

    • I disagree, it IS a flawed team. Led by a coaching staff that has allowed 10 suspensions. We now have multiple injuries and a QB that can’t run the full playbook. We have a OC who’s play calling is so predictable my 10 year old was scream at the set “UP THE MIDDLE, REALLY, AGAIN?” He said “the entire stadium knew the play he was going to run, the entire stadium!”

      If this does not make a flawed team, I don’t know what does. And to that:
      If anyone was wondering hoe Mac pulled out a “Top 10” recruiting class at the last minute, now you know how. The “4 star” players he picked were on the vine for a reason, they had character and academic issues. They were good players, but the other teams had filled their roster with the BETTER 4 star players without the baggage.
      Here’s our season guys:
      BIG-LOSS vs TA&M
      BIG-LOSS vs 5 UGA
      WIN @ MIZ
      WIN-LOSS @ SC (I’m calling an upset)
      WIN vs UAB
      LOSS vs FSU

    • It is easy to pile on someone when we are down. HOWEVER, I felt Nussmeier’s play calling was unimaginative and predictable.
      It bothered me to know end when there is a favorable questionable call and we do not line up quickly and get the ball snapped (like LSU did on that long pass that should have in an interception by Dawson).
      If Nussmeier is left in place Mac will have to be held accountable.

      Again, we are down 12 scholarship players, which is the same as being on probation, but that is when you NEED imaginative play calling.

    • I agree …

      • What has foley done to receive all this high praise ????? billy Donovan one hire and that was a total dart in the dark got lucky , zook muschump this whatever this coaching staff is they basically are 1-4 year 3 they’ve gotten worse we lag behind on recruiting facilities we just aren’t good at football anymore . As for all his other sports most of that again nothing to do with foley Olympic sports they got to train year round Florida makes it ideal for Olympic athletes to work on their track field swim whatever the climate and a well funded flagship state university that attacks all our championships in various sports I don’t care about I want football ! I don’t want zook I want a big name big recruiter a winner foley has failed us basically this has become a lost decade thanks to his arrogance and stupidity it’s time to go get a coach that can bring in a top tier offense with 5 star recruits

    • Yes if u are a women’s athletics fan honestly I hate “gator fans ” like u so much zook mushchamp this clown ran spurrier off, the university president brought in Meyer u moron

      • Hire Chris Peterson or chip Kelly or patrino or super agent jimmy sexton he’s the one running all this crap cut the middle man out bring in talent like we used to have some of us want the resources going to upgrading our football program rather than girls ping pong and Olympic swimming .

    • The regional and National media that covers the Gators and the SEC is seeing the same thing that the “negative” fan base is seeing and emoting about. There is no disagreement among the media about the ineffectiveness of Nuss’ null offensive play calling. That being said in both college and NFL football coaching careers have been made or broken by QB decisions. Muschamp went with Driskel instead of Brissett and it cost him dearly. Mac chose not to assure Will Grier that he would start in 2017 and look what happened? A QB like Grier can overcome even the deficiencies of the OC. Quarterback play can determine the destiny of a program. The apparent failure with Franks can open the door for immediate playing time for Matt Corral in 2018. Hopefully it all works out.

    • Rick–great analysis as usual. I too watched the replay of that XP attempt as Townsend tried to spin the ball to get the laces right, then took his finger off the ball before Pinero could kick it. But, as you say, that is just one play.

    • Joel. Spot on observation about Grier and Mac. Grier left because Mac would not guarantee he would return as the starter but would have to get acclimated to the team mid-way through the season and compete with Del Rio and Appleby before any playing time. Now, Grier is throwing for 350 yards a game for West Virginia. Gators will be lucky to have a 6-5 season at best.

  • It would be easy (and naive) to say that we will see today the beginning of the Feleipe Franks Era at the University of Florida.

    Or that his performance today will say a lot about the rest of this season.

    We […]

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