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  • Twitter can be evil. It comes without a conscience or a breathalyzer. It can be anonymous, wicked and without compassion.

    But I still am a big Twitter guy.

    It’s entertaining and it’s where a lot of sto […]

    • East Texas only, from what I can tell. Maybe Dallas, which is technically in Central Texas. East Texas is essentially deep south, central Texas pretty much so, with more of a TexMex twist (not a bad thing from our view point), and West Texas is pretty much miles and miles of miles and miles (but charming in its own way).

      We eat a lot of breakfast burritos out here, and they’re best not mass produced.

    • My first thought that 6 is so starved for the first game that hallucinations have started and he’s maybe a bit delirious. Thanks for clearing it up Leland….and saving Gator-6’s sanity 🙂

    • I agree that it would be a stretch, given the depths of where we’ve been. But, I really think the skill talent is there at receiver and running backs and the coaching is certainly there. The big ole questions remain at OL and QB. But, I could certainly see it playing out where the O ends up top 50. The past few years have been VERY underachieving.

    • mveal, I agree with you a lot but definitely not here. I think Mac was far and away worse for the program than Champ. Champ knew his stuff and his side of the ball but he just didn’t (maybe still doesn’t) get being a head coach means you also have to like offense. But he didn’t do damage to the “program’, he just didn’t win enough games and the right games and recruiting suffered.

      Mac didn’t get it done on HIS side of the ball at all. His choice to hire and then hang on to Nussmeier is really indefensible to me. That to me was his downfall, not the 10 suspensions. The 10 suspensions hastened his departure but is was inevitable as his offense wasn’t showing any improvement and the play calling was horrendous from day one to the last day.

      Zook just has the misfortune of following a Gator legend and one of the all time greats. A great recruiter but not much of an X’s and O’s guy or big time program leader. But certainly one of the good guys.

      • I agree…..and I seldom find reason to disagree with Mveal either. Muschamp was simply over his head and would have grown into it in 8-10 years, which of course he wouldn’t have even gotten had he stayed at Texas. Too bad, because at the time he was hired, he met the definition of a “splash” hire. Mac’s only credential was really the coaching tree he came from, but he was a fraudulent heir in more ways than one. To put it kindly, he wasn’t just over his head — he was in the wrong universe to be an SEC head coach.

    • It has got to have something to do with a trademarked name and the new anti-troll software Arnold was referring to the other day. (?)

    • Who is “he”?

    • Now those last two, we got. Where in the world do you live?

    • White Castle is north of the Mason-Dixon line, but here in Texas (and parts of New Mexico) Whataburger is King.

    • Tell you what, three good minds there — TJ, Rog, and Jaws — and you guys are balancing between an offensive ranking of 50th to 75th to correspond to a descriptor of “significantly improved, realistically”. I lean more toward the 50th, but what little I’ve been able to glean regarding the OL and QB situation so far in fall camp makes me go with the range you’ve set here — 50-75 — anywhere in there, as ample reason to go off the chains, batshit giddy, and not sleep a wink until the 2019 season gets here.

      So sayeth NealyBob, Chief Bottle Washer and Part Time Football Prognosticator

  • Jordan Scarlett stood in the corner of an interview room in the southwest corner of the stadium, a stadium he missed and that missed him. He wore his UF-issued blue Jumpman golf shirt and, while the cameras and […]

    • Rooting for him to have a monster season and rewarded with a day 1 selection come draft day.

    • OK, follow me here. Scarlett is not huge. Listed as 5-11 and 210. Who else wasn’t huge? Emmitt Smith. Anyone remember him? Anyway, that got me searching and hey, he has a son playing HS football … and he is a Gator fan.

      I know it is not a new story but I am bored and waiting for kickoff.

    • I feel the same. Time and his actions off the field will tell whether he and the rest of the knuckle heads are truly remorseful and changed for the better. However, we need to forgive and welcome them back now, with open arms and loud cheering. Go Gators!

    • I’m in agreement too, Pompano….almost sounds like a bridge too far anymore tho. It’s difficult to judge, however, both how sincere an apology is, and what one actually is sorry for, but a little elaboration about the real value being addressed would go a long way. Dallas is correct in any event — time to move on.

    • That 465 lb bench doesn’t hurt either. He is stronger than the O linemen.

    • I’m all about second chances, because face it, we ALL screw up. Jordan’s screw up was more serious than some of our college indiscretions but he owns it and has apparently taken the correct approach to redemption and making better decisions. I’m really looking forward to watching this young man play and grow as a person. Good luck Jordan!!!

    • You left out the famous Gator Emmitt Smith 5-9.

    • Read it and forgot it as well. Just didn’t want one of our greats left out. Hope we get his kid Emmitt Smith IV

  • [Updated] We’re almost there. You can smell college football’s season coming around the corner. And we have a great first week of games.

    Eliminating the Florida opener (because we all know how excited Gator fan […]

    • I agree that it might be devastating for Washington (and the Pac 12) to lose. Not so much for Auburn. They would still have plenty of opportunity ahead of them to win the SEC and get into the CFP. I don’t agree that beating Miami would signal that LSU is suddenly a contender in the SEC. Miami would be middle of the pack in the SEC.

    • Here’s some perspective to possibly help with your decision: You are a damn lucky guy to be faced with such a decision!

    • I personally don’t give a fig about a BIG10 team and that other parochial school, but the rest are delicious and the Alabama – Louisville game could signal the end of an era. (yeah, right, but it’ll still be interesting)

    • If Abalama (pun intended) loses to Louisville there will be a seismic shift in football. While possible the preseason #1 going down to a unranked team doesn’t happen often but upsets do happen Michigan (#5) V App State (#1 FCS Poll) 32-34 App State. App State got no respect in the commentary jumped out early and kicked a filed goal to win. Auburn has a habit of laying an egg off and on. reports on LSU are they are way over rated. Think coach O’s seat will be scorching if they get blown out. MICH v ND don’t care just wish we had MICH again to avenge the pathetic first game of last year. They’ve had our number for some time. WV has had a 10 win season as their best 2 years ago and lost 4 of the last 6 last year. Grier is good but I think WV is still going to beat TENN even if I’d like to see the SEC sweep their games.

      • 65, I fear that WVU doesn’t just beat Tenn, but kicks their butt instead. I wish, however, for it to be the other way around even if it does give those damn Vols some momentum against us. Auburn over Washington, tho, and I think Miami should not be overconfident against those Cajuns.

        • 6 I always look at it like I want the other SEC teams doing great ’til they lose to us. We look better and they drop a spot or two. Seems that’s the way it went in the 06 year. We surprised a lot of teams, sports people and fans.

    • I’m with you pal, even tho I like Mark Richt. SEC! SEC!

    • No, I don’t either Mark….pretty damn good coach, but not top tier. I like the guy because of his strong character, being a Christian in a fish bowl position like Georgia or Miami brings with it a lot of scorn.

  • Pat talks about questions he gets speaking to Gator groups. They include: Who’s the starting QB? And will special teams be better? He also talks with former UF tightend (and current sideline reporter) Tate […]

    • If we could only get Pat to start trashing Jeremy Foley now!

    • How about all the left handed players on the 1958 Gator football team? That would not only be educational, but we might learn something too!

    • TampaGator lacks the authority, as a mere mortal, although he probably has the responsibility somehow; Pat is another story, however — he has both the authority and the responsibility. I hear he can also leap tall buildings in a single bound, and there is no question that he stands for truth, justice, and the American way.

      I think it’s more likely that you accidentally mentioned K- hamburgers, not an approved sponsor of this site (although I’m sure the staff consumes them with the proverbial gusto of the hound dogs, all the while chanting in unison, “Ich bin ein Berliner”).

  • The Back Nine comes at you after a lot of driving, a lot of watching golf and a lot closer to the start of football season. It’s coming and hell’s coming with it.
    10. Which is, of course, a line from one of my […]

    • Pat – I had to stop reading midway through to go make me a deluxe Philly Cheese Steak with teriyaki sauce and all the trimmings (can I still call it a Philly Cheese Steak?). I can’t wait for college football season to start, I’m that hungry. I didn’t go through all the conditioning, running the stadium, getting crushed by 300 lbs of muscles or endured the summer heat and sweat, but I sure can practice preparing a feast and eating.

  • Editor’s note: This story was originally published in Gainesville magazine.

    The sounds of the band Creed are blaring through the loudspeakers in the Florida weight room. This isn’t for a team workout. I […]

    • I suspect that it will, Steve — really will in a big way. One of the not often mentioned byproducts of an A+ strength and conditioning program is also improved mental agility and processing…..which should help an awful lot too when things not only get tough, but reduced frequency of missed assignments as well.

    • I will never forget Bobby Fischer’s comment the the real reason he beat Boris Spassky: “I was in better shape than hie was.” That was in 1972 and, for me, forever proved that physical conditioning was the touchstone of mental toughness, Simply stated, when you are tired you can’t think clearly.

    • 76gator: We already had a story posted on Nick Savage, it ran in the spring:

      UF football team conducts Savage workouts

      Pat’s piece for the magazine was a sidebar to his main feature on Mullen written in May, the deadline for the magazine, which is also a product of The Gainesville Sun.

    • I didn’t get that, AA, just that he was bashing Dooley (a favorite sport this time of the year).

    • If the injuries lesson we can chalk that to two things. Fitness and play calling. The first is obvious the second if the players are taught play execution they won’t be caught in as many positions to get hurt.

    • You would think someone who spent four years on Alabama’s staff would understand the importance of the S&C program. Maybe the last “head coach” was spending too much time on to pay attention to how bad the program was being run.

  • Editor’s note: This story was originally published in Gainesville magazine.

    Everyone thinks they know how to do it. Your barber, the dental technician who cleans your teeth, the guy selling lottery tickets at […]

    • Good article, Pat. I am all-in on Dan Mullen! It’s great being 0-0 as a head coach, but seriously, I feel like Dan’s doing things much better than they have around here in a long time. I wonder if the fans that are straight-up vitriolic about Urban Meyer are willing to give back the 2 National Championships and the Heisman he helped U.F. win? Sad there is so much unforgiveness, still, about Urban the coach.

    • Urban made mistakes. He left us in a manger that became the dumpster fire we’ve been in. But he coached us well. Did he sell his soul for some of the recruits? The more time that passes says yes. At least for me I didn’t learn much of the info until later. His ethics were not what we think of as Gator fans. I think his leaving was a sign his conscience was eating at him for his transgressions. For some there are physical issues that arise from guilt. Maybe he learned from his mistakes maybe not. Her lead us willingly to two NC. That is fact. Because of what we’ve learned in the time since he wanted to win at all costs. Mullen was here in that time. He seems to be of much better moral character. I hope he has learned from his boss mistakes and will bring us back to relevance with a moral compass.

    • And probably because regardless of his moral fiber, the man knows Dan Mullen and has a qualified opinion on whether CDM would be a good HBC for UF. I didn’t see any Meyer loving in this one but understand the reaction to want nothing to do with him in the current climate.

    • I wouldn’t give them back either and am thankful he came AND left. By his own admission, the program was broken and he couldn’t keep up the success the way he mishandled the program…but it sure was fun going into every game knowing he had a good chance to win instead of hoping our defense can stifle the other team’s offense just enough so that we can score with a pick six.

      I will also ALWAYS remember the extra timeouts against Georgia. I had a grin on my face through the night sleeping.

    • Dude your cracking me up. I would normally agree with the “way to serious about everthingers” but the way Chester Cheetos Teeth disgraced our program with fake death threats and poor dental hygiene makes me think anything is fair game. Plus the man couldn’t put two complete sentences together so there’s that too.

    • There must be no age restrictions to post on this site or else the new enhanced bot has been turned off. It’s letting men stuck in the adolescent stage who migrated to another site (hint: it has the letters h,a,t,e,r in the middle of its name) in protest against Gatorsports return to spew and spread their vitriol.

    • ”Hurting people hurt people.” – Author Unknown.
      ”He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has the need to be forgiven.” -Thomas Fuller.
      As my generation used to say, ”WORD!”

    • How you win is important, James — nobody is saying it isn’t, and nobody is disagreeing with you on that and related points. You are, however, letting your hatred of a man cloud your judgement regarding his opinions about the other part of his job: Coaching football. Take a breath, logic trumps affect in this situation and for you to trash Pat Dooley in the process is poor form, bud.

    • 9-4, we win our bowl game. Don’t be surprised, tho, if we win a couple that we’re not supposed to since the “experts” are still disrespecting us.

    • Tampa, while you and I have our differences, I cannot disagree with a thing you just said. Bravo.

    • I don’t know….Naples has historically been a very spot on commentator. Maybe he was addressing our former coach?

    • Not the first time Daz has pointed that out, and in general he stays clear of mentioning syntax and grammatical errors. This one is a pet peeve of his, that’s all.

    • Good one Dan!

    • Disagree with the censorship part, but agree with the rest.

    • Bobby, I sure as hell respect your opinion despite disagreeing with it. But while this may be a mouse turd as we enter a new era, we always knew Frost was a Nebraska guy in the same way Spurrier was a Florida guy before he came home. And, I think the record clearly shows that while we flirted with Kelly, we in the final analysis passed on him — not the other way around as has become the popular misconception. I don’t believe in any way, shape, or form that makes Dan Mullen a “leftover”.

      I think you’ve got it backwards as far as earning your respect. Dan Mullen should have your respect automatically as the choice for head coach, with the reserved provision that he can damn well lose it. That is what you meant, I’m sure.

      • 6 If someone looked at Mullen’s record in the SEC 33-39 over 9 years if you looked at it a little closer there is a pattern 2010,2014,2017 he had great years in the west. Why that is how the recruiting cycle fell and his top players went to the draft or aged out. That has been his problem in that division. So much so that even at 4-4 in two of those years MST was nationally ranked. For those looking for flashy I believe Muschamp was supposed to be that the great coach in waiting from UT and that got us? Tampa is more than right about lack of depth at MST. To compare Mullen to Richt is unfair. Richt had a huge pool of recruits often better than us and couldn’t get to the big dance. Mullen didn’t have those resources. Look at the geographic location of MST 2017 est 25K+. UF has more students than the population of the town. Totally different in resources. To recruit someone to go there is a challenge by itself. Bobby he has to earn all our respect. Left overs I do think so. Meyer went 57-10 with Mullen as his OC over all 32-8 in the conferences they were in together. Frost had two good years at UCF but that conf. isn’t in our league. We to Mac because he had some success in the mountain west and look where that go us. I would take a couch from the SEC over most in the country. Not because I am an SEC homer. This conference is a juggernaut and one of the hardest places to be on top. If Mullen or any coach stayed at MST they will never be perineal leaders in that division let alone the conference. Yet Mullen had one of the best runs in their school history.

    • I agree that MAC was a disaster of epic proportion. If we look at this a different way of our coaching past. SOS great Coach and recruiter brought us to relevance with class NC
      Zook couldn’t get it done but was a great recruiter and left the cabinet full for Meyer.
      Meyer great coach 2 NC but little moral fiber.
      Muschamp Poor Head Coach would have been a great DC. Too fixed on his ways to see that things weren’t working. May mature in a less pressure intense environment. May not
      MAC Awful head coach who must have had a great interview to get the job. An old phrase if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance. Baffle then with your BS. Personal note. I have never watched interviews that left me with a what was he talking about response every time. Dazed and confused.
      Mullen good head coach (may be great but time will tell) Seems like he is pointing us in the right direction. Cannot let things slip through the cracks. He has said these are young people that will make mistakes As long as he doesn’t lose his integrity for a win (it could hurt us in wins) and sit someone out or remove them from the team, we as fans can take the high road.

    • Tampa agree 100% I have followed Mullen since he left and when possible watched those games. Bobby is correct in stats but in that division ALA, AUB, LSU have all the recruiting momentum and now A&M (not sure they were there when Mullen started.) Mullen did and amazing job. He recruited here, Knows what we want, Wants to be here. I don’t feel by any means he was a left over. I personally would have had an issue with Kelly (wavering moral compass would have lead us astray). Frost wanted to go home and even though he coached UCF to a perfect season he may be (I don’t think so) lucky. I think we can be a top 10 team in short order. I think we can be a top five team with a little more time. The whole Div. I is always changing everyone wants to be on top. Our time is coming. Go Gators!!!🐊

    • I just don’t see that at all. At this point, I really can’t think of another coach in America not named Saban that I’d rather have as the Gator Coach. This is probably an 8 win team this year, but the coaching staff is a clear improvement over last year and there is talent on this team so 10-11 wins would not be impossible. If this team shows marked improvement and dare say if they win 10+ games, look for recruiting to get back into Top 5 territory every year, sooner rather than later.

      Coach Dan Mullen will win championships at UF (and I’m not just talking about the SEC East). Take that to Vegas.

    • Coach White…… I’m going to put you solidly in the “maybe” category 🙂

    • Fair enough Bobby — I’m a scientist-professional too by training, and I will never throw rocks at you for going by what the data tells you. Just that when you partial out certain things, it may tell you something different is all, and this is a case where that portion of subjectivity clearly meets with objectivity. Like you say, we’ll just agree to disagree until all the data are in one way or the other (ahem…at which time, of course, I’ll be right and you will have been wrong!). Note: If I wasn’t stuck with an outdated version of Windows 7, I’d insert a little smiley face emoji here so you’d know I’m only kidding.

    • Huh?

    • So I guess you would “gladly” give up the two national championships as well? You sound like a guy who is still mad at his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him 8 years ago. Be glad we won, be glad he’s gone and get over it. It’s not not healthy brother. Sad for you reply over…

    • Albert, I hate to say this, but sometimes I think you are downright psychotic.

    • bf: White’s resume at UF:
      2015–16 — 21–15 overall, 9–9 and T–8th in the SEC, reached NIT Quarterfinals
      2016–17 — 27–9 overall, 14–4 and 2nd in SEC, reached NCAA Elite Eight
      2017–18 — 21–13, 11–7 and 3rd in SEC, reached NCAA Round of 32
      Pretty solid accomplishments to be a HC at any big-time program. Strong hire.
      This site has grown into a No Troll Zone.

  • There are narratives and then there is reality.

    The narrative is that Florida’s offensive line will be better this year.

    The narrative is that the Gators have experience.

    The narrative is that these g […]

    • I don’t remember anything before January; sometimes I feel like a pod.


      TO GATORGI: Your influence is larger than you realized. Reference: “OK. Do it”.

      TO ALL GATORS: 22 days and a wake up!

      • Dog gone it 6 22 days seems like ask eternity. I’m already not sleeping. If GI is right and they DO IT, going to be a good year. GO Gators!

      • Thanks for making me smile, Gator-6! All I know is that Coach Spurrier’s the GOLD STANDARD here in Hogtown. Fair or unfairly, right or wrong. So I wish Dan Mullen the absolute best. As his success will start on the O-line… like Mac’s failure here in G’ville started there, too.
        F.Y.I.: Coach Steve Spurrier’s career head coaching record: 26 Years, 228-89-2. (again, stats are according to the internet, so…). Go Gators! Just do it!

    • Pat painfully poignant points. You were too nice on one thing. Maybe Mac… He was incompetent, and in a different zip code. Other than that. All true.

    • Pat is absolutely correct, the O line is the key to success. QB play will be somewhere between good enough and very good. Without the line performing to Gator standards, the rest doesn’t have a chance. Go big uglies and Go Gators.

      • You know, I woke up this morning and was thinking, “Is coaching really the main thing or not?”. That is, being a little worn down about all the chatter regarding why we don’t get 5* athletes and all, how Mullen better get his head out on the recruiting trail, ad infinitum, yadda yadda blah blah…..

        I thought of Kentucky, and then realized they are getting better after all; and then I thought of Vandy and the period James Franklin was there and they rocked. And it came to me: YES. This was already a more talented team in terms of native skills than Mullen had at MSU, we pulled in a bunch of highly regarded 4* players to add to it, the 3*s that we got ain’t too shabby either, and we added some highly skilled transfers to boot. That goes for the OL too, part and parcel, and it is all in Dan Mullen’s hands now. If Franklin could do it with Vandy, of all places — then by God, Dan Mullen can do it here too. SO YES, THE OL WILL STEP UP THIS YEAR, BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER, MORE CONFIDENT, AND MOST OF ALL BETTER COACHED.

        Don’t you just love it when you answer your own question?

        • Bigger, Stronger, faster. 6 Million Dollar Man intro’s. Of course with inflation it would be 6 Billion plus cost over runs. All joking aside I have felt that way all along. The programs you mentioned did well if for a short time. The thing I felt they lacked during those stints was depth which we have at most positions. Where we had a incompetent staff top to bottom (I know some will say there were position coaches that shined but their sections didn’t) Mullen has a staff that is or appears to be on the same page and understands his intent. Now we have competence top to bottom. 6 good stuff.

        • 6….if you get any more rational and intelligent than that, we’re just going to have to promote you to King of this Forum. Dang son, that was good 🙂

    • The 2018 Gators will go as far as the OL takes them. Period! We have pretty much the same group of OL players as last year so by the Kentucky game we’ll know if better coaching and S&C made a difference. I suspect that the OL will be much improved this year (crossing my fingers).

      22 days and a wake up!!!

    • What, is this a leap year or sumpin’? Nobody told me nothin’.

    • Observation. Since Zook and others were mentioned here it sparked something that may be pertinent to our current team and the comment on coaching. Mullen has adapted his coaching and play call to what he has (their individual and collective strengths) not trying to force a player or group of players to fit a system that doesn’t fit their skill set. This applied to Zook, Muschamp, Yellow Teeth (credit given for the title) The proverbial square peg in a round hole. Mullen has had several different style QB’s and molded the team around what he had/has. In the west he did amazingly well with the resources at hand. As long as he continues to evolve with the skill sets we recruit Gator Nation is going to be rockin along again. The guys here that are diehards will be happy, the fans that have drifted will come back and once again we’ll be the rowdy (deservedly so) fans of a team that is worthy of being Gators.

    • The starting QB has an incredible arm and…..well that’s about it. The back up has never played a down of HIGH SCHOOL football and we sit and wait with anticipation over who the starter is. Much has been said about Nuss and Butterteeth “seeing something” in Trask. They saw a depleted roster and offered him a scholly. Trask is a very classy smart young man, and he will put in the work, but the experience is NOT there. Meanwhile, back in Athens, Kirby is trying to decide between which of his 4 5 star elite quarterbacks to trot out on the field.
      Dan Mullen will get it done, but as he said himself…..not this year.

    • JeJuan Seider. ( forgive me for butchering the spelling of the man’s name). But he was the key to the recruiting and they keys are gone. the 2019 class is last in the SEC. Last. Other than that, we are much better off, but Seider was critical and DM probably miffed on that one.

    • Side note….the Wifey and I recently ran into Chris Rumph at the Pool Store (or as I call it, the Green Egg Store) and chatted with him a bit. VERY nice guy and he even had a recommendation for a green egg accessory for us. His shiny new Benz in the parking lot still has a Gator Tag on it 🙂

      • Holy mackeral Rog……you keep rubbing shoulders with people like that, and you’re going to get named King of the Forum!

    • Well, there is that, Tim. Joy sucker!

    • You’re right… they don’t owe us anything.

      But they do owe UF for the opportunity they have been handed and they do owe it to themselves to give their best effort. And while they don’t owe the fan or alumni anything, they should learn to appreciate us because without us…..there would be no big time college football and college scholarships and then where would many of them be. Just sayin…

  • Pat looks at how different the atmosphere of the UF football program is with Dan Mullen in charge and the team’s prospects for a turnaround. Also, he catches up with former Gator coach Steve Spurrier and talks […]

    • ”I’m takin’ it back to the old school, ’cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool. Whoomp, there it is!”
      As we, LITERALLY, sang this lyric when Spurrier’s teams threw-up another T.D. (”just a little pitch and catch”), like it ain’t no thang! And thanks for all the great memories Coach S.O.S.! And I will be watching (hint T.V. networks) and CHEERING for your team this spring, Coach. GO GATORS!

    • Pat, good to have you and the podcast back as football season rapidly approaches.

      As a longtime fan and listener, may I respectfully request you work on your lipsmacking into the mic. Thanks!

    • I have it on good authority that he’s munching on a delicious K- cheeseburger while doing the interview.

  • The Back Nine comes at you with the knowledge that we are inside three weeks before the first actual college football games are played, which should make you smile.
    10. Like many of you, I keep digesting the news […]

    • You may have given up on U.F. vs. U.G.A., Pat, before the season even starts (from your expectations segment: ”beat FSU”, but NO UGA comment?), but I HAVE NOT! As I have I’ve seen stranger things happen in college football. Coach Dan Mullen may pull a damn Orange & Blue rabbit outta’ black, magic hat, who knows!
      But I think your writing that Meyer was basically ”too loyal” brought back the 2010 U.F Football season, ring a bell? Coach Urban Meyer only ”came back” to FLORIDA FOOTBALL for 1 more year, 2010, for his Asst. Coaches’ paychecks. But to all the supporters of Urban, have you EVER been a supporter of the ”me too movement” also? Can’t have it BOTH WAYS!

      • I was a little surprised too about not mentioning UGA, GI. When you think about it, even loosely, there are three teams that fall into the “gotta beat” category every year: Tennessee, Georgia, and FSU. That doesn’t change just because we’re coming off a lousy season and are being disrespected by the sports media at large.

        Myer? I can honestly say I have no preference, even tho all the virtue signalers known to man are calling for him to be drawn and quartered. Either way, it’ll probably be “too bad”.

        • Yea, Gator-6, it seems some have already written off U.F. Football in Mullen’s 1st year w/ regards to U.G.A. But I am not one of ’em! And with regards to Urban, ”My Bologna has a 2nd name, it’s MEYER! ”Old school, for the old fools” -like me! Go Gators!

    • Well I didn’t think Auburn was national contender a few years ago or Florida State for that matter. I didn’t hear much about Washington two years ago at the start of the season. USC was ranked #1 and fell out of the rankings by mid-season when bad publicity head was their coach. You can always count on Bama and Clemson to be contenders these days. And it looks like Georgia finally found a coach who could count to 4. But it is wide open every year. Every year some team comes out of nowhere to be a contender. I think God does that just to humble sports writers. The Gators have talent. They have better coaches. So far , pretty healthy. We’re getting some breaks with the news about Grimes and Jefferson. And two things we don’t have is the past and Old Yeller standing on the sideline day dreaming about pretty whales. Who knows? Crazier things have happened than for Florida to be a contender this year. The popular , middle of the road, easy and safe prediction is no. But college football is often anything but safe and easy.We’ll see. Go Gators.

    • Me too, AA. Deliver a beat down of epic proportions on FSU, in fact. But I’ll settle for a win by any score. I’ve already got us beating UGA 25-23, and am so confident that I’m willing to place all of Gator65’s paycheck on it to cover!

      • 6 when I left the military a E5 didn’t make 250.00 a week. After taxes it was really dismal. That was some time ago. I’ll bite for a theoretical 250.00. I agree with you and GI. We are going to be better and if injuries don’t hurt us somewhere we have the potential to be very good. UGA lost some key players and as Tampa has said they out recruited us but * are a ranking of potential that is often not attained. We have a fairly veteran list of talent hampered with sh-t coaching the last few years.
        Charleston So. if we lose we are in trouble
        Kentucky getting better every year wants to break streak
        Colorado St Unless there is a major slip or I’ve read the wrong history
        Tennessee Two new coaches going at it. Away game guys learning new schemes on both sides. W their dumpster fire was bigger than ours.
        Miss St. Mullen left them loaded with talent and they were well coached they will want to bring their A game. If we are hitting on all cylinders we should win this.
        LSU my biggest concern is they may have some momentum> It will hurt to lose to them twice in the swamp. undecided QB situation is the key. LSU coach coaching for his job.
        Vandy history says they will not beat us
        UGA we’ve owned them of late but they are a lot tougher in big games than they used to be. Could be a Slobber Knocker with the better defense winning the game. I’ll be there. 21-17
        Missou they could be good been up and down season to season away still think
        South Car Muschamp is evolving I don’t think he will be as good as Mullen but they might have us if the team is not developing an identity and coming off a UGA game. I say we win this one.
        Idaho if we lose that I am not going to watch football the rest of the year.
        Fl St. Yes win this one but again two new coaches with new systems and FSU isn’t settles at QB with some off field issues. This is gonna be the most interesting of the year.
        Not saying a loss anywhere as I don’t like that word. But we are not going undefeated.
        Since 6 is betting my paycheck these are my feelings going in. toughest matches. Kentucky we may not be a cohesive team by then. Miss St, LSU UGA FSU. All winnable. maybe 3-2 on these.

        • So 65……you have the Gators going 12-0…??? I like your style.. and enthusiasm 🙂

        • the Gators and UGA have three of the same opponents before we meet. Tenn, LSU, Vandy. Tenn gets UF the UGA back to back. LSU gets the same back to back. That some serious nut cuttin. With UF getting both first either we win and are on a roll or UGA sees what it takes to beat them. UGA has LSU going into the bye. We have Vandy. There is something interesting in that but my mind has been dealing with the hole 6 put me in. LOL really there is something to that but it escapes me.

        • Rog, I do try to be an optimist. Bottom 3-2. I think we can go 10-2 if we play to the strengths we have.
          Down at bottom jaws talks of the beat downs. I was there for both of those. Embarrassing to see your coaches not have a clue what to do. Don’t like losing never have but if we lose a battle that goes the distance and we gave it all the players can hold their heads up. Get ready for another day. Our coaches had no balls and they coached our players like that. Another post some where said Mullen got burned every now and then on 3 down defense. It happens, we got burned on a lot of downs under Mac.
          Rog in my dreams we go 12-0 and win out. My dreams are my goals. I hope that is with the team. If you want to take a business approach to it if we win 8 we have improved 100%. We were a better team than 4-8. Still going with 10-2. As 6 has bet my paycheck on the UGA game I’ll let someone else pick the losses.

        • Don’t worry 65, it’s a done deal. Now where did I put my anti-psychotic pills again……..

    • You know, 65 is gonna declare bankruptcy if we’re wrong, don’t you?
      But we’re all socialists at heart — with other people’s money, I mean.

    • Me too. By the way, how bigga boy are ya, Jaws?

    • As much as I hate UGA I think I’d have to agree that if I could only have one win this year, it would have to be FSU. I think this would be a bigger recruiting bang for the buck and I just plain don’t like Free Shoes U anyway.

      Now my 2nd choice would have to be UT. I have to live with these guys and the thought of having another loss to the Vols (or Kardashians, as Pat likes to say) would just be too much to bear for another year (they had the nerve to re-decorate my office after their latest win and I had to stare at Peyton Manning on my wall for the entire season. I almost quit) We won last year and we need to keep it going and build another 11 game winning streak.

      Urban….well, I like most of you, have no love here. He’s a great football coach but a sketchy (and arrogant) human. I’d be happy with true justice. If he’s guilty, pay the price. If he’s not, let him be and move on. I don’t want to see our society go down a path of convicting people without due process. I served this country to protect freedom….not just for people I like.

    • Jaws. Winning at all cost including giving up your integrity. According to the article Smith was fired after they were caught which almost means that they knew or know there is meat to this. I have left this alone because I do believe in due process. But I want to lay an ‘IF’ on things. IF Meyer reported it to TOS and according to their rules it was required investigation and IF it was found without merit they would have been all over this in the beginning saying it was investigated and there was no or insufficient evidence. TOS hasn’t said that. So IF it was known that Smith was abusing his wife and IF it was covered to protect a friendship TOS is now in a real quandary going forward. IF there were no laws broken and it is only a title IV rule of not reporting does Meyer’s wife take the hit ( I mentioned this before) to save him. Even if this scenario happens TOS may have sanctions and a huge shiner.

    • Well said!

    • NWIA and opposing teams gassed.

    • Missed your response the other day MWIA. I feel all of them.

  • At a lot of places, being the 31st-ranked team in the country in total defense would be a reason to celebrate. Heck, at the very least the defensive coordinator would get a raise.

    Shoot, in the Big 12, being […]

    • I’m Gator-6 and I support this message.

      (Paid for by the Clyde for Governor Campaign Committee)

    • There was a coach can’t there who that said his defense felt it had as much right to the ball as the offense. I like the attack mentality.

    • 123

    • Wow, Pete….there were some teeth on that one, say what?

    • Randy Shannon was a good man — no, a great guy — and he had a compelling background story to boot. Because we liked him so much, we wanted him to be a great football coach too, most of us even when he was at Miami. But the latter is just not true, and as our DC he set us back. Thankfully, CDM had the sense to bring Grantham in right away, as well as Savage.

    • Todd your last paragraph was on it. Was at both games in Atlanta we were ok till half. Defense was gassed just before half. Don’t think they could bring enough o2 to help. Was glad we were there painful to watch. I think if offense had helped we could have been in that one.

    • He’s well known in and out of Florida, Albert. I had heard of him long before I ever found this site, and I live in Texas.

    • I don’t know if that’s true or not, Jaws……but what’s interesting is Taggart trying to get a connection with FSU history, ie, Bowden/Fisher. Makes me wonder.

    • The look of the defense when the offense went 3&out after half said it all. They were deflated. Second year worse. I’m guessing as we were getting more burgers and less exercise and players were resorting to personal trainers. Wish I could get hired somewhere and be inept and get a check. Not really might suck but I’d make a better effort than Mac. Maybe a weather career.

    • The 3-4 defense is GREAT when you have big, speedy linebackers who can read the run and cover the backs and TEs on the pass. And they have to read the play action. Add to that some man-to-man coverage, some unseen blitzes from the LBs and you could have a Top 10 defense. Wow. That sounds like my kids Christmas wish list. If only……….
      The hope is to disguise coverage and have the players that can make BIG time plays. If only………………

      PS: My boys in “Gainesville tell me the weight room workouts for the team was like tryouts for a Navy Seal team. The most punishing off-season weight training many of the players had ever seen. The strength coaches don’t try to hurt you, they try to bury you and see if you will quit. We will see.

  • His ankle was throbbing and the X-rays showed the worst fears, that it was broken and would require surgery. His season was over and he’d have to have a plate inserted into the damaged area and need to wear a c […]

    • Here’s to a great season for the McCoys. Go Gators

    • God bless that family.

    • I had long forgotten that, Grump. Boy Howdy, that does add another dimension to the character line in this family, doesn’t it? I used to often ask when soldiers would do something extraordinary, “Where in the world do we get these men?”. You just completed the answer for the McCoys.

    • You can watch Mr. McCoy having fun chasing the leghumpers QB all over the field.

  • It’s not something that you like to think about, but love to talk about.
    It’s the second question I usually get asked on a radio appearance or at a Gator Club, the first being — Who is going to start at quart […]

    • Right-Freakin’-On.

    • Great painfully true story. I think some of those QB’s were in situations with coaching and coordinators that were a wrong fit for each other. The constant change in coaching and assistants made them square pegs in round holes. Brantley and Weis were a result of pressure from boosters. Pat I think you are 100% right on a good coach can make a QB out of talent. The injuries to some of the QB’s was due to poor play calling and missed assignments all I feel was coaching. You mentioned staying with a QB and forcing a situation. I think Mullen will not do that Leak-Tebow and put the best guy in to make the play. At least going by past performance. Could use the financial disclaimer that past performance is not an indicator of future gain. Spurrier would pull QB’s if they were not executing and yes Jaws he took the blame later for not having them ready. In the modern day of it’s not me and pointing fingers good coaches take responsibility for their actions.

    • Now that is well put.

    • Tampa if we can have plays that go in the right direction for more than 3 yards I’ll be happy. You are right they don’t have to be great just not make mistakes. At least there won’t be Mac with that stupid look on his face after a bad play. Was never sure if he knew how to fix it or couldn’t understand that the defense knew what he was doing. Guess I answered my own question he was lost.

    • Fact checker. Ouch

    • And it wasn’t even a Mac it was a PC. Fate…

    • NO MORE THIRD AND OUTS !!!!!!!

    • What UF has been missing since Meyer left has been effective Game Day Coaching, which means making adjustments during a game in order to produce offense based in part on what the other team is giving you. Both Muschamp and McElwain were terrible in making adjustments on offense. Here is where Mullen will be the real difference maker.

    • Great piece Pat! Thank you for taking the impartial route. That’s the way reporting should be. Leave the judgement up to readers. Too often in this era, the press tells people how and what to think as if they are lobbyists but I suppose that’s the way the lazy minded readers like it.

      By the way, just like there’s been a QB coach carousel, hasn’t there also been a receivers coach carousel?

    • The conclusion of this piece makes a jump from all-SEC to SEC caliber. The all-SEC question is a pretty easy call — though surprises are possible. However, the suggestion that none of the current quarterbacks may belong in the SEC at all is much harder to support. I realize that Franks looked bad last year, and still needs to show that he can read defenses, but he has the physical tools to be outstanding. With some improvement in the offensive line (one can hope) and a little better coaching, I would not be surprised to see Franks look much better this year. And maybe Trask or Jones will look even better than Franks. The grim note at the end, then, seems overly pessimistic.

    • The answer is NO. Not at this point. Makes for a good talking point but the proof comes on the field.

  • The Back Nine comes at you after an amazing vacation that included swim-up blackjack at the Tropicana, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, a trail hike in Sedona and it may take a few weeks to get the sound of slot […]

    • Welcome back Dools, prayers for Bobby.

    • Where to start…..where to start. How ’bout welcome home, glad you had a good time, and we’ll include your brother-in-law in our prayers.

      The world didn’t actually end while you were away, despite me telling Leland that it had, but it sure felt like it for a while nonetheless.

    • Gator Nation has been freaking out over recruiting on multiple sites. You are SPOT ON to place the blame on poor performance and coaching in the past for current recruiting woes. Yes, Florida is a “damaged” product, and other schools can use the abysmal offensive performance against us in recruiting. I disagree that “the Gators are on the verge of becoming Tennessee.” I think until Mac left, UF was headed there. Do Gator fans realize that “Mullen has inherited a program that is limping and it will take time and rehabilitation to get it walking in a straight line again.” However, if he can find a QB to make drives, score points, and keep the defense from doing all the work, this year could be a shocker! Landing Jefferson, Grimes, and Krull this year was HUGE for DM!!! Whoever is QB has an array of weapons and no excuse for producing. I hope we don’t have to keep watching three and outs and the defense being the only unit that plays well. Hopefully, Dan can make an offensive statement this year, because, if things don’t change radically soon, we won’t be able to play with Georgia much longer.

    • Welcome back Pat. So glad you had a great vacation. We had a similar vacation 10 years ago…we jumped on I-40, drove to the pacific ocean, up the coast, and down trough the west and mid-west. We it multiple tourist spots, national parks and monuments, etc. And I agree, of all of it, the Grand Canyon was a cut above…. truly spectacular.

      I’ll keep your brother in law on my prayer list.

      I agree that Gator Football is a damaged brand. We’ll need to be patient with Coach Mullen as he rebuilds the team and culture as well as upgrading facilities. It will require winning games we’re not supposed to win in order to turn around recruiting. Given the current state of the program, we will probably fall even further behind (sorry TampaGator) in recruiting until Coach Mullen pulls a rabbit or two out of his hat. In a couple of years or so, I foresee 5 stars falling all over themselves to sign with UF.

      My take on this is….even though we are light years from where we would like to be, let’s enjoy the process of rebuilding and growing Gator football. We have the perfect coach to make it happen. It begins in 32 days!!!

    • Compare the strength of this team with last year. Everyone is buffed up 10 – 20 pounds and it’s NOT seriouds. Talked to guys in the new strength program and it’s like Navy “Seal training of a Green Bertet A team of the 101st Airborne Rangers. A lot of players reportedly wanted out but CeCe Jefferson stood taLL AND said :”You’re going thru me first. If you beat me, goodbye. I if whip you, you stay. no reported drop outs.\

      • If that’s true….and I’m not doubting it a bit… what a great LEADERSHIP story. Something this team has lacked for years from TOP to bottom. This team needed that CeCe.

    • It just can’t be said any better than this Clyde. Spot on!

    • I don’t know…..I feel pretty good about 2006 and 2008! Totally worth it to me 🙂

      I’ll give you that Urban fell down on the job at the end of his tenure, but overall he did a great job of providing high level football and picking up the pieces from the Reign of Zooker. As I said, he let the ball drop in recruiting and then issues with the administration or whatever it was caused him to leave and it all fell apart. Muschamp seemed like a good hire at the time but who knew he was allergic to offense and in hindsight, he just wasn’t ready for prime time. McElwain was just a badly vetted hire. Not to open old wounds, but while Jeremy Foley did a lot of great things for the UF Athletic Program, I still believe he did not know how to properly handle the beast that is a major D1 football factory. So lots of “blame” if you want to look at it that way, to go all around, but not just Urban’s fault (and I am NO fan of Urban Meyer anymore).

      Yeah, I’ll take those two national championships… many does UGA have in that time period >:O

    • Well said Clyde. We can’t live in the past anymore. Time to build a new championship legacy at Florida.

      Sure there were problems here. It didn’t help to turn the program upside down in mid-season. I hope Coach Mullen continues to get unwavering support from the AD and fans, no matter how difficult the re-re-re-build. If it was easy to dominate in football it would have happened years ago and a couple of times already.

      • You know mtn2top, I re-read your comments a few times before I finally got that you weren’t stuttering at all. Re-re-re build! That’s it! What makes this so particularly agonizing, among other things, is that we have undergone re-building so many times in the last 8 years that it has only compounded our problems.

        And yet (no pun intended) you/we remain true to the cause and ever hopeful. Let’s hope this is the last time before some of this leave this mortal coil for good!

        • That’s it Gator-6, Just look at the two top teams in the league in each division. They both share a decade or more of coaching stability and continuity. Players come and go in college programs. It’s not a coincidence that the best college football programs always have these factors working in their favor.

    • Oh my, I find myself getting excited about Florida Football again. Thanks Pat.

  • ATLANTA — David Reese was one of the players Florida brought to SEC Media Days last week.
    The other David Reese may have a shot at being here eventually.
    It may be confusing (“tackle by Reese, assisted by Ree […]

    • He said, “…kick out at”. I didn’t take that as contact being made, even when I read it again.

    • Well thanks, Leland. I guess I was a relatively high ranking Army officer at that, but knowing I had a better chance of becoming a nun than a general, I decided to retire at 32 years while I still had ’em fooled. I did in fact spend a lot of time in command, but as my old man, a retired command sergeant major himself, used to tell me, “Just make sure those Joe’s aren’t following you only out of curiosity, and you’ll be OK”.

      I think we’ve all evolved over this current off-season, taken criticism and moved forward….Tampa has for sure, and even works a little humor into his posts too, which everyone would agree are excellent analyses. But the thing I’m most curious about until we start football again in earnest……are you by any chance a humorist and author? Or an English professor? I say that because your observational wit reminds me of my favorite English Lit professor of all time — Duane Locke, Phd — himself a Southern poet of distinction and recognized scholar on the greatest Southern poet of all, Sidney Lanier.

      • Leland — Phd Clinical, ABPP Clinical, Fellowship Specialty Training in Neuro, Behavioral Medicine, and Academic Medicine. Faculty, F. Hebert School of Medicine 03-13, 24th Infantry Division 76-78.

        Old fart too. Where did you teach general-experimental? Might know some same people.

    • Not really trying to add fuel to the fire, or whatever it is that goes on here from time to random time, but if using the word “kick” in the context of football is OK, then perhaps using it in the context of “kicking some radical Islam” is OK too as it pertains to the word “ass”. Or is that not on the list of approved usage as well?

      Just wondering. The A/C is on full blast, and my IQ has gone down accordingly.

  • ATLANTA — The last three SEC teams wrapped up Thursday at Media Days with all of the electricity of a soggy bag of burritos.
    The coaches spoke in monotones all week, sometimes struggled to hear questions in the n […]

    • You have got to be kidding me with this lame post..

    • The interesting thing about Coach Mullen is that he is confident in his ability to do a great job. He has opened practices, he doesn’t constantly use coach-speak, and he has been the number one UF cheerleader since he got here. He isn’t shying away from expectations…he is embracing them. Surely that confidence will count for something. Whether we end up with 6 wins or 11 wins, I expect the product on the field to be MUCH better than what we’ve seen for 9 years. Go Gators!

    • Not you, that’s for sure. Borrrrrrrrr-ing.

    • Rob, I start in February each year, busting my hump to get all sorts of things done for Household-6, and building up creds for September to January when I won’t hit a lick at a snake. Go Gators!

    • Garrett, I sure didn’t see that one coming, not from you anyway.

  • ATLANTA — Finally, SEC Media Days is over and all 14 teams have been heard. It wasn’t the most exciting event and it was interesting to be somewhere else. But the most exciting conversation of the week was a bar […]

  • ATLANTA — Terry LeCount woke up at 3 a.m. on Tuesday like he does every morning, preparing for another day of work that would start with an early morning run through the streets of Atlanta.

    He was getting r […]

    • Great story, Pat — thank you. The addiction is sad, as are the lost potentials and “what might have been”, but that life goes so fast in that context….virtually the blink of an eye and all of a suddenly you’re 62……is staggering. Still, the strength of character to bring it all back around to redemption? By grace alone. Go Gators!

    • Nat Moore, Wes Chandler, and Terry LeCount were, literally, some of my 1st Gator heroes (as a wanna’ be W.R. back then, the 7-8 yr. old Gainesvilian Gator fan that I was). Gators for life, Gators for life!
      Great story, Pat. Redemption, it’s a beautiful thing, man.

    • Rog replied 1 month ago

      Thanks Pat!!! I remember the Terry LeCount Gator days very well and I’m glad to see that life finally turned around for him.

      This story really touched my heart. I work in a Celebrate Recovery Ministry at my church and I see every week, the pain that addiction causes. It is not an easy thing to escape from. May God bless Terry LeCount and use him every day to make the world a better place.

  • ATLANTA — They aren’t supposed to be here.

    OK, maybe they could have ended up in Atlanta on Tuesday as members of the Falcons, watching SEC Media Days on TV.

    But not here, representing the University of Flo […]

    • Those 3 Gators at Media Day may prove to be TOP NFL prospects, or prove to be looking to sign a free agent contract in the CFL. Talk is good, but inexpensive. Be leaders and lead this team. Let the media do the talking.
      I would almost love to see the Gators trash talk like the 80s and 90s Canes’ but that is not what Florida and Dan Mullen are all about. Proof will be at SOS stadium in September.

    • This goes to the repeated discussion on star power. Star ratings show that by the set of data (film and evaluation in camps etc.) that a player has more potential than another. Still doesn’t mean they are going to be a great player. I think these two are perfect examples of that. Having potential doesn’t mean anything without good teaching (coaching), conditioning, correction. I think these two can be potential great players this combines the stated requirements with the human element of desire to be the best. Coach Mullen is working on getting that out of these guys and all the players. While I agree with the poster that want more 4-5 star recruits I still believe that some of these guys are ranked because of who offered, where they played etc. Meaning there are plenty of 3 star players that would be ranked higher if they had a different situation. Many posters mention players rankings increasing with the offers they receive. this could be that the team offering has uncovered a gem or that the rankings people pumping up the ranking making a recruiting class look better than it is/was. For Jefferson and Ivey they now have the coaching to go with the ranking. If they are truly as talented as the rankings there should be some special things happening on the field this year. They were ‘let down’ by the lack of coaching and conditioning with prior regime.

      • Forgot Reese.

      • Concur, 65. You know what I think about the whole issue, I’ve certainly said it often enough. Short version, there is not a hell of a lot of separation between a 3*, a 4*, and a 5* recruit. What you can say c confidence, however, is that they are all “elite” players with “elite” potential at 1 of 3 levels yet to be validated. Once the football is snapped, continues to be snapped, and coaching has set in — the actual degree(s) of separation either takes place, or does not.

        Unpopular as it may be, I’m quite happy with this current class, and believe that the 2019 class will end up being even better. The real jump, however, may well be the 2020 class. That’s entirely within realistic expectations, regardless of how well Georgia, FSU, and Miami may do (or not do), God bless their rotten souls.

    • mveal, I seem to remember the unforgettable group and I like the comparison. Somehow I have said this before I think the team is a lot better than many think as does Gator-6. Our last two regimes were good at recruiting and failed in the follow through of coaching, conditioning and player development. As mentioned by others they couldn’t run routes, get separation, failed to pressure QB’s when there was opportunity or failed to create their own opportunity. They were not coached to the ‘next’ level after HS. I am hedging saying we are going to be at least 8 wins but I think we can be better than that. Again if the dumpster fire continues to rage that will change. Mullen is doing it right by appearances and IF the players listen, learn and play to their potential I think we will surprise fans, foes, and sportswriters. Of course I have been wrong many times in my life and I may eat my words.

  • ATLANTA — The three stenographers had blank looks of relief on their faces and charred fingertips where sparks had been flying only seconds before.

    They had been in charge of taking down every word said by J […]

    • Jimbo IS trending…down!

      Year Conference record
      2014 8-0
      2015 6-2
      2016 5-3
      2017 3-5

      He is the great at parlaying his 2013 national championship into annual raises though.

    • Though it may doom me to damnation in the eyes of fellow Gators, but I would submit that Bobby Bowden was about a fine a gentleman as you would ever want to meet, and a helluva football coach on top of that.

    • You’re pretty close to nailing the actual dynamics in Texas there, Mark. Jimbo is a good coach, I think we can all agree c that, but he’s not going to turn TAMU around overnight. They don’t have that far to go by any means — but it’s going to be a longer road than he thinks, just the same.

    • Rog replied 1 month ago

      I’d tend to agree. One big difference for Jumbo now is, he’ll have every resource available that he could possibly need. So if he doesn’t succeed, it will all be on him, his coaching, and his leadership. If he needs something to be successful, all he’ll have to do is ask. We’ll find out in 3-4 years how good of a coach Jumbo really is.

    • Rog replied 1 month ago

      I think you’re correct in that UT will always be the Alpha Dog in Texas, especially if they are winning, maybe in spite of it. But, IF Jimbo can turn around A&M’s program and win at a high level and IF they can make it to Atlanta and beyond, I think the school will get plenty of love and respect. There’s lots of money in Texas to go around and I’d imagine A&M gets their share. A&M may never get to UT’s level of respect in the state, BUT…… winning in the SEC, until it changes, is still a heckuva lot more of a big deal than winning in the Big 12.

      And for recruiting purposes, kids love a winner so the same solution awaits A&M and UF…..start winning and respect and recruiting will follow.

      • TAMU will never get the level of respect within Texas that the Longhorns do, no matter what. It’s a Texas thang, pure and simple, for as long as Aggie jokes are told.

        But when they win their first SEC title, and maybe even an NC, all that won’t matter. I’m just saying that it’s going to take a while longer than people expect.

    • “……out coached and beaten by a (Clemson) team that he regularly out-recruited”.

      I’ll be damned, but there’s a touch of wisdom in there, Joe.

    • Albert, you’re forgiven — you can’t help yourself.

      But Jaws? Come on. I’ll give you #1 due to my crappy memory for which I do have a doctor’s note, but you’re too good a guy for #2 and #3 unless you provide citations.

    • CO, you’ve really got to start speaking your mind……I’m worried about you, buddy. All this holding back isn’t going to get you anything but high blood pressure!

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